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General Physics

General Physics Author L D Landau
ISBN-10 9781483285184
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 382
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Presents, at a level suitable for undergraduates and technical college students, the basic physical theory of mechanics and the molecular structure of matter. The material contained in the work should correspond quite closely to courses of lectures given to undergraduate students of physics in Britain and America.

Molecular Physics

Molecular Physics Author Theodore Buyana
ISBN-10 9810208308
Release 1997
Pages 748
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This book combines in one concise volume the diverse work of several similar books in the market. Each chapter is self-contained and designed to serve the needs of graduates and undergraduates in physics, biochemistry and chemistry. Numerous illustrations accompany the material and more than 60 problems in molecular physics are worked out. Tedious mathematics that obscures the essence of physics is avoided. Though mainly theoretical, many important experimental aspects are included and discussed. It aims at teaching, and not commenting on scientific knowledge. An essential compendium, it can be used both as a textbook and a reference.The main features covered include: Quantum-mechanical treatment of molecular physics; theoretical treatment of molecular spectra and experimental techniques in spectroscopy; interatomic interactions, potentials, molecular stability, energy levels, bonds, rotational and vibrational states, anharmonicity, polarization; theoretical consideration of real molecules. Resonance methods (NMR, NQR, EPR and ENDOR. Theory, experimental apparatus, techniques, numerical results, applications and utility thereof).

Course of Theoretical Physics

Course of Theoretical Physics Author L. D. Landau
ISBN-10 9781483106236
Release 2013-06-01
Pages 562
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Course of Theoretical Physics, Volume 5: Statistical Physics, Third Edition, Part 1 covers the fundamental principles of statistical physics and thermodynamic quantities. The book discusses the Gibbs and Maxwellian distributions; the Boltzmann distribution for ideal gases; and the Fermi and Bose distributions. Solids are tackled with regard to their application of statistical methods of calculating the thermodynamic quantities. The book describes the deviations of gases from the ideal state, conditions of phase equilibrium, solutions, and chemical reactions. The text also discusses the properties of matter at very high density; the Gaussian distribution; fluctuations of the fundamental thermodynamic quantities; and fluctuations in solids and ideal gases. The symmetry of crystals; phase transitions of the second kind and critical phenomena; and surfaces are considered as well. Students taking statistical physics and those involved in the areas of statistical physics will find the book invaluable.

Physics a General Course Mechanics molecular physics

Physics  a General Course  Mechanics  molecular physics Author Igorʹ Vladimirovich Savelʹev
ISBN-10 UOM:49015000126962
Release 1980
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Physics a General Course Mechanics molecular physics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Physics a General Course Mechanics molecular physics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Physics a General Course Mechanics molecular physics book for free.


Mechanics Author L D Landau
ISBN-10 9780080503479
Release 1982-01-29
Pages 224
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Devoted to the foundation of mechanics, namely classical Newtonian mechanics, the subject is based mainly on Galileo's principle of relativity and Hamilton's principle of least action. The exposition is simple and leads to the most complete direct means of solving problems in mechanics. The final sections on adiabatic invariants have been revised and augmented. In addition a short biography of L D Landau has been inserted.

Worked Examples in Physics

Worked Examples in Physics Author V. L. Zubov
ISBN-10 9781483282787
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 354
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Worked Examples in Physics: A Textbook for Private Study consists of worked examples encountered at examinations in secondary schools at Moscow University. The examples for this collection focus on those physical questions, situations, and laws that give rise to the most number of errors. Organized into two parts, this book begins with an overview of several problems that have been specially selected to show in detail the methods of applying the more important laws, which often are not mastered by the student. This text then discusses the general methods of solving problems by means of the resolution and composition of the motion. This book discusses as well a large number of examples that serves to indicate how one may reduce the solution of a complicated problem on curvilinear motion to the solution of a simple and previously solved problem dealing with two independent linear motions. This book is a valuable resource for secondary school students.

Experiments And Demonstrations In Physics Bar ilan Physics Laboratory 2nd Edition

Experiments And Demonstrations In Physics  Bar ilan Physics Laboratory  2nd Edition Author Kraftmakher Yaakov
ISBN-10 9789814434911
Release 2014-08-20
Pages 796
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A laboratory manual for high schools, colleges, and universities. The second edition contains more than 140 experiments and demonstrations presented in ten chapters: Introductory Experiments (30), Mechanics (11), Molecular Physics (11), Electricity and Magnetism (13), Optics and Atomic Physics (12), Condensed Matter Physics (11), Semiconductors (10), Applied Physics (11), Nobel Prize Experiments (10), and Student Projects (25). All the experiments are illustrated through the results of real measurements. New experiments developed by the author in 2007-2014 are added to this edition.

Principles of Quantum Mechanics

Principles of Quantum Mechanics Author Donald D. Fitts
ISBN-10 0521651247
Release 1999-08-26
Pages 351
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This text presents a rigorous mathematical account of the principles of quantum mechanics, in particular as applied to chemistry and chemical physics. Applications are used as illustrations of the basic theory. The first two chapters serve as an introduction to quantum theory, although it is assumed that the reader has been exposed to elementary quantum mechanics as part of an undergraduate physical chemistry or atomic physics course. Following a discussion of wave motion leading to Schrödinger's wave mechanics, the postulates of quantum mechanics are presented along with essential mathematical concepts and techniques. The postulates are rigorously applied to the harmonic oscillator, angular momentum, the hydrogen atom, the variation method, perturbation theory, and nuclear motion. Modern theoretical concepts such as hermitian operators, Hilbert space, Dirac notation, and ladder operators are introduced and used throughout. This text is appropriate for beginning graduate students in chemistry, chemical physics, molecular physics and materials science.

Molecular Physics

Molecular Physics Author Wolfgang Demtröder
ISBN-10 9783527618101
Release 2008-09-26
Pages 484
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The richly illustrated book comprehensively explains the important principles of diatomic and polyatomic molecules and their spectra in two separate, distinct parts. The first part concentrates on the theoretical aspects of molecular physics, such as the vibration, rotation, electronic states, potential curves, and spectra of molecules. The different methods of approximation for the calculation of electronic wave functions and their energy are also covered. The introduction of basics terms used in group theory and their meaning in molecular physics enables an elegant description of polyatomic molecules and their symmetries. Molecular spectra and the dynamic processes involved in their excited states are given its own chapter. The theoretical part then concludes with a discussion of the field of Van der Waals molecules and clusters. The second part is devoted entirely to experimental techniques, such as laser, Fourier, NMR, and ESR spectroscopies, used in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and material science. Time-resolved measurements and the influence of chemical reactions by coherent controls are also treated. A list of general textbooks and specialized literature is provided for further reading. With specific examples, definitions, and notes integrated within the text to aid understanding, this is suitable for undergraduates and graduates in physics and chemistry with a knowledge of atomic physics and familiar with the basics of quantum mechanics.


Mechanics Author Lev Davidovich Landau
ISBN-10 UOM:39015002092552
Release 1969-09
Pages 165
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Mechanics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mechanics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mechanics book for free.

Concepts in Quantum Mechanics

Concepts in Quantum Mechanics Author Vishnu S. Mathur
ISBN-10 1420078739
Release 2008-12-12
Pages 616
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Taking a conceptual approach to the subject, Concepts in Quantum Mechanics provides complete coverage of both basic and advanced topics. Following in the footsteps of Dirac’s classic work Principles of Quantum Mechanics, it explains all themes from first principles. The authors present alternative ways of representing the state of a physical system, outline the mathematical connection between the representatives of the same state in different representations, and highlight the connection between Dirac brackets and their integral forms in the coordinate and momentum representations. They also logically develop the equations of motion in Schrödinger and Heisenberg pictures. In addition, the book covers motion in the presence of potential steps and wells, bound state problems, symmetries and their consequences, the role of angular momentum in quantum mechanics, approximation methods, time-dependent perturbation methods, and second quantization. Written by authoritative professors who have taught quantum mechanics at the graduate level for a combined forty years, this textbook provides students with a strong foundation in quantum mechanics. After reading the book, students will be ready to take on quantum field theory.

Textbook of Elementary Physics

Textbook of Elementary Physics Author G. S. Landsberg
ISBN-10 0898750385
Release 2000-04-01
Pages 504
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The work (which has had seven editions in Russian, the latest in 1970-1) is widely used in Soviet secondary schools and technical colleges, and is equally popular with pupils and teachers. The material is presented in clear, simple language with a wealth of illustrations, which makes it useful as a means of independent home study. Its merit is that it gives a basic explanation of the physical aspects of various processes in nature and technology, taking into account the latest advances in each field. This book covers the problems pertaining to the study of oscillations and waves. Mechanical oscillations and elastic waves are followed by a discussion of acoustic. The chapters on electromagnetic oscillations and waves naturally lead to the study of the most important practical applications of these problems --- to the discussion of the fundamentals of radio physics and radio engineering beginning with the invention of radio by A. Popov, of the electromagnetic nature of light, and of the principles of wave (physical) and ray (geometrical) optics. The volume ends in a description of the phenomena related to the modern theory of the atom.Great effort was made in these volumes for the student to understand the physical essence of the phenomena being considered. Mathematical deductions again occupy little space. The number of questions not contained in secondary school curricula is very limited, but with the aim of making the material quite clear, the authors considered many questions in greater detail than is usual practice in secondary school textbooks.It should also be noted that the exposition of the phenomena of atomic and nuclear physics deals with a greater circle of questions than is the rule in school instruction. The authors followed the purpose of considering these questions with sufficient detail, with a view to students most interested in these topics. On the other hand, in these chapters it is difficult to explain all the problems dealt with quite consecutively, so that this part of the book has the nature of a textbook to a smaller extent than the remaining ones.

Physics for Chemists

Physics for Chemists Author Ruslan P. Ozerov
ISBN-10 0080471323
Release 2007-04-10
Pages 638
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The development of science, technology and industry in the near future requires new materials and devices, which will differ in many aspects from that of past years. This is due to the fact that many sophisticated processes and new materials are being invented. The computer engineering field is a typical example. The main building block for these achievements is science, and leading it is physics, which provides the foundation for the chemical, biological and atomic industries. Physics for Chemists contains many instructive examples complete with detailed analysis and tutorials to evaluate the student's level of understanding. Specifically it is focused to give a robust and relevant background to chemistry students and to eliminate those aspects of physics which are not relevant to these students. This book is aimed at chemistry students and researches who would by using the book, not only be able to perform relevant physical experiments, but would then also be in a position to provide a well founded explanation of the results. * Fundamental principles of modern physics are explained in parallel with their applications to chemistry and technology * Large number of practical examples and tasks * Presentation of new aspects of chemical science and technology e.g. nanotechnology and synthesis of new magnetic materials

Mechanics Molecular Physics and Heat

Mechanics  Molecular Physics and Heat Author Robert Andrews Millikan
Release 1902
Pages 242
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Mechanics Molecular Physics and Heat has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Mechanics Molecular Physics and Heat also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Mechanics Molecular Physics and Heat book for free.

Physics of Strength and Fracture Control

Physics of Strength and Fracture Control Author Anatoly A. Komarovsky
ISBN-10 9781420040722
Release 2002-09-17
Pages 672
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Still passive and for the most part uncontrollable, current systems intended to ensure the reliability and durability of engineering structures are still in their developmental infancy. They cannot make corrections or recondition materials, and most material and structural failures cannot be predicted. Accidents-and catastrophes-result. Physics of Strength and Fracture Control: Adaptation of Engineering Materials and Structures introduces a new physical concept in the science of the resistance of materials to external effects, a concept that opens completely new avenues for improving the strength and safety of engineered objects. Based on a thermodynamic equation of state of solids derived by the author, the approach provides a general methodology for treating all the physical and mechanical properties of materials, regardless of their nature and physical state. The author shows that this approach enables the control of the stressed-deformed state both to prevent failures and fractures and to promote them for easier shaping of materials. He uses this methodology to present and discuss non-traditional but practical ways of solving real-world problems. Of enormous theoretical and practical significance, this groundbreaking work ushers in a new stage in the science of material strength. It opens the door to systematic ways to design materials, control their operating properties, and predict their behavior under specific operating conditions.

Magnetic Atoms and Molecules

Magnetic Atoms and Molecules Author William Weltner
ISBN-10 0486661407
Release 1989
Pages 422
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This comprehensive graduate-level text by a leading researcher in atomic and molecular spectroscopy explores the electron-spin-resonance theory of randomly oriented molecules. "I recommend it highly." ? American Scientist. 119 illustrations.

Molecular Hydrodynamics

Molecular Hydrodynamics Author Jean Pierre Boon
ISBN-10 0486669491
Release 1980
Pages 417
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A graduate level introduction to the theory and applications of time correlation functions and the molecular theory of fluid dynamics. "Quite well organized . . . the literature coverage is impressive." — Physics Today. 110 illustrations.