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Ancient Trees

Ancient Trees Author Anna Lewington
ISBN-10 9781849940801
Release 2012-11-26
Pages 300
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Among all the varied productions with which Nature has adorned the surfaces of the earth, none awakens our sympathies, or interests our imagination so powerfully as those venerable trees, which seem to have stood the lapse of ages John Muir, 1868 A fascinating celebration of the some of the oldest living organisms on the planet, from the grand Oaks of Europe and mighty Redwoods of California to Africas upside-down Baobab tree, and from the Ginkgos of China and Korea to the Olive tree, the worldwide symbol of peace. Ancient Trees covers those species of tree that have lived for more than a thousand years: the Redwood, Bristlecone pine, Montezuma Cypress, the Monkey Puzzle, Amazonian Ancients, Yew, Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Lime, Olive, Welwitschia, the Baobab, Kauri, Totara, Antarctic Beech, the Fig, Cedar, and Ginkgo. Anna Lewington, the well-known writer on all things botanical, and leading wildlife photographer Edward Parker provide an illuminating and visually striking history of each tree species, including where the long-living species can still be found, the trees botanical details, and its mythical associations.

Ancient and Other Veteran Trees

Ancient and Other Veteran Trees Author D. Lonsdale
ISBN-10 0904853098
Release 2013
Pages 202
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Ancient and Other Veteran Trees has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ancient and Other Veteran Trees also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ancient and Other Veteran Trees book for free.

Veteran Trees

Veteran Trees Author Helen J. Read
ISBN-10 1857164741
Release 2000
Pages 176
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Veteran Trees has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Veteran Trees also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Veteran Trees book for free.

New York City Trees

New York City Trees Author Edward Sibley Barnard
ISBN-10 0231128355
Release 2002
Pages 240
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Complemented by more than seven hundred full-color photographs, drawings, and maps, this intriguing field guide takes a close-up look at the trees of New York City and the metropolitan area, discussing the natural history of each tree, furnishing identification tips, and including a driectory of the oldest, strangest, and most beautiful trees. Original. (Biology & Natural History)

Ancient Skies Ancient Trees

Ancient Skies  Ancient Trees Author
ISBN-10 0789211955
Release 2016
Pages 114
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Ancient Skies Ancient Trees has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ancient Skies Ancient Trees also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ancient Skies Ancient Trees book for free.

Venerable Trees

Venerable Trees Author Tom Kimmerer
ISBN-10 9780813165684
Release 2015-10-06
Pages 280
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When the first settlers arrived in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky, they found an astonishing landscape of open woodland grazed by vast herds of bison. Farmers quickly replaced the bison with cattle, sheep, and horses, but left many of the trees to shade their pastures. Today, central Kentucky and central Tennessee still boast one of the largest populations of presettlement trees in the nation, found in both rural and urban areas. In Venerable Trees: History, Biology, and Conservation in the Bluegrass, Tom Kimmerer showcases the beauty, age, size, and splendor of these ancient trees and the remaining woodland pastures. Documenting the distinctive settlement history that allowed for their preservation, Kimmerer explains the biology of Bluegrass trees and explores the reasons why they are now in danger. He also reveals the dedication and creativity of those fighting to conserve these remarkable three-hundred- to five-hundred-year-old plants -- from innovative, conscientious developers who build around them rather than clearing the land to farmers who use lightning rods to protect them from natural disasters. Featuring more than one hundred color photographs, this beautifully illustrated book offers guidelines for conserving ancient trees worldwide while educating readers about their life cycle. Venerable Trees is an informative call to understand the challenges faced by the companions so deeply rooted in the region's heritage and a passionate plea for their preservation.

The Tree Care Primer

The Tree Care Primer Author Christopher Roddick
ISBN-10 1889538299
Release 2007
Pages 119
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A handy how-to manual for property owners details how to assess the health of one's trees and how to keep them growing well, explaining how to select the right species of tree to suit its environment, how to deal with a variety of environmental challenges, how to master the fundamental pruning techniques, and more. Original.

Illustrated Book of Trees

Illustrated Book of Trees Author William Carey Grimm
ISBN-10 9780811741644
Release 2002-03-01
Pages 720
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Completely revised and updated. More than 30 new species described and illustrated.

The Sibley Guide to Trees

The Sibley Guide to Trees Author
ISBN-10 UOM:39076002858608
Release 2009
Pages 426
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Featuring more than 4,100 detailed paintings and five hundred maps, highlights the similarities and distinctions between approximately six hundred North American tree species.

Growing Koa

Growing Koa Author Kim M. Wilkinson
ISBN-10 9780970254429
Release 2003-01-01
Pages 104
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Growing Koa has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Growing Koa also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Growing Koa book for free.

As An Oak Tree Grows

As An Oak Tree Grows Author G. Brian Karas
ISBN-10 9780698171336
Release 2014-09-11
Pages 32
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This inventive picture book relays the events of two hundred years from the unique perspective of a magnificent oak tree, showing how much the world can transform from a single vantage point. From 1775 to the present day, this fascinating framing device lets readers watch as human and animal populations shift and the landscape transitions from country to city. Methods of transportation, communication and energy use progress rapidly while other things hardly seem to change at all. This engaging, eye-opening window into history is perfect for budding historians and nature enthusiasts alike, and the time-lapse quality of the detail-packed illustrations will draw readers in as they pore over each spread to spot the changes that come with each new era. A fact-filled poster is included to add to the fun.

Ogam The Celtic Oracle of the Trees

Ogam  The Celtic Oracle of the Trees Author Paul Rhys Mountfort
ISBN-10 0892819197
Release 2002-08-01
Pages 224
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This comprehensive and practical guide to the ancient oracle is based on the alphabet of the Druids. It provides an historical background and bibliographic references to the Druidic mythology ruling this 1,500-year-old oracle.

The Hidden Life of Trees

The Hidden Life of Trees Author Peter Wohlleben
ISBN-10 0008218439
Release 2017-08
Pages 288
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Sunday Times Bestseller 'A paradigm-smashing chronicle of joyous entanglement' Charles Foster Are trees social beings? How do trees live? Do they feel pain or have awareness of their surroundings? In The Hidden Life of Trees Peter Wohlleben makes the case that the forest is a social network. He draws on groundbreaking scientific discoveries to describe how trees are like human families: tree parents live together with their children, communicate with them, support them as they grow, share nutrients with those who are sick or struggling, and even warn each other of impending dangers. Wohlleben also shares his deep love of woods and forests, explaining the amazing processes of life, death and regeneration he has observed in his woodland. A walk in the woods will never be the same again.

Readers Guide to Periodical Literature

Readers  Guide to Periodical Literature Author
ISBN-10 MSU:31293023503711
Release 1916
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Author and subject index to a selected list of periodicals not included in the Readers' guide, and to composite books.

The Home Orchard Handbook

The Home Orchard Handbook Author Cem Akin
ISBN-10 9781610602235
Release 2011-08-01
Pages 192
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Crisp apples, tart lemons, lush figs, tender peaches—imagine the bounty of a late-summer farmer’s market, right in your backyard! Learning how to plant and care for fruit trees is a desirable, accessible activity for a wide range of people. It’s a natural extension of many gardeners’ repertoires, and the investment yields generations of results. Growing your own fruit ensures a fresh, delicious, abundant harvest for your family and friends for years to come. Fruit trees diversify a region’s agricultural landscape and ecosystems, attracting pollinating bees, songbirds, and other desirable visitors. And cultivating orchards on your own decreases your reliance on grocery store distribution channels and boosts sustainability. Inside The Home Orchard Handbook, you'll find: —Strategies for choosing your orchard's site, taking into consideration soil quality, sun exposure, microclimates, drainage, and more —Information on plant selection, including what types of fruit trees do well in certain areas and how to decipher critical concepts such as "chill hours," "cultivars," "bareroot," and "cross-pollination" —Guidance on aftercare, including in-depth watering, composting, and preventative care schedules to keep your backyard orchard fruitful for years —Advice on troubleshooting diseases, conditions, and non-beneficial insects using only humane, organic remedies —General tips on jamming, dehydrating, storing, and otherwise making the most of your orchard’s harvest with delicious recipes from chefs Tal Ronnen and Diana Stobo Start growing your own fruit trees wherever you are with The Home Orchard Handbook!

Concise Guide to Self Sufficiency

Concise Guide to Self Sufficiency Author John Seymour
ISBN-10 9780756647544
Release 2007-07-30
Pages 256
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Teaching all the skills needed to live independently in harmony with the land, from harnessing natural forms of energy and raising cropsto keeping livestock and preserving foodstuffs, this John Seymour classic is still the most practical guide for realists and dreamers alike. John Seymour authored over 40 books, including the DK’s best-selling Complete Book of Self-Sufficiency and The Forgotten Arts & Crafts. He died in the fall of 2004 at the age of 90.


Bonsai Author Peter Chan
ISBN-10 9781629142623
Release 2014-05-06
Pages 176
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For everyone from beginners to masters, the one essential book to growing, grooming, and caring for your bonsai tree. Bonsai is the ancient craft of carefully regulating the growth and shape of trees in order to produce miniature versions of mature trees. Dating back over one thousand years to ancient Japan, bonsai trees are some of the most beautiful and meticulously looked-after plants in the world, and in recent years bonsai have exploded in popularity in the Western world. Bonsai, written by world-renowned bonsai expert Peter Chan, is the essential compendium for anyone interested in trying out bonsai for the first time or adding more bonsai to their existing collections, detailing everything you need to know about buying and maintaining a magnificent bonsai tree, including: • How to pick the right bonsai for you • Tools and supplies to ensure your bonsai prospers • How to shape your bonsai into different styles • How different pots affect the growth of your bonsai • And much more! With hundreds of color photographs and easy-to-read directions and explanations on a variety of subjects, Bonsai is the only book you’ll ever need to successfully start and maintain your own beautiful bonsai tree collection.