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Frontiers of Fear

Frontiers of Fear Author Ariane Chebel D'Appollonia
ISBN-10 9780801464386
Release 2012-04-03
Pages 336
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On both sides of the Atlantic, restrictive immigration policies have been framed as security imperatives since the 1990s. This trend accelerated in the aftermath of 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks in Europe. In Frontiers of Fear, Ariane Chebel d'Appollonia raises two central questions with profound consequences for national security and immigration policy: First, does the securitization of immigration issues actually contribute to the enhancement of internal security? Second, does the use of counterterrorist measures address such immigration issues as the increasing number of illegal immigrants, the resilience of ethnic tensions, and the emergence of homegrown radicalization? Chebel d'Appollonia questions the main assumptions that inform political agendas in the United States and throughout Europe, analyzing implementation and evaluating the effectiveness of policies in terms of their stated objectives. She argues that the new security-based immigration regime has proven ineffective in achieving its prescribed goals and even aggravated the problems it was supposed to solve: A security/insecurity cycle has been created that results in less security and less democracy. The excesses of securitization have harmed both immigration and counterterrorist policies and seriously damaged the delicate balance between security and respect for civil liberties.

People of destiny

People of destiny Author Philip Hamilton Gibbs
ISBN-10 9781465528636
Release 1974
Pages 197
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I had the luck to go to New York for the first time when the ordinary life of that City of Adventure—always so vital and dynamic in activity—was intensified by the emotion of historic days. The war was over, and the warriors were coming home with the triumph of victory as the reward of courage; but peace was still delayed and there had not yet crept over the spirits of the people the staleness and disillusionment that always follow the ending of war, when men say: "What was the use of it, after all? Where are gratitude and justice? Who pays me for the loss of my leg?"... The emotion of New York life was visible in its streets. The city itself, monstrous, yet dreamlike and mystical as one sees it first rising to fantastic shapes through the haze of dawn above the waters of the Hudson, seemed to be excited by its own historical significance. There was a vibration about it as sunlight splashed its gold upon the topmost stories of the skyscrapers and sparkled in the thousand windows of the Woolworth Tower and flung black bars of shadow across the lower blocks. Banners were flying everywhere in the streets that go straight and long between those perpendicular cliffs of masonry, and the wind that comes blowing up the two rivers ruffled them. They were banners of rejoicing, but reminders also of the service and sacrifice of each house from which they were hanging, with golden stars of death above the heads of the living crowds surging there below them. In those decorations of New York I saw the imagination of a people conscious of their own power, and with a dramatic instinct able to impress the multitudes with the glory and splendor of their achievement. It was the same sense of drama that is revealed commercially in the genius of advertisement which startled me when I first walked down Broadway, dazzled by moving pictures of light, by flashing signs that shouted to me from high heaven to buy chewing-gum and to go on chewing; and squirming, wriggling, revolving snakes of changing color that burned letters of fire into my brain, so that even now in remembrance my eyes are scorched with the imprint of a monstrous kitten unrolling an endless reel of cotton. The "Welcome Home" of American troops was an advertisement of American manhood, idealized by emotion; and it was designed, surely, by an artist whose imagination had been touched by the audacity of the master-builders of New York who climb to the sky with their houses. I think it was inspired also by the vision of the moving-picture kings who resurrect the gorgeous life of Babylon, and re-establish the court of Cleopatra, for Theda Bara, the "Movie Queen." When the men of the Twenty-seventh Division of New York came marching home down Fifth Avenue they passed through triumphal arches of white plaster that seemed solid enough to last for centuries, though they had grown high, like Jack's beanstalk, in a single night; and the troops glanced sideways at a vast display of Indian trophies with tattered colors like those of sunburnt wigwams where the spears of the "braves" were piled above the shields of fallen warriors.

Landscape and Identity in North America s Southern Colonies from 1660 to 1745

Landscape and Identity in North America s Southern Colonies from 1660 to 1745 Author Dr Catherine Armstrong
ISBN-10 9781409465065
Release 2013-05-28
Pages 226
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Through an analysis of textual representations of the American landscape, this book looks at how North America appeared in books printed on both sides of the Atlantic between the years 1660 and 1745. A variety of literary genres are examined to discover how authors described the landscape, climate, flora and fauna of America, particularly of the new southern colonies of Carolina and Georgia. Chapters are arranged thematically, each exploring how the relationship between English and American print changed over the 85 years under consideration. Beginning in 1660 with the impact of the Restoration on the colonial relationship, the book moves on to show how the expansion of British settlement in this period coincided with a dramatic increase in the production and consumption of the printed word and the further development of religious and scientific explanations of landscape change and climactic events. This in turn led to multiple interpretations of the American landscape dependent on factors such as whether the writer had actually visited America or not, differing purposes for writing, growing imperial considerations, and conflict with the French, Spanish and Natives. The book concludes by bringing together the three key themes: how representations of landscape varied depending on the genre of literature in which they appeared; that an author's perceived self-definition (as English resident, American visitor or American resident) determined his understanding of the American landscape; and finally that the development of a unique American identity by the mid-eighteenth century can be seen by the way American residents define the landscape and their relationship to it.

Fear Without Frontiers

Fear Without Frontiers Author Steven Jay Schneider
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113098615
Release 2003
Pages 319
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This staggering anthology on horror cinema from around the planet includes essays, interviews and hard-to-find facts from an international collection of leading authorities on the world horror phenomenon. Including new work from renowned horror experts Kim Newman, Pete Tombs, Art Black, Mitch Davis, Pam Keesey, Travis Crawford, Ken Hanke and many more, FEAR WITHOUT FRONTIERS also includes interviews with legends of the genre such as Takashi Miike, Reggie Nalder, Nonzee Nimibutr, Jorge Molina, Juraj Herz and Sion Sono.

Frontiers of Consciousness

Frontiers of Consciousness Author Lawrence Weiskrantz
ISBN-10 9780199233151
Release 2008-10-16
Pages 340
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The 'Frontiers of Consciousness' is a truly interdisciplinary volume on consciousness, one which tackles some of the biggest and most impenetrable problems in the field. Distinctive in its accessibility, authority, and its depth of coverage, the book is a groundbreaking and influential addition to the consciousness literature.

Behind the Frontiers of the Real

Behind the Frontiers of the Real Author David Roas
ISBN-10 9783319737331
Release 2018-02-15
Pages 127
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This book offers a definition of the fantastic that establishes it as a discourse in constant intertextual relation with the construct of reality. In establishing the definition of the fantastic, leading scholar David Roas selects four central concepts that allow him to chart a fairly clear map of this terrain: reality, the impossible, fear, and language. These four concepts underscore the fundamental issues and problems that articulate any theoretical reflection on the fantastic: its necessary relationship to an idea of the real, its limits, its emotional and psychological effects on the receiver and the transgression of language that is undertaken when attempting to express what is, by definition, inexpressible as it is beyond the realms of the conceivable. By examining such concepts, the book explores multiple perspectives that are clearly interrelated: from literary and comparative theory to linguistics, via philosophy, science and cyberculture.

Frontiers of Diversity

Frontiers of Diversity Author Avery Plaw
ISBN-10 9789042017665
Release 2005
Pages 209
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Frontiers of Diversity critically examines the explanatory and normative power of pluralism in contemporary philosophy, politics, economics and culture. Based on the papers presented at the “First Global Conference on Critical Issues in Pluralism” at Mansfield College, Oxford, it brings together for the first time essays examining pluralism's impact, both positive and negative, in each of these critical domains. These essays exhibit something of the fertility of the concept of pluralism, not only across the spectrum of fields, but at all levels of analysis, from individual to social to national and international, touching on specific cases from around the world. Through their diversity, the essays are intended to both promote cross-pollination between these domains of study and experience, and to encourage reflection on pluralism as a powerful cross-disciplinary approach for understanding the contemporary world.

Controlling Frontiers

Controlling Frontiers Author Didier Bigo
ISBN-10 0754630110
Release 2005
Pages 283
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Focusing in particular on the European borders, this volume brings together an interdisciplinary group of academics to consider questions of immigration and the free movement of people, linking control within the state to the role of the police and internal security. The contributors all take as the point of departure the significance of European governmentality within the Foucauldian meaning as opposed to the European governance perspective which is already well represented in the literature. They discuss the relation between control of borders, introduction of biometrics and freedom. The book makes available in English an analysis of an important and politically highly charged field from a major French critical perspective. It draws on different disciplines including law, politics, international relations and philosophy.

The Little Book of Big Frontiers

The Little Book of Big Frontiers Author John E. Worgul
ISBN-10 9781621899839
Release 2012-09-06
Pages 80
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Most Christians are unaware that there is such a thing as a biblical cosmology. That is, we do not have a clear idea of the whole of creation, both visible and invisible, its parts and realms, and how they fit together. We live by bits and pieces of conflicting notions supplied by the Bible and the secular world, and there is little comprehension of the overall design of reality and the all-embracing vision of creation that the Bible provides and the Church has taught for centuries. The matter seems too complex for the typical contemporary Christian and so the matter is dropped as irrelevant. The consequences are deadly; ignorance breeds arrogance, indifference, and finally spiritual death. The Little Book of Big Frontiers intends to make the complex issue of cosmology understandable. Vivid and ordinary stories and images are used to illustrate extremely difficult concepts that will open up new frontiers for the reader. Readers will come away with a whole new understanding of the cosmos and how it works, integrating the interior realties of the soul with the world around them, rediscovering realms that were once known to the early Christians but, alas, are now lost within the secularization of our culture.


Frontiers Author Michael Jensen
ISBN-10 9780671027216
Release 2000-05-01
Pages 320
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In a novel set in 1797 Massachusetts and the Allegheny Mountains, a gay army officer is forced to flee the Continental army and takes up with a loner who is secretly murdering Indian girls. A first novel. Reprint.

Frontiers Of Health

Frontiers Of Health Author Christine Page
ISBN-10 9781409020325
Release 2009-05-04
Pages 256
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Frontiers of Health is an essential guide to healing, combining medical expertise with unique insights into the human condition. Dr Christine Page illuminates our understanding of disease and its purpose for inner spiritual growth. In this excellent introduction to our subtle anatomy, Dr Page explores the chakras and their individual relationship to disease, pathology and soul unfoldment. Drawing upon her experience as a respected doctor, and observations of the many patients who have been her greatest teachers, Dr Page asks us to look fully at wholeness on all levels: body, mind and spirit. · 'A must for professional carers and aspiring healers' Light, The College of Psychic Studies · 'Fascinating and packed full of thought-provoking advice' Healthy Eating · 'A clearly written, very impressive and important bridge-building book ... for the first time, one can see exactly how healing comes from within the subtle bodies being reflected in their physical counterpart' Aromatherapy Quarterly · '... straightforward, comprehensive and clear. I applaud this very worthwhile book' New Humanity · 'There are some books that are written in such a way that you feel you are reading a letter from a friend. Frontiers of Health is one of them ... without doubt an important and far-sighted work in the field not only of health but also of human consciousness' The London Connection

Frontiers of Cognitive Therapy

Frontiers of Cognitive Therapy Author Paul M. Salkovskis
ISBN-10 1572301139
Release 1997-03-15
Pages 553
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Bringing together cognitive therapy clinicians, researchers, and theoreticians, this volume integrates the latest findings on the conceptualization and treatment of a range of psychological and psychiatric problems. From depression and anxiety, to eating disorders, hypochondriasis, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic, personality disorders, sexual problems, social phobia, and substance abuse, authors discuss the needs of individual patients and structuring effective interventions. Factors such as therapist competencey, the theraputic relationship and empathy are systematially examined. Chapters also consider the specific needs of populations such as children and adolescents and the mentally ill.

Across God s Frontiers

Across God s Frontiers Author Anne M. Butler
ISBN-10 9780807837542
Release 2012-09-17
Pages 448
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Roman Catholic sisters first traveled to the American West as providers of social services, education, and medical assistance. In Across God's Frontiers, Anne M. Butler traces the ways in which sisters challenged and reconfigured contemporary ideas about women, work, religion, and the West; moreover, she demonstrates how religious life became a vehicle for increasing women's agency and power. Moving to the West introduced significant changes for these women, including public employment and thoroughly unconventional monastic lives. As nuns and sisters adjusted to new circumstances and immersed themselves in rugged environments, Butler argues, the West shaped them; and through their labors and charities, the sisters in turn shaped the West. These female religious pioneers built institutions, brokered relationships between Indigenous peoples and encroaching settlers, and undertook varied occupations, often without organized funding or direct support from the church hierarchy. A comprehensive history of Roman Catholic nuns and sisters in the American West, Across God's Frontiers reveals Catholic sisters as dynamic and creative architects of civic and religious institutions in western communities.

Idle Threats

Idle Threats Author Andrew Lyndon Knighton
ISBN-10 9780814749449
Release 2012-10-22
Pages 272
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The 19th century witnessed an explosion of writing about unproductivity, with the exploits of various idlers, loafers, and “gentlemen of refinement” capturing the imagination o fa country that was deeply ambivalent about its work ethic. Idle Threats documents this American obsession with unproductivity and its potentials, while offering an explanation of the profound significance of idle practices for literary and cultural production. While this fascination with unproductivity memorably defined literary characters from Rip Van Winkle to Bartleby to George Hurstwood, it also reverberated deeply through the entire culture, both as a seductive ideal and as a potentially corrosive threat to upright, industrious American men. Drawing on an impressive array of archival material and multifaceted literary and cultural sources, Idle Threats connects the question of unproductivity to other discourses concerning manhood, the value of art, the allure of the frontier, the usefulness of knowledge,the meaning of individuality, and the experience of time, space, and history. Andrew Lyndon Knighton offers a new way of thinking about the largely unacknowledged “productivity of the unproductive,” revealing the incalculable and sometimes surprising ways in which American modernity transformed the relationship between subjects and that which is most intimate to them: their own activity.

New Frontiers

New Frontiers Author Ben Bova
ISBN-10 9781466851368
Release 2014-07-22
Pages 336
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New Frontiers, fourteen startling visions of yesterday, today, and tomorrow from Ben Bova, six-time winner of the Hugo Award Frontiers can be found in all directions. Frontiers of time and space, as well as frontiers of courage, devotion, love, hate, and the outer limits of the human spirit. This outstanding collection of stories by one of science fiction's premier talents spans the length and breadth of history and the universe, while exploring thought-provoking new ideas and dilemmas. From the Baghdad of the Arabian Nights to a vast interstellar empire thousands of years in the future, from the Vatican to a one-man vessel drifting in the vast emptiness of the Asteroid Belt, from virtual reality duels to the subtle intricacies of time travel and a golf tournament on the Moon, here are tales of scoundrels and heroes, scientists and explorers, aliens and artificial intelligences, and even a young Albert Einstein. Each of them stands at the border of a new frontier and must venture out into unexplored territory—thanks to the limitless imagination of Ben Bova. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

New Frontiers

New Frontiers Author Paul J du Plessis
ISBN-10 9780748668199
Release 2014-03-17
Pages 256
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An interdisciplinary, edited collection on social science methodologies for approaching Roman legal sources. Roman law as a field of study is rapidly evolving to reflect new perspectives and approaches in research. Scholars who work on the subject are i

Marriage Across Frontiers

Marriage Across Frontiers Author Augustin Barbara
ISBN-10 185359041X
Release 1989
Pages 213
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More and more marriages are bringing together partners from different nationalities, cultures, races and religions. In this study of the phenomenon of mixed marriages the issues are brought alive by the frequent quotations from a wide range of such marriages.