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Guitar Scales in Context

Guitar Scales in Context Author Joseph Alexander
ISBN-10 1502492059
Release 2014-09-24
Pages 97
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Guitar Scales in Context Guitar Scales in Context goes further than every other scale dictionary available: it provides you with backing tracks and licks for every one of the essential 18 scales and modes that it covers. With over 50 backing tracks included, each scale is analysed, discussed and shown in the five most commonly used patterns. Each scale shape is given with a corresponding chord, triad and arpeggio pattern to help you build and memorise the scale, both physically and aurally. Each scale has an extensive information page giving examples of its use and a description of its unique character. Finally, so you can experience how each scale sounds and feels, three live-recorded example licks are given so you can instantly put the scales into musical context. Guitar Scales in Context is essential reading and practical application for anyone wanting to develop their fretboard skills, music theory and aural awareness. Scales Covered Include: The Major Scale The Dorian Mode The Phrygian Mode The Lydian Mode The Mixolydian Mode The Aeolian Mode The Locrian Mode The Minor Pentatonic (Blues) Scale The Major Pentatonic (Blues) Scale The Melodic Minor Mode The Lydian Dominant Mode The Altered Scale The Harmonic Minor Scale The Phrygian Dominant Mode The Mixolydian Bebop Scale The Dorian Bebop Scale The Half Whole Diminished Scale The Whole Tone Scale Scroll up to buy Guitar Scales in Context now.

Guitar Scales Handbook

Guitar Scales Handbook Author Damon Ferrante
ISBN-10 0615709192
Release 2012-10-25
Pages 130
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Guitar Scales Handbook is a 130-Page Book and Video Course for learning scales, music theory, and fretboard theory. The book is organized in a 100-lesson format that takes you step by step through scales, the notes on the guitar neck, intervals, and music theory. Each lesson builds on the next and the book is designed for beginners through advanced / virtuoso guitarists. The following scales (in 1, 2, and 3 Octaves) are covered in the book: Major Scale and Modes Minor Scales The Blues Scales Pentatonic Minor and Modes Chromatic Scale Pentatonic Major and Modes Harmonic Minor and Modes Whole-Tone Scale Octatonic Scale These are the Play-Along Jam Track Videos: Rockabilly Rock Blues Jam Progressive Rock Pop Ballad Funk

Guitar Chords in Context Part One

Guitar Chords in Context Part One Author Joseph Alexander
ISBN-10 1503152677
Release 2014-11-08
Pages 104
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Guitar Chords in Context Part One - Construction and Application“A complete guitar chord method that teaches you to build, understand and play every chord in modern music”. Not just another chord dictionary. Whether you're learning guitar for the first time, or you're looking for more insight into how guitar chords work,Guitar Chords in Context has the answers you're looking for. Instead of simply listing chord diagrams, this book teaches you in great detail how to construct and apply every chord type you'll ever come across. What's Included? Everything you need to understand and master the guitar neck is included, including over 110 audio examples and backing tracks that you can download for free from The book itself contains over 100 pages of clear, high resolution diagrams covering the construction of every common guitar chord type. There are three different essential voicings for each chord and plenty of information about the context in which it is used. How You Will Immediately Benefit: By understanding the theory behind the construction of each guitar chord type and learning where every interval lays on the fretboard, you will instantly see the guitar neck in a new way. You will quickly internalise the concept of guide tones and be able to use them to immediately construct any chord type you desire, anywhere on the neck. Short-cuts To Quickly Make You Musical: Build and play triads, 7th, 6th and altered dominant chords. Learn how to use substitutions to add diatonic extensions and chromatic alterations to chords. Understand and play guitar chords in a musical context, don't just learn a list of complex voicings When you have read Guitar Chords in Context you will see and understand the guitar neck in a whole new light. In fact, you will never need a traditional 'chord dictionary' again. You will quickly be able to find the musical voicings that work for you - every time. Guitar Chords in Context Includes: Three voicings of every important chord type, along with their theory, construction and use in music 100+ pages and over 110 audio examples to download for free A complete, useful and musical way to master chords for guitar It's easy, systematic, fun and reliable. Click “Look Inside” to find out more or scroll up to buy it now.

The Guitar Grimoire

The Guitar Grimoire Author Adam Kadmon
ISBN-10 0825821711
Release 1995
Pages 211
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Skalaer og akkorder for guitar vist i gribebrætsdiagrammer

The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitarists

The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitarists Author Joseph Alexander
ISBN-10 1503319210
Release 2014-11-20
Pages 106
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The Practical Guide to Modern Music Theory for Guitarists Second Edition Master Music Theory for Guitar While Playing and Hearing it in Context. Over 200 Notated Audio Examples! + Professional Backing Tracks Guitarists are often very guilty of 'collecting' musical theory without taking the time to learn to apply the information on their instrument. 'Modern Music Theory for Guitarists' combines cutting edge, up to date musical information with over 200 exercises and examples to help you internalise and master the most important concepts in modern guitar playing. There are also bespoke, professional backing tracks from Guitar Techniques Magazine's Quist Know What's Important There are so many sources of information out there these days it's hard to know where to begin and what's important when it comes to applying music theory to the guitar. This book has been designed to take you on a journey from essential first principles through to complex, exciting musical ideas while all the time teaching you the musical application of each concept. Essential Knowledge and Musical Skills The Complete Guide to Modern Music Theory begins with the formation of the Major scale and builds steadily from the concepts taught in the first few chapters to help you master, hear and apply all the essential theory used today. Topics Covered Theory topics covered include Major and Minor Scale Construction, Harmonisation and How to Name Chords Constructing Chord Progressions, Modulation and Chord Qualities Complete Study of Modes with real world examples. Modes deconstructed into Intervallic and Three and Four Note Soloing Approaches plus Pentatonic Substitutions A 'Cheat Sheet' of the most common soloing approaches to save you hours in the practice room Guitar Licks for each mode + Professional Backing Tracks Check Out 60+ Positive Reviews Below! "Joseph Alexander writes in a very clear and concise style that is easy to follow." - Just one of the many Amazon reviews Scroll Up to Buy it Now Buy now to begin your journey into musical understanding and practical, musical application.

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar

The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar Author Joseph Alexander
ISBN-10 1499129467
Release 2014-04-12
Pages 103
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Have you ever listened to a master blues musician and wondered why their solos sound different and more powerful than yours? “Beyond Pentatonics” Contains 104 Pages of Blues Guitar Secrets for the Advancing Guitarist: Add New, Rich Melodic Colours to your Solo Learn how the Greatest Guitarists Target the Most Powerful Notes. Master Every Important Scale Choice for Every Chord in the Blues Progression Over 125 Licks, 80 Minutes of Audio and 10 Backing Tracks The Complete Guide to Playing Blues Guitar is a three-part series that teaches you all the essential skills required to become an excellent blues guitarist. Book Three: "Beyond Pentatonics" shows you how to break away from the minor pentatonic soloing rut that many blues guitarists quickly fall into. The first half of "Beyond Pentatonics" shows you how to target the most powerful notes from each chord in the blues progression to create the greatest emotional effect. Every chord change in the blues progression is covered in minute detail, with clear diagrams and plenty of great licks to learn. You'll quickly find yourself playing emotive, original solos that you never before thought possible. The second half of 'Beyond Pentatonics', looks in great detail at the many possiblescale choices for each of the chords in the blues. Every essential scale choice is given for the I, IV and V chords, withtheory and important concepts clearly explained. There are over 125 pieces of authentic blues vocabulary, plus many 'tricks of the trade' to help you incorporate these compelling sounds into your solos. There is no better, more detailed book to teach you the melodic secrets of blues guitar soloing.

The Everything Guitar Scales Book with CD

The Everything Guitar Scales Book with CD Author Marc Schonbrun
ISBN-10 9781598695748
Release 2009-01-17
Pages 256
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GUITAR. Once guitar players learn the basics, they need to take the next step in their musical education. Scales are the musical grammar they're looking for. Having a library of scales helps guitar players to create original music, especially guitar solos. The more readers know about scales, the more interesting their melodies become. This book features: thousands of scale shapes; scales for every style of music; and, the basic theory behind the scales and tips on how to use them.

Complete Technique for Modern Guitar

Complete Technique for Modern Guitar Author Joseph Alexander
ISBN-10 1503317110
Release 2014-11-20
Pages 106
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Complete Technique for Modern Guitar Total Fretboard Accuracy Second Edition Master the Fretboard With over 200 effective exercises, Complete Technique for Modern Guitar destroys the myth that excellent guitar technique takes years to master. This book focuses on only the exercises that most quickly develop the fundamental four areas of guitar technique: Picking, Legato, Playing in Time, and Expression. Every exercise is accompanied by an individual audio track that's available for free. Don't Know what to Practice for the Greatest Benefit? There are hundreds of sources of information about 'correct' guitar technique these days and often students find themselves chasing more and more difficult, obscure exercises to perfect their technique. Complete Technique for Modern Guitar focuses only on the most beneficial, game changing exercises that will develop your playing fast, while leaving time for you to apply each exercise in a musical context. Practice Only What you Need The book begins with a short question; How much technique do you need? You are then free to decide which of the 200 in depth exercises will take you where you want to go. The point of technique practice is to allow us to express ourselves musically - Complete Technique for Modern Guitar helps you to keep that goal in mind while developing the perfect technique for what you want to play. Over 200 No-Nonsense Exercises to Help you Master Your Guitar Technique However good you want to be, all the essential exercises are broken down into the following areas: Finger Independence and Picking Legato Rhythm Expressive Techniques Check out the 60+ Excellent Reviews from Customers on "I find myself returning to these exercises every time that I practice." - review "Honestly, you follow these exercises, and page by page you'll see yourself improving day by day" - review Buy it Now! Scroll up to buy Complete Technique for Modern Guitar now and quickly develop the guitar technique you've been craving. Free Shipping in Paperback with Amazon Prime

The CAGED System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar

The CAGED System and 100 Licks for Blues Guitar Author Joseph Alexander
ISBN-10 1480170496
Release 2012-10-23
Pages 99
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-100 Top Quality Blues Licks- -Complete Method To Learn the Guitar Neck- -Over 1hr of Live Examples and Audio for FREE Download- Whether you want a complete method to learn blues guitar or just a set of100 excellent blues guitar licks, this book has you covered. Most guitarists stay locked into the same patterns and scale shapes for years, unable to break out of the habits and licks they first learnt as a beginner. This leads to creative stagnation, boring solos and a sense that something will always be missing from their playing. Ask yourself this:- When you solo do you normally go straight to your first pentatonic box shape? - Do you normally play in a limited range of 'easy' keys, like A, E, G and C? - Would you like to have complete freedom to visualize and play in any key, in any position on guitar? - Do you only use minor pentatonic scales, or rarely use rich sounding modes to enliven your playing? If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then this book is definitely for you. This book helps you spread out your playing all over the guitar neck. It frees you from playing the same ideas over and over again. This book spurs creativity byopening up the neck and most importantly, it teaches you an incredibly strong visual method to 'hang' scales and licks off 5 easy to remember chord shapes. The CAGED System for Blues Guitar covers both Major and Minor Pentatonic Scales,The Blues Scale and The Mixolydian Mode. With 25 licks for each scale covering all 5 positions, you'll never be short of something interesting to say on your instrument. Contained within are the tricks and secrets that professional guitarists use to unlock the neck and always have something new to play. The most important concept is theCAGED system and it helps you to see the fretboard like the back of your hand and to easily play in any key in any position. This isn't a book just about scales. There are over 100 blues guitar licks in different styles that you will memorise easily, and can form the basis of your new, improved solos. You'll learn tohang these off each chord shape, so wherever you are on the guitar you'll never lose the groove. Each lick is demonstrated with an individual audio example which you can download for free – There is over an hour of audio included and 8 tailored backing tracks.This is the method taught at the London College of Music's Guitar Institute and I'm very happy to share these powerful concepts with you in my book. Have fun, and good luck! Joseph Alexander BA Honours, Dip.HE

Guitar Scale Guru

Guitar Scale Guru Author Karl Aranjo
ISBN-10 1569221863
Release 2000-02-01
Pages 168
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(Creative Concepts Publishing). All of the essential diagrams, drawings and information concerning theory, scales, and their uses in one easy-to-use book! Covers the five essential scales for today's guitarists major, major pentatonic, minor, minor pentatonic and blues with a unique Linking System that makes it easy to understand scales like a pro!

Monster Scales and Modes

Monster Scales and Modes Author Dave Celentano
ISBN-10 0931759595
Release 1991-12-01
Pages 48
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(Instructional). This book is a complete compilation of scales, modes, exotic scales, and theory. It covers the most common and exotic scales, theory on how they're constructed and practical applications. No prior music theory is necessary since every section is broken down and explained very clearly.

Guitarist s Guide to Scales Over Chords

Guitarist s Guide to Scales Over Chords Author Chad Johnson
ISBN-10 9781480356283
Release 2010-11-01
Pages 96
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(Guitar Educational). Lots of guitar players know several scales, but how many really know what to do with them? With Guitarist's Guide to Scales Over Chords , you'll learn how to apply the most commonly used scales in a musical manner. This book examines how scales and chords are closely linked and how this relationship is key to crafting memorable, intelligent solos. If you've been stuck in a pentatonic rut, or you feel that you're constantly relying on the same old patterns, this is the book for you! The book covers 14 scales in detail, and the audio features 99 tracks, including 15 backing track progressions for practice.

The Complete Book of Chords Scales Arpeggios for the Guitar

The Complete Book of Chords  Scales    Arpeggios for the Guitar Author Al Politano
ISBN-10 0898982170
Release 1984-11-01
Pages 88
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General Reference

The Nashville Number System

The Nashville Number System Author Chas Williams
ISBN-10 0963090674
Release 2005
Pages 130
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The Nashville Number System was originally written and published in 1988 by Chas. He has rigorously updated and edited the book for each of 7 subsequent editions. Featured here is the 2005 printing and 7th edition of The Nashville Number System; expanded with the inclusion of the cd/cd rom, String Of Pearls. By word of mouth, it has become the most recommended source for learning the Number System. The Nashville Number System is used as a text at Berklee College of Music, in Boston, Belmont University, in Nashville, and MTSU in Murfreesboro,TN. SYNOPSISIn the late 50's, Neil Matthews devised a musical number system for the Jordanaires to use in the studio. Charlie McCoy and fellow studio musicians began adapting Matthews' number system into chord charts. The Nashville Number System has evolved into a complete method of writing chord charts and melodies---combining Nashville shorthand with formal notation standards. The Nashville Number System is 130 pages with a step by step method of how to write a Nashville number chart for any song. Included with each NNS book in Edition 7 is the cd, "String Of Pearls". This is a 10 song cd of instrumentals, including, Amazing Grace. I walk you through the details of each song and explain the Number System tools used to write the charts. Now, while listening to the cd, you can see and hear how Nashville number charts work.String Of Pearls is an Extended CD (CD ROM). As well as high quality audio that will play in your cd player, you can insert the disc into your computer and watch animated number charts as you listen to the songs. On the cd rom, there is a click track with each song and a highlight moving from chord to chord in time with the music. You can see exactly how to count each measure in real time with the music. Counting bars is probably the hardest part of the number system to teach. With this cd rom, you will be able to see, hear and feel how these charts work.

Jazz Guitar Voicings

Jazz Guitar Voicings  Author Randy Vincent
ISBN-10 9781457101373
Release 2011-01-12
Pages 69
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Have you ever wondered how guitarists like Joe Pass, Jim Hall and Wes Montgomery find such full, luscious voicings for their chord melody playing? Well, much of that sound is based on the "Drop 2" principle of chord voicings. In this book, veteran guitarist Randy Vincent explains exactly how you can get that same sound too. Endorsed by Julian Lage, John Stowell, Larry Koonse, etc.

Progressive Guitar Chords

Progressive Guitar Chords Author Gary Turner
ISBN-10 0947183094
Release 2008
Pages 179
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Progressive Guitar Chords has been specifically designed for players of three different levels: The Beginner, featuring open chord sections, the simplest and most widely used chord shapes in all keys. The Semi Advanced Player, who will need a thorough knowlwdge of Bar Chords shapes in all positions, particularly useful to Rock guitarists. And last, the Advanced Player, who will refer to the moveable shapes for chords widely used by Jazz guitarists. Comes with a CD & DVD.

Three Note Voicings and Beyond

Three Note Voicings and Beyond Author Randy Vincent
ISBN-10 9781457124976
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 200
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Randy Vincent's second Sher Music Co. book covers every aspect of the crucial three-note voicings every guitarist needs to know. It has received glowing endorsements from Pat Metheny, Jim Hall, Mike Stern, Ben Monder, Vic Juris, Gene Bertoncinni, Julian Lage, etc. Three-Note Voicings and Beyond is for everyone from intermediate newcomers to jazz guitar to very advanced players. The book develops a unique dynamic concept of harmony where three independently moving lines team up to create beautiful harmonies that are valuable for comping, chord melodies and chordal jazz improvisations. Topics include: Three-note shell voicings and special derived comp voicings Compete triad review including all close and open inversions on all strings A section on developing walking guitar voicings, harmonized bass lines perfect for accompaniments in situations where no bass or keyboard is present Sections on triad applications such as slash chords, upper structures, hexatonic triad-pairs and special hybrid voicings Quartal and secundal voicings perfect for modal comping and soloing Drop-2 reductions perfect for melody harmonizations A complete method to develop a realistic simulation of Shearing-style block-chord voicings on guitar. Plus much more!