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General Topology

General Topology Author John L. Kelley
ISBN-10 9780486820668
Release 2017-03-07
Pages 320
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Comprehensive text for beginning graduate-level students and professionals. "The clarity of the author's thought and the carefulness of his exposition make reading this book a pleasure." — Bulletin of the American Mathematical Society. 1955 edition.


Topology Author John G. Hocking
ISBN-10 9780486141091
Release 2012-05-23
Pages 384
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Superb one-year course in classical topology. Topological spaces and functions, point-set topology, much more. Examples and problems. Bibliography. Index.

General Topology

General Topology Author Stephen Willard
ISBN-10 9780486131788
Release 2012-07-12
Pages 384
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Among the best available reference introductions to general topology, this volume is appropriate for advanced undergraduate and beginning graduate students. Includes historical notes and over 340 detailed exercises. 1970 edition. Includes 27 figures.

General Topology

General Topology Author Wac?aw Sierpi?ski
ISBN-10 9780486411484
Release 1956
Pages 290
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Detailed theory of Fréchet (V) spaces and a comprehensive examination of their relevance to topological spaces, plus in-depth discussions of metric and complete spaces. For beginning students and mature mathematicians. Second edition.

Undergraduate Topology

Undergraduate Topology Author Robert H. Kasriel
ISBN-10 0486474194
Release 2009-01-01
Pages 285
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General topology offers a valuable tool to students of mathematics, particularly in courses involving complex, real, and functional analysis. This introductory treatment is essentially self-contained, and it features explanations and proofs that relate to every practical aspect of point-set topology. It will prove valuable to undergraduate mathematics majors as well as to graduate students and professionals pursuing mathematics research. Author Robert H. Kasriel, who taught at Georgia Tech for many years, begins with reviews of elementary set theory and Euclidean n-space. The following chapters offer detailed studies of metric spaces and applications to analysis. A survey of general topological spaces and mappings includes considerations of compactness, connectedness, quotient spaces, net and filter convergence, and product spaces. Nearly every one of the 112 sections in this book concludes with a set of exercises that reinforce materials already covered and prepare students for subsequent chapters.

Counterexamples in Topology

Counterexamples in Topology Author Lynn Arthur Steen
ISBN-10 9780486319292
Release 2013-04-22
Pages 272
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Over 140 examples, preceded by a succinct exposition of general topology and basic terminology. Each example treated as a whole. Numerous problems and exercises correlated with examples. 1978 edition. Bibliography.

Topology for Analysis

Topology for Analysis Author Albert Wilansky
ISBN-10 9780486469034
Release 2008-10-17
Pages 383
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Starting with the first principles of topology, this volume advances to general analysis. Three levels of examples and problems make it appropriate for students and professionals. Abundant exercises, ordered and numbered by degree of difficulty, illustrate important concepts, and a 40-page appendix includes tables of theorems and counterexamples. 1970 edition.

Cape Cod

Cape Cod Author Henry David Thoreau
ISBN-10 UCAL:$B282031
Release 1866
Pages 252
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Cape Cod has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Cape Cod also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Cape Cod book for free.


Topology Author Donald W. Kahn
ISBN-10 0486686094
Release 1975
Pages 217
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Comprehensive coverage of elementary general topology as well as algebraic topology, specifically 2-manifolds, covering spaces and fundamental groups. Problems, with selected solutions. Bibliography. 1975 edition.

Principles of Topology

Principles of Topology Author Fred H. Croom
ISBN-10 9780486801544
Release 2016-02-17
Pages 336
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Originally published: Philadelphia: Saunders College Publishing, 1989; slightly corrected.

Elementary Concepts of Topology

Elementary Concepts of Topology Author Paul Alexandroff
ISBN-10 9780486155067
Release 2012-08-13
Pages 64
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Concise work presents topological concepts in clear, elementary fashion, from basics of set-theoretic topology, through topological theorems and questions based on concept of the algebraic complex, to the concept of Betti groups. Includes 25 figures.

Point Set Topology

Point Set Topology Author Steven A. Gaal
ISBN-10 9780486472225
Release 2009-04-23
Pages 336
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Suitable for a complete course in topology, this text also functions as a self-contained treatment for independent study. Additional enrichment materials make it equally valuable as a reference. 1964 edition.

Combinatorial Topology

Combinatorial Topology Author Pavel S. Aleksandrov
ISBN-10 0486401790
Release 1956
Pages 148
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Clearly written, well-organized, 3-part text begins by dealing with certain classic problems without using the formal techniques of homology theory and advances to the central concept, the Betti groups. Numerous detailed examples.

Introduction to Topology

Introduction to Topology Author Bert Mendelson
ISBN-10 0486663523
Release 1990
Pages 206
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Highly regarded for its exceptional clarity, imaginative and instructive exercises, and fine writing style, this concise book offers an ideal introduction to the fundamentals of topology. It provides a simple, thorough survey of elementary topics, starting with set theory and advancing to metric and topological spaces, connectedness, and compactness. 1975 edition.

Elements of Point Set Topology

Elements of Point Set Topology Author John D. Baum
ISBN-10 9780486668260
Release 1964
Pages 150
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Topology continues to be a topic of prime importance in contemporary mathematics, but until the publication of this book there were few if any introductions to topology for undergraduates. This book remedied that need by offering a carefully thought-out, graduated approach to point set topology at the undergraduate level. To make the book as accessible as possible, the author approaches topology from a geometric and axiomatic standpoint; geometric, because most students come to the subject with a good deal of geometry behind them, enabling them to use their geometric intuition; axiomatic, because it parallels the student's experience with modern algebra, and keeps the book in harmony with current trends in mathematics. After a discussion of such preliminary topics as the algebra of sets, Euler-Venn diagrams and infinite sets, the author takes up basic definitions and theorems regarding topological spaces (Chapter 1). The second chapter deals with continuous functions (mappings) and homeomorphisms, followed by two chapters on special types of topological spaces (varieties of compactness and varieties of connectedness). Chapter 5 covers metric spaces. Since basic point set topology serves as a foundation not only for functional analysis but also for more advanced work in point set topology and algebraic topology, the author has included topics aimed at students with interests other than analysis. Moreover, Dr. Baum has supplied quite detailed proofs in the beginning to help students approaching this type of axiomatic mathematics for the first time. Similarly, in the first part of the book problems are elementary, but they become progressively more difficult toward the end of the book. References have been supplied to suggest further reading to the interested student.

A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology

A Combinatorial Introduction to Topology Author Michael Henle
ISBN-10 0486679667
Release 1979
Pages 310
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Excellent text covers vector fields, plane homology and the Jordan Curve Theorem, surfaces, homology of complexes, more. Problems and exercises. Some knowledge of differential equations and multivariate calculus required.Bibliography. 1979 edition.

Elementary Topology

Elementary Topology Author Michael C. Gemignani
ISBN-10 0486665224
Release 1972
Pages 270
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Topology is one of the most rapidly expanding areas of mathematical thought: while its roots are in geometry and analysis, topology now serves as a powerful tool in almost every sphere of mathematical study. This book is intended as a first text in topology, accessible to readers with at least three semesters of a calculus and analytic geometry sequence. In addition to superb coverage of the fundamentals of metric spaces, topologies, convergence, compactness, connectedness, homotopy theory, and other essentials, Elementary Topology gives added perspective as the author demonstrates how abstract topological notions developed from classical mathematics. For this second edition, numerous exercises have been added as well as a section dealing with paracompactness and complete regularity. The Appendix on infinite products has been extended to include the general Tychonoff theorem; a proof of the Tychonoff theorem which does not depend on the theory of convergence has also been added in Chapter 7.