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Guided Inquiry

Guided Inquiry Author Carol C. Kuhlthau
ISBN-10 9780313096150
Release 2007-10-22
Pages 188
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The authors set forth the theory and rationale behind adopting a Guided Inquiry approach to PreK–12 education, as well as the expertise, roles and responsibilities of each member of the instructional team.

Guided Inquiry Design A Framework for Inquiry in Your School

Guided Inquiry Design    A Framework for Inquiry in Your School Author Carol C. Kuhlthau
ISBN-10 9781610690102
Release 2012-06-06
Pages 188
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Today's students need to be fully prepared for successful learning and living in the information age. This book provides a practical, flexible framework for designing Guided Inquiry that helps achieve that goal.

Guided Inquiry Design in Action High School

Guided Inquiry Design   in Action  High School Author Leslie K. Maniotes
ISBN-10 9781440847127
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 254
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Edited by the cocreator of the Guided Inquiry Design® (GID) framework as well as an educator, speaker, and international consultant on the topic, this book explains the nuances of GID in the high school context. It also addresses background research and explains guided inquiry and the information search process. • Enables teachers, school librarians, and other educational partners to simultaneously target outcomes that bring about deep understanding and address curricular goals • Offers a practical, concepts-based approach to inquiry learning, complete units of study in a variety of content areas, and a discussion of the role emotions in the learning process • Includes ready-to-implement Guided Inquiry Design® (GID) lesson plans written by practicing high school librarians and teachers who have been refining their GID curricula for years • Serves to heighten student engagement at the high school level by going beyond fact-finding to foster deeper understanding and knowledge creation • Provides an explicit structure for developing instructional partnerships and collaborative teams within the school and with the larger community

The Evolution of Inquiry Controlled Guided Modeled and Free

The Evolution of Inquiry  Controlled  Guided  Modeled  and Free Author Daniel Callison
ISBN-10 9781610693875
Release 2015-05-26
Pages 252
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Defining the progression toward inquiry learning, this book provides an extensive overview of the past five decades and the evolution of inquiry in science, history, language arts, and information literacy studies. • Helps readers gain an understanding of the historical development of inquiry learning in formal and informal settings • Showcases ways in which inquiry principles can be learned and applied across the K–12 curriculum • Equips professional library media specialists with an understanding of collaboration that supports a leadership role in curriculum development • Illustrates the expectations for inquiry learning based on critical thinking and the ability to make a clear argument with supporting, relevant evidence selected on the basis of logical reasoning

Guided Inquiry Design in Action Middle School

Guided Inquiry Design   in Action  Middle School Author Leslie K. Maniotes
ISBN-10 9781440837654
Release 2015-12-07
Pages 158
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Supplying classroom-tested lessons and unit plans that can serve as templates, this book demonstrates exactly how to integrate and implement Guided Inquiry Design® (GID) theory into practice. • Answers the needs of teachers and librarians who are seeking actual lesson plans using the GID concepts specifically at the 6th–8th grade levels • Supplies lesson plans and complete units of Guided Inquiry Design® along with materials for implementation • Includes techniques for assessment of learning strategies aligned to the Common Core State Standards • Encourages embedded information literacy and creates student choice

Librarians and Educators Collaborating for Success The International Perspective

Librarians and Educators Collaborating for Success  The International Perspective Author Marcia A. Mardis Associate Professor
ISBN-10 9781440837517
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 323
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The first in the IASL-Libraries Unlimited partnership series, this book features contributions written by authors from around the world about their effective collaboration experiences. • Presents stellar programs rooted in research that readers can emulate in their schools • Provides a broad, international perspective on how to achieve effective collaborations that boost student achievement • Establishes a global perspective on the role of libraries in education and elevates the status of librarians • Covers topics of global interest that apply to all age levels

Teaching the Scientific Literature Review Collaborative Lessons for Guided Inquiry 2nd Edition

Teaching the Scientific Literature Review  Collaborative Lessons for Guided Inquiry  2nd Edition Author Randell K. Schmidt
ISBN-10 9781610697408
Release 2014-04-21
Pages 174
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An essential resource for teachers and librarians who work with students in the later high school years through college and graduate school levels, this book explains and simplifies the scholarly task of researching and writing a scientific literature review. • Teaches the Information Search Process (ISP) of Carol Kuhlthau through carefully designed workshops that guide students through the inquiry process • Encourages inquiry into science-based subjects by directing students towards a topic of personal interest linked to those studied in their science class • Aligns instruction on researching and writing a scientific literature review with the Common Core State Standards • Covers use of databases, general press articles, peer-reviewed studies, white papers, and creating tables, charts, and graphs

Collaborating for Inquiry Based Learning School Librarians and Teachers Partner For Student Achievement 2nd Edition

Collaborating for Inquiry Based Learning  School Librarians and Teachers Partner For Student Achievement  2nd Edition Author Virginia L. Wallace
ISBN-10 9781440852855
Release 2016-12-05
Pages 134
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This newly updated and expanded second edition of Collaborating for Inquiry-Based Learning explains effective IBL scaffolding and the school librarian's role as the lead in the collaborative process of inquiry-based teaching. • Positions the librarian as a key leader and collaborator in the inquiry process • Offers educators an alternative resource and tech-based approach for integrating inquiry into instruction • Presents a research-based methodology with step-by-step instructions that ease real-world implementation • Introduces the research model PLAN that can be used with all grade levels and is built on educational theory

Inquiry and the Common Core

Inquiry and the Common Core Author Violet H. Harada
ISBN-10 1610695437
Release 2013-12-16
Pages 241
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With the adoption of the CCSS in most of the nation's schools, educators and administrators at K-12 schools have a pressing need to find the best ways to implement these rigorous and comprehensive standards that challenge students to understand informational text and digital content at increasing levels of complexity. This text provides faculty with much-needed support in achieving this critical goal, thoroughly describing inquiry learning and how it links to the CCSS. The authors--nearly 30 contributors total, comprising librarians, library media specialists, educational leaders, teachers from the kindergarten level to college professors, and administrators, each with direct experience and knowledge regarding the subject matter--explain how the standards' emphasis on in-depth investigation and evidence-based reading and writing skills dovetail perfectly with inquiry-based learning initiatives. Acclaimed thought leaders such as Jean Donham, Kristin Fontischiaro, Leslie Maniotes, and Barbara Stripling clearly define and illuminate the librarian's role in school initiatives today and share lesson plans that have been proven effective in actual practice.

News Literacy The Keys to Combating Fake News

News Literacy  The Keys to Combating Fake News Author Michelle Luhtala
ISBN-10 9781440861536
Release 2018-05-31
Pages 140
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At a time when misinformation in the media is abundant, this book explains the difficulty in nurturing students to become critical researchers and offers practical lessons that empower students to excavate information that will help them learn. • Provides easily replicated and adaptable standards-based lessons • Observes a classroom-tested research model applicable to grade levels 7–12 • Constructs a usable framework for collaboration with colleagues • Gives educators tools to advocate for the necessity of a vibrant, inquiry-based library media program

Information and Digital Literacies

Information and Digital Literacies Author Lesley S.J. Farmer
ISBN-10 9781442239821
Release 2015-09-28
Pages 156
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Information and Digital Literacies: A Curricular Guide for Middle and High School Librarians is a practical guide to help school librarians design and deliver effective instruction that addresses the knowledge, skills and dispositions of information and digital literacies. The ready-to-implement curricular guide features instructional design strategies, model middle and high school curriculum, including a scope-and-sequence, stand-alone courses, units of instruction, and sample learning activities, and ties to new AASL and ACRL information literacy standards, ISTE technology standards, 21st Century Partnership framework, and Common Core State Standards.

Assessing Learning

Assessing Learning Author Violet H. Harada
ISBN-10 1417694637
Release 2005-06
Pages 149
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Focusing on the role of library media specialists in assessing student learning, this is the first full-length book written to address its practical application in the school library media center. It is an important book for school librarians to consider as they address their role as "teachers" in schools and the accountability issues associated with that role. It places students at the center of the assessment equation and addresses the following topics as they relate specifically to school library instructional programs: purposes of assessment, essential elements of assessment, knowing what to assess, multiple methods for assessment, and management and communication of assessment results. The book's primary audiences are library media specialists and teachers in K-12 settings. It is also relevant for other educators, who are centrally involved in K-12 programs including district, regional and state library media coordinators, building level administrators, and library school educators. The authors cull from their own 30-year careers as library practitioners, university instructors, and workshop presenters to present doable, practical methods for the library media specialist to be involved in assessing student learning. Though this topic appears in the theoretical literature and is addressed in journal articles or chapters in contributed books, this is the first practical in-depth analysis for the school library field.

Children s Literature in Action A Librarian s Guide 2nd Edition

Children s Literature in Action  A Librarian s Guide  2nd Edition Author Sylvia M. Vardell
ISBN-10 9781610695619
Release 2014-07-29
Pages 343
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Looking for a practitioner-oriented intro to literature for children ages 5–12? This book covers the latest trends, titles, and tools for choosing the best books and materials as well as for planning fun and effective programs and activities. • Includes recommendations and evaluations of digital eBooks, apps, and audiobooks as well as print titles, providing full coverage of the range of materials for children today • Features short essays by top authors and practitioners in the field to give readers expert opinions and guidance • Provides author comments, collaborative activities, featured books, special topics and programs, selected awards and celebrations, historical connections, recommended resources, issues for discussion, relevant professional standards, and assignment suggestions within each chapter • Addresses the most recent professional and curricular standards for elementary school students—a key element of today's education assessment standards

Euclidean Geometry

Euclidean Geometry Author David M. Clark
ISBN-10 9780821889855
Release 2012-06-26
Pages 127
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Geometry has been an essential element in the study of mathematics since antiquity. Traditionally, we have also learned formal reasoning by studying Euclidean geometry. In this book, David Clark develops a modern axiomatic approach to this ancient subject, both in content and presentation. Mathematically, Clark has chosen a new set of axioms that draw on a modern understanding of set theory and logic, the real number continuum and measure theory, none of which were available in Euclid's time. The result is a development of the standard content of Euclidean geometry with the mathematical precision of Hilbert's foundations of geometry. In particular, the book covers all the topics listed in the Common Core State Standards for high school synthetic geometry. The presentation uses a guided inquiry, active learning pedagogy. Students benefit from the axiomatic development because they themselves solve the problems and prove the theorems with the instructor serving as a guide and mentor. Students are thereby empowered with the knowledge that they can solve problems on their own without reference to authority. This book, written for an undergraduate axiomatic geometry course, is particularly well suited for future secondary school teachers. In the interest of fostering a greater awareness and appreciation of mathematics and its connections to other disciplines and everyday life, MSRI and the AMS are publishing books in the Mathematical Circles Library series as a service to young people, their parents and teachers, and the mathematics profession.

The School Librarian as Curriculum Leader

The School Librarian as Curriculum Leader Author Jody K. Howard
ISBN-10 9781440844072
Release 2017-03-29
Pages 116
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As one of the only books to offer a behind-the-scenes look at the multifaceted role of school librarians in student success, this instructional guide offers everything you'll need to develop, align, and evaluate curriculum with your library collection in mind. • Includes charts, tables, models, and discussion questions to aid school library professors • Provides strategies for developing, aligning, and evaluating curriculum • Features specific process examples for effective collection development • Explains both horizontal and vertical curriculum mapping

RX for the Common Core Toolkit for Implementing Inquiry Learning

RX for the Common Core  Toolkit for Implementing Inquiry Learning Author Mary Boyd Ratzer
ISBN-10 9781610695466
Release 2014-01-22
Pages 159
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Providing clear explanations of inquiry-based learning in the light of the Common Core, this book is a practical and graphical guide that will serve as a much-needed primer for librarians and educators. • Presents essential questions and key concepts as the framework for efficient, effective change • Provides readers with an understanding of the basics of inquiry learning and preparation to use methods and tools to implement inquiry learning • Explains the rationale for the need to redesign instruction in the context of 21st century education • Examines the Common Core and its relationship to inquiry learning • Prepares readers to use a toolkit for implementation of the skills called for in the CCSS, such as synthesis and evaluation, and in order to train others in the implementation of inquiry-based learning and the CCSS

Guided Inquiry Learning in the 21st Century 2nd Edition

Guided Inquiry  Learning in the 21st Century  2nd Edition Author Carol C. Kuhlthau
ISBN-10 9781440833823
Release 2015-10-13
Pages 254
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This dynamic approach to an exciting form of teaching and learning will inspire students to gain insights and complex thinking skills from the school library, their community, and the wider world. • Identifies and explains the five kinds of learning accomplished through guided inquiry • Includes a new chapter on how to meet current curricular standards throughout inquiry learning • Introduces the Guided Inquiry Design framework • Describes guided inquiry's unique approach to transforming learning in today's schools • Discusses how to embed student research in the inquiry process at all grade levels