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Greek and Roman Medicine

Greek and Roman Medicine Author Helen King
ISBN-10 1853995452
Release 2001
Pages 73
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An introduction to ancient medical systems

Roman medicine

Roman medicine Author Audrey Cruse
ISBN-10 UOM:39015062855807
Release 2004-08-30
Pages 256
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Until the mid-nineteenth century the Western medical tradition rested firmly on the foundations established in Classical Greece and later transmitted throughout the Roman Empire. Against this long and complex background, which included both religious and magical medicine, Audrey Cruse looks at the many different aspects of medicine and health in the Roman Empire, especially Roman Britain.

Greek Medicine

Greek Medicine Author James Longrigg
ISBN-10 9781136782190
Release 2013-08-21
Pages 256
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First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Greek and Roman Medicine

Greek and Roman Medicine Author Ian Dawson
ISBN-10 1592700365
Release 2005
Pages 64
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Explore ancient Greece and Rome in an entirely new way.

Ancient Medicine

Ancient Medicine Author Vivian Nutton
ISBN-10 9781134884551
Release 2004-03-01
Pages 504
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Available for the first time in paperback, the first substantial, sole-authored history of ancient medicine for almost 100 years uses both archaeological and written evidence to survey the development of medicine from early Greece to late Antiquity.

Greek Medicine from Hippocrates to Galen

Greek Medicine from Hippocrates to Galen Author Jacques Jouanna
ISBN-10 9789004208599
Release 2012-07-25
Pages 403
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This volume makes available in English translation a selection of Jacques Jouanna's papers on Greek and Roman medicine, ranging from the early beginnings of Greek medicine to late antiquity.

Hippocrates Woman

Hippocrates  Woman Author Helen King
ISBN-10 9781134772216
Release 2002-01-04
Pages 344
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Hippocrates' Woman demonstrates the role of Hippocratic ideas about the female body in the subsequent history of western gynaecology. It examines these ideas not only in the social and cultural context in which they were first produced, but also the ways in which writers up to the Victorian period have appealed to the material in support of their own theories. Among the conflicting tange of images of women given in the Hippocratic corpus existed one tradition of the female body which says it is radically unlike the male body, behaving in different ways and requiring a different set of therapies. This book sets this model within the context of Greek mythology, especially the myth of Pandora and her difference from men, to explore the image of the body as something to be read. Hippocrates' Woman presents an arresting study of the origins of gynaecology, an exploration of how the interior workings of the female body were understood and the influence of Hippocrates' theories on the gynaecology of subsequent ages.

Greek and Roman in Latin Medical Texts

 Greek  and  Roman  in Latin Medical Texts Author Brigitte Maire
ISBN-10 9789004273863
Release 2014-07-04
Pages 461
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Latin medical texts transmit medical theories and practices that originated mainly in Greece. 'Greek' and 'Roman' in Latin Medical Texts studies the ways in which this cultural interaction led to innovations in the areas of anatomy, pathology and pharmacology, from the earliest Latin medical texts until well into the medieval world.

Great books of the Western World

Great books of the Western World Author Aeschylus
ISBN-10 0852295316
Release 1993
Pages 905
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Great books of the Western World has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Great books of the Western World also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Great books of the Western World book for free.

Magic And Rationality In Ancient Near Eastern And Graeco roman Medicine

Magic And Rationality In Ancient Near Eastern And Graeco roman Medicine Author Herman F. J. Horstmanshoff
ISBN-10 9789004136663
Release 2004-01-01
Pages 407
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A study of methods in Ancient Near Eastern and Greek and Roman medicine, based on representative text corpora. Central is the question of what is "rational," or not, in the various systems.

Doctors and Diseases in the Roman Empire

Doctors and Diseases in the Roman Empire Author Ralph Jackson
ISBN-10 080612167X
Release 1988
Pages 207
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Topics include the effects of disease and medicine on people at different levels of Roman society, the role of the physician in the Roman army, contraception, drugs, surgery, and magic. Jackson (curator, Department of Pre-historic and Romano-British antiquities, British Museum) adds evidence from excavations, sculptures, reliefs, vases, and wall-paintings to the testimony of ancient medical authors. Fascinating and chilling. Annotation copyrighted by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Greek and Roman Calendars

Greek and Roman Calendars Author Robert Hannah
ISBN-10 9781849667517
Release 2013-11-20
Pages 192
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The smooth functioning of an ordered society depends on the possession of a means of regularising its activities over time. That means is a calendar, and its regularity is a function of how well it models the more or less regular movements of the celestial bodies - of the moon, the sun or the stars. Greek and Roman Calendars examines the ancient calendar as just such a time-piece, whose elements are readily described in astronomical and mathematical terms. The story of these calendars is one of a continuous struggle to maintain a correspondence with the regularity of the seasons and the sun, despite the fact that the calendars were usually based on the irregular moon. But on another, more human level, Greek and Roman Calendars steps beyond the merely mathematical and studies the calendar as a social instrument, which people used to organise their activities. It sets the calendars of the Greeks and Romans on a stage occupied by real people, who developed and lived with these time-pieces for a variety of purposes - agricultural, religious, political and economic.This is also a story of intersecting cultures, of Greeks with Greeks, of Greeks with Persians and Egyptians, and of Greeks with Romans, in which various calendaric traditions clashed or compromised.

Mental Disorders in the Classical World

Mental Disorders in the Classical World Author William Harris
ISBN-10 9789004249875
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 532
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Mental Disorders in the Classical World seeks to show through interdisciplinary work how the first medical scientists and their lay contemporaries conceptualized mental disorders and attempted to diagnose, understand and treat them.

A Companion to Science Technology and Medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome

A Companion to Science  Technology  and Medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome Author Georgia L. Irby
ISBN-10 9781118372975
Release 2016-01-19
Pages 1120
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A Companion to Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Greece and Rome brings a fresh perspective to the study of these disciplines in the ancient world, with 60 chapters examining these topics from a variety of critical and technical perspectives. Brings a fresh perspective to the study of science, technology, and medicine in the ancient world, with 60 chapters examining these topics from a variety of critical and technical perspectives Begins coverage in 600 BCE and includes sections on the later Roman Empire and beyond, featuring discussion of the transmission and reception of these ideas into the Renaissance Investigates key disciplines, concepts, and movements in ancient science, technology, and medicine within the historical, cultural, and philosophical contexts of Greek and Roman society Organizes its content in two halves: the first focuses on mathematical and natural sciences; the second focuses on cultural applications and interdisciplinary themes 2 Volumes

A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities

A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities Author J. C. McKeown
ISBN-10 9780190610432
Release 2017-01-02
Pages 256
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There are few disciplines as exciting and forward-looking as medicine. Unfortunately, however, many modern practitioners have lost sight of the origins of their discipline. A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities aspires to cure this lapse by taking readers back to the early days of Western medicine in ancient Greece and Rome. Quoting the actual words of ancient authors, often from texts which have never before been translated into English, J. C. McKeown offers a fascinating glimpse at the origins of surgery, gynecology, pediatrics, pharmacology, diet and nutrition, and many other fields of medicine. This book features hundreds of passages from Greek and Roman authors, with gentle guidance from McKeown, giving a vividly direct picture of the ancient medical world, a world in which, for example, a surgeon had to be strong-minded enough to ignore the screams of his patient, diseases were assumed to be sent by the gods, medicine and magic were often indistinguishable, and no qualifications were required before setting oneself up as a doctor. On the other hand, McKeown reveals that some ancient medical attitudes were also surprisingly similar to our own. Beyond the practice of medicine, McKeown highlights ancient views on familiar topics, such as medical ethics and the role of the doctor in society. A fascinating exploration of the bizarre - and sometimes grotesque - medical beliefs of the past, A Cabinet of Ancient Medical Curiosities will delight anyone with an interest in the history of medicine or the ancient world.

The Prince of Medicine

The Prince of Medicine Author Susan P. Mattern
ISBN-10 9780199767670
Release 2013
Pages 334
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The remarkable career of Galen of Pergamum (A.D. 129 - 216) began as a provincial medic tending to wounded gladiators in Asia Minor. It ended at the very heart of Roman power as one of a small circle of court physicians to the Emperor Marcus Aurelius. Susan Mattern's The Prince of Medicine offers the first authoritative biography of this brilliant, audacious, and profoundly influential figure. Like many Greek intellectuals living in the high Roman Empire, Galen was a prodigious polymath, writing on subjects as varied as ethics and eczema, grammar and gout. Indeed, he was highly regarded in his lifetime as much for his philosophical works as for his medical treatises, and his writings, published in twenty-two volumes, comprise fully one-eighth of all surviving classical Greek literature. From the later Roman Empire through the Renaissance, medical education would be based primarily on his works. Even up to the twentieth century, he would remain the single most influential figure in western medicine. Mattern presents a Galen possessed of breathtaking arrogance, fierce competitiveness (he once disemboweled a live monkey and challenged the physicians in attendance to correctly replace its organs), shameless self-promotion, and lacerating wit. Not just caustic and polemical, mocking his enemies and hurling abuse at them, Galen was also a brilliant critical thinker and rhetorical strategist. He is also credited with being the first physician with a good bedside manner. Relentless in pursuit of anything that would cure the patient, he insisted on rigorous observation and experiment. Even confronting one of human history's most horrific events - a devastating outbreak of smallpox - he persevered, bearing patient witness to its predations, year after year. Including intriguing character studies of Marcus Aurelius, Commodus (of Gladiator infamy), Galen's family and close friends, several of his patients, not a few of his rivals, and the city of Rome at itsapex of power and decadence, The Prince of Medicine offers a deeply human and long-overdue portrait of one of ancient history's most significant and engaging figures.

Ancient Histories of Medicine

Ancient Histories of Medicine Author Philip J. Eijk
ISBN-10 9004105557
Release 1999
Pages 537
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This collection of essays focuses on the ways in which Greek and Latin authors viewed and wrote about the history of medicine in the ancient world. Special attention is given to medical doxography, i.e. the description of the characteristic doctrines of the great medical authorities of the past. The volume examines the various attitudes to the history of medicine adopted by a wide range of ancient writers (e.g. Aristotle, Galen, Celsus, Herophilus, Soranus, Oribasius, Caelius Aurelianus). It discusses the historical sense of ancient medicine, the variety of versions of the medical past that were created and the wide range of purposes and strategies which medico-historical writing served. It also deals with the question of the sources, the role of historiographical traditions and the variety of literary genres of ancient medico-historical writing.