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Getting Started With Lazarus and Free Pascal

Getting Started With Lazarus and Free Pascal Author Menkaura Abiola-Ellison
ISBN-10 1507632525
Release 2015-01-19
Pages 370
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Whether you want to develop your own database application or develop a web application, or even 2D, 3D, or Animation programs. Getting Started with Lazarus & Free Pascal is quite simply the friendliest, most inspiring Lazarus with Free Pascal programming book available.In this book you will find out how to tackle Object-Oriented Programming using Lazarus with Free Pascal, with confidence. Getting Started with Lazarus & Free Pascal's simple, step-by-step format makes it a “must-have” book for aspiring programmers. Learn how to master key programming techniques, from simple topics to more advanced topics, following clear instructions with images. For example, find out how to write simple file handling, user-friendly GUI applications, graphics programming, database programming, error trapping, exception handling, debugging techniques, including code documentation and much more.Discover the strength of over 230 Lazarus Component Libraries. This book is packed with inspirational and practical hands-on projects that are easy-to-follow. Each chapter will take you from start to finish with clear step-by-step instructions, along with examples for you to try out. Each chapter ends with suggestions to try out allowing you to test yourself on what you have learnt. This book is very much a hands-on book and you are required to “roll your sleeves” up and get stuck-in!Perfect for enthusiasts who want to develop their programming skills and ideal for the beginner, intermediate and advanced developer wishing to migrate to Lazarus quickly.

Getting Started with the Lazarus IDE

Getting Started with the Lazarus IDE Author Roderick Person
ISBN-10 9781782163411
Release 2013-01-01
Pages 116
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This book is written in a simple, easy-to-understand format with lots of screenshots and step-by-step explanations.This book is geared toward developers that have a familiarity with Delphi or Free Pascal and would like to start using the open source Lazarus Integrated Development Environment. You should have knowledge of creating a console and GUI applications as well as creating basic components. Example source code and projects are provided to help learn the differences between Delphi and Lazarus projects.

Learn Pascal in Three Days

Learn Pascal in Three Days Author Sam A. Abolrous
ISBN-10 1556228058
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 324
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Learn Pascal in Three Days (3e.) is an update of one of the best-selling introductions to Pascal on the market for beginning programmers. The title is recognized as one of the best introductions to Pascal suitable for students or anyone wanting a solid foundation in structured programming. Pascal is considered an ideal programming language to begin programming because of its highly structured syntax.

Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL

Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL Author Shane Caplin
ISBN-10 0471883476
Release 1984-01-01
Pages 189
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Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving with PASCAL book for free.

A Beginner s Guide to Programming with the Lazarus IDE

A Beginner s Guide to Programming with the Lazarus IDE Author James Powell
ISBN-10 1533106444
Release 2016-05-16
Pages 58
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A guide for those new to programming with the Lazarus IDE (the Lazarus Integrated Development Environment) and Free Pascal.

Lazarus Object Pascal Notebook 4

Lazarus   Object Pascal Notebook  4 Author James Booth
ISBN-10 9781312678262
Release 2014-11-15
Pages 50
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This book will guide the intermediate programmer, step by step, on how to build a graphical calculator for Windows, Linux and most Macs. Using the free-of-charge multi-platform Object Pascal Language and the amazing Lazarus Integrated Developer Environment.


PHP CLI Author Rob Aley
ISBN-10 9781484222386
Release 2016-09-05
Pages 62
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This concise book shows you how to create PHP command line interface (CLI) scripts, including user interaction and scripts to automate and assist your workflow. Learn to quickly create useful and effective command line software and scripts using the world's most popular web scripting language, PHP. Enjoy the benefits of writing CLI scripts in PHP: save money by redeploying existing skills, not learning new ones. Save time and increase productivity by using a high-level language. Make money by providing your clients with a full-stack service. What You'll Learn Learn about the PHP CLI SAPI Find out how to use it to run PHP scripts off-line Easily deal with user input and console output Work with helper libraries and software Find out the differences between programming for the web and for the CLI Who This Book Is For Experienced PHP programmers and web developers.

Introduction to Design Patterns in C with Qt

Introduction to Design Patterns in C   with Qt Author Alan Ezust
ISBN-10 9780132851633
Release 2011-08-29
Pages 768
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Master C++ “The Qt Way” with Modern Design Patterns and Efficient Reuse This fully updated, classroom-tested book teaches C++ “The Qt Way,” emphasizing design patterns and efficient reuse. Readers will master both the C++ language and Qt libraries, as they learn to develop maintainable software with well-defined code layers and simple, reusable classes and functions. Every chapter of this edition has been improved with new content, better organization, or both. Readers will find extensively revised coverage of QObjects, Reflection, Widgets, Main Windows, Models and Views, Databases, Multi-Threaded Programming, and Reflection. This edition introduces the powerful new Qt Creator IDE; presents new multimedia APIs; and offers extended coverage of Qt Designer and C++ Integration. It has been restructured to help readers start writing software immediately and write robust, effective software sooner. The authors introduce several new design patterns, add many quiz questions and labs, and present more efficient solutions relying on new Qt features and best practices. They also provide an up-to-date C++ reference section and a complete application case study. Master C++ keywords, literals, identifiers, declarations, types, and type conversions. Understand classes and objects, organize them, and describe their interrelationships. Learn consistent programming style and naming rules. Use lists, functions, and other essential techniques. Define inheritance relationships to share code and promote reuse. Learn how code libraries are designed, built, and reused. Work with QObject, the base class underlying much of Qt. Build graphical user interfaces with Qt widgets. Use templates to write generic functions and classes. Master advanced reflective programming techniques. Use the Model-View framework to cleanly separate data and GUI classes. Validate input using regular expressions and other techniques. Parse XML data with SAX, DOM, and QXmlStreamReader. Master today’s most valuable creational and structural design patterns. Create, use, monitor, and debug processes and threads. Access databases with Qt’s SQL classes. Manage memory reliably and efficiently. Understand how to effectively manage QThreads and use QtConcurrent algorithms. Click here to obtain supplementary materials for this book.

The Books of Nature and Scripture

The Books of Nature and Scripture Author J.E. Force
ISBN-10 9789401732499
Release 2013-03-09
Pages 230
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Dick Popkin and James Force have attended a number of recent conferences where it was apparent that much new and important research was being done in the fields of interpreting Newton's and Spinoza's contributions as biblical scholars and of the relationship between their biblical scholarship and other aspects of their particular philosophies. This collection represents the best current research in this area. It stands alone as the only work to bring together the best current work on these topics. Its primary audience is specialised scholars of the thought of Newton and Spinoza as well as historians of the philosophical ideas of the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries.


Workspheres Author Paola Antonelli
ISBN-10 0870700138
Release 2001
Pages 223
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In the past, work has shaped the way we live. In the near future, the way we live may shape the way we work. Workspherescreatively confronts the design demands of the ever-evolving contemporary work environment. Featuring design products, prototypes, and models, and part of a groundbreaking 2001 exhibition held at The Museum of Modern Art, New York, this exciting book introduces work concepts originated by internationally recognized designers who address the unique needs of specific work scenarios, including the nomadic office of a business traveler; the domestic office; the virtual office; and more traditional offices in settings configured for group interaction. Featuring projects commissioned especially for Workspheresby such avant-garde brainstormers as LOT/EK, Digital Image Design, and Hella Jongerius, interviews with designers extraordinaire Bruce Mau, Michael Brill, and Francis Duffy, and more pictures of chairs, cubicles, and desks that you've ever imagined, even in your most compulsive catalogue fantasies, Workspheresis the ultimate consideration of contemporary work space.

A Philosophical Dictionary

A Philosophical Dictionary Author Voltaire
ISBN-10 NYPL:33433022655728
Release 1824
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A Philosophical Dictionary has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Philosophical Dictionary also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Philosophical Dictionary book for free.

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus

Systemic Lupus Erythematosus Author Josef Smolen
ISBN-10 9783642716423
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 358
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More than 140 years ago, lupus erythematosus (LE) was recognized as a disease entity by clinicians working in the field of dermatology, which had only recently become an independent medical discipline. Soon after cutaneous lupus was first reported, it was realized that, apart from the skin, the disease could involve other organs and thus be systemic in nature. The latter observations were first made by MORITZ KApOSI [1], whose work has attracted renewed attention re cently and who succeeded FERDINAND VON HEBRA to the chair of dermatology at the Medical Faculty in Vienna. The early description of lupus erythematosus in both its cutaneous and systemic manifes tations was thus intimately associated with Vienna and its Medical School. The next phase in the study of lupus was characterized by an in crease in knowledge of the type and extent of organ involvement. The work by OSLER [2], LIBMANN and SACKS [3], and KLEMPERER [4] best represents these advances. The increase in clinical knowledge of LE finally led to DUBOIS' famous monograph [5], which was pub lished at a time of renewed interest in SLE, elicited by the descrip tion by HARGRAVES et al. [6] of the LE-cell phenomenon. A more detailed analysis of this finding revealed that the disease was charac terized by an abnormal immune response, although its pathogenetic implications were still unclear.

Mastering Delphi 7

Mastering Delphi 7 Author Marco Cant?
ISBN-10 078214201X
Release 2003-03-14
Pages 1040
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Still the Best Delphi Resource--Now Fully Updated and Expanded Whether you're new to Delphi or just making the move from an earlier version, Mastering Delphi 7 is the one resource you can't do without. Practical, tutorial-based coverage helps you master essential techniques in database, client-server, and Internet programming. And the insights of renowned authority Marco Cant? give you the necessary knowledge to take advantage of what's new to Delphi 7--particularly its support for .NET. Coverage includes: * Creating visual web applications with IntraWeb * Writing sockets-based applications with Indy * Creating data-aware controls and custom dataset components * Creating database applications using ClientDataSet and dbExpress * Building client-server applications using InterBase * Interfacing with Microsoft's ADO * Programming for a multi-tiered application architecture * Taking advantage of Delphi's support for COM, OLE Automation, and COM+ * Taking advantage of Delphi's XML and SOAP support * Implementing Internet protocols in your Delphi app * Creating UML class diagrams using ModelMaker * Visually preparing reports using RAVE * Using the Delphi language to create your first .NET programs

Handbook of Environmental Psychology

Handbook of Environmental Psychology Author Robert B. Bechtel
ISBN-10 9780471188476
Release 2003-01-17
Pages 736
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An international team of leading scholars explores the latest theories, research, and applications critical to environmental psychology Featuring the latest research and concepts in the field straight from the world's leading scholars and practitioners, Handbook of Environmental Psychology provides a balanced and comprehensive overview of this rapidly growing field. Bringing together contributions from an international team of top researchers representing a myriad of disciplines, this groundbreaking resource provides you with a pluralistic approach to the field as an interdisciplinary effort with links to other disciplines. Addressing a variety of issues and practice settings, Handbook of Environmental Psychology is divided into five organized and accessible parts to provide a thorough overview of the theories, research, and applications at the forefront of environmental psychology today. Part I deals with sharpening theories; Part II links the subject to other disciplines; Part III focuses on methods; Part IV highlights applications; and Part V examines the future of the field. Defining the ongoing revolution in thinking about how the environment and psychology interact, Handbook of Environmental Psychology is must reading for anyone coping directly with the attitudes, beliefs, and behaviors that are destroying our environment and putting our lives in jeopardy. Topics include: * Healthy design * Restorative environments * Links to urban planning * Contaminated environments * Women's issues * Environments for aging * Climate, weather, and crime * The history and future of disaster research * Children's environments * Personal space in a digital age * Community planning

Writing Pascal Programs

Writing Pascal Programs Author J. S. Rohl
ISBN-10 0521271967
Release 1983-04-07
Pages 226
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Writing Pascal Programs has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Writing Pascal Programs also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Writing Pascal Programs book for free.

Pro Functional PHP Programming

Pro Functional PHP Programming Author Rob Aley
ISBN-10 9781484229583
Release 2017-09-27
Pages 292
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Bring the power of functional programming to your PHP applications. From performance optimizations to concurrency, improved testability to code brevity, functional programming has a host of benefits when compared to traditional imperative programming. Part one of Pro Functional PHP Programming takes you through the basics of functional programming, outlining the key concepts and how they translate into standard PHP functions and code. Part two takes this theory and shows you the strategies for implementing it to solve real problems in your new or existing PHP applications. Functional programming is popular in languages such as Lisp, Scheme and Clojure, but PHP also contains all you need to write functional code. This book will show you how to take advantage of functional programming in your own projects, utilizing the PHP programming language that you already know. What You'll Learn Discover functional programming in PHP Work with functional programming functions Design strategies for high-performance applications Manage business logic with functions Use functional programming in object-oriented and procedural applications Employ helper libraries in your application Process big data with functional PHP Who This Book Is For Programmers and web developers with experience of PHP who are looking to get more out of their PHP coding and be able to do more with PHP.

Beginning NetBeans IDE

Beginning NetBeans IDE Author Geertjan Wielenga
ISBN-10 9781484212578
Release 2015-09-03
Pages 253
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Beginning NetBeans IDE is your authoritative tutorial for learning and using the open source NetBeans IDE platform backed by Oracle. Written by a NetBeans product manager at Oracle, Geertjan Wielenga shows you what NetBeans really is all about and how to install and set it up. Then, right away, he shows you how to write your first simple NetBeans Java application. In this book, you get a tour of the various, essential and key NetBeans wizards and plug-ins. Then, you start building a more complex Java-based application using the NetBeans IDE. And, you learn how to improve that application by exploring the NetBeans refactoring, testing/debugging, profiling and distribution tools. After reading and using this tutorial, you'll come away with a working case study that you can re-apply as a template for your own specific needs. You'll have an understanding of the key essentials of the popular NetBeans IDE.