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Get Into Medical School

Get Into Medical School Author Olivier Picard
ISBN-10 1905812264
Release 2017
Pages 768
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Get Into Medical School has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Get Into Medical School also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Get Into Medical School book for free.

Get Into Medical School

Get Into Medical School Author Olivier Picard
ISBN-10 1905812094
Release 2009
Pages 420
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Get Into Medical School has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Get Into Medical School also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Get Into Medical School book for free.

Score Higher on the UKCAT

Score Higher on the UKCAT Author Brian Holmes
ISBN-10 9780191087301
Release 2016-04-28
Pages 368
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Score Higher on the UKCAT, offers best expert preparation written by teachers and doctors who have helped thousands of students to prepare for the exam. With 1000 practice questions including mock exams and a bonus practice online test, this book reflects all of the recent changes to the UKCAT including a new part of the test: Decision Making. Whilst this will be unmarked for the 2016 test, readers are directed to supporting online resources which offer advice, tips and practice Decision Making questions This book offers invaluable tips on how to approach the whole UKCAT exam, how to answer the questions correctly and strategies to manage your time. Chapters guide candidates through examples, exercises and timed practice sessions on: - Verbal Reasoning - Quantitative Reasoning - Abstract Reasoning - Decision Analysis - Situational Judgement With over 1000 questions, a new section on decision making and a mock online test, only Score Higher on the UKCAT has the support, guidance, and practice you need to ace the UKCAT. One test stands between you and a place at the medical school of your dreams: the UKCAT exam. Unlike any other exam candidates have faced before, the UK Clinical Aptitude Test is incredibly challenging - but we are here to help with a resource to build your confidence and make sure you achieve a high score.

UKCAT For Dummies

UKCAT For Dummies Author Chris Chopdar
ISBN-10 9781118770481
Release 2014-04-16
Pages 400
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Fully updated to include the review materials and practice you need for the new Situational Judgment Test The expert advice, instruction, review and practice students need to score high on the UKCAT. If you’re planning on applying to medical or dental school, the new edition of UKAT For Dummies provides a proven formula for success. It’s packed with practice questions, in-depth answers, and strategies and tips for scoring well on each of the test sections, including the Situational Judgment Test and the new question types introduced for the Verbal Reasoning and Abstract Reasoning test sections.

The Ultimate UKCAT Guide

The Ultimate UKCAT Guide Author Rohan Agarwal
ISBN-10 9781999857028
Release 2017-11-20
Pages 346
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“If you had all day to do your UKCAT, you would get 100% But you don’t!” Whilst this isn’t completely true, it illustrates a very important point - the clock is your biggest enemy. This seemingly obvious statement has one very important consequence. The way to improve your UKCAT score is to improve your speed. There is no magic bullet. But there are a great number of techniques that, with practice, will give you significant time gains, allowing you to answer more questions and score more marks. Published by the UKs Leading Medical Admissions Company, the Ultimate UKCAT Guide is the most comprehensive UKCAT book available. Written for the 2018 Entry, it contains powerful time-saving strategies that will allow you to answer difficult questions within the time limit as well a massive 1250 Practice Questions written in the style and difficulty of the real exam. Each question comes with Fully Worked Solutions that guide you through the most efficient way for getting the correct answer as quickly as possible. With contributions and advice from over 20 Specialist UKCAT Tutors, this is your Ultimate companion to the UKCAT and a MUST-BUY for those looking to do well in the exam.

Get Into Medical School 700 BMAT Practice Questions

Get Into Medical School   700 BMAT Practice Questions Author Lydia Campbell
ISBN-10 1905812191
Release 2016-08-01
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Get Into Medical School 700 BMAT Practice Questions has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Get Into Medical School 700 BMAT Practice Questions also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Get Into Medical School 700 BMAT Practice Questions book for free.

Mastering the UKCAT

Mastering the UKCAT Author Dr Christopher Nordstrom
ISBN-10 9780429943010
Release 2018-05-23
Pages 213
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Drawing on The Medic Portal’s proven track record, this fully-updated second edition of Mastering the UKCAT takes you step by step through the proven techniques that have helped thousands of students achieve top UKCAT scores. Our expert authors deconstruct all question types before leading you through core strategies, common pitfalls, and top tips – as well as the tactics examiners use to trip you up. This book covers all parts of the UKCAT, including verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, abstract reasoning, decision analysis, and situational judgment.

BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered

BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered Author T. O. Osinowo
ISBN-10 9781444357165
Release 2011-09-23
Pages 344
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Contains over one thousand practice questions - worked examples, quick tests, 2 full BMAT-style sample test papers, and 2 full UKCAT-style sample test papers. With the use of admissions tests becoming an increasingly more common part of the selection process for entrance to medical school, BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered is a comprehensive yet accessible guide to the two main tests used by UK medical schools. Written by recent Cambridge graduates, the authors' experience lies in taking these exams themselves and teaching students how to pass them. They combine key strategies for tackling the specific skills tested by the BioMedical Admissions Test and the UK Clinical Aptitude Test, along with practice questions and tests, with worked answers, in the style of the BMAT and UKCAT exams. The simple, informal teaching style, highlighting key practice areas, with the minimal use of jargon, means BMAT and UKCAT Uncovered is an essential tool for all medical school applicants.

How to Master the UKCAT

How to Master the UKCAT Author Mike Bryon
ISBN-10 9780749473754
Release 2015-04-03
Pages 304
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The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is used by the majority of UK medical and dentistry schools to identify the brightest candidates most suitable for training at their institutions. With over 600 questions, the best-selling How to Master the UKCAT, 5th edition contains the most up-to-date and representative questions than any other book. Questions are designed to build up speed and accuracy across the five sections of the test, and answers include detailed explanations to ensure that you maximize your learning. Now including a full section on the 'situational judgement' questions introduced in 2014 and a brand new mock test to help you get in some serious score improving practice, How to Master the UKCAT will help you prepare for the test, learn the demands of each section and develop a winning approach that gets results.

Get Into Medical School

Get Into Medical School Author Olivier Picard
ISBN-10 1905812108
Release 2010
Pages 290
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Written by experts in communication and medical recruitment, this book explains what medical school admissions tutors are really looking for and how to get yourself noticed by writing a powerful and memorable personal statement.

Preparing for the BMAT

Preparing for the BMAT Author Nick Sample
ISBN-10 0435280139
Release 2005
Pages 192
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Helps students to develop the thinking skills required for success in the BMAT, which is required by seven universities for entrance onto competitive courses, such as medicine and veterinary science.

Get Into Medical School

Get Into Medical School Author Lydia Campbell
ISBN-10 190581206X
Release 2011
Pages 318
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Practice and revision for the BMAT exam for entry into UK medical schools. The book contains 400 questions and was written with input from official examiners and past BMAT candidates.

Enduring Time

Enduring Time Author Lisa Baraitser
ISBN-10 9781350008144
Release 2017-11-30
Pages 224
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The ways in which we imagine and experience time are changing dramatically. Climate change, unending violent conflict, fraying material infrastructures, permanent debt and widening social inequalities mean that we no longer live with an expectation of a progressive future, a generative past, or a flourishing now that characterized the temporal imaginaries of the post-war period. Time, it appears, is not flowing, but has become stuck, intensely felt, yet radically suspended. How do we now 'take care' of time? How can we understand change as requiring time not passing? And what can quotidian experiences of suspended time - waiting, delaying, staying, remaining, enduring, returning and repeating - tell us about the survival of social bonds? Enduring Time responds to the question of the relationship between time and care through a paradoxical engagement with time's suspension. Working with an eclectic archive of cultural, political and artistic objects, it aims to reestablish the idea that time might be something we both have and share, as opposed to something we are always running out of. A strikingly original philosophy of time, this book also provides a detailed survey of contemporary theories of the topic; it is an indispensable read for those attempting to live meaningfully in the current age.

How to Master the UKCAT

How to Master the UKCAT Author Mike Bryon
ISBN-10 9780749459215
Release 2010-05-28
Pages 400
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Over the past few years most British universities have turned to standardized testing to assess candidates for admission. The UK Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) is the latest test to be developed. It is used by the majority of UK medical and dentistry schools. The UKCAT tests verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning and decision analysis rather than scientific knowledge. How to Pass the UKCAT by testing expert Mike Bryon contains 750 up-to-date, highly relevant practice questions for the UKCAT subtests. It also offers timed mini-tests so readers can practice against the clock. "This study guide for the United Kingdom Clinical Aptitude Test (UKCAT) offers medical and dental students 750 practice questions for improving test scores, and emphasizes developing a balance between speed and accuracy and practicing under realistic exam conditions. Originally published as How to Pass the UKCAT in 2009, the second edition adds 30 mast class questions for abstract reasoning." - Book News

Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills Author John Butterworth
ISBN-10 9781107606302
Release 2013-04-18
Pages 351
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Thinking Skills, second edition, is the only endorsed book offering complete coverage of the Cambridge International AS and A Level syllabus.

The Real Grey s Anatomy

The Real Grey s Anatomy Author Andrew Holtz
ISBN-10 1101171464
Release 2010-01-05
Pages 336
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Find out what makes surgical residents tick… • Do surgeons talk about their sex lives while cutting a heart open? • How much time do surgical interns actually spend in the OR? • Do surgeons respond to death as objective doctors or as compassionate people? • How do they react when asked to save the life of an abuser or a criminal or an addict? Since its debut, the ABC medical drama Grey’s Anatomy has raised compelling questions like these. With an emphasis on the personal lives of the surgical interns, residents, and attending physicians, the show has generated a flurry of interest in how these medical professionals really make it through one of the most rigorous educational programs around. How much of the medical drama seen in Grey’s Anatomy is pure entertainment, and how much is an accurate reflection of life both in and out of the OR? Here, a well-known medical journalist provides some answers. He examines a group of new surgical residents at a major teaching hospital in the Pacific Northwest as they tackle the roller-coaster ride of long hours, fascinating procedures, mundane office tasks, and emotional ups and downs that comprise the life of a student of surgery.

Good Medical Practice

Good Medical Practice Author Kerry J. Breen
ISBN-10 0521183413
Release 2010-02-08
Pages 464
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Good Medical Practice: Professionalism, Ethics and Law brings together information that is central to the professional, ethical and legal requirements of being a doctor. It covers a core curriculum for medical students, doctors in training and international medical graduates preparing for the Australian Medical Council examinations. A useful guide for busy doctors, giving sound advice for issues that arise in practice, ensuring that all approaches meet professional standards. Effective and compassionate practice depends equally upon good communication skills, an empathetic attitude, truthfulness, self-reflection and an awareness of the responsibilities arising under relevant laws. Good Medical Practice encapsulates these attributes and includes practice management, inter-professional relationships, sexual misconduct, complaints processes, the Australian health care system and doctors' health within its broad and comprehensive purview. Written by specialist practitioners with vast teaching experience, this is a unique, timely and accessible text that reinforces a contemporary focus on professionalism in medical practice.