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Governing Refugees

Governing Refugees Author Kirsten McConnachie
ISBN-10 9781135051341
Release 2014-04-24
Pages 200
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Refugee camps are imbued in the public imagination with assumptions of anarchy, danger and refugee passivity. Governing Refugees: Justice, Order and Legal Pluralism challenges such assumptions, arguing that refugee camps should be recognized as spaces where social capital can not only survive, but thrive. This book examines camp management and the administration of justice in refugee camps on the Thailand-Burma border. Emphasising the work of refugees themselves in coping with and adapting to encampment, it considers themes of agency, sovereignty and legal pluralism in an analysis of local governance and the production of order beyond the state. Governing Refugees will appeal to anyone with relevant interests in law, anthropology and criminology, as well as those working in the area of refugee studies.

Justice Reform and Development

Justice Reform and Development Author Linn A. Hammergren
ISBN-10 9781317810261
Release 2014-04-29
Pages 278
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This book explores the objectives pursued in donor programs, the methods used to advance them, and the underlying assumptions and strategies. It emphasizes the unexpected and sometimes unpleasant consequences of ignoring not only political and societal constraints but also advances in our technical approaches to performance improvement, the one area where the First World has a comparative advantage. The geographic scope of the work is broad, incorporating examples from Eastern and Central Europe, Latin America, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region as well as from several First World nations. Justice Reform and Development examines First World assistance to justice or "rule of law" reforms in developing and transitional societies, arguing that its purported failure is vastly exaggerated, largely because of unrealistic expectations as to what could be accomplished. Change nonetheless is needed if the programs are to continue and would be best based on targeting specific performance problems, incorporation of donor countries’ experience with their own reforms, and greater attention to relevant research. While contributing to an on-going debate among practitioners and academics involved in justice programs, this book will also be accessible to readers with little exposure to the topics, especially advanced undergraduate and graduate students in law, political science and areas studies.

Violence Against Women in Legally Plural settings

Violence Against Women in Legally Plural settings Author Anna Barrera
ISBN-10 9781317385943
Release 2015-11-19
Pages 286
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This book addresses a growing area of concern for scholars and development practitioners: discriminatory gender norms in legally plural settings. Focusing specifically on indigenous women, this book analyses how they, often in alliance with supporters and allies, have sought to improve their access to justice. Development practitioners working in the field of access to justice have tended to conceive indigenous legal systems as either inherently incompatible with women’s rights or, alternatively, they have emphasised customary law’s advantageous features, such as its greater accessibility, familiarity and effectiveness. Against this background – and based on a comparison of six thus far underexplored initiatives of legal and institutional change in Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia – Anna Barrera Vivero provides a more nuanced, ethnographic, understanding of how women navigate through context-specific constellations of interlegality in their search for justice. In so doing, moreover, her account of ongoing political debates and local struggles for gender justice grounds the elaboration of a comprehensive conceptual framework for understanding the legally plural dynamics involved in the contestation of discriminatory gender norms.

Law and Society in Latin America

Law and Society in Latin America Author Cesar Rodriguez Garavito
ISBN-10 9781136002403
Release 2014-09-04
Pages 294
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Over the past two decades, legal thought and practice in Latin America have changed dramatically: new constitutions or constitutional reforms have consolidated democratic rule, fundamental innovations have been introduced in state institutions, social movements have turned to law to advance their causes, and processes of globalization have had profound effects on legal norms and practices. Law and Society in Latin America: A New Map offers the first systematic assessment by leading Latin American socio-legal scholars of the momentous transformations in the region. Through an interdisciplinary and comparative lens, contributors analyze the central advances and dilemmas of contemporary Latin American law. Among them are pioneering jurisprudence and legal mobilization for the fulfillment of socioeconomic rights in a highly unequal region, the rise of multicultural constitutionalism and legal struggles around identity politics, the globalization of legal education and practice, tensions between developmental policies and environmental justice, and the emergence of a regional human rights system. These and other processes have not only radically altered the institutional landscape of the region, but also produced academic and practical innovations that are of global interest and defy conventional accounts of Latin American law inherited from law-and-development studies. Painting a portrait of the new Latin American legal thought for an international audience, Law and Society in Latin America: A New Map will be of particular interest to students of comparative law, legal mobilization, and Latin American politics.

Policing and the Politics of Order Making

Policing and the Politics of Order Making Author Peter Albrecht
ISBN-10 9781317802464
Release 2014-10-30
Pages 202
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This anthology explores the political nature of making order through policing activities in densely populated spaces across Africa, Asia and Latin America. Based on ethnographic research, the chapters analyze this complex with respect to marginalized young men in Haiti, community policing members and national politicians in Swaziland as well as other individual and collective actors engaged in policing and politics in Indonesia, Swaziland, Ghana, South Africa, Mexico, Bolivia, Haiti and Sierra Leone. What these contexts have in common is a plurality of order-making practices. Not one institution monopolizes the means of violence or a de facto sovereign position to do so. A number of interests are played out simultaneously, entailing re-negotiations over the very definition of what ‘order’ is. How and by whom a particular order is enforced is contested, at times violently so, and is therefore inherently political. In the existing literature on weak states, legal pluralism and policing in the Global South it is seldom made explicit that making order is a route to power and positions of political decision-making. It is this gap in the literature that this anthology fills, as it analyses the politics at stake in processes of order-making.

Legal Pluralism and Development

Legal Pluralism and Development Author Brian Z. Tamanaha
ISBN-10 9781107019409
Release 2012-05-28
Pages 250
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Previous efforts at legal development have focused almost exclusively on state legal systems, many of which have shown little improvement over time. Recently, organizations engaged in legal development activities have begun to pay greater attention to the implications of local, informal, indigenous, religious, and village courts or tribunals, which often are more efficacious than state legal institutions, especially in rural communities. Legal pluralism is the term applied to these situations because these institutions exist alongside official state legal systems, usually in a complex or uncertain relationship. Although academics, especially legal anthropologists and sociologists, have discussed legal pluralism for decades, their work has not been consulted in the development context. Similarly, academics have failed to benefit from the insights of development practitioners. This book brings together, in a single volume, contributions from academics and practitioners to explore the implications of legal pluralism for legal development. All of the practitioners have extensive experience in development projects, the academics come from a variety of backgrounds, and most have written extensively on legal pluralism and on development.

The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society

The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society Author Austin Sarat
ISBN-10 9780470692912
Release 2008-04-15
Pages 688
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The Blackwell Companion to Law and Society is an authoritative study of the relationship between law and social interaction. Thirty-two original essays by an international group of expert scholars examine a wide range of critical questions. Authors represent various theoretical, methodological, and political commitments, creating the first truly global overview of the field. Examines the relationship between law and social interactions in thirty-three original essay by international experts in the field. Reflects the world-wide significance of North American law and society scholarship. Addresses classical areas and new themes in law and society research, including: the gap between law on the books and law in action; the complexity of institutional processes; the significance of new media; and the intersections of law and identity. Engages the exciting work now being done in England, Europe, Australia, and New Zealand, South Africa, Israel, as well as "Third World" scholarship.

Transnational Legal Processes

Transnational Legal Processes Author Michael Likosky
ISBN-10 0406946744
Release 2002-04-01
Pages 505
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24 linked essays by leading scholars in international law and the social sciences.

The EU the WTO and China

The EU  the WTO and China Author Francis G. Snyder
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105134525612
Release 2010
Pages 481
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Snyder's book consists of a series of integrated studies of sites of governance, global legal pluralism and the regulation of international trade.

Sociological Abstracts

Sociological Abstracts Author Leo P. Chall
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113575810
Release 2003
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CSA Sociological Abstracts abstracts and indexes the international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences. The database provides abstracts of journal articles and citations to book reviews drawn from over 1,800+ serials publications, and also provides abstracts of books, book chapters, dissertations, and conference papers.

Yearbook of International Organizations

Yearbook of International Organizations Author
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Yearbook of International Organizations has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Yearbook of International Organizations also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Yearbook of International Organizations book for free.

African Journal of International and Comparative Law

African Journal of International and Comparative Law Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105061884412
Release 1996
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African Journal of International and Comparative Law has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from African Journal of International and Comparative Law also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full African Journal of International and Comparative Law book for free.

Annuaire Des Organisations Internationales

Annuaire Des Organisations Internationales Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D01726438N
Release 1999
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Edition for 1983/84- published in 3 vols.: vol. 1, Organization descriptions and index; vol. 2, International organization participation; vol. 3, Global action networks.


Guide Author American Anthropological Association
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105113869429
Release 2004
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Guide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Guide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Guide book for free.

Refugee Survey Quarterly

Refugee Survey Quarterly Author
ISBN-10 MINN:31951P00820801D
Release 2000
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Refugee Survey Quarterly has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Refugee Survey Quarterly also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Refugee Survey Quarterly book for free.

Building democratic institutions

Building democratic institutions Author G. Shabbir Cheema
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002442692
Release 2005-03-30
Pages 271
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* Brings together a wide variety of recent scholarship on democratization processes * Draws from original case studies the world over, including Asia, Africa, Latin America, the Arab Region and Eastern Europe * Written by a seasoned practitioner at the forefront of practice and theory Building Democratic Institutionsbridges the gap between theoretical literature and the actual tools and practices needed to strengthen or rebuild democratic institutions and reform governance systems. Through original case studies and contemporary examples of good practices of governance, Cheema clarifies the links between governance, democracy, and human development and assesses the conditions that make democracy work. A senior Advisor on Governance working with the United Nations and an Adjunct Professor of Politics at New York University, Cheema displays in this book the depth of his experience as both theoretician and practitioner. He examines institutional designs and practices concerning such core issues as strengthening parliaments, electoral management bodies, and judicial systems; combating corruption; and reinventing governance in crisis situations. Undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals will gain from his insight into the value of inclusive democracy and the innovations that promote responsiveness and accountability for an able, free, and just society.

HRCP Newsletter

HRCP Newsletter Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39015076215055
Release 2000
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HRCP Newsletter has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from HRCP Newsletter also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full HRCP Newsletter book for free.