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Global Rectificatory Justice

Global Rectificatory Justice Author G. Collste
ISBN-10 9781137466129
Release 2014-12-10
Pages 218
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What are the implications of colonialism for a theory of global justice today? What does rectificatory justice mean in the light of colonialism? What does global rectificatory justice require in practice? The author seeks to answer these questions covering a significant gap in the literature on global justice.

Ethics and Communication

Ethics and Communication Author Gran Collste
ISBN-10 1783485981
Release 2016-06-01
Pages 224
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How do we communicate morals and values in a world that is becoming increasingly interdependent? This collection of essays explores ethics and communication with reference to specific world views and religions, focusing on the challenge of globalisation for ethical communication in particular social arenas.

Global Justice The Basics

Global Justice  The Basics Author Huw L. Williams
ISBN-10 9781317597605
Release 2016-12-08
Pages 238
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Global Justice: The Basics is a straightforward and engaging introduction to the theoretical study and practice of global justice. It examines the key political themes and philosophical debates at the heart of the subject, providing a clear outline of the field and exploring: the history of its development the current state of play its ongoing interdisciplinary development. Using case studies from around the world which illustrate the importance of the debates at the heart of global justice, as well as activist campaigns for global justice, the book examines a wide range of theoretical debates from thinkers worldwide, making it ideal for those seeking a balanced introduction to global justice.

Political Practices and International Order

Political Practices and International Order Author Stefan Heuser
ISBN-10 9783825809201
Release 2007
Pages 404
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International order is one of the most challenging issues in political ethics today, and its place within the multifaceted fleld of politics is frequently debated. The diverse phenomena resulting from 'globalisation' - particularly in the wake of the end of the so-called Cold War - urge us to think about our 'world' in terms of a single political entity. Besides the existing international institutions, however, it is still open to question what this entity should be and what concrete political practices should correspond to it. In the essays collected in this book, political scientists, sociologists, philosophers, theologians and policy advisors explore how political practices can be institutionally localised without necessarily becoming incorporated into structures of governance. Political ethics, as presented in this book, seeks to address the particular practices of power, justice, and peace of citizens themselves, and to assess their relevance for the shaping of international insti

Institutional Issues Involving Ethics And Justice Volume II

Institutional Issues Involving Ethics And Justice   Volume II Author Robert Charles Elliot
ISBN-10 9781905839155
Release 2009-10-30
Pages 262
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Institutional Issues Involving Ethics And Justice is a component of Encyclopedia of Institutional and Infrastructural Resources in the global Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), which is an integrated compendium of twenty one Encyclopedias. The Theme considers issues dealing with fundamental matters of ethics and justice. The chapters collected together in this theme are designed to contribute positively to the development of human institutions that will sustain a universally good quality of human life organized around fundamentals of ethics and justice. These articles aim to assist us in thinking about the ethical dimensions of the social worlds we inhabit, their global contexts, and their impact on the natural world. They are intended to provide a critical perspective on the current situation; to question beliefs and attitudes that are taken for granted, and to provide direction in developing and evolving the complex and interconnected array of attitudes, policies, laws, principles, practices, and the like, thatare necessary for creating and sustaining a decent quality of life for all. These two volumes are aimed at the following five major target audiences: University and College students Educators, Professional practitioners, Research personnel and Policy analysts, managers, and decision makers and NGOs.

Sustainable Development and Global Ethics

Sustainable Development and Global Ethics Author Carl-Henric Grenholm
ISBN-10 NWU:35556038961280
Release 2007
Pages 177
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Sustainable Development and Global Ethics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Sustainable Development and Global Ethics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Sustainable Development and Global Ethics book for free.

Rectifying International Injustice

Rectifying International Injustice Author Daniel Butt
ISBN-10 9780199218240
Release 2009
Pages 216
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Rectifying International Injustice examines the theory behind claims for reparations and compensation as a result of historic international injustice.

World Poverty and Human Rights

World Poverty and Human Rights Author Thomas W. Pogge
ISBN-10 9780745641430
Release 2008-03-10
Pages 352
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Thomas Pogge tries to explain how most of the population of this planet can excuse world poverty. A mere one or two % of the wealth of the richer nations could help in eradicating much of the poverty but there's a slim chance of that happening.

Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context

Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context Author Vittoria Barsotti
ISBN-10 9780190214562
Release 2015-10-26
Pages 256
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Italian Constitutional Justice in Global Context is the first book ever published in English to provide an international examination of the Italian Constitutional Court (ItCC), offering a comprehensive analysis of its principal lines of jurisprudence, historical origins, organization, procedures, and its current engagement with transnational European law. The ItCC represents one of the strongest and most successful examples of constitutional judicial review, and is distinctive in its structure, institutional dimensions, and well-developed jurisprudence. Moreover, the ItCC has developed a distinctive voice among global constitutional actors in its adjudication of a broad range of topics from fundamental rights and liberties to the allocations of governmental power and regionalism. Nevertheless, in global constitutional dialog, the voice of the ItCC has been almost entirely absent due to a relative lack of both English translations of its decisions and of focused scholarly commentary in English. This book describes the "Italian Style" in global constitutional adjudication, and aims to elevate Italian constitutional jurisprudence to an active participant role in global constitutional discourse. The authors have carefully structured the work to allow the ItCC's own voice to emerge. It presents broad syntheses of major areas of the Court's case law, provides excerpts from notable decisions in a narrative and analytical context, addresses the tension between the ItCC and the Court of Cassation, and positions the development, character, and importance of the ItCC's jurisprudence in the larger arc of global judicial dialog.

Encyclopedia of Global Justice

Encyclopedia of Global Justice Author Deen K. Chatterjee
ISBN-10 9781402091605
Release 2012-01-12
Pages 1200
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This two-volume Encyclopedia of Global Justice, published by Springer, along with Springer's book series, Studies in Global Justice, is a major publication venture toward a comprehensive coverage of this timely topic. The Encyclopedia is an international, interdisciplinary, and collaborative project, spanning all the relevant areas of scholarship related to issues of global justice, and edited and advised by leading scholars from around the world. The wide-ranging entries present the latest ideas on this complex subject by authors who are at the cutting edge of inquiry. The Encyclopedia sets the tone and direction of this increasingly important area of scholarship for years to come. The entries number around 500 and consist of essays of 300 to 5000 words. The inclusion and length of entries are based on their significance to the topic of global justice, regardless of their importance in other areas.

What is this thing called Global Justice

What is this thing called Global Justice Author Kok-Chor Tan
ISBN-10 9781317566472
Release 2017-01-12
Pages 164
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What is this thing called Global Justice? explores the core topics covered on the increasingly popular undergraduate modules on global justice including: world poverty economic inequality nationalism human rights humanitarian intervention immigration global democracy and governance climate change international justice. Centered on real world problems, this textbook helps students to understand that global justice is not only a field of philosophical inquiry but also of practical importance. Each chapter concludes with a helpful summary of the main ideas discussed, study questions and a further reading guide.

Thomas Pogge and His Critics

Thomas Pogge and His Critics Author Alison Jaggar
ISBN-10 9780745642581
Release 2010-12-06
Pages 272
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The massive disparity between the relative wealth of most citizens in affluent countries and the profound poverty of billions of people struggling elsewhere for survival is morally jolting. But why exactly is this disparity so outrageous and how should the citizens of affluent countries respond? Political philosopher, Thomas Pogge, has emerged as one of the world’s most ardent critics of global injustice which, he argues, is caused directly by the operation of a global institutional order that not only systematically disadvantages poor countries but is imposed on them by precisely those wealthy, powerful countries that benefit the most from the order’s injustice. In allowing their governments to perpetrate this injustice, Pogge contends that citizens of the wealthy countries collude in a monumental crime against humanity. In this book Pogge’s challenging and controversial ideas are debated by leading political philosophers from a range of philosophical viewpoints. With a clear and informative introduction by Alison Jaggar, and original contributions from Neera Chandhoke, Jiwei Ci, Joshua Cohen, Erin Kelly, Lionel McPherson, Charles W. Mills, Kok–Chor Tan, and Leif Wenar, this volume deepens and expands the debate over global justice and moral responsibility in the world today.

Injustice and Rectification

Injustice and Rectification Author Rodney C. Roberts
ISBN-10 0820478601
Release 2005
Pages 194
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This book aims to help answer two questions that Western philosophy has paid relatively little attention to - what is injustice and what does justice require when injustice occurs? "Injustice and Rectification" offers a taxonomy of justice, which sets forth an initial framework for a moral theory of justice and focuses on framing a conception of rectificatory justice. The taxonomy is ground for this book's eleven other essays, in which a diverse group of authors brings philosophical analysis to bear on the idea of injustice itself and on some important conceptual and normative issues concerning the rectification of injustice.

Reason in a Dark Time

Reason in a Dark Time Author Dale Jamieson
ISBN-10 9780199337675
Release 2014-02-28
Pages 288
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From the 1992 Rio Earth Summit to the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference there was a concerted international effort to stop climate change. Yet greenhouse gas emissions increased, atmospheric concentrations grew, and global warming became an observable fact of life. In this book, philosopher Dale Jamieson explains what climate change is, why we have failed to stop it, and why it still matters what we do. Centered in philosophy, the volume also treats the scientific, historical, economic, and political dimensions of climate change. Our failure to prevent or even to respond significantly to climate change, Jamieson argues, reflects the impoverishment of our systems of practical reason, the paralysis of our politics, and the limits of our cognitive and affective capacities. The climate change that is underway is remaking the world in such a way that familiar comforts, places, and ways of life will disappear in years or decades rather than centuries. Climate change also threatens our sense of meaning, since it is difficult to believe that our individual actions matter. The challenges that climate change presents go beyond the resources of common sense morality -- it can be hard to view such everyday acts as driving and flying as presenting moral problems. Yet there is much that we can do to slow climate change, to adapt to it and restore a sense of agency while living meaningful lives in a changing world.

The Law of Peoples

The Law of Peoples Author John Rawls
ISBN-10 0674005422
Release 2001
Pages 199
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This work consists of two parts: The Idea of Public Reason Revisited and The Law of Peoples. Taken together, they are the culmination of more than 50 years of reflection on liberalism and on some pressing problems of our times. Originally published: 1999.

Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World

Linking Ecology and Ethics for a Changing World Author Ricardo Rozzi
ISBN-10 9789400774704
Release 2014-02-06
Pages 377
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To comprehensively address the complexities of current socio-ecological problems involved in global environmental change, it is indispiseble to achieve an integration of ecological understanding and ethical values. Contemporary science proposes an inclusive ecosystem concept that recognizes humans as components. Contemporary environmental ethics includes eco-social justice and the realization that as important as biodiversity is cultural diversity, inter-cultural, inter-institutional, and international collaboration requiring a novel approach known as biocultural conservation. Right action in confronting the challenges of the 21st century requires science and ethics to be seamlessly integrated. This book resulted from the 14th Cary Conference that brought together leading scholars and practitioners in ecology and environmental philosophy to discuss core terminologies, methods, questions, and practical frameworks for long-term socio-ecological research, education, and decision making.

Institutions in Global Distributive Justice

Institutions in Global Distributive Justice Author Andras Miklos
ISBN-10 9780748678228
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 192
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The first systematic treatment of the role of institutions in cosmopolitan theories of distributive justice