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It Takes Two to Talk

It Takes Two to Talk Author Jan Pepper
ISBN-10 9780921145196
Release 2004
Pages 171
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Shows parents how to help their child communicate and learn language during everyday activities.

Creating Tomorrow s Schools Today

Creating Tomorrow s Schools Today Author Richard Gerver
ISBN-10 9781472912831
Release 2014-10-25
Pages 176
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'It's time to focus on the needs of our children, not the whims of our politicians, to provide a way forward for a new landscape in education.' Is our education system working? What future are we preparing our children for? What future do we NEED to prepare our children for? Are we at risk of failing a generation? In this updated edition of renowned education speaker Richard Gerver's book we are faced with these worrying questions and many more regarding the schools our children are attending, the curriculum they are following and the testing system used to catagorise them. In this rousing call for educational revolution, Richard argues passionately that we must fight harder for our children's futures and we must do it today! Richard describes the strategies he used when he was brought in as head teacher to turn around Grange Primary school. It was there that he implemented his vision for a school system that caters for every child; a system that helps nurture self-confidence, self-worth, creativity, innovative thinking, team-working and communication skills - all key employability skills that children will need in the fast-moving world of technology and information they are growing up in. Richard is now the second most successful education speaker in the world behind Sir Ken Robinson, who describes Richard as 'one of the clearest and most passionate voices for radical change in education' and wrote the foreword for this book. Richard has updated Creating Tomorrow's Schools Today based on his visits to schools on every continent, his conversations on education with teachers and industry-leading visionaries such as Steve Wozniak, and in the context of an education system that he fears is forgetting the future we need to prepare our children for. Reforms, tweaks and new policies are not enough ? a radical transformation is needed. If you read only one Education manifesto in the next year, this is it! Join the conversation: #Edvision

Scat Singing Method

Scat Singing Method Author Scott Fredrickson
ISBN-10 1490562559
Release 2013-10
Pages 106
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Scat Singing Method Vocal improvisation can be easily and effectively learned by singers or taught in a classroom situation. For choral ensembles, it is educationally valid as a supplement to the total choral musical curriculum by increasing creativity in individual students, and by enhancing the overall musicianship of entire ensembles. For individual singers, it can increase vocal skill, musicianship, and performance confidence. Theme And Variation This new approach is based on the technique of theme and variation. By using the elements of vocal improvisation: syllables, melody, and rhythm, and applying the techniques, musical objectives can be met and instant success achieved. In other words, you can learn to improvise right NOW! Singing Method Contains: * Complete Step-by-Step Instructions * All musical examples fully annotated * All instructions and examples fully recorded Downloaded MP3 Tracks * 52 tracks of musical examples and instruction * 110 minutes of playing time Eight Performable Compositions & Arrangements * Arranged in various styles, tempos, and keys * Each piece includes vocal melody * SAB backup parts * Written-out piano, bass, and drum parts

Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Speech Disorder

Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Children with Speech Disorder Author Barbara Dodd
ISBN-10 9781118713334
Release 2013-05-30
Pages 400
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Paediatric speech and language therapists are challenged by diminished resources and increasingly complex caseloads. The new edition addresses their concerns. Norms for speech development are given, differentiating between the emergence of the ability to produce speech sounds (articulation) and typical developmental error patterns (phonology). The incidence of speech disorders is described for one UK service providing crucial information for service management. The efficacy of service provision is evaluated to show that differential diagnosis and treatment is effective for children with disordered speech. Exploration of that data provides implications for prioritising case loads. The relationship between speech and language disorders is examined in the context of clinical decisions about what to target in therapy. New chapters provide detailed intervention programmes for subgroups of speech disorder: delayed development, use of atypical error patterns, inconsistent errors and development verbal dyspraxia. The final section of the book deals with special populations: children with cognitive impairment, hearing and auditory processing difficulties. The needs of clinicians working with bilingual populations are discussed and ways of intervention described. The final chapter examines the relationship between spoken and written disorders of phonology.

Outcomes in Speech Language Pathology

Outcomes in Speech Language Pathology Author Lee Ann C. Golper
ISBN-10 9781604066432
Release 2012-09-28
Pages 392
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An updated reference on outcomes in speech-language pathology Based on the pioneering work of Carol C. Frattali,Outcomes in Speech-Language Pathology, Second Edition provides readers with a focused, comprehensive review of current policies, principles, and practices pertaining to outcome measurement in speech-language pathology with particular emphasis on healthcare. It is a unique text that covers outcomes in speech-language pathology practices within the context of contemporary issues across work settings that include clinical practice, applied clinical research, and graduate education. Key Features: The only text that specifically focuses on outcome measurement in speech-language pathology Major themes from the first edition are revisited in light of the impact of contemporary issues and shifts in emphasis in outcomes, including: The prominence of the WHO-ICF as a conceptual model for intervention The impact of public policies and federal mandates Emphasis on value-based, cost-effective clinical healthcare services Growing transparency in organizational performance in accreditation processes The weight currently placed on patient satisfaction and patient-reported outcomes Outcomes assessment across stakeholders in school settings Challenges and revised perspectives on the application of evidence-based practice Increasing demand for applied effectiveness research to inform clinical practices Renewed reliance on single subject experimental designs in SLP intervention research and the application of N=1 research designs to clinical practice The growing emphasis on outcomes in graduate clinical education and supervision as well as in higher education Directors and managers of clinical speech-language pathology programs in healthcare settings as well as clinical staff and supervisors will find this book to be a valuable desk reference and graduate students will use it as a key resource in the course of their studies.

Manual of Articulation and Phonological Disorders

Manual of Articulation and Phonological Disorders Author Ken Mitchell Bleile
ISBN-10 0769302564
Release 2004
Pages 499
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This revised and updated volume in the Clinical Competence Series is a valuable resource for use in the care and treatment of individuals with articulation and phonological disorders. Covering articulation and phonological disorders that span client ages, populations, and settings, this text is ideal for both clinical use and in communication sciences programs. In addition to updating information from the first edition, the second edition adds two new chapters, providing an overview of speech and its disorders and addressing how children develop speech perception and production skills for communication. New to the Edition New Chapter 1: Foundations of Care, describes the social, linguistic, and biological foundations that underlie clinical care as described in this book. New Chapter 3: Speech Development, contains extensive discussion and clinically useful tables showing developmental milestones in speech perception and production, the connection between speech perception and production, and speech for purposes of communication. Updated references New appendices Revises section on distinguishing dialect from disorder and varieties of American English

Uncommon Understanding

Uncommon Understanding Author Dorothy V.M. Bishop
ISBN-10 9781317775317
Release 2014-02-04
Pages 288
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A great deal has been written on how children learn to speak, but development of language comprehension has been a relatively neglected topic. This book is unique in integrating research in language acquisition, psycholinguistics and neuropsychology to give a comprehensive picture of the process we call "comprehension", right from the reception of an acoustic stimulus at the ear, up to the point where we interpret the message the speaker intended to convey by the utterance. A major theme of the book is that "comprehension" is not a unitary skill: to understand spoken language, one needs the ability to classify incoming speech sounds, to relate them to a "mental lexicon", to interpret the propositions encoded by word order and grammatical inflections, and to use information from the environmental and social context to select, from a wide range of possible interpretations, the one that was intended by the speaker. Furthermore, although neuropsychological and experimental research on adult comprehension can provide useful concepts and methods for assessing comprehension, they should be applied with caution, because a sequential, bottom-up information processing model of comprehension is ill-suited to the developmental context. The emphasis of the book is on children with specific language impairments, but normal development is also given extensive coverage. The focus is on research and theory, rather than practical matters of assessment and intervention. Nevertheless, while this book is not intended as a clinical guide to assessment, it does aim to provide a theoretical framework that can help clinicians develop a clearer understanding of what comprehension involves, and how different types of difficulty may be pinpointed.

The Treatment of Stuttering

The Treatment of Stuttering Author Charles Van Riper
ISBN-10 UOM:39015015104022
Release 1973
Pages 465
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Reviews a number of historical and current approaches involving relaxation, reinforcement, and drug treatment and outlines an original therapeutic program. Bibliogs

Syntactic Structures

Syntactic Structures Author Noam Chomsky
ISBN-10 9783110218329
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 135
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Syntactic Structures has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Syntactic Structures also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Syntactic Structures book for free.

How to sing

How to sing Author Lilli Lehmann
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105042992326
Release 1902
Pages 281
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How to sing has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to sing also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to sing book for free.

Ear Nose and Throat Anatomical Chart

Ear  Nose and Throat Anatomical Chart Author
ISBN-10 1587791161
Release 2004-03-01
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This chart shows general anatomy including middle and inner ear, septum of nose, lateral wall of nose, and inspiration, phonation, and posterior view of larynx. "Three dimensions let you feel texture and form. Three-dimensional images, bold titles, and clear, easy-to-read labels make it easy and fun to learn about the body. The durable, lightweight, non-toxic, recyclable plastic will last indefinitely. The chart has a hole at the top for easy wall hanging, and will also stand up on an easel.

I Am Deaf

I Am Deaf Author Jennifer Moore-Mallinos
ISBN-10 0764141791
Release 2009
Pages 32
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A young girl who is deaf describes her daily life and how she manages to be happy despite the challenges posed by her disability.

Anatomy of the Inner Ear Anatomical Chart

Anatomy of the Inner Ear Anatomical Chart Author Anatomical Chart Company Staff
ISBN-10 1587790866
Release 2004-06-01
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A beautiful full color and finely detailed wall chart with clearly labeled illustrations. The Anatomy of the Inner Ear features a large central illustration showing the temporal bone and the structures that make up the inner ear - mastoid portion, petrous portion and squamous portion. Also illustrated and labeled are: Right external ear Auditory ossicles Lateral aspect of right tympanic membrane Crista ampullaris Cochlea Organ of Corti the Membranous Labyrinth the Macula of Utricle Made in the USA. Available in the following versions : 20" x 26" heavy paper laminated with grommets at top corners ISBN 9781587790850 20" x 26" heavy paper ISBN 9781587790867

Vocal Aging

Vocal Aging Author Sue Ellen Linville
ISBN-10 1565939026
Release 2001-01-01
Pages 320
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With the growth of the aging population and the graying of the workplace, the need for expertise in the diagnosis and treatment of vocal pathologies of the aging voice expands more each year. Vocal Aging provides physicians, clinicians, researchers, and students with all aspects of voice use and quality of the elderly. Covering all aspects of anatomy and physiology of changes of the maturing vocal production system, this unique volume provides illustrative case histories, along with extensive referencing. The special challenges of the aging professional voice are detailed. Pointers are given on distinguishing normal vocal qualities of the elderly from voice disorders. information on the differential effects of drugs on the voice of older persons provides further diagnostic insight.

Learning Language and Loving it

Learning Language and Loving it Author Elaine Weitzman
ISBN-10 0921145187
Release 2002
Pages 397
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Provides a look at life in child care settings and how early childhood educators use the Hanen approach to promote interaction, language learning and emergent literacy in young children.

Video Games Your Kids

Video Games   Your Kids Author Hilarie Cash
ISBN-10 PSU:000064367965
Release 2008
Pages 191
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Video Games & Your Kids is for parents who are worried that their children may be spending too much time playing video games. Based on research and the authors' clinical experience, the book explains what gaming addiction is, how much gaming is too much, and the affects gaming has on the body and brain. The authors give gaming advice on each stage of life; birth-2 years, ages 2-6, elementary school years, adolescence, and adult children still living at home. Where there is a problem, the authors provide parents with tools that will help the them successfully set appropriate limits for their children.

Writing Tsr S Through C

Writing Tsr S Through C Author Kanetkar
ISBN-10 8170295203
Release 2002-01-01
Pages 356
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This Book Takes You Into The Exciting World Of Terminate And Stay Resident Programs. A World Which Most Dos Programmers Don'T Dare To Test Their Strengths With From The First Toddling Steps To The Professional Tsrs, This Book Has Everything. It Contains An In-Depth Coverage Of Advanced Topics Like Pop Up Tsrs, Tsrs & Swappable Date Area, Development Of Tsr Engine, Vaccines & Viruses, Tsrifying Existing Utilities, Etc. More Than 5000 Lines Of Source Code And A Direct And Lucid Approach Distinguishes This Book From Others. After Reading This Book, You Will Have A Proficiency In Writing Tsrs That You Never Imagined Possible.