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From Cairo to Wall Street

From Cairo to Wall Street Author Anya Schiffrin
ISBN-10 9781595588272
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 272
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"Protesters in the Middle East made history in 2011 when they toppled dictators who had been entrenched for decades. As the world economy worsened and austerity measures hit, the wave of demonstrations spread to Europe and the United States. From Tunisiato Egypt, from Athens to Madrid, from Zuccotti Park to London's financial district, protesters came out en masse, calling for an end to inequality and for government leaders to be held accountable. Specific demands varied, but one thing was universal: a new conviction that real change could be achieved through the peaceful action of the masses."

The Watchdog That Didn t Bark

The Watchdog That Didn t Bark Author Dean Starkman
ISBN-10 9780231158183
Release 2014-01-14
Pages 368
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Looks at the reasons why the mainstream media didn't see 2008's financial crisis coming.


Brave Author Gayle Kimball
ISBN-10 9780938795582
Release 2017-07-21
Pages 400
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Volume 1 Themes Brave explores young women’s issues and activism globally, based on hundreds of interviews—some videotaped, and over 4,000 surveys from 88 countries. What makes Brave unique is its global rather than regional reach and its rare inclusion of many young women’s voices. The book includes popular cultural references and feminists’ critiques of the economic and political system. Volume 1 is about global issues and Volume 2 is about regional activism. Discussion questions and activities end each of the five chapters. Chapter titles are: The Future is Female, Global Desire for Equality, Global Status of Young Women, Consumerism Targets “Girl Power,” Global Media Both Helps and Inhibits Girls.

Business Professional Ethics

Business   Professional Ethics Author Leonard J. Brooks
ISBN-10 9781285182223
Release 2014-07-02
Pages 656
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Using real-world examples of ethical issues in the workplace, BUSINESS & PROFESSIONAL ETHICS, 7E provides students with the strategies needed to make the most ethical decisions possible--no matter what the situation. By integrating the latest information on ethics, governance scandals, legal liability, and professional accounting and audit issues, this text highlights the most recent ethical issues in today’s business environment. The text examines the background and nature of the new stakeholder-support era of corporate and professional accountability and governance, offering valuable insights into the development of sound patterns of behavior on the part of directors, executives, and accountants. Over 120 current cases and key readings provide an interesting, challenging, and practical learning experience. Intriguing real-world situations equip students with an understanding of appropriate values, ethical pitfalls, applicable codes of conduct, and sound ethical reasons where codes do not apply. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Bad News

Bad News Author Anya Schiffrin
ISBN-10 9781459608641
Release 2010-12-03
Pages 396
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"There are three twenty-four-hour financial networks. All their slogans are like, Ẁe know what's going on on Wall Street.' But then you turn it on during the crisis, and they're like, Ẁe don't know what's going on.' It'd be like turning on the Weather Channel in a hurricane and they're just doing this: [shuddering] Ẁhy am I wet?! What's happening to me? And it's so windy!'" -Jon Stewart.

Billion Dollar Whale

Billion Dollar Whale Author Tom Wright
ISBN-10 031643650X
Release 2018-09-18
Pages 400
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An epic true-tale of hubris and greed from two Pulitzer-finalist Wall Street Journal reporters, Billion Dollar Whale reveals how a young social climber pulled off one of the biggest financial heists in history--right under the nose of the global financial industry--exposing the shocking secret nexus of elite wealth, banking, Hollywood, and politics. The dust had yet to settle on the global financial crisis in 2009 when an unlikely Wharton grad was setting in motion a fraud of unprecedented gall and magnitude--one that would come to symbolize the next great threat to the global financial system. Billion Dollar Whale will become a classic, harrowing parable about the financial world in the twenty-first century.

Fractured Lands

Fractured Lands Author Scott Anderson
ISBN-10 9780525434443
Release 2017-05-02
Pages 176
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From the bestselling author of Lawrence in Arabia, a piercing account of how the contemporary Arab world came to be riven by catastrophe since the 2003 United States invasion of Iraq. In 2011, a series of anti-government uprisings shook the Middle East and North Africa in what would become known as the Arab Spring. Few could predict that these convulsions, initially hailed in the West as a triumph of democracy, would give way to brutal civil war, the terrors of the Islamic State, and a global refugee crisis. But, as New York Times bestselling author Scott Anderson shows, the seeds of catastrophe had been sown long before. In this gripping account, Anderson examines the myriad complex causes of the region’s profound unraveling, tracing the ideological conflicts of the present to their origins in the United States invasion of Iraq in 2003 and beyond. From this investigation emerges a rare view into a land in upheaval through the eyes of six individuals—the matriarch of a dissident Egyptian family; a Libyan Air Force cadet with divided loyalties; a Kurdish physician from a prominent warrior clan; a Syrian university student caught in civil war; an Iraqi activist for women’s rights; and an Iraqi day laborer-turned-ISIS fighter. A probing and insightful work of reportage, Fractured Lands offers a penetrating portrait of the contemporary Arab world and brings the stunning realities of an unprecedented geopolitical tragedy into crystalline focus.

Truth And Lies

Truth And Lies Author Jillian Edelstein
ISBN-10 9781783780693
Release 2014-05-22
Pages 196
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Jillian Edelstein's photographs have been exhibited at the National Portrait Gallery and the Photographer's Gallery, London; in France at the International Festival, Arles and the International Festival of Photojournalism in Perpignan, where she won the Visa d'Or in 1997; and at the Bensusan Museum, Johannesburg. Her portraits have been published in many periodicals including the New York Times Magazine, The Sunday Times Magazine, National Geographic and the New Yorker.

Conglomerates and the Media

Conglomerates and the Media Author Erik Barnouw
ISBN-10 1565844726
Release 1997
Pages 189
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An examination of the effects on increasing conglomerate control of news and culture, by nine leading insiders and critics. What are the effects of increasing conglomerate ownership on the creation and dissemination of news and culture? Available for the first time in paperback, these nine essays by leading media insiders and critics take probing, critical looks at the dramatic changes of recent years. Opening with a fascinating overview of radio and television history by Erik Barnouw, the "dean of American media critics," the first part of the book features longtime media insiders such as Richard M. Cohen (former CBS Evening News senior producer) and Gene Roberts (managing editor of the New York Times), writing candidly on the effects of increasing profit expectations in the newsroom. In the second part of the book, prominent media analysts, such as Mark Crispin Miller (author of Boxed In), Thomas Schatz (author of The Genius of the System), David Lieberman (USA Today), and Patricia Aufderheide (In These Times), discuss the dumbing-down of the publishing industry, the transformation of Hollywood the increasing importance of merchandising and foreign rights in all media, and the false promise of the digital age. Finally, Thomas Frank (The Baffler) examines advertising and the possibility of resistance to conglomerate control of the media. Contributors include: Patricia Aufderheide, professor of communication at American University; Erik Barnouw, author of A History of Broadcasting in the United States; Richard Cohen, former senior producer of the CBS Evening News; Thomas Frank, editor-in-chief of The Baffier; Todd Gitlin, author of The Twilight of Common Dreams; David Lieberman, media analyst at USA Today; Mark Crispin Miller, author of Boxed In; Gene Roberts, managing editor of the New York Times; and Tom Schatz, author of The Genius of the System.

Fuel on the Fire

Fuel on the Fire Author Greg Muttitt
ISBN-10 9781595588227
Release 2012-06-12
Pages 432
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The departure of the last U.S. troops from Iraq at the end of 2011 left a broken country and a host of unanswered questions. What was the war really about? Why and how did the occupation drag on for nearly nine years, while most Iraqis, Britons, and Americans desperately wanted it to end? And why did the troops have to leave? Now, in a gripping account of the war that dominated U.S. foreign policy over the last decade, investigative journalist Greg Muttitt takes us behind the scenes to answer some of these questions and reveals the heretofore-untold story of the oil politics that played out through the occupation of Iraq. Drawing upon hundreds of unreleased government documents and extensive interviews with senior American, British, and Iraqi officials, Muttitt exposes the plans and preparations that were in place to shape policies in favor of American and British energy interests. We follow him through a labyrinth of clandestine meetings, reneged promises, and abuses of power; we also see how Iraqis struggled for their own say in their future, in spite of their dysfunctional government and rising levels of violence. Through their stories, we begin to see a very different Iraq from the one our politicians have told us about. In light of the Arab revolutions, the war in Libya, and renewed threats against Iran, Fuel on the Fire provides a vital guide to the lessons from Iraq and of the global consequences of America’s persistent oil addiction.

With God on Their Side

With God on Their Side Author Esther Kaplan
ISBN-10 159558031X
Release 2005
Pages 340
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Esther Kaplan shows how the combination of a born-again president, a burgeoning family-values movement, and the political strategies of Karl Rove has delivered to today's Christian fundamentalists an unprecedented influence over American government.

Why It s Still Kicking Off Everywhere The New Global Revolutions

Why It s Still Kicking Off Everywhere  The New Global Revolutions Author Paul Mason
ISBN-10 9781844670284
Release 2013-03-12
Pages 325
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The world is facing a wave of uprisings, protests and revolutions: Arab dictators swept away, public spaces occupied, slum-dwellers in revolt, cyberspace buzzing with utopian dreams. Events we were told were consigned to history—democratic revolt and social revolution—are being lived by millions of people. In this compelling new book, Paul Mason explores the causes and consequences of this great unrest. From Cairo to Athens, Wall Street and Westminster to Manila, Mason goes in search of the changes in society, technology and human behaviour that have propelled a generation onto the streets in search of social justice. In a narrative that blends historical insight with first-person reportage, Mason shines a light on these new forms of activism, from the vast, agile networks of cyberprotest to the culture wars and tent camps of the #occupy movement. The events, says Mason, reflect the expanding power of the individual and call for new political alternatives to elite rule and global poverty.

The Democratic Debate American Politics in an Age of Change

The Democratic Debate  American Politics in an Age of Change Author Bruce Miroff
ISBN-10 9781305147041
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 512
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Focusing on the tension between elite and popular models of democracy, individuals and movements that made a difference, and recent events, THE DEMOCRATIC DEBATE makes American democracy become more relevant, compelling, and lively. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

Decision Points Enhanced Edition

Decision Points  Enhanced Edition Author George W. Bush
ISBN-10 030788824X
Release 2010-11-09
Pages 512
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With more than 200 photographs, videos, letters, and speeches, this Deluxe eBook edition of Decision Points brings to life the critical decisions of George W. Bush’s presidency. George W. Bush served as president of the United States during eight of the most consequential years in American history. The decisions that reached his desk impacted people around the world and defined the times in which we live. Decision Points takes readers inside the Texas governor’s mansion on the night of the 2000 election, aboard Air Force One during the harrowing hours after the attacks of September 11, 2001, into the Situation Room moments before the start of the war in Iraq, and behind the scenes at the White House for many other historic presidential decisions on the financial crisis, Hurricane Katrina, Afghanistan, and Iran. In addition, it offers intimate new details on his quitting drinking, his discovery of faith, and his relationship with his family. The Deluxe eBook edition also includes: • Videos from the defining moments of the presidency, including Bush’s inspiring Ground Zero speech to the 9/11 rescue workers, intimate family home movies, and a special introduction to the edition from the president himself • Full texts of his most important speeches, including his addresses to the nation about 9/11, Afghanistan and Iraq, and his second Inaugural • Handwritten letters from the president’s personal correspondence • And more than 50 new photos not contained in the print version of Decision Points A groundbreaking first in bringing multimedia to presidential memoir, the Deluxe eBook edition of Decision Points will captivate supporters, surprise critics, and change perspectives on eight remarkable years in American history—and on the man at the center of events.

The End of Protest

The End of Protest Author Micah White
ISBN-10 9780345810045
Release 2016
Pages 317
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"From the co-creator of the Occupy Wall Street movement, a refreshing manifesto that inaugurates the future of social activism and the end of protest as you know it. Intellectually ambitious and spiritually compelling, [this work] will be the most talked-about non-fiction book in 2016. Activism is broken. In recent years we have witnessed the largest protests in human history. And yet these mass mobilizations no longer change society. Now protest is at a crossroads: innovation or irrelevance. Drawing on his unique experience as a founder of Occupy Wall Street, in his first book, 'The End of Protest,' Micah White explores the theory, tactics and principles of social change."

The Arab Spring

The Arab Spring Author Hamid Dabashi
ISBN-10 9781780322261
Release 2012-05-10
Pages 296
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This pioneering explanation of the Arab Spring will define a new era of thinking about the Middle East. In this landmark book, Hamid Dabashi argues that the revolutionary uprisings that have engulfed multiple countries and political climes from Morocco to Iran and from Syria to Yemen, were driven by a 'Delayed Defiance' - a point of rebellion against domestic tyranny and globalized disempowerment alike - that signifies no less than the end of Postcolonialism. Sketching a new geography of liberation, Dabashi shows how the Arab Spring has altered the geopolitics of the region so radically that we must begin re-imagining the 'the Middle East'. Ultimately, the 'permanent revolutionary mood' Dabashi brilliantly explains has the potential to liberate not only those societies already ignited, but many others through a universal geopolitics of hope.

Springtime The New Student Rebellions

Springtime  The New Student Rebellions Author Clare Solomon
ISBN-10 9781844677405
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 283
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Ending with the uprisings in Tunis and Cairo, traces the worldwide wave of student protests in the autumn and winter of 2010, exploring how the resistance spread, as well as how it was organized through the use of social networking media.