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Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers

Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers Author Max Prasac
ISBN-10 1440246076
Release 2017-01-06
Pages 256
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"Your guide to big-bore revolver hunting! Handgun hunting has evolved significantly over the last 25 years. With Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers , you'll learn about the available factory and custom revolvers, plus calibers, bullets, and terminal effectiveness on all sizes of game. This book stands alone as the most comprehensive look ever at the revolver as a viable primary hunting tool--and is your guide to taking the hunt to the next level like only big-bore revolver hunting can. Examine the currently available hunting revolvers and their intended applications. Read fascinating handgun hunting stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat--and inform your choice of big-bore revolvers for any game on this planet. This comprehensive examination of handgun hunting dispels the myths of handgun potency and terminal ballistics and is the ultimate guide to the challenge and reward of pursuing game with big-bore revolvers. Includes:Extensive, detailed look at factory and custom revolvers Terminal ballistics: theory, application and bullet design Dissolving myths about paper ballistics Photos and stories of big-bore revolvers on the hunt Whether a seasoned sixgun shooter looking to push the limits, or a newbie just considering the close-range challenge of handgun hunting, this book is the ultimate guide." -- ONIX annotations.

The Gun Digest Book of the Revolver

The Gun Digest Book of the Revolver Author Grant Cunningham
ISBN-10 1440218129
Release 2011-11-10
Pages 240
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Get to Know Your Revolver—Inside and Out! Gun Digest Book of the Revolver covers all aspects of living with the double-action revolver: shooting, handling, carrying, maintaining and accessorizing—everything you need to know to operate the quintessential American handgun. Topics in this comprehensive volume include: Self-Defense—Revolvers are still a good choice! Sighting options—including tips for aging eyes Getting the right hand fit Grips that work—and those that don't Spare ammo carrying options Maintenance and cleaning how-to's The right holster for the job Wheel-gun ammo choices for work, play and self-defense And much, much more!! Whether you use your revolver for sport, hunting, competition or self-defense, you'll learn something from this book!

The Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers

The Gun Digest Book of Ruger Revolvers Author Max Prasac
ISBN-10 1440237174
Release 2014-01-07
Pages 256
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Details the Ruger's path to fame and the innovations and influential technology that have made the revolver such a reliable, popular firearm, with full-color photographs of traditional, rare and customized pieces.--

Gun Digest Shooter s Guide to Handguns

Gun Digest Shooter s Guide to Handguns Author Grant Cunningham
ISBN-10 1440232725
Release 2012-12-27
Pages 256
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Need answers now? Gun Digest's Shooter's Guide to Handguns will quickly give you the facts you need to help you choose your handgun, select ammunition, shoot it effectively, and take care of your investment--all in an easy-to-read, well-illustrated format. With more information for the dollar than any shooting book on the market, you get: Compelling text by a world-renowned revolver gunsmith and certified Combat Focus Shooting instructor. Up-to-date ballistics data. The latest handguns, loads and optics. Whether you're interested in self defense, hunting, plinking, or competition, this is the one book that should be on your shelf!

Big Bore Revolvers

Big Bore Revolvers Author Max Prasac
ISBN-10 1440228566
Release 2012-08-31
Pages 224
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Is bigger better? You bet it is, when it's a big-bore revolver! Big-Bore Revolvers offers a one-stop resource for the wheelgun novice to the hardened veteran and everyone in between. With in-depth coverage of commercial and wildcat calibers and their effectiveness, theoretical and actual application of terminal ballistics and a detailed look at today's available revolver platforms, this is the most comprehensive book ever published on the topic. Inside you'll find: A one-stop resource for everything you want and need to know about big-bore revolvers Foreword by Dick Casull, modern big-bore revolver pioneer and father of the cartridge that carries his name--the famous .454 Casull A comprehensive look at dozens of oversized cartridges, their designers and ballistics Detailed descriptions of the power-house revolvers that can handle big-bore loads--even if you can't! More than 250 full-color photos, highlighting cartridge comparisons, the revolvers themselves, and the big and dangerous game that are no match for the devastating power of these firearms. And much, much more! With a special look at the pioneers behind the big-bore revolution, and hunt stories as giant as the guns and cartridges themselves, this is one book every handgun lover and hunter will want to read cover to cover. Authored by big-bore revolver aficionado Max Prasac, and with collaboration from John Parker and Jack Huntington, two of the most authoritative names in big-bore revolver circles, this compendium of facts, history and first-hand experiences behind the sights fills a long-vacant niche.

Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers

Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers Author
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Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Gun Digest Book of Hunting Revolvers book for free.

The Gun Digest Book of the 44

The Gun Digest Book of the  44 Author John Taffin
ISBN-10 0896894169
Release 2006-11-13
Pages 288
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The Guns. The Loads. &break;It's All Here! &break;&break;It civilized the American frontier, fought the Civil War and tamed the Wild West. Today, the big .44 is still America's favorite caliber for hunting, target shooting and serious self-defense. &break;&break;And who better to write of the .44 than John Taffin? In this entertaining, informative narrative, America's favorite big-bore specialist paints a fascinating portrait of the Big Forty-Four, from the earliest cap-and-ball revolvers and the legendary lever-actions to the .44 Magnum and beyond. &break;&break;You'll enjoy: &break;&break;Range reports on .44-caliber firearms, old and new &break;Hundreds of detailed photos &break;Loading data for .44-caliber handguns, rifles and carbines &break;&break;For the collector, for the hunter, for the reloader - for the Dirty Harry in all of us - Gun Digest Book of the .44 is required reading.

Hunting for Handgunners

Hunting for Handgunners Author Larry Kelly
ISBN-10 0873491092
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 256
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Covers the development of handgun hunting as a sport, guns and ammunition, and some of the remarkable adventures that have occured while hunting with handguns

The Accurate Handgun

The Accurate Handgun Author Robert K. Campbell
ISBN-10 1946267007
Release 2017-10-18
Pages 240
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With the popularity of IDPA, IPSC and silhouette competition, and a variety of available choices for hunting and concealed carry, handgun accuracy has never been more important. In the personal defense field, accuracy and precision could mean the difference between life and death. Gun Digest Media's newest title, The Accurate Handgun by author Robert Campbell, details how to make any handgun more accurate--from choosing the best revolvers and autoloaders, to honing shooter mindset and skill. Serious target shooters, hunters and armed citizens demand accurate handguns. The upgrades and accessories covered in The Accurate Handgun are invaluable to make any sidearm perform better. In addition, the author illuminates the road to expert marksmanship. Readers learn how to perfect the human component of accuracy. Inside the book: Handgun shooting techniques that will immediately improve accuracy for any shooter Reloading tips and tricks to make more reliable and precise loads Expert insights into handgun ammo selection--from rimfire to big bore DIY projects to improve handgun function and accuracy in popular makes and models From in-depth accuracy tips and gun tests of handguns from Glock, Colt, SIG, CZ, Springfield Armory and many more, to honest evaluations of the latest handgun ammunition, The Accurate Handgun highlights the technical aspects of the handgun, which shooters must understand to achieve truly high performance and precision. Plus, how to interface human ability and biomechanical aspects such as hand fit and trigger action with shooting technique.

Handgun Hunting

Handgun Hunting Author Mark Hampton
ISBN-10 0873493648
Release 2002
Pages 215
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Each year more and more hunters accept the challenge of bagging their quarry with a handgun. This book provides the information needed to hunt everything from jackrabbits to elephants. Mark Hampton takes readers to North and South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and Europe to discover what game is a available and what kind of firepower is needed to take it. His overview of available guns, effective hunting bullet designs, ammunition, handloading, and other hunting accessories gives hunters the edge they need for success. Covers small game such as varmints, squirrels, rabbits, impala, puma, and klipspringer, and larger game such as deer, bear, moose, caribou, boar, mountain lion, elk, antelope, wildebeest, and kudu. Also features Africa's most dangerous beasts: leopard, lion, cape buffalo, rhino, and elephant. - Covers hunting all types of game with a handgun - Reviews available guns, effective hunting bullet designs, reloading, and other accessories - Suggests specific calibers for hunting small and large animals

The Gun Digest Book of Beretta Pistols

The Gun Digest Book of Beretta Pistols Author Massad Ayoob
ISBN-10 0873499980
Release 2005
Pages 287
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This book will give you all the in sight you need to choose and use a Beretta pistol with confidence.

The Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns

The Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns Author Dan Shideler
ISBN-10 144022384X
Release 2011-09-01
Pages 208
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For the collector, shooter, or fan of combat handguns, the Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns is a must-have resource. The Gun Digest Book of Classic Combat Handguns is an absolutely unique compilation of articles celebrating the greatest combat pistols of all time, as they originally appeared in the world's greatest firearms annual, Gun Digest, from 1944 to present. Presented by the greatest gun writers of all time, this volume entertains you with information-packed stories about semi-auto pistols and revolvers recognized around the world as classic combat handguns, from historical combat firearms such as the 1911 and the Luger to modern classics like the Glock. Read about these great guns... Model 1911 Glock 17 Luger P08 Bren Ten SIG-Sauer Autos Snubnosed Revolvers and more!

The Gun Digest Book of 9mm Handguns

The Gun Digest Book of 9mm Handguns Author Steve Comus
ISBN-10 0873491491
Release 1993
Pages 256
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Set your sights on what is still the caliber of choice for many. Steve Comus updates this sophomore edition with major manufacturers, what's new with the second generation and what we can look for in the future.

Gun Digest Book of CZ

Gun Digest Book of CZ Author Robb Manning
ISBN-10 144024622X
Release 2017-02-17
Pages 288
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With the author's unprecedented access to historical images and information, and as the first book of its kind written in English, Gun Digest Book of CZ will be the go-to resource for everything there is to know about CZ firearms. Triggered by the fall of communism and reorganization of the previously state-owned company, CZ (Ceska zbrojovka) firearms are becoming increasingly popular with American shooters as more people learn about them. With the author's unprecedented access to historical images and information, and as the first book of its kind written in English, Gun Digest Book of CZ is the go-to resource for everything there is to know about CZ firearms. The Czech Republic is one of the oldest makers of firearms. Some of the earliest guns (Middle ages) come from this region. CZ as a gun maker has been around for nearly a century as a communist state owned entity, but is new in the sense that it re-organized into its current form after the fall of communism. While "new" to American shooters, CZ has a reputation around the rest of the world as a high quality, dependable firearm. The audience for this book includes the exploding market of CZ enthusiasts and collectors and anyone interested in these iconic firearms. The book offers insights for the modern shooter, as well as anyone interested in historic firearms and manufacturers.

The Gun Digest Book of SIG Sauer

The Gun Digest Book of SIG Sauer Author Massad Ayoob
ISBN-10 1440239142
Release 2014-06-11
Pages 272
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In Gun Digest Book of SIG-Sauer 2nd Edition, pre-eminent fighting handgun trainer Massad Ayoob takes an in-depth look at some of the finest pistols on the market. In this revised 2nd Edition: First-hand gun reviews evaluate handling characteristics, design and performance Insider reviews explain developments over the past 10 years New chapters cover the most popular new models, and revisions explain significant changes to existing models If you own a SIG-Sauer pistol, have considered buying one or just appreciate the quality of these fine pistols, this is the book for you!

Automatic Pistols Assembly Disassembly

Automatic Pistols Assembly Disassembly Author J B Wood
ISBN-10 0896894738
Release 2007-11-04
Pages 752
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Firearms collectors and shooters are the original do-it-yourself crowd, long before DIY become the hot household name it is today. J.B. Wood's five-part Assembly/Disassembly series is prolific. &break;&break;Gunsmithing expert instructor J.B. Woods is back with a must-have reference to help you tackle the extensive growth in newly designed semi-auto pistols of the last decade, which has left an urgent need for up-to-date assembly/disassembly instructions. &break;&break;With 85 more models than previous editions, and more than 4,000 superb photos, including valuable step-by-step illustrations for cleaning and repairing and customizing, gunsmiths can easily apply the instructions in this book to most semi-automatic pistol projects, and save money.

The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values

The Gun Digest Book of Modern Gun Values Author Dan Shideler
ISBN-10 0896891518
Release 2005-11-01
Pages 680
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Provides values and details on over 12,000 guns manufactured from 1900 to the present.