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Gender Communication Theories and Analyses

Gender Communication Theories and Analyses Author Charlotte Krolokke
ISBN-10 9780761929185
Release 2006
Pages 193
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Gender Communication Theories and Analyses: From Silence to Performance surveys the field of gender and communication with a particular focus on feminist communication theories and methods - from structuralism to poststructuralism. In this text, authors Charlotte Krolokke and Ann Scott Sorensen help readers develop analytic focus and knowledge about their underlying assumptions that gender communication scholars use in their work.

Gender Communication Theories and Analyses

Gender Communication Theories and Analyses Author Charlotte Krolokke
ISBN-10 9781506319216
Release 2005-07-08
Pages 208
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Gender Communication Theories and Analyses: From Silence to Performance surveys the field of gender and communication with a particular focus on feminist communication theories and methods - from structuralism to poststructuralism. In this text, authors Charlotte Krolokke and Ann Scott Sorensen help readers develop analytic focus and knowledge about their underlying assumptions that gender communication scholars use in their work.

Gender communication theories analyses

Gender communication theories   analyses Author Charlotte Kroløkke
ISBN-10 0761929177
Release 2006
Pages 193
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How have theories about gender and communication evolved and been influenced by first-, second-, and third-wave feminisms? This book surveys the field of gender and communication with a focus on gender and communication theories and methods, and also helps readers develop analytic focus and knowledge about their underlying assumptions.

The Viagra Ad Venture

The Viagra Ad Venture Author Jay Baglia
ISBN-10 0820474894
Release 2005
Pages 165
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Since the FDA approved Viagra in March 1998, the -little blue pill- has been prescribed to over twenty million men. "The Viagra Ad Venture: Masculinity, Media, and the Performance of Sexual Health" chronicles the story of Viagra as reported in our nation's news outlets and promoted by Pfizer Pharmaceutical's marketing materials. In this critical discourse analysis, author Jay Baglia uses feminist and performance theory to uncover the meaning of Viagra and its relationship to performances of masculinity. At stake are the ways in which we construct normalcy, particularly as it relates to health, sexuality, gender, and the body. This book fits well in a variety of classes including gender studies, media studies, research methods, feminist theory, human sexuality, and health communication."

Talking Gender and Sexuality

Talking Gender and Sexuality Author Paul McIlvenny
ISBN-10 1588111733
Release 2002
Pages 327
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This edited volume brings together scholars from psychology, linguistics, sociology and communication science to investigate how performative notions of gender and sexuality can be fruitfully explored with the rich set of tools that have been developed by conversation analysis and discursive psychology for analyzing everyday practical language use, agency and identity in talk.Contributors re-examine the foundations of earlier research on gender in spoken interaction, critically appraise this research to see if and how it 'translates' successfully into the study of sexuality in talk, and promote innovative alternatives that integrate the insights of recent feminist and queer theory with qualitative studies of talk and conversation. Detailed empirical analyses of naturally occurring talk are used to uncover how gender and sexual identities, agencies and desires are contingently accomplished in conversational practices. Collectively, they pose the important question of what a critical theory of talk, gender and sexuality ought to look like if it is to be sensitive to a politics of conversation analysis.

Encyclopedia of Communication Theory

Encyclopedia of Communication Theory Author Stephen W. Littlejohn
ISBN-10 9781506319148
Release 2009-08-18
Pages 1192
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With more than 300 entries, these two volumes provide a one-stop source for a comprehensive overview of communication theory, offering current descriptions of theories as well as the background issues and concepts that comprise these theories. This is the first resource to summarize, in one place, the diversity of theory in the communication field. Key Themes Applications and Contexts Critical Orientations Cultural Orientations Cybernetic and Systems Orientations Feminist Orientations Group and Organizational Concepts Information, Media, and Communication Technology International and Global Concepts Interpersonal Concepts Non-Western Orientations Paradigms, Traditions, and Schools Philosophical Orientations Psycho-Cognitive Orientations Rhetorical Orientations Semiotic, Linguistic, and Discursive Orientations Social/Interactional Orientations Theory, Metatheory, Methodology, and Inquiry

The Spiral of Silence

The Spiral of Silence Author Wolfgang Donsbach
ISBN-10 9781136447846
Release 2014-01-03
Pages 248
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Since its original articulation in the early 1970s, the 'spiral of silence' theory has become one of the most studied theories of communication and public opinion. It has been tested in varied sociopolitical contexts, with different issues and across communication systems around the world. Attracting the interest of scholars from communication, political science, sociology, public opinion and psychology, it has become both the subject of tempestuous academic debate as well as a mainstay in courses on communication theory globally. Reflecting substantial new thinking, this collection provides a comprehensive examination of the spiral of silence theory, offering a synthesis of prior research as well as a solid platform for future study. It addresses various ideological and methodological criticisms of the theory, links the theory with allied areas of scholarship, and provides analyses of empirical tests. Contributors join together to present a breadth of disciplinary and international perspectives. As a distinctive and innovative examination of this influential theory, this volume serves as a key resource for future research and scholarship in communicaiton, public opinion, and political science.

The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader

The Feminist Standpoint Theory Reader Author Sandra G. Harding
ISBN-10 0415945011
Release 2004
Pages 379
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Leading feminist scholar and one of the founders of Standpoint Theory, Sandra Harding brings together the biggest names in the field--Dorothy Smith, Donna Haraway, Patricia Hill Collins, Nancy Hartsock and Hilary Rose--to not only showcase the most influential essays on the topic but to also highlight subsequent interrogations and developments of these approaches from a wide variety of disciplines and intellectual and political positions.

Centering ourselves

Centering ourselves Author Marsha Houston
ISBN-10 1572733519
Release 2002
Pages 252
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Centering ourselves has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Centering ourselves also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Centering ourselves book for free.

Gender in International Relations

Gender in International Relations Author J. Ann Tickner
ISBN-10 0231075391
Release 1992-01
Pages 180
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Engendered insecurities : feminist perspectives on international relations - Man, the state, and war : gendered perspectives on National security - Three models of man : gendered perspectives on global economic security - Man over nature : gendered perspectives on ecological security - Toward a nongendered perspective on global security.

Readings in Feminist Rhetorical Theory

Readings in Feminist Rhetorical Theory Author Karen A. Foss
ISBN-10 0761930159
Release 2004
Pages 319
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The editors offers readers an inclusive, accessible collection of readings by key contemporary feminist theorists as well as spirited, approachable introductions to their work & their lives.

Gender and Communication in Euripides Plays

Gender and Communication in Euripides  Plays Author James Harvey Kim On Chong-Gossard
ISBN-10 9789004168800
Release 2008
Pages 263
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In Greek tragedy, women constantly struggle to control language. This book shows how aspects of womena (TM)s communicationa "song, silence and secret-keeping as female verbal genres, and the challenges of speaking out of placea "constitute a decisive factor in Euripidesa (TM) portrayal of gender.

Communicating Gender Diversity

Communicating Gender Diversity Author Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco
ISBN-10 9781452212302
Release 2007-06-12
Pages 344
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"Shortlisted" for the IGALA Book Prize 2008 "Communicating Gender Diversity succeeds in its goal of inviting readers into a conversation on the topic of gender and communication. Amongst the broad range of areas opened up to ongoing critical engagement, upper-level undergraduates may find a wealth of topics to pursue into further study —GENDER IN MANAGEMENT:AN INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL Communicating Gender Diversity: A Critical Approach examines the variety of ways in which communication of and about gender enables and constrains people's intersectional identities. Authors Victoria Pruin DeFrancisco and Catherine Helen Palczewski place an emphasis not on how gender influences communication, but on how communication constitutes gender. Operating from a gender diversity perspective, Communicating Gender Diversity explores how gender is constructed through interpersonal and public discourse about and in the institutions of family, education, work, religion, and media. The book equips readers with the necessary critical analysis tools to form their own conclusions about the ever changing processes of gender in communication. This comprehensive gender in communication book is the first to extensively address the roles of religion, the gendered body, single-sex education, an institutional analysis of gender construction, social construction theory, and more. Key Features Offers an intersectional approach: The text does not essentialize gender, but recognizes the way identity ingredients intersect with, and influence, one another. Integrates social scientific, critical/cultural, and rhetorical analyses: This is the only text that expends extensive time on the work of Judith Butler as it theorizes how gender is something people do and perform, not something they are. Moves beyond an individual, personal understanding of gender: Gender is not something over which people have absolute control, therefore social change is not something for which a particular person is responsible, but something in which all must participate. Accompanied by High-Quality Ancillaries! Instructor Resources on CD contain a detailed conceptual outline of every chapter, discussion questions, extended quotations from key sources for the chapter, additional exercises, and cultural resources to be used as in-class illustrations, such as Web pages, music, and video examples. Intended Audience This core text is ideal for courses exploring gender, diversity, and communication as found in departments of communication, women's studies, sociology, psychology, and cultural studies. By providing the latest feminist theorists' views on the topic of gender, sex and communication, and offering an interdisciplinary approach especially useful to disciplines in communication studies, rhetoric, women's studies, gender studies, sociology, anthropology, and psychology, this is much more than a textbook; it is a resource book necessary for any library's collection. The extensive literatures cited in the book make it a comprehensive reference for anyone studying gender/sex in communication. "DeFrancisco and Palczewski's book is wonderful. I knew that they were trying to do much more than the previous books, but I hadn't realized just what high goals they had set for themselves -- such extensive reviews and fresh analyses. This will be adopted in many courses and they will be doing many editions of this book. What they do with single-sex classes is so very readable, sensible and smart. It's great that they included the chapter on religion; it's about time that that language gets attention..... and they did it in such a way that the chapter calls for attention and consideration rather than resistance. Just very impressive. Many, many thanks." —Cheris Kramarae, Center for the Study of Women in Society, University of Oregon, Eugene "College-level collections strong in gender studies and psychology will find "Communicating Gender Diversity" an essential key to understanding how communication facilitates how people do gender." —MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

Theories of Communication

Theories of Communication Author Armand Mattelart
ISBN-10 0761956476
Release 1998-08-24
Pages 186
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This textbook provides students with a concise introduction to the development of communication theory. Written in an engaging style, it offers an account of the development of all the major theoretical approaches in communication and media studies. The book summarizes clearly and methodically the range of existing theories; explains how and why the diverse currents and schools of thought emerged; and contextualizes all the major approaches, including those of cultural studies and political economy, in their historical, social and intellectual setting. Theories of Communication is an essential text for all students of media, communication and cultural studies. It will also be welcomed by anyone seeki

Gender in Applied Communication Contexts

Gender in Applied Communication Contexts Author Patrice M. Buzzanell
ISBN-10 9780761928652
Release 2004
Pages 373
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Gender in Applied Communication Contexts explores the intersection and integration of feminist theory as applied to four important areas: organizational communication, health communication, family communication, and instructional communication. This collection of readings links theoretical insights and contributions to pragmatic ways of improving the lives of women and men in a variety of professional and personal situations. Gender in Applied Communication Contexts is recommended for upper-division and graduate-level courses in gender and communication, feminist theory, organizational communication, health communication, instructional communication, and applied communication. This anthology is also recommended as a research resource for scholars in Women’s Studies, Family Studies, and Business and Management.

Secrecy and Silence in the Research Process

Secrecy and Silence in the Research Process Author Róisín Ryan-Flood
ISBN-10 9781134055975
Release 2013-05-13
Pages 336
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Feminist research is informed by a history of breaking silences, of demanding that women’s voices be heard, recorded and included in wider intellectual genealogies and histories. This has led to an emphasis on voice and speaking out in the research endeavour. Moments of secrecy and silence are less often addressed. This gives rise to a number of questions. What are the silences, secrets, omissions and and political consequences of such moments? What particular dilemmas and constraints do they represent or entail? What are their implications for research praxis? Are such moments always indicative of voicelessness or powerlessness? Or may they also constitute a productive moment in the research encounter? Contributors to this volume were invited to reflect on these questions. The resulting chapters are a fascinating collection of insights into the research process, making an important contribution to theoretical and empirical debates about epistemology, subjectivity and identity in research. Researchers often face difficult dilemmas about who to represent and how, what to omit and what to include. This book explores such questions in an important and timely collection of essays from international scholars.

The Family Communication Sourcebook

The Family Communication Sourcebook Author Lynn H. Turner
ISBN-10 9781452239064
Release 2006-05-16
Pages 568
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The Family Communication Sourcebook provides an in-depth examination of contemporary theory and research in the area of family communication. This unique collection offers a state-of-the art approach by pairing conceptual pieces with original studies in the same general topic area. Editors Lynn H. Turner and Richard West present readers with a thoughtful and thorough exploration of the critical issues facing family communication researchers today.