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Assessing Grammar

Assessing Grammar Author Dr. Martin J. Ball
ISBN-10 9781847696403
Release 2012-03-08
Pages 328
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This collection is a resource book for those working with language disordered clients in a range of languages. It collects together versions of the well-known Language Assessment Remediation Screening Procedure (LARSP) prepared for different languages. Starting with the original version for English, the book then presents versions in more than a dozen other languages. Some of these are likely to be encountered as home languages of clients by speech-language therapists and pathologists working in the UK, Ireland, the US and Australia and New Zealand. Others are included because they are major languages found where speech-language pathology services are provided, but where no grammatical profile already exists.

Outcomes in Speech Language Pathology

Outcomes in Speech Language Pathology Author Lee Ann C. Golper
ISBN-10 9781604066432
Release 2012-09-28
Pages 392
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An updated reference on outcomes in speech-language pathology Based on the pioneering work of Carol C. Frattali,Outcomes in Speech-Language Pathology, Second Edition provides readers with a focused, comprehensive review of current policies, principles, and practices pertaining to outcome measurement in speech-language pathology with particular emphasis on healthcare. It is a unique text that covers outcomes in speech-language pathology practices within the context of contemporary issues across work settings that include clinical practice, applied clinical research, and graduate education. Key Features: The only text that specifically focuses on outcome measurement in speech-language pathology Major themes from the first edition are revisited in light of the impact of contemporary issues and shifts in emphasis in outcomes, including: The prominence of the WHO-ICF as a conceptual model for intervention The impact of public policies and federal mandates Emphasis on value-based, cost-effective clinical healthcare services Growing transparency in organizational performance in accreditation processes The weight currently placed on patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes Outcomes assessment across stakeholders in school settings Challenges and revised perspectives on the application of evidence-based practice Increasing demand for applied effectiveness research to inform clinical practices Renewed reliance on single subject experimental designs in SLP intervention research and the application of N=1 research designs to clinical practice The growing emphasis on outcomes in graduate clinical education and supervision as well as in higher education Directors and managers of clinical speech-language pathology programs in healthcare settings as well as clinical staff and supervisors will find this book to be a valuable desk reference and graduate students will use it as a key resource in the course of their studies.

It Takes Two to Talk

It Takes Two to Talk Author Jan Pepper
ISBN-10 9780921145196
Release 2004
Pages 171
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Shows parents how to help their child communicate and learn language during everyday activities.

Limit Theorems and Applications of Set Valued and Fuzzy Set Valued Random Variables

Limit Theorems and Applications of Set Valued and Fuzzy Set Valued Random Variables Author Shoumei Li
ISBN-10 1402009186
Release 2002-10-31
Pages 391
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This book presents a clear, systematic treatment of convergence theorems of set-valued random variables (random sets) and fuzzy set-valued random variables (random fuzzy sets). Topics such as strong laws of large numbers and central limit theorems, including new results in connection with the theory of empirical processes are covered. The author's own recent developments on martingale convergence theorems and their applications to data processing are also included. The mathematical foundations along with a clear explanation such as Hölmander's embedding theorem, notions of various convergence of sets and fuzzy sets, Aumann integrals, conditional expectations, selection theorems, measurability and integrability arguments for both set-valued and fuzzy set-valued random variables and newly obtained optimizations techniques based on invariant properties are also given.

Colloquial Spanish

Colloquial Spanish Author Untza Otaola Alday
ISBN-10 9781317304838
Release 2015-08-27
Pages 328
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Colloquial Spanish: The Complete Course for Beginners has been carefully developed by an experienced teacher to provide a step-by-step course to Spanish as it is written and spoken today. Combining a clear, practical and accessible style with a methodical and thorough treatment of the language, it equips learners with the essential skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively in Spanish in a broad range of situations. No prior knowledge of the language is required. Colloquial Spanish is exceptional; each unit presents a wealth of grammatical points that are reinforced with a wide range of exercises for regular practice. A full answer key, a grammar summary, bilingual glossaries and English translations of dialogues can be found at the back as well as useful vocabulary lists throughout. Key features include: A clear, user-friendly format designed to help learners progressively build up their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills Jargon-free, succinct and clearly structured explanations of grammar An extensive range of focused and dynamic supportive exercises Realistic and entertaining dialogues covering a broad variety of narrative situations Helpful cultural points explaining the customs and features of life in Spain An overview of the sounds of Spanish Balanced, comprehensive and rewarding, Colloquial Spanish is an indispensable resource both for independent learners and students taking courses in Spanish. Audio material to accompany the course is available to download free in MP3 format from Recorded by native speakers, the audio material features the dialogues and texts from the book and will help develop your listening and pronunciation skills.

Clinical Pragmatics

Clinical Pragmatics Author Louise Cummings
ISBN-10 9780521888455
Release 2009-04-30
Pages 305
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A critical examination of the current state of our knowledge of pragmatic disorders. It provides a comprehensive overview of the main concepts and theories in pragmatics, examines the full range of pragmatic disorders that occur in children and adults and discusses how they are assessed and treated by clinicians.

Scat Singing Method

Scat Singing Method Author Scott Fredrickson
ISBN-10 1490562559
Release 2013-10
Pages 106
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Scat Singing Method Vocal improvisation can be easily and effectively learned by singers or taught in a classroom situation. For choral ensembles, it is educationally valid as a supplement to the total choral musical curriculum by increasing creativity in individual students, and by enhancing the overall musicianship of entire ensembles. For individual singers, it can increase vocal skill, musicianship, and performance confidence. Theme And Variation This new approach is based on the technique of theme and variation. By using the elements of vocal improvisation: syllables, melody, and rhythm, and applying the techniques, musical objectives can be met and instant success achieved. In other words, you can learn to improvise right NOW! Singing Method Contains: * Complete Step-by-Step Instructions * All musical examples fully annotated * All instructions and examples fully recorded Downloaded MP3 Tracks * 52 tracks of musical examples and instruction * 110 minutes of playing time Eight Performable Compositions & Arrangements * Arranged in various styles, tempos, and keys * Each piece includes vocal melody * SAB backup parts * Written-out piano, bass, and drum parts

Steel Terror

Steel Terror Author Dean Wesley Smith
ISBN-10 0671003216
Release 1996-10-01
Pages 160
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Tony Stark faces the ultimate challenge when he and the Avengers confront Ultron, an indestructible super robot who has created a doomsday weapon capable of destroying all life on earth. Original.

Aceptar el cambio para alcanzar el xito

Aceptar el cambio para alcanzar el   xito Author Dale Carnegie
ISBN-10 8497779894
Release 2013-09
Pages 229
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Si queremos progresar, ya sea en nuestro trabajo o en nuestra vida privada, debemos convencer a los demás para que acepten nuestras ideas. Tanto si se trata sólo de persuadir a una persona -el jefe, la pareja, un amigo-, como a un grupo de personas, en es

Teaching Controversy

Teaching Controversy Author Lisa Marie Jakubowski
ISBN-10 1552660745
Release 2002-01
Pages 184
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This critical text on pedagogy addresses how classroom dynamics change when a teacher introduces controversial issues and challenges the tacit privileges perpetuated by accepted perceptions. Teachers learn how to deal with the stigma of challenging accepted norms and how to respect students who have different viewpoints. Power, control, and vulnerability are among the ideas discussed in detail to prevent teachers and students from being relegated to a marginal position when canonical concepts in a discipline are questioned.

Pediatric Orthopaedic Secrets

Pediatric Orthopaedic Secrets Author Lynn T. Staheli
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822034595900
Release 2007
Pages 606
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This volume in The Secrets Series® is back in an exciting, fully updated 3rd Edition! Over 90 contributing experts provide you with authoritative, up-to-date guidance on every aspect of orthopaedic disorders in children. From growth and development to integrating a child with a disability into society to physeal injuries to child abuse to youth sports and related injuries-this book presents all the key elements of orthopedics for clinical use, rounds, and board preparation.. Provides well-rounded coverage of orthopedic issues, including growth and development · integrating a child with a disability into society · physeal injuries · child abuse · youth sports and related injuries · and more. Expedites reference and review with a question-and-answer format, bulleted lists, mnemonics, and tips for the authors. Features a two-color page layout, "Key Points" boxes, and lists of useful web sites to expand your reference power. Includes a chapter containing the "Top 100 Secrets" in pediatric orthopaedics, enabling you to quickly review essential material.Includes a chapter containing the "Top 100 Secrets" in pediatric orthopaedics, enabling you to quickly review essential material. Comes in a convenient pocket size for easy access to key information.


Melatonin Author Isaac Túnez
ISBN-10 160021374X
Release 2007
Pages 371
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Melatonin is a neurohormone produced in the brain by the pineal gland, from the amino acid tryptophan. The synthesis and release of melatonin are stimulated by darkness and suppressed by light, suggesting the involvement of melatonin in circadian rhythm and regulation of diverse body functions. Levels of melatonin start to increase prior to bedtime. Synthetic melatonin supplements have been used for a variety of medical conditions, most notably for disorders related to sleep. Melatonin possesses antioxidant activity, and many of its proposed therapeutic or preventive uses are based on this property. This important book presents a full spectrum of research on melatonin and is destined to become an essential reference for anyone interested in melatonin.

Practical Genetic Counselling

Practical Genetic Counselling Author Peter S. Harper
ISBN-10 9781483183664
Release 2013-10-22
Pages 316
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Practical Genetic Counselling, Third Edition presents the progress in the field of medical genetics. This book covers the broad area of congenital malformation syndromes and dysmorphology. Organized into three parts encompassing 26 chapters, this edition begins with an overview of the main steps in the process of genetic counselling. This text then examines how a Mendelian inheritance may be established by a combination of clinical diagnosis. Other chapters consider the risks in specific groups of chromosomal disorders. This book discusses as well the molecular genetic approaches, which are making an impact in the treatment of major disorders by providing pure and comparatively inexpensive gene products. The final chapter deals with how genetic counselling is contributing to reducing the general burden of genetic disease in the population. This book is a valuable resource for geneticists, neurologists, clinicians, pediatricians, and obstetricians. Readers who are interested to know about genetic disorders will also find this book useful.

Predestined Journey

Predestined Journey Author Peggy Hof-Corrigan
ISBN-10 1498480144
Release 2016-07-14
Pages 288
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As a Christian commentary on the obstacles we face in modern life to rely on God and His Will for our lives, this book offers refreshing honesty about the facts of God's Word on abortion. The author, Peggy Hof-Corrigan, is also known as the Messenger of Wisdom because she has the bravery to stand up for God's Word in a world that often turns away from Him. Written for Christian men and women, the author reaches out to readers and walks them through the Bible, describing what it says about making decisions that are reserved only for God. She inspires the reader to search their own treasure chest of life for the jewels that He has bestowed upon us, and free ourselves from possession of sin, idolatry, and overconfidence in mortals. With powerful observations and passionate words, her writing attempts to remove the blindfold of ignorance and hold up our actions for us to truly see.

Place Attachment

Place Attachment Author Lynne C. Manzo
ISBN-10 9781135016067
Release 2013-08-15
Pages 218
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Recipient of the 2014 EDRA Achievement Award. Place attachments are emotional bonds that form between people and their physical surroundings. These connections are a powerful aspect of human life that inform our sense of identity, create meaning in our lives, facilitate community and influence action. Place attachments have bearing on such diverse issues as rootedness and belonging, placemaking and displacement, mobility and migration, intergroup conflict, civic engagement, social housing and urban redevelopment, natural resource management and global climate change. In this multidisciplinary book, Manzo and Devine-Wright draw together the latest thinking by leading scholars from around the globe, capturing important advancements in three areas: theory, methods and application. In a wide range of conceptual and applied ways, the authors critically review and challenge contemporary knowledge, identify significant advances and point to areas for future research. This volume offers the most current understandings about place attachment, a critical concept for the environmental social sciences and placemaking professions.

Social Cognition and Communication

Social Cognition and Communication Author Joseph P. Forgas
ISBN-10 9781135011048
Release 2013-07-31
Pages 368
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Language is the essence of interpersonal behavior and social relationships, and it is social cognitive processes that determine how we produce and understand language. However, there has been surprisingly little interest in the past linking social cognition and communication. This book presents the latest cutting-edge research from a select group of leading international scholars investigating the how language shapes our thinking, and how social cognitive processes in turn influence language production and communication. The chapters represent diverse perspectives of investigating the links between language and communication, including evolutionary, linguistic, cognitive and affective approaches as well as the empirical analysis of written and spoken narratives. New methodologies are presented including the latest techniques of text analysis to illuminate the psychology of individual language users, and entire cultures and societies. The chapters address such questions as how are cognitive and identity processes reflected in language? How do affective states influence language production? Are political correctness norms in language use effective? How do partners manage to accommodate to each other’s communicative expectations? What is the role of language as a medium of interpersonal and intergroup influence? How are individual and cultural identities reflected in, and shaped by narratives in literature, school texts and the media? The book is aimed at all students, researchers and laypersons interested in the interplay between thinking and communication, and should be required reading for all professionals who use language in their everyday work to interact with people.

Transforming Science and Engineering

Transforming Science and Engineering Author Abigail J. Stewart
ISBN-10 0472116037
Release 2007
Pages 362
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"If you have thrown up your hands in despair after trying to retain women science and engineering in the academy, read this book. It offers detailed descriptions of a wide array of tried-and-true programs that have been tested out by the NSF ADVANCE program." ---Joan C. Williams, 1066 Foundation Chair & Distinguished Professor of Law Director, Center for WorkLife Law University of California "Solid and practical, this volume details the first years of NSF funded institutional change to remake gender dynamics inside U.S. science. What works? What doesn't? And why?" ---Londa Schiebinger, John L. Hinds Professor of History of Science and Barbara D. Finberg Director, Michelle R. Clayman Institute for Gender Research at Stanford University, and author of Has Feminism Changed Science? "This book's time has come. Transforming Science and Engineering is important, and lots of people can learn from what has happened in the ADVANCE universities." ---Lotte Bailyn, Professor of Management, Behavioral and Policy Sciences Department, Sloan School of Management, MIT; author of Breaking the Mold: Redesigning Work for Productive and Satisfying Lives; and coauthor of Beyond Work-Family Balance: Advancing Gender Equity and Workplace Performance "This collection profiles 16 NSF ADVANCE grant successes, sandwiched between an interview with Dr. Alice Hogan and Dr. Lee Harle's summary of cost-effective practices from ADVANCE programs, giving so many 'biggest bang for the buck' examples in so few pages that it will easily justify both the cost of the book and the reading time. These accounts do not continue the too-common vague referrals to 'unhealthy environment' or 'chilly climate,' but rather expound the situations before and after the interventions, something necessary in order to transplant the programs, or even to use the programs for idea generation. Transforming Science and Engineering is a model of excellence, and will be extremely useful for those women, men, faculty, or administrators wanting to help their universities move into the 21st century and attract to their campuses qualified women and men who want opportunities to attain their full potentials." ---Donna J. Nelson, Associate Professor of Chemistry, University of Oklahoma In 2001, the National Science Foundation's ADVANCE Institutional Transformation program began awarding five-year grants to colleges and universities to address a common problem: how to improve the work environment for women faculty in science and engineering. Drawing on the expertise of scientists, engineers, social scientists, specialists in organizational behavior, and university administrators, this collection is the first to describe the variety of innovative efforts academic institutions around the country have undertaken. Focusing on a wide range of topics, from how to foster women's academic success in small teaching institutions, to how to use interactive theater to promote faculty reflection about departmental culture, to how a particular department created and maintained a healthy climate for women's scientific success, the contributors discuss both the theoretical and empirical aspects of the initiatives, with emphasis on the practical issues involved in creating these approaches. The resulting evidence shows that these initiatives have the desired effects. The cases represented in this collection depict the many issues women faculty in science and engineering face, and the solutions that are presented can be widely accepted at academic institutions around the United States. The essays in Transforming Science and Engineering illustrate that creating work environments that sustain and advance women scientists and engineers benefits women, men, and underrepresented minorities. Abigail J. Stewart is Sandra Schwartz Tangri Distinguished University Professor of Psychology and Women's Studies at the University of Michigan. Janet E. Malley is a psychologist and Associate Director of the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan. Danielle LaVaque-Manty, former Research Associate at the Institute for Research on Women and Gender at the University of Michigan, teaches composition at U-M's Sweetland Writing Center. Cover photo: Joanne Leonard