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Growing Schools Librarians as Professional Developers

Growing Schools  Librarians as Professional Developers Author Debbie Abilock
ISBN-10 9781610690423
Release 2012-06-11
Pages 390
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Presenting examples of school librarians leading professional learning in numerous contexts and for diverse learning goals with remarkable success, this book will inspire other practitioners to initiate and refine professional learning in their schools and districts.

Activism and the School Librarian

Activism and the School Librarian Author Deborah D. Levitov
ISBN-10 9781610691871
Release 2012
Pages 123
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This book provides practical strategies and step-by-step plans for developing advocacy initiatives for school libraries. * Practical advice from expert advocates * Step-by-step guidance for developing an advocacy program * A comprehensive glossary of terms * An examination of the proactive role of school librarians in successful advocacy initiatives

The Many Faces of School Library Leadership 2nd Edition

The Many Faces of School Library Leadership  2nd Edition Author Sharon Coatney
ISBN-10 9781440848988
Release 2017-03-29
Pages 184
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Completely revised with even more contributions added by practicing school librarians, this book further examines the responsibility to lead in many areas and identifies the real-world, day-to-day application of established theory and best practices. • Emphasizes the essential role of school librarians as leaders in technology, literacy, and curriculum in their schools • Presents practical, proven ways from working school librarians to get teachers to collaborate with each other and with the librarian • Prepares school librarians to meet intellectual freedom challenges • Outlines the key duties of school librarians in effective advocacy for their programs

The School Library Manager Surviving and Thriving 6th Edition

The School Library Manager  Surviving and Thriving  6th Edition Author Blanche Woolls
ISBN-10 9781440852572
Release 2017-11-30
Pages 328
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This sixth edition of Library Unlimited's classic school library management text describes new approaches to management and addresses the realities that school librarians face in today's quickly evolving information-based world. • Provides information that progresses logically from preparing for the profession, to seeking a job, and to acting and managing in the role of the school librarian • Newly updated to offer additional insight into the challenges of leadership in changing school environments and specific information for school administration • Addresses and emphasizes the value of school librarians in education and student achievement—information to be shared with school administration in an advocacy appeal • Provides several appendixes of additional information

Conducting Action Research to Evaluate Your School Library

Conducting Action Research to Evaluate Your School Library Author Judith Sykes
ISBN-10 9781610690782
Release 2013-05-01
Pages 118
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How should teacher librarians or instructional leaders engage in action research to improve their school library and benefit students' learning? This book provides the answers.

The Whole School Library Learning Commons An Educator s Guide

The Whole School Library Learning Commons  An Educator s Guide Author Judith Anne Sykes
ISBN-10 9781440844218
Release 2016-08-29
Pages 151
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Introduce your teachers, librarians, and administrators to the roles and responsibilities of educators in advocating a whole school library learning commons using this step-by-step guide for creating shared learning space in your school. • Links the use of the WSLLC to standards in education • Presents a doable plan to implement and sustain the learning commons approach in school • Illustrates how the WSLLC can be a means of increasing student engagement and improving academic achievement • Provides ideas for promoting the WSLLC concept to the education community • Offers suggestions for assessing the effectiveness of the WSLLC • Features strategies, standards, and checklists to support the program

News Literacy The Keys to Combating Fake News

News Literacy  The Keys to Combating Fake News Author Michelle Luhtala
ISBN-10 9781440861536
Release 2018-05-31
Pages 140
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At a time when misinformation in the media is abundant, this book explains the difficulty in nurturing students to become critical researchers and offers practical lessons that empower students to excavate information that will help them learn. • Provides easily replicated and adaptable standards-based lessons • Observes a classroom-tested research model applicable to grade levels 7–12 • Constructs a usable framework for collaboration with colleagues • Gives educators tools to advocate for the necessity of a vibrant, inquiry-based library media program

Better Library and Learning Space

Better Library and Learning Space Author Les Watson
ISBN-10 9781856047630
Release 2013-10-12
Pages 278
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What are the most important things a 21st-century library should do with its space? Each chapter in this cutting-edge text addresses this critical question, capturing the insights and practical ideas of leading international librarians, educators and designers to offer you a ‘creative resource bank’ that will help to transform your library and learning spaces. This is an innovative and practical toolkit introducing concepts, drawing together opinions and encouraging new ways of thinking about library learning spaces for the future. The book is structured in three parts. Part 1 – Projects and trends describes features of library space around the world through a selection of focused case studies painting a global picture, identifying common directions and ideas as well as highlighting country and regional diversity. Part 2 – Trends and ideas looks at the why and how of library space, covering topics such as contextual factors, current ideas in library space development, and the creative design of new spaces. It examines how library spaces are adapting to new forms of learning, digital literacies and technological fluency. Finally, Part 3 – Ideas and futures looks to the future of libraries and their learning spaces, inviting future-scanning contributions from a diverse range of authors, including librarians, learning specialists, academics, architects, an interior designer, a furniture designer and a management specialist. Readership: This is a must-have text for those involved in designing and developing library and learning spaces, from library and university management to designers and architects. It’s also a useful guide for students taking courses in library and information science to get to grips with the importance of library design.

Empowering Learners

Empowering Learners Author
ISBN-10 083898519X
Release 2009
Pages 64
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Presents guidelines for school library media programs in the twenty-first century, offering lists of actions for school library media specialists to perform in support of each guideline.

Crash Course in Collection Development 2nd Edition

Crash Course in Collection Development  2nd Edition Author Wayne Disher
ISBN-10 9781610698146
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 139
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This indispensable resource provides tools for collection management in public libraries, featuring essential strategies for inventory assessment, market analysis, budgeting, marketing, and customer service. This book is a must-have for those just entering the field or professionals in need of a refresher in effective library operations. • Provides a current and basic overview of collection development in the public library • Describes how to assess community needs and create a collection that meets those needs • Offers insightful guidelines for writing a collection development policy • Shows librarians how to identify non-users

Multiethnic Books for the Middle School Curriculum

Multiethnic Books for the Middle School Curriculum Author Cherri Jones
ISBN-10 0838911633
Release 2013
Pages 284
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The purpose of this book is to make it easier for teachers and librarians to infuse curricula with multiethnic literature. The list of recommended titles, for grades 5-8, is organized by curricular area.

Teaching Information Fluency

Teaching Information Fluency Author Carl Heine
ISBN-10 9780810890633
Release 2013-11-14
Pages 230
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Here’s a one-stop resource for teaching high school and college students how to become efficient, ethical, and critical information consumers. With the goal that students must attain digital information fluency in order to be successful learners, this book his book provides a practical, competency-based framework for teaching the underlying concepts. Uniquely, the learning activities are tied to Common Core and ISTE NETS (International Society for Technology in Education National Educational Technology Standards). Competencies taught fall into three groups: searching, evaluation, and ethical use.

Improving America s Schools

Improving America s Schools Author Board on Science, Technology, and Economic Policy
ISBN-10 9780309521970
Release 1996-11-29
Pages 261
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Reform of American education is largely motivated by concerns about our economic competitiveness and American's standard of living. Yet, few if any of the public school reform agendas incorporate economic principles or research findings. Improving America's Schools explores how education and economic research can help produce, in the words of Harvard's Dale W. Jorgenson, "a unified framework for future education reform." This book presents the perspectives of noted experts, including Eric A. Hanushek, author of Making Schools Work, on creating incentives for improved school and student performance; Under Secretary of Education Marshall S. Smith on the Clinton Administration's reform program; and Rebecca Maynard, University of Pennsylvania, on the education of the disadvantaged. This volume explores these areas The importance of schooling to labor market success. The prospects for combining school-based management with teacher incentives to gain the best of both approaches. The potential of recent innovations in student achievement testing, including new "value-added" indicators. The economic factors involved in maintaining an adequate stock of effective teachers. The volume also explores why, despite similar standards of living, France, the Netherlands, England, Scotland, and the United States produce different levels of education achievement. Improving America's Schools informs the current debate over school reform with a fresh perspective, examples, and data. This readable volume will be of interest to policymakers, researchers, educators, and education administrators as well as economists and employers--it is also readily accessible to concerned parents and the larger community.

Library Services for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Library Services for Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorders Author Lesley S. J. Farmer
ISBN-10 9780838911815
Release 2013
Pages 264
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Autism is now the second most commonly diagnosed serious developmental disability, and the number of children identified as autistic continues to grow. Introducing what autism spectrum disorders are, and identifying the great need to build and manage programs for different youth with these disorders, Farmer offers librarians in or outside a school environment all the information they need to build a library literacy program geared towards these children. Designed to both awaken sensitivities of library staff and address the questions of those who are already aware of the issue, this book Shows how children with this diagnosis are increasingly mainstreamed into traditional library and school programs and identifies the special needs and issues they face in a library setting Equips readers to meet the needs of young library users who are autistic with practical tools for training library staff, teachers, and volunteers Explains hyperlexia, the main barrier to the development of literacy among these children, and how programs using sensory experiences can strengthen both literacy skills and socialization Proposes strategies for using library design to ensure that materials and resources are accessible to all patrons Including a glossary of terms and bibliography of additional resources, Farmer’s book is an important tool for raising awareness and supporting literacy development for children with these disorders in the library setting.

Guided Inquiry Design in Action High School

Guided Inquiry Design   in Action  High School Author Leslie K. Maniotes
ISBN-10 9781440847127
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 254
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Edited by the cocreator of the Guided Inquiry Design® (GID) framework as well as an educator, speaker, and international consultant on the topic, this book explains the nuances of GID in the high school context. It also addresses background research and explains guided inquiry and the information search process. • Enables teachers, school librarians, and other educational partners to simultaneously target outcomes that bring about deep understanding and address curricular goals • Offers a practical, concepts-based approach to inquiry learning, complete units of study in a variety of content areas, and a discussion of the role emotions in the learning process • Includes ready-to-implement Guided Inquiry Design® (GID) lesson plans written by practicing high school librarians and teachers who have been refining their GID curricula for years • Serves to heighten student engagement at the high school level by going beyond fact-finding to foster deeper understanding and knowledge creation • Provides an explicit structure for developing instructional partnerships and collaborative teams within the school and with the larger community

Digital Citizenship in Action

Digital Citizenship in Action Author Kristen Mattson
ISBN-10 1564843939
Release 2017
Pages 150
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For years, much of the available curricula for teaching digital citizenship focused on "don'ts." Don't share addresses or phone numbers. Don't give out passwords. Don't bully other students. But the conversation then shifted and had many asking, "Why aren't we teaching kids the power of social media?" Next, digital citizenship curriculum moved toward teaching students how to positively brand themselves so that they would stand out when it came to future scholarships and job opportunities. In the end, both messages failed to address one of the most important aspects of citizenship: being in community with others. As citizens, we have a responsibility to give back to the community and to work toward social justice and equity. Digital citizenship curricula should strive to show students possibilities over problems, opportunities over risks and community successes over personal gain. In Digital Citizenship in Action, you'll find practical ways for taking digital citizenship lessons beyond a conversation about personal responsibility so that you can create opportunities for students to become participatory citizens, actively engaging in multiple levels of community and developing relationships based on mutual trust and understanding with others in these spaces.

The Bookmark

The Bookmark Author
ISBN-10 UIUC:30112002090220
Release 1984
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"Children's books of 1939- " in August issue 1940-