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Growing and Managing Foreign Purchasing

Growing and Managing Foreign Purchasing Author Thomas A. Cook
ISBN-10 9781315356082
Release 2016-09-19
Pages 388
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This book compares the basic skillset of domestic purchasing to that of global purchasing. It provides a very detailed blueprint and best practices guide for avoiding costly mistakes and improving purchasing effectiveness. It also details supply chain globalization impacts on freight, logistics, customs issues, managing foreign suppliers, risk mitigation, and profit potential improvement. It differentiates itself from other books as being more comprehensive, detailed, and broad reaching into every aspect of purchasing on an international scale.

Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships

Excellence in Managing Worldwide Customer Relationships Author Thomas A. Cook
ISBN-10 9781315356099
Release 2016-12-19
Pages 384
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Every company is recognizing the critical importance of protecting its customer base by raising the bar of its customer service prowess. This book will first look at the obstacles in customer service management and provide a 10-step process for developing a best-practices approach that offers the best opportunity for excellence, world class initiatives, and high client satisfaction and retention levels. In addition, the book will focus on how technology can be used in customer service relationships that will enhance customers’ loyalty. As companies grow internationally, the book will also look at customer service in global operations, cultural issues, and expanding into world markets. The book will differentiate itself from others in this class by: providing a more direct, no-nonsense approach, analyzing technology options, global reach and offering a methodology for world-class status and results.

Managing Growth and Expansion into Global Markets

Managing Growth and Expansion into Global Markets Author Thomas A. Cook
ISBN-10 9781498777346
Release 2016-02-12
Pages 352
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Company executives in every field are recognizing the critical importance of entering into the global economy. As transportation and logistics companies follow their clients’ expansion into these international markets, they must be able to service their clients’ supply chain needs in new economies and turbulent markets. Managing Growth and Expansion into Global Markets addresses the unique logistical, transportation, and distribution issues surrounding growth and expansion into global markets. It supplies a full overview of contemporary management assessment tools, to provide an understanding of exactly what it takes to enter foreign markets and avoid common pitfalls. Distilling the author’s decades of experience in global supply chain management and international business, this book is ideal for those looking to grow and develop their global supply chains. The book details the benefits and drawbacks of both organic growth and merger and acquisitions into global markets. It illustrates the most common types of problems that occur during mergers and acquisitions and describes exactly what you can expect during the transition period. Explaining why some organizations transition new business units successfully while others struggle, this book will help you properly assess your best options to grow your organization and expand your supply chain capabilities. The book examines the array of legal and regulatory implications that you need to review, understand, and bring into your decision-making process. It also provides specific answers, strategies, and a best-practice outline that you can follow. A must-read for anyone involved with global growth and expansion in the supply chain arena, this book is also an ideal tutorial to help students and business-school attendees gain practical insights into global supply chain issues.

Developing Masterful Management Skills for International Business

Developing Masterful Management Skills for International Business Author Thomas A. Cook
ISBN-10 9781351644440
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 248
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This book focuses on the new challenges created for managers by the recent recession. Executives need to learn new skills and run companies delivering results under an entirely new set of conditions and working environments. This book analyzes these issues and provides step-by-step guidance on how to improve decision making. It provides readers with management tools that enhance the opportunity for positive growth and better results. The book maintains a focus on the changes in the new economy and how to manage successfully in this new environment.

Mastering the Business of Global Trade

Mastering the Business of Global Trade Author Thomas A. Cook
ISBN-10 9781466595798
Release 2014-02-05
Pages 405
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Much of your company’s success in global trade will be determined by how well you manage contracts and agreements for sale or purchase. Mastering the Business of Global Trade: Negotiating Competitive Advantage Contractual Best Practices, Incoterms, and Leveraging Supply Chain Options explains the key elements any international business person must know, but more importantly, it also describes how to use negotiation skills, leveraged options, and Incoterms to extract the maximum benefits from your supply chain. At the end of the day, landed costs determine pricing and profits. As such, the book clearly explains how landed cost modeling works and how you can use these business models to leverage supply chain options. Illustrating how Inco terms impact compliance and risk, it details options to help you reduce your exposure to risk as well as best practices to help you steer clear of compliance issues that can cause costly delays. Managing global supply chains is about constantly striving for efficiency, driving down costs, and increasing profits. With this book, you will not only learn how to negotiate better contracts, but you will also learn how to manage relationships with freight forwarders and customhouse brokers in a manner that will help you get the most value from your service agreements. The book establishes a very simple, yet comprehensive, roadmap that both the neophyte and the more experienced global supply chain executive can easily follow and master. By following the time-proven advice and roadmap detailed in these pages, you will learn that it is possible to engage in more deals and increase your returns, while reducing your overall risk exposure. This book is part of The Global Warrior series.

Enterprise Risk Management in the Global Supply Chain

Enterprise Risk Management in the Global Supply Chain Author Thomas A. Cook
ISBN-10 9781351644457
Release 2017-08-15
Pages 354
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There is a younger generation who has lost the ability to communicate effectively. And there is a host of corporate personnel that could do a much better job at communications. Every country, every culture has it's own unique branding for communication that is effective and gets the job done. Key cultures and regions will be reviewed in great detail. The author knows the frustration that corporate America has in making sure its personnel is communicating effectively ... internally and with vendors and customers in the value chain. Most senior executives, educators and trained professional know that a building block to a company's success, along with an individual's success ... is their ability to communicate effectively. This book will discuss as the foundation ... what the author will refer to as "Responsible Communications". When the student follows the path to responsible communications ... then the communications will deliver results. Results will make the communicating then be more impactful and successful. The book will focus on: delivering more effective presentations and proposals, writing to inform, implement or change behavior and outline all the necessary skill sets required to be an excellent communicator.

Global Warrior

Global Warrior Author H. John Poole
ISBN-10 0981865933
Release 2011
Pages 388
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With more worries at home, many Americans want to end all U.S. military involvement in Afghanistan and elsewhere. "Global Warrior: Averting WWIII" proves even more involvement is necessary, but of a different kind. Since 9/11, the United States has been under subliminal attack from three foreign elements: Islamist, Communist, and criminal. All three have been active around the world's ocean chokepoints as well. With an in-depth look at Pakistan/Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and Thailand, this book investigates the degree of collusion between dissimilar elements. While significant, this expanding threat need not metastasize into a global conflagration. With a different kind of expeditionary presence, the Pentagon could prevent any escalation. Killing figurehead leaders with drone missiles is not the answer. The remedy is in more widespread involvement at the community level. Without local security, there can be no working democracy. What if there were no expensive overseas support bases, just a myriad of semi-independent light infantry squads paying locally for what they required in the way of supplies. Their job would be to help friendly government paramilitary police to man contested outposts. Instead of occupiers, the young Americans would be foreign-aid workers in the law enforcement sector. Fully adept at small-unit maneuver, escape/evasion, evidence collection, and imparting those skills to others, the squads in each country would collectively function as enough of a force multiplier to save that country. Just to contend with the 1.2 million Chinese and North Korean special operators, this is the only way to now stabilize the Free World. Because the "modus operandi" of the organized criminal and revolutionary Islamist are virtually identical to those of the Communist, those squads would be suppressing all three threats without the U.S. government ever having to confront the instigating nation."Global Warrior" follows this strategic suggestion with application details. The emphasis this time in not on squad tactics, but rather individual tactics. To form better teams and squads, one must first have more surprise-oriented riflemen. That's why this book has chapters on advanced infantryman and policeman tactics. American eighteen-year-olds have always had the potential for so challenging a mission, but that potential has too often fallen victim to headquarters control. This is an exciting read about the world's most pressing, yet under-discussed, challenge. Fully illustrated and referenced, it is a celebration of the American spirit.

Sweatshop Warriors

Sweatshop Warriors Author Miriam Ching Yoon Louie
ISBN-10 0896086380
Release 2001
Pages 306
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In this up-close and personal look at the heroines who make family, community, and society tick, Miriam Ching Yoon Louie showcases immigrant women workers speaking out for themselves, in their own words. While public outrage over sweatshops builds in intensity, this book shows us who these workers really are and how they are leading campaigns to fight for their rights. In-depth, accessible analyses of the immigration, labor, and trade policies, which together have forced these women into the most dangerous, poorly paid jobs, dovetail with vivid portraits of the women themselves. Louie, a longtime writer/activist and well-known figure in feminist, immigrant, and labor circles, is uniquely poised to make her case: that the labor of immigrant women worker-activists not only sustains families and communities, but the vibrant social activism that undergirds democracy itself. With chapters on successful campaigns against Levi-Strauss, Donna Karan, and restaurants in Los Angeles; Koreatown, among others. Miriam Ching Yoon Louie is a longtime writer/activist in campaigns to organize women of color. She is national campaign media director of Fuerza Unida, a board member of the Women of Color Resource Center, and former media director of Asian Immigrant Women Advocates. Her essays and articles on immigrant women and labor issues have been widely anthologized, including in the 1997 collection Dragon Ladies: Asian American Feminists Breathe Fire (South End Press) and she speaks at public events internationally. She is the co-author, with Linda Burnham, of Women's Education in the Global Economy (Women of Color Resource Center, 2000).

Carry On Warrior

Carry On  Warrior Author Glennon Doyle Melton
ISBN-10 9781451698220
Release 2014-04-08
Pages 320
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A New York Times essayist shares her journey from a self-destructive college student to a devoted family woman and teacher while illuminating the importance of trusting in a higher power and being truthful about life's challenges.

Mastering Import and Export Management

Mastering Import and Export Management Author Thomas Cook
ISBN-10 9780814438213
Release 2017-08-17
Pages 688
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For growth opportunities, look beyond the borders. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, more than $1.6 trillion in goods are exported annually to dozens of countries, while nearly $2.4 trillion are imported. That's big business for anyone who can navigate the complicated rules and mitigate the risks surrounding international trade. Filled with step-by-step instructions, cost-effective strategies, and ready-to-use forms, this third edition of Mastering Import Export Management walks you through every key area-from handling logistics to building a global team to complying with post-9/11 security measures to clearly documenting shipments using Incoterms. Completely updated, the guide simplifies the latest regulations and gathers best practices in an evolving field, including: Strategies for reducing risk and spend in global supply chains * New documentation, operations, and procedures * Trade compliance SOPs * Guidance on managing transportation service providers * E-commerce in international trade For managers and operating personnel with the knowledge and tools to overcome challenges, the world of exporting and importing offers lucrative new frontiers.

Once a Warrior Always a Warrior

Once a Warrior  Always a Warrior Author Charles Hoge
ISBN-10 9780762762095
Release 2010-02-23
Pages 328
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The essential handbook for anyone who has ever returned from a war zone, and their spouse, partner, or family members. Being back home can be as difficult, if not more so, than the time spent serving in a combat zone. It's with this truth that Colonel Charles W. Hoge, MD, a leading advocate for eliminating the stigma of mental health care, presents Once a Warrior—Always a Warrior, a groundbreaking resource with essential new insights for anyone who has ever returned home from a war zone. In clear practical language, Dr. Hoge explores the latest knowledge in combat stress, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), mTBI (mild traumatic brain injury), other physiological reactions to war, and their treatment options. Recognizing that warriors and family members both change during deployment, he helps them better understand each other's experience, especially living with enduring survival skills from the combat environment that are often viewed as “symptoms” back home. The heart of this book focuses on what's necessary to successfully navigate the transition—“LANDNAV” for the home front. Once a Warrior—Always a Warrior shows how a warrior's knowledge and skills are vital for living at peace in an insane world.

Shackled Warrior

Shackled Warrior Author Caroline B. Glick
ISBN-10 UOM:39015082726038
Release 2008
Pages 427
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Islamic supremacism, European cultural disaggregation, American vacillation, and Israeli timidity and confusion. These are the main social contexts that inform political and strategic developments of global and national affairs in our times. In her biweekly commentaries, Caroline B Glick, the formidable Jerusalem Post columnist, highlights these underlying trends while analysing events as they unfold both globally and in Israel. This extraordinary collection of her probing and eloquent work is a must read for all who care about winning the war against the multifarious forces of global jihad.

Global Road Warrior

Global Road Warrior Author Sibylla Putzi
ISBN-10 1885073860
Release 2001
Pages 864
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The Global Road Warrior is the ultra-pragmatic reference for the international business communicator and traveler, containing critical information you need for survival and success while on the road internationally.

Lords of Battle

Lords of Battle Author Stephen Allen
ISBN-10 1841769487
Release 2007-03-27
Pages 224
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To the classical civilizations of Greece and Rome, the Celtic warrior of the late Iron Age was the archetypal barbarian: savage, undisciplined, and bloodthirsty. In a clash of cultures that lasted almost 500 years, the rich and vibrant society in which he lived, fought, and died was virtually destroyed, becoming the stuff of myth and legend. Covering the period from the first mention of the Celts by ancient Greek writers to the Roman conquest of Britain, this book examines the Celtic warrior, his society and his place within it, and the conflicts that would eventually destroy his world. Beautifully illustrated with many examples of Celtic art and craftsmanship, this book provides a fascinating insight into a culture whose legacy has endured to the present day.

The Warrior State

The Warrior State Author T.V. Paul
ISBN-10 9780199322244
Release 2014-01-02
Pages 288
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Seemingly from its birth, Pakistan has teetered on the brink of becoming a failed state. Today, it ranks 133rd out of 148 countries in global competitiveness. Its economy is as dysfunctional as its political system is corrupt; both rely heavily on international aid for their existence. Taliban forces occupy 30 percent of the country. It possesses over a hundred nuclear weapons that could easily fall into terrorists' hands. Why, in an era when countries across the developing world are experiencing impressive economic growth and building democratic institutions, has Pakistan been such a conspicuous failure? In The Warrior State, noted international relations and South Asia scholar T.V. Paul untangles this fascinating riddle. Paul argues that the "geostrategic curse"--akin to the "resource curse" that plagues oil-rich autocracies--is at the root of Pakistan's unique inability to progress. Since its founding in 1947, Pakistan has been at the center of major geopolitical struggles: the US-Soviet rivalry, the conflict with India, and most recently the post 9/11 wars. No matter how ineffective the regime is, massive foreign aid keeps pouring in from major powers and their allies with a stake in the region. The reliability of such aid defuses any pressure on political elites to launch the far-reaching domestic reforms necessary to promote sustained growth, higher standards of living, and more stable democratic institutions. Paul shows that excessive war-making efforts have drained Pakistan's limited economic resources without making the country safer or more stable. Indeed, despite the regime's emphasis on security, the country continues to be beset by widespread violence and terrorism. In an age of transnational terrorism and nuclear proliferation, understanding Pakistan's development, particularly the negative effects of foreign aid and geopolitical centrality, is more important than ever. Painstakingly researched and brilliantly argued, The Warrior State tackles what may be the world's most dangerous powder keg and uncovers the true causes of Pakistan's enormously consequential failure.

Think and Grow Rich

Think and Grow Rich Author Napoleon Hill
ISBN-10 9781469062495
Release 2015-09-15
Pages 49
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The World's Greatest Book on Successful Living - In a Special Compact Edition! Here is the complete experience of Think and Grow Rich in an exquisitely brief and faithful condensation. In forty minutes you will learn all thirteen of Napoleon Hill's famous steps to wealth and achievement. This masterly summation of Hill's original landmark explains: Why you must write down your goals. The immeasurable importance of a definite major aim. How to benefit from hunches and sudden inspirations. The magic of persistence in the face of setbacks. How to program your mind for success. The extraordinary power of a Master Mind group. Abridged and introduced by PEN Award-winning historian Mitch Horowitz, this concise rendition of Hill's masterwork is both the perfect introduction to Think and Grow Rich and a great refresher for those who already know the book and its powers.

International Marketing Strategy

International Marketing Strategy Author Isobel Doole
ISBN-10 1844807630
Release 2008-01
Pages 462
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The fifth edition of this best selling text, International Marketing Strategy, has been revised and updated and, as ever, offers a perceptive, practical and up-to-date look into the ever-changing world of international marketing. All the cases and illustrations have been revised and there is much new material on emerging markets, in particular China, India and Eastern Europe. International Marketing Strategy is arranged into 3 clear parts – analysis, strategy development and implementation. This tried and tested structure emphasises the importance of developing the skills, aptitude and awareness needed to make a manager successful in a global and diverse market place.