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Group Work in the English Language Curriculum

Group Work in the English Language Curriculum Author P. Chappell
ISBN-10 9781137008787
Release 2014-11-04
Pages 212
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This book explores how using small groups in second language classrooms supports language learning. Chappell's experience as a language teacher equips him to present a clear, evidence-based argument for the powerful influence group work has upon the opportunities for learning, and how it should therefore be an integral part of language lessons.

Breaking into the Circle

Breaking  into  the Circle Author Hephzibah Roskelly
ISBN-10 0867095431
Release 2003
Pages 162
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This book offers tested methods for utilizing groups in the English classroom, methods that won't lead to anarchy but will lead to a classroom where students cooperate in the pursuit of common goals.

Ways of Assessing Children and Curriculum

Ways of Assessing Children and Curriculum Author Celia Genishi
ISBN-10 9780807774601
Release 1992
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Ways of Assessing Children and Curriculum has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ways of Assessing Children and Curriculum also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ways of Assessing Children and Curriculum book for free.

Successful Group Work

Successful Group Work Author Patrice Palmer
ISBN-10 9780997762853
Release 2017-07-15
Pages 37
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Patrice Palmer has produced a wonderful course that makes complete sense and has a clear purpose. It is a must for any teacher and every resource room. – Chris Mares, author of 50 Ways to Be a Better Teacher Practical, clear, and flexible, this is a useful resource with 13 activities for teachers of teenagers and adults. Thanks to the user-friendly format, teachers can also easily select individual activities to best meet students’ needs. – Julie Vorholt, Instructor, Academic English Studies, Lewis & Clark University Successful implementation and completion of team activities requires instructors and students alike to confront challenges not present in individual work. To maximize learning, group projects need a solid lesson plan that helps students • understand the benefits of group work, • develop ground rules and assign responsibilities, • value everyone’s contributions, and • resolve potential conflicts. Teacher, curriculum designer, and “teacherpreneur” Patrice Palmer offers thirteen easily implemented, robust group-work activities formatted to foster the development of life skills. Designed with secondary and postsecondary students in mind, Palmer’s workbook takes students through the team-building process, from getting to know one another to a final evaluation of the group’s work and success. Written in a user-friendly format, Successful Group Work: 13 Activities to Teach Teamwork Skills allows teachers to choose activities that best meet their students’ needs. Make group work a powerful addition to your teaching repertoire. You may be surprised how your students rise to meet a new challenge!

Activities for English Language Learners Across the Curriculum

Activities for English Language Learners Across the Curriculum Author White, Stephen
ISBN-10 9781618137722
Release 2017-03-01
Pages 138
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Activities for English Language Learners Across the Curriculum is a must-have resource that features activities designed to help students improve English skills. Easy-to-use lessons are provided in each content area and include step-by-step instructions, as well as suggestions for whole and small group instruction and modifications based on students' levels of language proficiency. Definitely an invaluable resource for diverse classrooms, this book also includes background information on language acquisition and language proficiency level. In addition, new Bloom's Taxonomy questions are included to promote oral language development skills.

Language Curriculum Design and Socialisation

Language Curriculum Design and Socialisation Author Peter Mickan
ISBN-10 9781847698308
Release 2012-11-17
Pages 133
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This book fills a gap in language education through the application of social theory to curriculum design. It describes an integrated theoretical framework for curriculum design and presents examples of text-based curriculum. As such, it will provide teachers, teacher educators and curriculum planners with a curriculum model for teaching children and adults in different contexts from preschool to adult education as well as serving as a practical guide for students training to become teachers.

Language Curriculum Design

Language Curriculum Design Author I.S.P Nation
ISBN-10 9781135204075
Release 2009-09-10
Pages 240
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Crystal-clear and comprehensive yet concise, this text describes the steps involved in the curriculum design process, elaborates and justifies these steps, and provides opportunities for practicing and applying them. The description of the steps is done at a general level so that they can be applied in a wide range of particular circumstances. The process comes to life through plentiful examples of actual applications of the steps. Each chapter includes: examples from the authors’ experience and from published research tasks that encourage readers to relate the steps to their own experience case studies and suggestions for further reading that put readers in touch with others’ experience Curriculum, or course, design is largely a 'how-to-do-it' activity that involves the integration of knowledge from many of the areas in the field of Applied Linguistics, such as language acquisition research, teaching methodology, assessment, language description, and materials production. Combining sound research/theory with state-of-the-art practice, Language Curriculum Design is widely applicable for ESL/EFL language education courses around the world.

Vocabulary Improvement Program for English Language Learners and Their Classmates

Vocabulary Improvement Program for English Language Learners and Their Classmates Author Teresa Lively
ISBN-10 1557666318
Release 2003
Pages 391
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Grade level: 4, 5, 6, e, i, t.

English T g Gr9

English T g Gr9 Author
ISBN-10 1869285395
Release 2006
Pages 139
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English T g Gr9 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from English T g Gr9 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full English T g Gr9 book for free.

Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas

Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas Author Judie Haynes
ISBN-10 9781416612339
Release 2010-10-04
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English language learners (ELLs) often face the difficult challenge of learning both a new language and new subject matter at the same time. In Teaching English Language Learners Across the Content Areas, Judie Haynes and Debbie Zacarian offer strategies, tools, and tips that teachers can use to help ELLs at all levels flourish in mainstream classrooms. This book will show teachers how to * Determine their ELLs' stages of English language acquisition. * Modify assignments and assessments in different content areas for ELLs at different stages of language development. * Ensure that all ELLs participate fully in lesson activities alongside their English-fluent peers. * Communicate effectively with parents and guardians of students from diverse cultures. Real-life examples of lessons from elementary, middle, and high school that have been modified for ELLs in language arts, math, science, and social studies classes show how to effectively put the authors' recommendations into practice. A glossary of important ELL and ESL terms is included as well, for those who are new to teaching ELLs. Whether novice or veteran, all teachers of ELLs will benefit from this wonderfully practical guide to ensuring that ELLs learn English by learning content--and learn content while learning English.

English Language Arts Grade 8 Module 2

English Language Arts  Grade 8 Module 2 Author PCG Education
ISBN-10 9781119105695
Release 2015-10-29
Pages 336
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Jossey-Bass and PCG Education are proud to bring the Paths to College and Career English Language Arts (ELA) curriculum and professional development resources for grades 6–12 to educators across the country. Originally developed for EngageNY and written with a focus on the shifts in instructional practice and student experiences the standards require, Paths to College and Career includes daily lesson plans, guiding questions, recommended texts, scaffolding strategies and other classroom resources. Paths to College and Career is a concrete and practical ELA instructional program that engages students with compelling and complex texts. At each grade level, Paths to College and Career delivers a yearlong curriculum that develops all students' ability to read closely and engage in text-based discussions, build evidence-based claims and arguments, conduct research and write from sources, and expand their academic vocabulary. Paths to College and Career's instructional resources address the needs of all learners, including students with disabilities, English language learners, and gifted and talented students. This enhanced curriculum provides teachers with freshly designed Teacher Guides that make the curriculum more accessible and flexible, a Teacher Resource Book for each module that includes all of the materials educators need to manage instruction, and Student Journals that give students learning tools for each module and a single place to organize and document their learning. As the creators of the Paths ELA curriculum for grades 6–12, PCG Education provides a professional learning program that ensures the success of the curriculum. The program includes: Nationally recognized professional development from an organization that has been immersed in the new standards since their inception. Blended learning experiences for teachers and leaders that enrich and extend the learning. A train-the-trainer program that builds capacity and provides resources and individual support for embedded leaders and coaches. Paths offers schools and districts a unique approach to ensuring college and career readiness for all students, providing state-of-the-art curriculum and state-of-the-art implementation.

Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education English Years 1 and 2

Integrated Curriculum for Secondary Education English   Years 1 and 2 Author Claire Manners
ISBN-10 9788436954234
Release 2012
Pages 77
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The MEC/BC bilingual project, initiated in 1996 in primary as a unique experiment within the Spanish state education system, and in September 2004 the classes that had started their bilingual education 8 years earlier took the project forward into Secondary schools.The formal agreement between the MEC/BC states that the aim of the project is to provide students from the age of three to sixteen with a bilingual, bicultural education through an integrated Spanish/English curriculum based on the Spanish National Curriculum and aspects of the National Curriculum for England and Wales. The implantation of such a curriculum requires, firstly, with regard to English as a subject, a very different classroom approach from the traditional EFL classroom where the focus is on learning English as a foreign language; secondly, a similar new methodology for teaching and learning other curricular areas through English. Such an integrated approach sits very positively within the Directives of the Council of Europe which insists on the need for students to be competent in three European languages by the end of the obligatory period of Secondary Education and that the learning of the first foreign language should begin in the early years of formal education. In addition to this, the secondary integrated curricula have consistently focused on the continuing development of students¿ skills and learning strategies, thus firmly establishing learning as a lifelong process. The specific objectives of the Project in the Secondary education level are to: continue the acquisition and learning of both languages through an integrated content-based curriculum, encourage awareness and understanding of the diversity of both cultures, facilitate the exchange of teachers and students, encourage the use of modern technologies in learning other languages, promote the certification of studies under both educational systems, if and when appropriate.

What English Language Teachers Need to Know Volume II

What English Language Teachers Need to Know Volume II Author Denise E. Murray
ISBN-10 9781136933271
Release 2010-10-04
Pages 256
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Designed for pre-service teachers and teachers new to the field of ELT, Volume II and its companion are companion textbook, Volume I, are volumes organized around the key question: What do teachers need to know and be able to do in order for their students to learn English? Volume I covers the characteristics of the context in which teachers work, how English works and how it is learned, and the teacher’s role in the larger professional sphere of English language education. Volume II covers the three main facets of teaching: planning, instructing, and assessing. The focus throughout is on outcomes, that is, student learning. The texts work for teachers across different contexts (countries where English is the dominant language, one of the official languages, or taught as a foreign language); different levels (elementary/primary, secondary, college or university, or adult education), and different learning purposes (general English, workplace English, English for academic purposes, or English for specific purposes).

Use of Language Across the Primary Curriculum

Use of Language Across the Primary Curriculum Author Eve Bearne
ISBN-10 9781134725724
Release 2002-01-04
Pages 304
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This book offers practical advice and guidance on how children can be helped to use language to transform knowledge and experience into understanding across the curriculum, and thus become active learners. In addition to the core subjects, opportunities in music, P.E., I.T. and design technology are examined in the context of the interrelationship between children, language and learning, i.e.: * children learning to use language * children using language to learn * children learning about language Chapters describe classroom practice as well as offering reflective sections on the interrelationships and processes of language and cognitive development. An integral part of this is the acknowledgement of differing learning styles, special educational needs, and issues of linguistic diversity and cultural difference.

Content Area Conversations

Content Area Conversations Author Douglas Fisher
ISBN-10 9781416616559
Release 2008-10-15
Pages 175
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Teachers across the country are seeking ways to make their multicultural classrooms come alive with student talk about content. Content-Area Conversations: How to Plan Discussion-Based Lessons for Diverse Language Learners is a practical, hands-on guide to creating and managing environments that spur sophisticated levels of student communication, both oral and written. Paying special attention to the needs of English language learners, the authors *Detail research-based steps for designing lessons that spark student talk; *Share real-life classroom scenarios and dialogues that bring theory to life; *Describe easy-to-use assessments for all grade levels; *Provide rubrics, worksheets, sentence frames, and other imaginative tools that encourage academic communication; and *Offer guiding questions to help teachers plan instruction. Teachers at any grade level, in any content area, will find a wide variety of strategies in this book to help students simultaneously learn English and learn in English. Drawing both on decades of research data and on the authors' real-life experiences as teachers of English language learners, this book is replete with ideas for fostering real academic discourse in your classroom.

Designing Groupwork

Designing Groupwork Author Elisabeth G. Cohen
ISBN-10 9780807755662
Release 2014-06-27
Pages 240
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As teachers today work in ever more challenging contexts, groupwork remains a particularly effective pedagogical strategy. Based on years of research and teaching experience, the new edition of this popular book features significant updates on the successful use of cooperative learning to build equitable classrooms. Designing Groupwork, Third Edition incorporates current research findings with new material on what makes for a groupworthy task, and shows how groupwork contributes to growth and development in the language of instruction. Responding to new curriculum standards and assessments across all grade levels and subject areas, this edition shows teachers how to organize their classroom so that all students participate actively. This valuable and sensible resource is essential reading for educators at both the elementary and secondary levels, for teachers in training, and for anyone working in the field of education.

An Intercultural Approach to English Language Teaching

An Intercultural Approach to English Language Teaching Author Prof. John Corbett
ISBN-10 9781847699794
Release 2003-11-11
Pages 240
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Intercultural language education has redefined the modern languages agenda in Europe and North America. Now intercultural learning is also beginning to impact on English Language Teaching. This accessible book introduces teachers of EFL to intercultural language education by describing its history and theoretical principles, and by giving examples of classroom tasks.