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Global Political Campaigning

Global Political Campaigning Author Fritz Plasser
ISBN-10 0275974642
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 400
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Plasser provides a comparative contextual analysis of recent changes of campaign practices from a worldwide perspective. Based on data of an indepth survey of campaign managers and political consultants from 43 countries, he provides insights into the professional role definitions and strategic orientations determining the future of electioneering in media-centered democracies.

Political Campaign Communication

Political Campaign Communication Author Judith S. Trent
ISBN-10 9781442206731
Release 2011-08-16
Pages 464
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Now in its seventh edition, Political Campaign Communication provides a realistic understanding of the strategic and tactical communication practices utilized in contemporary political campaigns. It draws on a wealth of examples from local to national political campaigns and communication theory to illustrate principles and practices of campaigns such as functions, stages, communicative styles, public speaking, debates, interpersonal communication, political advertising, and the use of the internet and new media. Trent, Friedenberg, and Denton's classic text has been updated to reflect recent election campaigns, including the 2010 congressional elections and the initial stages of the 2012 presidential election. Many sections now focus on the most recent presidential elections, and the campaigns of Barack Obama and John McCain. In addition, the authors have examined the expanding role of the internet in political campaigns. Political Campaign Communication continues to be a classroom favorite-a thoroughly researched, insightful, and reader-friendly text.

Perspectives on Political Communication in Africa

Perspectives on Political Communication in Africa Author Bruce Mutsvairo
ISBN-10 9783319620572
Release 2018-02-27
Pages 272
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This edited collection is a cutting-edge volume that reframes political communication from an African perspective. Focusing on sub-Saharan Africa and occasionally drawing comparisons with other regions of the world, this book critically addresses the development of the field focusing on the current opportunities and challenges within the African context. By using a wide variety of case studies that include Mozambique, Zambia, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, Ivory Coast and Nigeria, the collection gives space to previously understudied regions of sub-Saharan Africa and challenges the over-reliance of western scholarship on political communication on the continent.

Image Politics in the Middle East

Image Politics in the Middle East Author Lina Khatib
ISBN-10 9781848852822
Release 2012-12-24
Pages 248
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Politics in the Middle East is now 'seen' and the image is playing a central part in processes of political struggle. This is the first book in the literature to engage directly with these changing ways of communicating politics in the region – and particularly with the politics of the image, its power as a political tool.Lina Khatib presents a cross-country examination of emerging trends in the use of visuals in political struggles in the Middle East, from the Cedar Revolution in Lebanon to the Green Movement in Iran, to the Arab Spring in Egypt, Syria and Libya. She demonstrates how states, activists, artists and people 'on the street' are making use of television, the social media and mobile phones, as well as non-electronic forms, including posters, cartoons, billboards and graffiti to convey and mediate political messages. She also draws attention to politics as a visual performance by leaders and citizens alike. With a particular focus on the visual dynamics of the Arab Spring, and based on case studies on the visual dimension of political protest as well as of political campaigning and image management by political parties and political leaders, Image Politics shows how visual expression is at the heart of political struggle in the Middle East today. It's a hard-hitting, enjoyable, groundbreaking book, challenging the traditional ways in which politics in the Middle East is conceived of and analyzed.

Campaign Professionalism during Egypt s 2012 Presidential Election

Campaign Professionalism during Egypt   s 2012 Presidential Election Author Dalia Elsheikh
ISBN-10 9783319759548
Release 2018-04-09
Pages 282
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This book presents the first analytical study of the levels of professionalism of campaigns in the 2012 Egyptian presidential elections. It considers the extent to which the election was professionalised and how far the levels of professionalism impacted the democratisation process of Egypt. It provides the story of the five main campaigns by applying the professionalisation index to analyse their structures (hardware) and strategies (software). The book also evaluates the application of the professionalization index to nascent democracies, and the impact of campaign professionalism on such democracies. The book encourages further studies within similar fragile democratic systems as well as offering campaigners practical guidance when approaching future elections.

Media and Politics in New Democracies

Media and Politics in New Democracies Author Jan Zielonka
ISBN-10 9780191064777
Release 2015-10-08
Pages 312
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This book analyses the relationship between the media and politics in new democracies in Europe and other parts of the world. It does so from both theoretical and empirical angles. How is power being mediated in new democracies? Can media function independently in the unstable and polarised political environment experienced after the fall of autocracy? Do major shifts in economic and ownership structures help or hinder the quality of the media? How much can new media laws alter old journalistic habits and political cultures? And how do new technologies impact the media and democracy? The book examines these questions, drawing on a vast set of data assembled by a large international project. Media and Politics in New Democracies focuses chiefly on new democracies in Central and Eastern Europe, but chapters analysing new democracies in Latin America, Africa, and Southeast Asia are also included. These new democracies represent a variety of what sociologists call 'glocalism': homogenisation and heterogenisation coexist, revealing hybrid models and multiple modernities. It is local culture that assigns meaning to global and regional influences. 'Ideal' liberal models and best practices are being promoted and aspired to, but these models and practices are often being adopted in opaque ways generating results opposite to those intended. The book finds many new democracies to be fragile if not deficient, and tries to show what is really going on in these countries, how they compare to each other, and what they can learn from each other.

Competitive Elections and the American Voter

Competitive Elections and the American Voter Author Keena Lipsitz
ISBN-10 9780812204193
Release 2011-06-24
Pages 264
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Tight political races with their emotionally charged debates, mud-slinging, and uncertain outcomes are stressful for voters and candidates alike, but that stress may be healthy for democracy. In Competitive Elections and the American Voter, Keena Lipsitz argues that highly contested electoral battles create an environment that allows citizens to make more enlightened decisions. The first book to use democratic theory to evaluate the quality of campaign rhetoric, Competitive Elections and the American Voter offers a rare overview of political contests at different levels of government. Lipsitz draws on a range of contemporary democratic theories, including egalitarian and deliberative conceptions, to develop campaign communication standards. To promote the values of political competition, equality, and deliberation Lipsitz contends that voters must have access to abundant, balanced information, representing a range of voices and involving a high level of dialogue between the candidates. Using advertising data, the book examines whether competitive House, Senate, and presidential campaigns operating at the state level generate such facts and arguments. It also tests the connection between this knowledge and greater voter understanding and engagement. Because close elections can push candidates to attack their opponents, the book investigates how negative advertising affects voters as well. Given the link between electoral competitiveness and an informed electorate, the book includes reform proposals that enhance competition. Competitive Elections and the American Voter reminds us that we avoid political controversy and conflict at our peril. This eye-opening analysis of political communication and campaign information environments encourages citizens, scholars, and campaign reformers to recognize the crucial role that well contested elections play in a democracy.

Communicating Politics in the Twenty First Century

Communicating Politics in the Twenty First Century Author Karen Sanders
ISBN-10 9781137046239
Release 2008-11-26
Pages 280
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From propaganda to protests, this book provides an in depth study of politics and the media today. Using historical and contemporary examples, Sanders covers the essential theory and key research in the field. Topical and comprehensive, this book covers everything students need to know about the global world of political communication.

Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing

Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing Author Jennifer Lees-Marshment
ISBN-10 9781136597435
Release 2012-03-12
Pages 408
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With the Obama campaign universally acknowledged as the most successfully marketed presidential campaign of all time, the future of political marketing is fiercely contested, provoking a wealth of high quality scholarship from across the globe. This work provides an accessible introduction to the field, international in both content and authorship, which will set the direction of future research. Routledge Handbook of Political Marketing contains cutting edge contributions written by academic experts and informed practitioners but will also have a cohesive structure, containing emerging areas and authors alongside established ones. The handbook addresses the practicalities as well as the broader impact of political marketing on politics including its’ role in the changing relationship between political leaders, parties and voters. With each chapter providing a comparative and carefully structured discussion of a key topic, the handbook examines issues within the following broad themes: Understanding the market, gathering ideas, and debate Product development, branding and strategy Internal Marketing Communicating and connecting with the public Government Marketing - delivery, policy and leadership With each chapter written to a common template presenting new research and contemporary case studies, the handbook combines a succinct presentation of the latest research with an accessible and systematic format that will be of great interest to scholars and practitioners alike.

The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication

The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication Author Holli A Semetko
ISBN-10 9781473971202
Release 2012-05-17
Pages 544
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This authoritative and comprehensive survey of political communication draws together a team of the world's leading scholars to provide a state-of-the-art review that sets the agenda for future study. It is divided into five sections: Part One: explores the macro-level influences on political communication such as the media industry, new media, technology, and political systems Part Two: takes a grassroots perspective of the influences of social networks - real and online - on political communication Part Three: discusses methodological advances in political communication research Part Four: focuses on power and how it is conceptualized in political communication Part Five: provides an international, regional, and comparative understanding of political communication in its various contexts The SAGE Handbook of Political Communication is an essential benchmark publication for advanced students, researchers and practitioners in the fields of politics, media and communication, sociology and research methods.

Manipulation of the American Voter

Manipulation of the American Voter Author Karen S. Johnson-Cartee
ISBN-10 UOM:39015040542360
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 202
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"Manipulation of the American Voter" is a research-based examination of the theoretical and practical reasons for successful political advertising. It provides the means necessary to analyze political commercials, and by presenting the motives behind advertising strategies and tactics used in contemporary politics, the authors seek to free their readers from the inherent manipulation in political advertising. By analyzing political advertising as both a science and an art form, the authors unlock the mysteries of how millions of voters are manipulated each campaign season. This study, therefore, offers scholars and students of the electoral process the knowledge to see through the veil of political advertising and participate more fully in the political system.

An Unprecedented Election Media Communication and the Electorate in the 2016 Campaign

An Unprecedented Election  Media  Communication  and the Electorate in the 2016 Campaign Author Benjamin R. Warner
ISBN-10 9781440860669
Release 2018-02-28
Pages 415
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Written by leading scholars in the field of political communication, this book provides a comprehensive accounting of the campaign communication that characterized the unprecedented 2016 presidential campaign. • Provides detailed coverage of the most salient issues in the 2016 campaign from multiple perspectives and frames of reference • Presents contributions from top scholars in political communication representing the very best doctoral programs in the field, including numerous past presidents of the National Communication Association's political communication division • Includes all-original, multi-methodological, quantitative and qualitative research, giving readers a fuller understanding of the trends in and effects and content of political communication in the election

Political Marketing in Canada

Political Marketing in Canada Author Alex Marland
ISBN-10 9780774822312
Release 2012-02-15
Pages 320
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Political parties worldwide are using marketing tools such as targeting and segmentation to win elections. Are these strategies making politicians and governments more responsive to voters' needs, or do they pose a threat to democracy? Through case studies that range from the resurrection of the Conservative Party to Tim Hortons as a political brand, this volume shows that the consequences of political marketing in Canada have been profound. Citizens are now viewed as consumers, and platforms and promises have been repackaged as products. Whether this trend is positive or negative depends on how politicians and governments carry out political marketing � and its promises � in practice.

Campaign Craft

Campaign Craft Author Michael John Burton
ISBN-10 031338343X
Release 2010
Pages 250
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In 2008, Barack Obama's election team sent perhaps a billion emails to some 13 million addresses; the social networking site Facebook was deployed to get out the vote; and campaign operatives across the political spectrum were trying to figure out how they could "micro-target" persuadable voters in pursuit of victory. Political campaigning continues to reinvent itself at a furious pace and in fascinating ways, becoming more professional and more technologically driven with each election cycle. Updated for the Obama age of political campaigning, Campaign Craft: The Strategies, Tactics, and Art of Political Campaign Management, Fourth Edition remains mandatory reading for anyone interested in the electoral process---campaign professionals; activists at the local, state, and national levels; and scholars of American politics and communication. Campaign Craft, Fourth Edition begins with campaign planning and moves to resource and strategic considerations. This text covers contemporary campaign techniques from every angle, ranging from street-level voter contact to emerging trends in political technology. The Fourth Edition provides an in-depth illustration of campaign strategy, including the latest in netroots organizing and Web 2.0 outreach.

Branding the Candidate

Branding the Candidate Author Lisa D. Spiller
ISBN-10 9780313394041
Release 2011-07-31
Pages 209
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· "Promise meters" with which to evaluate candidate campaign promises and marketing strategies · Charts and tables that summarize information about political marketing, including presidential campaign slogans, political fundraising regulations, and results · Sidebars highlighting campaign quotes and calling out key points · Enlightening, chapter-by-chapter summaries of lessons learned to empower voters to resist political campaign marketing manipulation

The electoral challenge

The electoral challenge Author Stephen C. Craig
ISBN-10 1604266368
Release 2010-07-27
Pages 343
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The electoral challenge has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The electoral challenge also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The electoral challenge book for free.

Press Bias and Politics

Press Bias and Politics Author Jim A. Kuypers
ISBN-10 0275977587
Release 2002
Pages 302
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Kuypers examines over 800 press reports on race and homosexuality to documents a liberal political bias in mainstream news.