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Government and Politics in Britain

Government and Politics in Britain Author John Kingdom
ISBN-10 0745638899
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 800
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The long-awaited fourth edition of this hugely popular textbook offers a uniquely comprehensive and illuminating introduction to government and politics in Britain today. Set against the turbulent background of a world in economic, ideological and religious flux, the book analyses key developments in twenty-first-century British politics – from the collapse of the longest-serving Labour government to the challenges posed by coalition politics and the decline of public trust in the ruling class. At the heart of the analysis is the issue of power: what is it and who has it? Fully revised and updated throughout, its 24 chapters explore issues at the cutting edge of political change and debate in Britain, including: Challenges to the unity of the UK and increasing uncertainty over its world role Disillusionment with traditional politics Changing patterns of political communication Identity crises within the political parties Threats facing the traditional institutions of government Tensions posed by austerity, social unrest and a growing gap between rich and poor Each chapter concludes with a summary, a set of key terms and concepts, questions for discussion, weblinks, and a guide to further reading, plus suggestions for novels, plays and films that will mix the business of study with pleasure and illustrate how politics affects most aspects of our lives. Widely acknowledged for its sharply critical edge and capacity to enthuse students, Government and Politics in Britain goes beyond mere facts to challenge conventional orthodoxies. Blending penetrating analysis with a witty and thought-provoking style, it will be essential reading for all students new to this fascinating and important subject.

Mackintosh s The Government and Politics of Britain

Mackintosh s The Government and Politics of Britain Author Peter G. Richards
ISBN-10 9781134998098
Release 2012-09-10
Pages 266
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This student mainstay continues to be organised around constitutional themes, with new material on local elections, the politics of the centre and the limits of state power. Essential for all introductory students of British politics and current affairs.

Race government and politics in Britain

Race  government  and politics in Britain Author Zig Layton-Henry
ISBN-10 UOM:39015014220936
Release 1986
Pages 283
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Race government and politics in Britain has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Race government and politics in Britain also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Race government and politics in Britain book for free.

British Government and Politics

British Government and Politics Author Duncan Watts
ISBN-10 9780748654949
Release 2012-02-28
Pages 464
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This introduction tells you everything you need to know about British Government and Politics. It examines the institutions and practices and makes comparisons with the experience of other countries.

The British Political Process

The British Political Process Author Anthony Wright
ISBN-10 0415049660
Release 2000-01
Pages 393
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British Political Process: An Introduction is an exciting new text for students which clearly and simply explains the workings of the British political system. Written by those close to the political process, it provides an authoritative, reliable and manageable guide to understanding all the key elements of government and politics in Britain. It begins by placing British politics in context and then explores those areas which feature on British Politics courses. Benefits to students include: * an exploration of the key areas, including: the constitution; elections; parties; pressure groups and lobbying; media; parliament; Whitehall; the Prime Minister and Ministers; the EU; devolution; and the future of British politics * government documents which give unique insights into actual political processes, as well as figures, cartoons and tables which illustrate and summarise information and statistics in an accessible way * appendices provide useful information such as: a glossary of terms; a chronology of events; a digest of facts; and a guide to politics on the internet * a knowledgeable and experienced team of writers who offer a unique insight into British political processes.

Failure in British government

Failure in British government Author David Butler
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105009771259
Release 1994
Pages 342
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Failure in British government has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Failure in British government also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Failure in British government book for free.

British Government and Politics

British Government and Politics Author Michael L. Mannin
ISBN-10 9780742567771
Release 2010-01-16
Pages 408
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This deeply informed text sets the government and politics of Britain firmly in the context of Britain's enduring membership in the European Union. Michael L. Mannin thoroughly applies the concept of "Europeanization" across the political system to explore how far change is a product of Britain's interdependent relationship with the EU. He shows how the EU's treaty relationships present new challenges to sovereign states, especially Britain, whose psyche has long revolved around iconic notions of Parliamentary sovereignty, imperial power, national independence, and an assumed cultural homogeneity. Examining the cultural, economic, and social background to Britain's twenty-first century politics, Mannin challenges some of the historical myths on which Britain's exceptionalism is founded. He then analyzes contemporary political institutions and processes in the context of Europeanization, as well as the impact of the EU on policy and policy making. Ideal for courses in British and European politics, this book breaks new ground in exploring the complex interdependence that the EU should bring to the study of European political systems.

Everyday Life in British Government

Everyday Life in British Government Author R. A. W. Rhodes
ISBN-10 9780199601141
Release 2011-04-21
Pages 349
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In his fascinating, new piece of political anthropology, Rod Rhodes uncovers exactly how the British political elite thinks and acts.

British government and politics since 1945

British government and politics since 1945 Author Frederick Fernand Ridley
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105023056471
Release 1995
Pages 248
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Since 1945 Britain has moved from a Cabinet to a Prime Ministerial style of government, and from confrontational to consensual politics and back again. This volume surveys the state of British politics over the last fifty years and charts the changes in the central features of the Britishsystem of government and the types of individuals who become politicians.

Who Governs Britain

Who Governs Britain Author Anthony King
ISBN-10 9780141980669
Release 2015-04-09
Pages 352
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The British system has been radically transformed in recent decades, far more than most of us realise. As acclaimed political scientist and bestselling author Anthony King shows, this transformation lies at the heart of British politics today. Imagining - or pretending - that the British political system and Britain's place in the world have not greatly changed, our political leaders consistently promise more than they can perform. Political and economic power is now widely dispersed both inside and outside the UK, but Westminster politicians still talk the language of Attlee and Churchill. How exactly has the British system changed? Where does power now lie? In Who Governs Britain?, King offers the first assessment in many years of Britain's governing arrangements as a whole, providing much needed context for the 2015 general election.

British System of Government

British System of Government Author Anthony H Birch
ISBN-10 9781134670567
Release 2013-02-28
Pages 304
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The tenth edition of this acclaimed text continues to provide a lively, comprehensive and up-to-date account of British political institutions, of the way in which they operate, and of the society in which they developed. It includes new sections on the following key areas: the monarchy and the House of Lords the 1997 general election the transformation of the Labour party and the demise of the Tory's the European Union devolution the judicial system Northern Ireland.

Governing Britain

Governing Britain Author Patrick Diamond
ISBN-10 9780857734679
Release 2013-11-27
Pages 392
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Number Ten Downing Street and the Cabinet Office are at the apex of power in British government, but relatively little is known about the day to day functioning of these great institutions of state. With an unprecedented level of access, and wide-ranging interviews from former ministers, senior civil servants and political advisers, Patrick Diamond examines the administrative and political machinery serving the Prime Minister, and considers how it evolved from the early years of New Labour to the election of the Coalition Government in 2010. Drawing on previously unpublished material, Diamond provides a unique analysis which considers the continuing power of the civil service, the tensions between permanent officials and political aides, and the hard grind of achieving policy change from the centre in Whitehall. By exploring the ideological beliefs underpinning the policy-making process and in illuminating the importance of the British Political Tradition in shaping the institutions and practice of statecraft, this book reveals the contemporary realities of government and democracy in practice.

Political Choice in Britain

Political Choice in Britain Author Harold D. Clarke
ISBN-10 0199266549
Release 2004
Pages 371
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Why do people vote as they do? Why do people vote at all? This ground-breaking new work by four leading scholars tests different explanations of these questions by using the most current data sources available. The result is essential reading for anyone interested, not just in UK politics, but in how people make choices about politics, voting, and democracy.

UK Government Politics

UK Government   Politics Author Andy Williams
ISBN-10 0435331582
Release 1998
Pages 246
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This edition is revised in the light of the change of government in 1997 and the compulsory UK sections of the A levels syllabuses. Additions include: comparisons with the USA and Europe; Europe; and party politics.

Modern Social Politics in Britain and Sweden

Modern Social Politics in Britain and Sweden Author Hugh Heclo
ISBN-10 9781907301001
Release 2010-03-01
Pages 374
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Modern Social Politics in Britain and Sweden was the winner of the 1974 Woodrow Wilson Foundation Book Award for the best book published in the United States on government, politics, or international affairs. “[Heclo] painstakingly analyses the evolution of income maintenance policies over the past 100 years in Britain and Sweden in an effort to explain why these policies evolved as they did. He thus poses a question of fundamental importance to both policy and political science and he produces an answer which is neither obvious nor dramatic but which is original, discriminating, and persuasive. His book is an unusually judicious combination of political theory, historical research, comparative method, and policy analysis. And not to be overlooked is the fact that all this is expressed in a crisp, literate prose style, of the sort which has unfortunately become, somewhat rare in our profession. Modern Social Politics represents a major contribution to the discipline on not one but several fronts and stands as a model of how political scientists can tease out of history answers to the question: why?” Samuel P. Huntington, Chairman of the Award Committee

Understanding US UK Government and Politics

Understanding US UK Government and Politics Author Duncan Watts
ISBN-10 0719067219
Release 2003
Pages 333
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The book begins by examining the setting against which government and politics operates in Britain and the US, noting aspects of the history and social structure of each country before exploring the concept of political culture. The underlying ideals and values of British and American people are compared and the book goes on to analyse the constitution before considering the executive, legislative and judicial branches of government in detail. In addition, the nature of American federalism and moves towards federal devolution in the UK are assessed. Political parties, the media and elections, pressure groups and voting are all extensively covered, with some concluding thoughts on the current condition of democracy in Britain and the US.

Citizenship in Britain

Citizenship in Britain Author Charles Pattie
ISBN-10 052153464X
Release 2004-11-11
Pages 346
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There are increasing concerns about changes in society and the economy which are undermining the effectiveness of democracy and weakening traditional conceptions of citizenship. What does it mean to be a British citizen in the early part of the twenty-first century? This book presents the first major empirical study of citizenship in Britain, comprising surveys of political participation and voluntary activities, and of the beliefs and values which underpin them. As well as presenting new data, the authors provide a sophisticated discussion of the concept of citizenship, and the consequences of a lack of civic engagement in a modern democracy. It examines why some people are 'good' citizens when others are 'bad' and it explores the consequences of citizenship for policy-makers and democracy. Comprehensive and accessible, this book makes a major contribution to our understanding of civic attitudes in Britain today and will appeal to students, researchers and policy-makers.