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Global Marketing and Advertising

Global Marketing and Advertising Author Marieke de Mooij
ISBN-10 9781483315454
Release 2013-08-27
Pages 416
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Packed with cultural, company, and country examples that help explain the paradoxes international marketers are likely to encounter, Global Marketing and Advertising (by Marieke de Mooij) offers a mix of theory and practical applications as it covers globalization, global branding strategies, classification models of culture, and the consequences of culture for all aspects of marketing communications.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Kate Gillespie
ISBN-10 9781317508328
Release 2015-07-03
Pages 572
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This textbook introduces students to the important concepts of global marketing today, and their managerial implications. Designed to be shorter than many other textbooks, Global Marketing focuses on getting to the point faster. Increasingly, marketing activities must be integrated at a global level. Yet, the enduring influence of culture requires marketers to adapt local strategies in light of cultural differences. Global Marketing takes a similar strategic approach, recognizing the need to address both the forces of globalization and those of localization. Other key features include: Coverage of often overlooked topics, such as the competitive rise of China’s state-owned enterprises; the importance of diasporas as target markets; and the emerging threat to legitimate marketers from transnational criminal organizations A chapter dedicated to understanding global and local competitors, setting the stage for ongoing discussion of both buyers and competitors in an increasingly competitive global marketplace Extensive real-life examples and cases from developed and emerging markets, including insights into the often-overlooked markets of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East Written in a student-friendly style, previous editions have received praise from both students and instructors. This edition continues to build on this strong foundation, making this the book of choice for students of global marketing classes.

Global Marketing Management

Global Marketing Management Author Kiefer Lee
ISBN-10 9780199609703
Release 2012-03-29
Pages 578
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'Global Marketing Management' provides comprehensive coverage of the issues which define marketing in the world today, equipping students with some of the most current knowledge and practical skills to help them make key management decisions in the dynamic and challenging global trade environment.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Svend Hollensen
ISBN-10 0273706780
Release 2007
Pages 714
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Drawing on an incomparable breadth of international examples, Svend Hollensen not only demonstrates how global marketing works, but also how it relates to real decisions around the world. Extensive coverage of hot topics such as blue ocean strategy; celebrity branding; brand piracy; and viral marketing. Brand new case studies focus on globally recognised brands and companies operating in a number of countries, including IKEA, Philips, Nokia, Guinness and Cereal Partners Worldwide. All new video cases accompany every chapter and are available at, featuring such firms as Nike, Starbucks, BMW, Ford and McDonalds.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Carlyle Farrell
ISBN-10 9781473910881
Release 2015-09-10
Pages 360
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This new textbook introduces students to the essential concepts, theories and perspectives of Global Marketing and these are supported by real-world case studies from North America, Europe and the emerging markets of China, India and Latin America. These emerging markets are given balanced coverage alongside developed markets and the text also includes a dedicated chapter on emerging markets multinationals. Practical in its orientation, the text equips students with the tools needed to make strategic marketing decisions and find solutions in a global business environment. Key features include: A full-colour text design with photos to help bring the content to life and enhance students' learning 'Spotlight on Research’ and ‘Expand Your Knowledge’, introducing students to some of the seminal scholarly research undertaken in the field 'Real World Challenges’ offering additional engaging practice-led examples to Case Studies in chapters and providing a scenario for students to analyse and reflect upon via questions A companion website ( offering a range of instructor and student support materials including PowerPoint slides, a testbank for instructors and quizzes for students

Global Marketing Management

Global Marketing Management Author Warren J. Keegan
ISBN-10 0138418268
Release 2001
Pages 610
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This book is divided into six parts providing a big picture approach and introducing the field of global marketing, covering the major dimensions of the environment of global marketing, looking at assessing market opportunities, discussing strategic issues such as market selection and market entry alternatives and covering the global marketing mix.

Global Marketing Management

Global Marketing Management Author John A. Quelch
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822034832899
Release 2006
Pages 680
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A collection of Harvard Business School cases by the editors accompanied by additional authors, emphasizing the marketing strategies of domestic marketers to international markets.

What is Global Marketing for Small Business

What is Global Marketing for Small Business Author John Weisenberger
ISBN-10 9781468932317
Release 2013-06-09
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What is Global Marketing for Small Business? will show you new global marketing strategies, low cost website translation & Multilingual Search Engine Optimization (MSEO) techniques, how to handle international payments & taxation, how to make free international phone calls, how to handle international shipping, find international partners, set up a Virtual Franchising™ business model and more!

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Syed H. Akhter
ISBN-10 NWU:35556022779946
Release 1994
Pages 634
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Global Marketing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Global Marketing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Global Marketing book for free.

The Global Marketing Imperative

The Global Marketing Imperative Author Michael R. Czinkota
ISBN-10 0844230103
Release 1996-01
Pages 308
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Alerts every business--whether current customers are local, domestic, or international--to the window of opportunity open to those willing to explore global markets Brings you quickly up to speed on the essentials of international marketing that will make for smoother sailing overseas Shows you how to strike back when world competitors more into your territory and shrink your market Serves as a guide to little-known sources of financing and credit to back your international venture Explains all the strategic alternatives for going global--from exporting and licensing to distributorships and joint ventures Helps you present, promote, and price your products and services to appeal to multiple world markets Introduces you to the mysterious world of countertrade--and shows how successful businesses barter cars for coffee and computers for carpets and turn them into cash Equips you to ride out the risks and reap the rewards of world-class entrepreneurship

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Ilan Alon
ISBN-10 9781317613510
Release 2016-11-10
Pages 726
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Global Marketing provides students with a truly international treatment of the key principles that every marketing manager should grasp. International markets present different challenges that require a marketer to think strategically, and apply tools and techniques creatively in order to respond decisively in a fiercely competitive environment. Alon et al. provide students with everything they need to rise to the challenge: Coverage of small and medium enterprises, as well as multinational corporations, where much of the growth in international trade and global marketing has occurred. A shift toward greater consideration of services marketing as more companies move away from manufacturing. A focus on emerging markets to equip students with the skills necessary to take advantage of the opportunities that these rapidly growing regions present. Chapters on social media, innovation, and technology teach students how to incorporate these new tools into their marketing strategy. New material on sustainability, ethics, and corporate social responsibility; key values for any modern business. Short cases and examples throughout the text show students how these principles and techniques are applied in the real world. Longer cases provide instructors and students with rich content for deeper analysis and discussion. Covering key topics not found in competing books, Global Marketing will equip students with the knowledge and confidence they need to become leading marketing managers. A companion website features an instructor’s manual with test questions, as well as additional exercises and examples for in-class use.

Global Marketing Management System

Global Marketing Management System Author Basil Janavaras
ISBN-10 9789813201095
Release 2017-04-25
Pages 340
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This is the second edition of the Global Marketing Management System (GMMS). The GMMS approach (GMMS book + GMMSO4 software) provides a rigorous theoretical base and a comprehensive, systematic and integrative planning process designed to guide students and managers alike through the decision-making process of a company seeking global market opportunities. The book aims to provide a structure, platform, tools and a systematic step-by-step process designed to support the creation of a strategic and applied oriented methodology to global business planning and strategy formulation. It introduces the GMMS process as a demonstration of a successful application of using web-based tools in teaching international business. The book also facilitates the ability of students to enhance their understanding of decision making in international management and bridge the gap between theory and practice. More about GMMSO GMMSO4 Student User Guide (2 MB) What is GMMS? For Professors (2 MB) What is GMMS? For Consultants and SMEs (2 MB) Contents:The Global Marketing Management System:Introduction:Globalization and the Need for a Global Business EducationProject-based Learning and GMMSOUnderstanding the Firm's Strategic Position:Information ScanningPerforming a Firm Level Strategic AnalysisSummaryThe Search for Global Markets:The Decision Making ProcessPreliminary Screening of MarketsThe Process of Screening Countries Using Three Separate Screening Matrices Performing an in-Depth Market Analysis of the Two Best MarketsMarket and Company Sales PotentialAnalyzing Market/Country Specific Competitive AnalysisIdentification of Country-entry Conditions for the FirmAnalysis of Financial and Market Entry ConditionsCreating an Entry Strategy into a Selected Market:Selecting an Entry Mode into the Target MarketThe Business Environment of the Selected MarketCreating a Marketing Plan with Its Firm Specific Goals and ObjectivesDeveloping a Product StrategyDeveloping a Pricing StrategyCreation of a Promotional StrategyDeveloping of a Distribution StrategyCreation of a Financial StrategyCreating the Organizational Structure for the New MarketUnderstanding Exit Strategy and ScenariosSummaryThe GMMSO4 Software System:GMMSO4:What Is GMMSO?Bridge the GapBenefitsBackground to the Development of the Online Version of the GMMS MethodLearning OutcomesCase Study:Lafkiotis Winery Entry into United States: A Report Created by Using the GMMSO4 SystemLafkiotis Winery's Strategic AnalysisThe Search for Global MarketEntry Strategy into the US Market Readership: Students, instructors, researchers and professionals working in the fields of marketing management, global strategy and international business.

Global Marketing Co Operation and Networks

Global Marketing Co Operation and Networks Author Leo Paul Dana
ISBN-10 9781135789237
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 144
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Learn how to compete in international markets! The nature of business has changed, and Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks explains how and why former competitors are now joining forces. Exploring co-operation, networks, and internationalization, this collection provides you with an indispensable framework for grasping the ongoing changes in global business. In addition, it includes a new, broad-based theory of international entrepreneurship that will help you master the intricacies of global marketing. Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks features both empirical research and conceptual studies. It provides you with important research findings about the impact of internationalization on entrepreneurs, smaller firms, and multinational giants. This valuable book contains up-to-date information from top researchers in entrepreneurship from Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore. Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks gives insight into the often confusing world of international business, explaining such difficult issues as: building networks to link smaller firms that have specialized knowledge and multinational firms that have marketing prowess establishing an international market presence with the help of supply and distribution networks that are already in place using group dynamics to establish successful networking choosing the best time to internationalize taking advantage of government-funded overseas trade missions to develop international markets Global Marketing Co-Operation and Networks is an essential resource for executives and entrepreneurs hoping to break into international business, as well as students and researchers interested in international economics, globalization, networking, and marketing strategies.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Jean-Pierre Jeannet
ISBN-10 0395721172
Release 1995-03-01
Pages 391
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Global Marketing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Global Marketing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Global Marketing book for free.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Johny K. Johansson
ISBN-10 0071244549
Release 2006
Pages 647
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Useful as the first course in the undergraduate level and in MBA level courses, this text utilizes a three-pronged framework to a discussion of how to conduct global business: Foreign Entry, Local Marketing, and Global Management. It develops the skills a marketing manager needs, to be successful in these tasks.

Global Marketing

Global Marketing Author Salah S. Hassan
ISBN-10 0030981077
Release 1994
Pages 582
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Global Marketing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Global Marketing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Global Marketing book for free.

Global Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of Luxury Goods

Global Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of Luxury Goods Author Mosca, Fabrizio
ISBN-10 9781466699595
Release 2016-03-31
Pages 329
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Vast markets for high-symbolic-value goods serve as an expansive worldwide arena where luxury brands and products compete for consumer attention. As global luxury markets have grown and continue to grow, uncovering successful methods for maintaining brand image and consumer desire is critical to the success of high-end brands. Global Marketing Strategies for the Promotion of Luxury Goods explores the latest promotional trends, business models, and challenges within the luxury goods market. Focusing on strategies for achieving competitive advantage, new market development, as well as the role of the media in luxury brand building, this timely reference publication is designed for use by business professionals, researchers, and graduate-level students.