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Fundamentals of Condensed Matter Physics

Fundamentals of Condensed Matter Physics Author Marvin L. Cohen
ISBN-10 9780521513319
Release 2016-04-30
Pages 464
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Based on an established course and covering the fundamentals, central areas, and contemporary topics of this diverse field, Fundamentals of Condensed Matter Physics is a much-needed textbook for graduate students. The book begins with an introduction to the modern conceptual models of a solid from the points of view of interacting atoms and elementary excitations. It then provides students with a thorough grounding in electronic structure and many-body interactions as a starting point to understand many properties of condensed matter systems - electronic, structural, vibrational, thermal, optical, transport, magnetic and superconducting - and methods to calculate them. Taking readers through the concepts and techniques, the text gives both theoretically and experimentally inclined students the knowledge needed for research and teaching careers in this field. It features 246 illustrations, 9 tables and 100 homework problems, as well as numerous worked examples, for students to test their understanding. Solutions to the problems for instructors are available at

Fundamentals of Condensed Matter and Crystalline Physics

Fundamentals of Condensed Matter and Crystalline Physics Author David L. Sidebottom
ISBN-10 9781139510707
Release 2012-07-05
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This undergraduate textbook merges traditional solid state physics with contemporary condensed matter physics, providing an up-to-date introduction to the major concepts that form the foundations of condensed materials. The main foundational principles are emphasized, providing students with the knowledge beginners in the field should understand. The book is structured in four parts and allows students to appreciate how the concepts in this broad area build upon each other to produce a cohesive whole as they work through the chapters. Illustrations work closely with the text to convey concepts and ideas visually, enhancing student understanding of difficult material, and end-of-chapter exercises varying in difficulty allow students to put into practice the theory they have covered in each chapter and reinforce new concepts.

Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics

Basic Notions Of Condensed Matter Physics Author Philip W. Anderson
ISBN-10 9780429973741
Release 2018-03-09
Pages 564
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First Published in 2018. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an Informa company.

Many Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics

Many Body Quantum Theory in Condensed Matter Physics Author Henrik Bruus
ISBN-10 9780198566335
Release 2004-09-02
Pages 435
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The book is an introduction to quantum field theory applied to condensed matter physics. The topics cover modern applications in electron systems and electronic properties of mesoscopic systems and nanosystems. The textbook is developed for a graduate or advanced undergraduate course with exercises which aim at giving students the ability to confront real problems.

A Quantum Approach to Condensed Matter Physics

A Quantum Approach to Condensed Matter Physics Author Philip L. Taylor
ISBN-10 0521778271
Release 2002-02-28
Pages 414
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A self-contained introductory text on the theory underlying the properties of solids and quantum liquids.

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics

Advanced Condensed Matter Physics Author Leonard M. Sander
ISBN-10 9780521872904
Release 2009-02-19
Pages 274
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An advanced textbook covering important modern developments in depth rather than attempting an encyclopaedic approach.

Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter Physics Author A. Isihara
ISBN-10 9780486151649
Release 2014-07-28
Pages 384
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More than a graduate text and advanced research guide on condensed matter physics, this volume emphasizes applications to a variety of systems rather than theoretical derivations and techniques. 1991 edition.

Advanced Solid State Physics

Advanced Solid State Physics Author Philip Phillips
ISBN-10 9780521194907
Release 2012-03-01
Pages 402
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Introduces students to the key research topics within modern solid state physics with the minimum of mathematics.

Condensed Matter Physics

Condensed Matter Physics Author Gert R. Strobl
ISBN-10 9783642185588
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 381
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Derived from lectures at the University of Freiburg, this textbook introduces solid-state physics as well as the physics of liquids, liquid crystals and polymers. The five chapters deal with the key characteristics of condensed matter: structures, susceptibilities, molecular fields, currents, and dynamics. The author strives to present and explain coherently the terms and concepts associated with the main properties and characteristics of condensed matter, while minimizing attention to extraneous details. As a result, this text provides the firm and broad basis of understanding that readers require for further study and research.

Green s Functions and Condensed Matter

Green s Functions and Condensed Matter Author G. Rickayzen
ISBN-10 9780486315867
Release 2013-06-03
Pages 368
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Presentation of the basic theoretical formulation of Green's functions, followed by specific applications: transport coefficients of a metal, Coulomb gas, Fermi liquids, electrons and phonons, superconductivity, superfluidity, and magnetism. 1984 edition.

Aperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter

Aperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter Author Enrique Macia Barber
ISBN-10 1420068288
Release 2008-11-21
Pages 432
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One of the Top Selling Physics Books according to YBP Library Services Order can be found in all the structures unfolding around us at different scales, including in the arrangements of matter and in energy flow patterns. Aperiodic Structures in Condensed Matter: Fundamentals and Applications focuses on a special kind of order referred to as aperiodic order. The book covers several topics dealing with the role of aperiodic order in numerous domains of the physical sciences and technology. It first presents the most characteristic features of various aperiodic systems. The author then describes theoretical aspects and useful mathematical approaches to properly study the physical systems. Focusing on applied issues, he discusses how to exploit aperiodic order in different technological devices. The author also examines one-, two-, and three-dimensional designs. For those new to the field of aperiodic systems, this book is an excellent guide to the many facets and applications of aperiodic structures.

Feynman Diagram Techniques in Condensed Matter Physics

Feynman Diagram Techniques in Condensed Matter Physics Author Radi A. Jishi
ISBN-10 9781107025172
Release 2013-04-25
Pages 400
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An introduction to the application of Feynman diagram techniques for researchers and advanced undergraduate students in condensed matter theory and many-body physics.

Introduction to Many Body Physics

Introduction to Many Body Physics Author Piers Coleman
ISBN-10 9780521864886
Release 2015-11-26
Pages 810
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Explains the tools and concepts needed for a research-level understanding of the subject, for graduate students in condensed matter physics.

Principles of the Theory of Solids

Principles of the Theory of Solids Author J. M. Ziman
ISBN-10 0521297338
Release 1972
Pages 435
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" admirable book. Indeed, it scarcely needs my commendation: It is already being widely used as a graduate text on both sides of the Atlantic." Nature

Fundamentals of Many body Physics

Fundamentals of Many body Physics Author Wolfgang Nolting
ISBN-10 9783540719304
Release 2009-03-02
Pages 602
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The goal of the present course on “Fundamentals of Theoretical Physics” is to be a direct accompaniment to the lower-division study of physics, and it aims at providing the ph- ical tools in the most straightforward and compact form as needed by the students in order to master theoretically more complex topics and problems in advanced studies and in research. The presentation is thus intentionally designed to be suf?ciently detailed and self-contained – sometimes, admittedly, at the cost of a certain elegance – to permit in- vidual study without reference to the secondary literature. This volume deals with the quantum theory of many-body systems. Building upon a basic knowledge of quantum mechanics and of statistical physics, modern techniques for the description of interacting many-particle systems are developed and applied to various real problems, mainly from the area of solid-state physics. A thorough revision should guarantee that the reader can access the relevant research literature without experiencing major problems in terms of the concepts and vocabulary, techniques and deductive methods found there. The world which surrounds us consists of very many particles interacting with one another, and their description requires in principle the solution of a corresponding number ofcoupledquantum-mechanicalequationsofmotion(Schrodinger ̈ equations),which,h- ever, is possible only in exceptional cases in a mathematically strict sense. The concepts of elementary quantum mechanics and quantum statistics are therefore not directly applicable in the form in which we have thus far encountered them. They require an extension and restructuring, which is termed “many-body theory”.

Statistical Physics

Statistical Physics Author Hung T Diep
ISBN-10 9789814696272
Release 2015-06-29
Pages 648
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The aim of this book is to provide the fundamentals of statistical physics and its application to condensed matter. The combination of statistical mechanics and quantum mechanics has provided an understanding of properties of matter leading to spectacular technological innovations and discoveries in condensed matter which have radically changed our daily life. The book gives the steps to follow to understand fundamental theories and to apply these to real materials.

Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids

Fundamentals of the Physics of Solids Author Jenö Sólyom
ISBN-10 3642045189
Release 2010-12-09
Pages 747
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This book is the third of a three-volume series written by the same author. It aims to deliver a comprehensive and self-contained account of the fundamentals of the physics of solids. In the presentation of the properties and experimentally observed phenomena together with the basic concepts and theoretical methods, it goes far beyond most classic texts. The essential features of various experimental techniques are also explained. This volume is devoted mostly to the discussion of the effects of electron—electron interaction beyond the one-electron approximation. The density-functional theory is introduced to account for correlation effects. The response to external perturbations is discussed in the framework of linear response theory. Landau’s Fermi-liquid theory is followed by the theory of Luttinger liquids. The subsequent chapters are devoted to electronic phases with broken symmetry: to itinerant magnetism, to spin- and charge-density waves and their realizations in quasi-one-dimensional materials, as well as to the microscopic theory of superconductivity. An overview is given of the physics of strongly correlated systems. The last chapter covers selected problems in the physics of disordered systems.