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Green Warriors

Green Warriors Author David E. Mosher
ISBN-10 9780833043184
Release 2008
Pages 228
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This study assesses whether Army policy, doctrine, and guidance adequately address environmental activities in post-conflict phases of contingencies. A review of policy, doctrine, operational experience, and documentation, as well as interviews with Army personnel, indicates that environmental concerns can have significant impacts. Recommendations are made for improving the Army's approach to environmental issues in contingency operations.

Governance Natural Resources and Post Conflict Peacebuilding

Governance  Natural Resources and Post Conflict Peacebuilding Author Carl Bruch
ISBN-10 9781136272073
Release 2016-04-07
Pages 1142
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When the guns are silenced, those who have survived armed conflict need food, water, shelter, the means to earn a living, and the promise of safety and a return to civil order. Meeting these needs while sustaining peace requires more than simply having governmental structures in place; it requires good governance. Natural resources are essential to sustaining people and peace in post-conflict countries, but governance failures often jeopardize such efforts. This book examines the theory, practice, and often surprising realities of post-conflict governance, natural resource management, and peacebuilding in fifty conflict-affected countries and territories. It includes thirty-nine chapters written by more than seventy researchers, diplomats, military personnel, and practitioners from governmental, intergovernmental, and nongovernmental organizations. The book highlights the mutually reinforcing relationship between natural resource management and good governance. Natural resource management is crucial to rebuilding governance and the rule of law, combating corruption, improving transparency and accountability, engaging disenfranchised populations, and building confidence after conflict. At the same time, good governance is essential for ensuring that natural resource management can meet immediate needs for post-conflict stability and development, while simultaneously laying the foundation for a sustainable peace. Drawing on analyses of the close relationship between governance and natural resource management, the book explores lessons from past conflicts and ongoing reconstruction efforts; illustrates how those lessons may be applied to the formulation and implementation of more effective governance initiatives; and presents an emerging theoretical and practical framework for policy makers, researchers, practitioners, and students. Governance, Natural Resources, and Post-Conflict Peacebuilding is part of a global initiative to identify and analyze lessons in post-conflict peacebuilding and natural resource management. The project has generated six books of case studies and analyses, with contributions from practitioners, policy makers, and researchers. Other books in this series address high-value resources, land, water, livelihoods, and assessing and restoring natural resources.

Exploring Terrorist Targeting Preferences

Exploring Terrorist Targeting Preferences Author Martin C. Libicki
ISBN-10 9780833039132
Release 2007
Pages 107
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Governments spend billions to protect against terrorism. Might it help to understand what al Qaeda would achieve with each specific attack? This book examines various hypotheses of terrorist targeting: is it (1) to coerce, (2) to damage economies, (3) to rally the faithful, or (4) a decision left to affiliates? This book analyzes past attacks, post hoc justifications, and expert opinion to weigh each hypothesis.

Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision support Systems

Implications of Modern Decision Science for Military Decision support Systems Author Paul K. Davis
ISBN-10 9780833038081
Release 2005
Pages 156
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Annotation This monograph was prepared at the request of the United States Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The Laboratory requested a report on modern decision science that would aid in its planning of research. The resulting monograph is a selective review touching on a wide range of topics that we believe are of particular significance and relevant to the development of decision support systems. Most of the monograph is broadly applicable.

The Past Present and Future of U S Ground Interventions

The Past  Present  and Future of U S  Ground Interventions Author Jennifer Kavanagh
ISBN-10 0833097768
Release 2018-02-02
Pages 374
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"In recent years, the frequency of U.S. military interventions in overseas areas, including not only those involving conventional war but also peacekeeping and humanitarian relief operations, has risen. These interventions have involved thousands of troops, cost billions of dollars, and placed significant demands on Army leadership, planning, and resources. The Army would benefit from an enhanced ability to anticipate the types and conditions of overseas military interventions it is most likely to be called upon to undertake in the future. This report constructs three different sets of models using historical data (one for each of three intervention types: interventions into armed conflict, stability operations in conflict and postconflict environments, and deterrent interventions). It examines the key factors influencing the incidence of military interventions and intervention size. Finally, the analysis provides the Army with signposts and metrics that can be used to identify countries, conflicts, and crises that are at highest risk for a U.S. intervention. Key signposts include the relationship between the target of the intervention and the United States, past U.S. military involvement in that country, and the severity of the crisis or threat to which the United States is responding. These signposts would allow the Army to better anticipate and plan for future interventions and could improve both near- and medium-term force-planning decisions"--Publisher's description.

Alternative Futures and Army Force Planning

Alternative Futures and Army Force Planning Author Brian Nichiporuk
ISBN-10 0833037447
Release 2005
Pages 111
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To help the U.S. Army with force planning for the 2025 era, this study uses the tool of alternative futures analysis. It bounds the future the Army will face by laying out a representative spectrum of different "future worlds" that hopefully illustrate the complete universe of future missions. By mixing and matching possible trends across five key areas (geopolitics, economics, demographics, technology, and environment), six alternative futures are created: "U.S. unipolarity" and "democratic peace" (best cases), "major competitor rising" and "competitive multipolarity" (medium-good cases), "transnational web" (medium-bad case), and "chaos/anarchy" (worst case). After explaining the main features of each future, the study creates an appropriate "Army type" for each, through a three-step process: (1) a representative combat scenario was created for each future, (2) the strategies-to-tasks methodology was used to set out the raw capabilities needed for a given scenario, and (3) the force characteristics and size required to meet the needs presented in the capability statements were formulated. All the needed characteristics were then bundled together to form a basic Army type for a given future. The report concludes with a review and discussion of the common desired characteristics found across the six types.

Enlisting Madison Avenue

Enlisting Madison Avenue Author Todd C. Helmus
ISBN-10 9780833041562
Release 2007
Pages 211
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Enlisting Madison Avenue extracts lessons from business practices and adapts them to U.S. military efforts in a unique approach to shaping the attitudes and behavior of local populations in a theater of operations. Foremost among these lessons are the concepts of branding, customer satisfaction, and segmentation of the target audience, all of which serve to maximize the impact and improve the outcome of U.S. shaping efforts.

Beyond Close Air Support

Beyond Close Air Support Author Bruce Pirnie
ISBN-10 0833037412
Release 2005
Pages 188
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Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq have renewed interest in close air support and the integration of air and ground power. In particular situations, either might predominate, and their relationship is likely to shift over the course of a campaign. This report addresses three questions: (1) How should air attack and ground maneuver be integrated? (2) How should the terminal attack control function be executed? (3) How should ground maneuver/fires and air attack be deconflicted? It recommends that the Army and the Air Force work together to develop new concepts and technologies to improve the partnering of air and ground. It recommends new processes to effectively designate targets and improved control mechanisms to exploit the benefits of the digital battlefield.

Leader Development in Army Units

Leader Development in Army Units Author Peter Schirmer
ISBN-10 9780833045881
Release 2008-03-05
Pages 176
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Summarizes discussions with over 450 Army officers (lieutenants through colonels) about leader development in Army units. These discussions revealed that the type and extent of leader development activities vary greatly across units, but that they are generally informal and most heavily influenced by the unit commander. The authors conclude with suggestions on how the Army school system can improve leader development.

Regime and Periphery in Northern Yemen

Regime and Periphery in Northern Yemen Author Barak A. Salmoni
ISBN-10 9780833049742
Release 2010-04-28
Pages 410
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For nearly six years, the government of Yemen has conducted military operations north of the capital against groups of its citizens known as "Huthis." In spite of using all means at its disposal, the government has been unable to subdue the Huthi movement. This book presents an in-depth look at the conflict in all its aspects. The authors detail the various stages of the conflict and map out its possible future trajectories.

Counterinsurgency in Iraq 2003 2006

Counterinsurgency in Iraq  2003 2006 Author Bruce Pirnie
ISBN-10 9780833042972
Release 2008
Pages 106
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Examines the deleterious effects of the U.S. failure to focus on protecting the Iraqi population for most of the military campaign in Iraq and analyzes the failure of a technologically driven counterinsurgency (COIN) approach. It outlines strategic considerations relative to COIN; presents an overview of the conflict in Iraq; describes implications for future operations; and offers recommendations to improve the U.S. capability to conduct COIN.

Counterinsurgency in a Test Tube

Counterinsurgency in a Test Tube Author Russell W. Glenn
ISBN-10 9780833042637
Release 2007-04-18
Pages 188
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The Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI), which began on July 24, 2003, has been a remarkable success, in part because of the consistency of its message, the strength of its leadership, and its uncommon support for, rather than overt control of, the Solomon Islands government and policing capability. This study reviews RAMSI operations through the lens of a broader application to current and future counterinsurgency efforts.

Something Old Something New

Something Old  Something New Author Henry A. Leonard
ISBN-10 0833038877
Release 2006
Pages 126
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Changes in the world over the past two decades have created a dynamic situation—volatile, unpredictable, and novel in many respects—making the conduct of military operations more complex and varied than in the past. This report examines the nature of demands on Army officers in the contemporary operating environment and their implications for leader development. How will the Army prepare its future leaders for the new demands that will inevitably be placed on them?

U S Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World

U S  Military Capabilities and Forces for a Dangerous World Author David Ochmanek
ISBN-10 0833097423
Release 2017-12-12
Pages 190
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This report evaluates the capabilities of current and programmed U.S. forces to meet the demands of future conflicts and recommends alternative forces that appear to be better suited than today's forces to meeting those demands.

Improving the Cost Estimation of Space Systems

Improving the Cost Estimation of Space Systems Author
ISBN-10 0833044605
Release 2008
Pages 211
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Why have the costs of acquiring space systems been so high? What are the sources of the problems? To answer these questions, RAND undertook an extensive study of two space systems--the Space Based Infrared System-High (SBIRS) and the Global Positioning System (GPS).

Lying to Ourselves

Lying to Ourselves Author Leonard Wong
ISBN-10 132978054X
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 50
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One of the hallmarks of a true profession is its ability to assess and regulate itself, especially with respect to adherence to its foundational ethos. Such self-examination is difficult and often causes discomfort within the profession. Nonetheless, it is absolutely necessary to enable members of the profession to render the service for which the profession exists. U.S. military professionals have never shied away from this responsibility, and they do not today, as evidenced by this riveting monograph. Discussing dishonesty in the Army profession is a topic that will undoubtedly make many readers uneasy. It is, however, a concern that must be addressed to better the Army profession. Through extensive discussions with officers and thorough and sound analysis, Drs. Leonard Wong and Stephen Gerras make a compelling argument for the Army to introspectively examine how it might be inadvertently encouraging the very behavior it deems unacceptable.

Building Better Armies An Insider s Account of Liberia

Building Better Armies  An Insider s Account of Liberia Author Sean McFate
ISBN-10 1304868729
Release 2014-02-03
Pages 146
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Building Better Armies An Insider s Account of Liberia has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Building Better Armies An Insider s Account of Liberia also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Building Better Armies An Insider s Account of Liberia book for free.