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When True Love Came to China

When True Love Came to China Author Lynn Pan
ISBN-10 9789888208807
Release 2015-11-01
Pages 336
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The Guardian's Best Books of 2015 Most people suppose that the whole world knows what it is to love; that romantic love is universal, quintessentially human. Such a supposition has to be able to meet three challenges. It has to justify its underlying assumption that all cultures mean the same thing by the word ‘love’ regardless of language. It has to engage with the scholarly debate on whether or not romantic love was invented in Europe and is uniquely Western. And it must be able to explain why early twentieth-century Chinese writers claimed that they had never known true love, or love by modern Western standards. By addressing these three challenges through a literary, historical, philosophical, biographical and above all comparative approach, this highly original work shows how love’s profile in China shifted with the rejection of arranged marriages and concubinage in favour of free individual choice, monogamy and a Western model of romantic love. ‘This book, Lynn Pan’s best to date, adds a wonderful new angle by encouraging us, via comparison, to better appreciate how unusual, even in some ways exotic, a part of the Western past we take for granted, as though it were natural, actually is. While the reader will learn a great deal about Chinese literary and cultural traditions from this book, if read with an open mind the Western reader may end up rethinking things about his or her tradition just as deeply.’ —Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, Chancellor’s Professor of History, University of California at Irvine ‘Nobody writes about China quite as brilliantly as Lynn Pan, who in this new, illuminating work on love showcases her trademark erudition entwined with a novelist’s sensibility. Pan’s rare skill makes the book a treat from start to finish; a sumptuous, deft and moving analysis of China’s relationship with love.’ —Mishi Saran, author of Chasing the Monk’s Shadow: A Journey in the Footsteps of Xuanzang and The Other Side of Light

Annotated Leading Patent Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions

Annotated Leading Patent Cases in Major Asian Jurisdictions Author Kung-Chung LIU
ISBN-10 9789629373078
Release 2017-06-06
Pages 468
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The first of its kind, this book presents a comprehensive collection of leading patent cases from nine major Asian jurisdictions which are analyzed by eminent scholars and legal practitioners from Asia, Germany, and the United States. It contains thirty case reports covering six topics which best reflect the current trends in Asia in patent law, namely specialized IP court (or division), compulsory licensing, the intersection between patent law and competition law, injunction, damages, and choice of jurisdiction and law in cross-border patent litigation. Each case report explores a landmark case by deconstructing the legal background and the legal reasoning of the decisions, and then discussing the commercial and/or industrial ramifications. The present volume is a useful guide for practitioners, lawyers, and judges alike, a primer for students and businessmen entering the IP world, and a reminder for policymakers, both within Asia and further afield.

Patent Litigation in China

Patent Litigation in China Author Douglas Clark
ISBN-10 9780199730254
Release 2011-08-25
Pages 293
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In Patent Litigation in China, Douglas Clark provides U.S. and other non-Chinese practitioners with an overview of the patent litigation system in China and with strategic commentary to ensure better decision-making by those responsible for bringing or defending patent actions in China.

Development Centre Studies The World Economy Historical Statistics

Development Centre Studies The World Economy Historical Statistics Author Maddison Angus
ISBN-10 9789264104143
Release 2003-09-25
Pages 274
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Following on from his The World Economy: a Millennial Perspective, published by the OECD in 2001, in this book, Angus Maddison offers a rare insight into the history and political influence of national accounts and national accounting.

Entangled Histories

Entangled Histories Author Dan Ben-Canaan
ISBN-10 9783319020488
Release 2013-10-29
Pages 238
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The authors of this book focus on transcultural entanglements in Manchuria during the first half of the twentieth century. Manchuria, as Western historiography commonly designates the three northeastern provinces of China, was a politically, culturally and economically contested region. In the late nineteenth century, the region became the centre of competing Russian, Chinese and Japanese interests, thereby also attracting global attention. The coexistence of people with different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures in Manchuria was rarely if ever harmoniously balanced or static. On the contrary, interactions were both dynamic and complex. Semi-colonial experiences affected the people’s living conditions, status and power relations. The transcultural negotiations between all population groups across borders of all kinds are the subject of this book. The chapters of this volume shed light on various entangled histories in areas such as administration, the economy, ideas, ideologies, culture, media and daily life.

Empires of Panic

Empires of Panic Author Robert Peckham
ISBN-10 9789888208449
Release 2015-01-01
Pages 256
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Empires of Panic is the first book to explore how panics have been historically produced, defined, and managed across different colonial, imperial, and post-imperial settings—from early nineteenth-century East Asia to twenty-first-century America. Contributors consider panic in relation to colonial anxieties, rumors, indigenous resistance, and crises, particularly in relation to epidemic disease. How did Western government agencies, policymakers, planners, and other authorities understand, deal with, and neutralize panics? What role did evolving technologies of communication play in the amplification of local panics into global events? Engaging with these questions, the book challenges conventional histories to show how intensifying processes of intelligence gathering did not consolidate empire, but rather served to produce critical uncertainties—the uneven terrain of imperial panic. Robert Peckham is associate professor in the Department of History and co-director of the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine at the University of Hong Kong. "Charting the relays of rumor and knowledge that stoke colonial fears of disease, disorder, and disaster, Empires of Panic offers timely and cautionary insight into how viscerally epidemics inflame imperial anxieties, and how words and their communication over new technologies accelerate panic, rally government intervention, and unsettle and entrench the exercise of global power. Relevant a century ago and even more so today." — Nayan Shah, University of Southern California; author ofContagious Divides: Epidemics and Race in San Francisco's Chinatown "Empires generated anxiety as much as ambition. This fine study focuses on anxieties generated by disease. It is the first book of its kind to track shifting forms of panic through different geopolitical regimes and imperial formations over the course of two centuries. Working across medical and imperial histories, it is a major contribution to both." — Andrew S. Thompson, University of Exeter; author of Empire and Globalisation: Networks of People, Goods and Capital in the British World, c. 1850–1914(with Gary B. Magee)

Civil Litigation in Hong Kong

Civil Litigation in Hong Kong Author Allan Leung
ISBN-10 9626614951
Release 2012
Pages 747
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Civil Litigation in Hong Kong has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Civil Litigation in Hong Kong also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Civil Litigation in Hong Kong book for free.

Shanghai Lawyer

Shanghai Lawyer Author Norwood F. Allman
ISBN-10 9888422200
Release 2017-07-01
Pages 412
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Diplomat, lawyer, judge, soldier, spy, spymaster - just some of the positions American Norwood Allman, held in his 30 plus years in China. Shanghai Lawyer is Allman's first-hand account of his amazing life, from his arrival as a student interpreter during WWI, to serving as a Chinese and Mexican judge, practising before the U.S. Court for China, commanding the American militia in Shanghai, and, finally fighting the Japanese army in the battle for Hong Kong in 1941. Douglas Clark, author of Gunboat Justice, has trawled through public, private and personal archives to bring the story Allman tells in his acclaimed bestseller fully back to life.

The Jacquinot Safe Zone

The Jacquinot Safe Zone Author Marcia R. Ristaino
ISBN-10 9780804757935
Release 2008
Pages 206
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The Jacquinot Zone, in Shanghai, is the first example in history of a successful safe zone that provided protection and security to half a million Chinese refugees living in a battle zone during wartime.

Historical Dictionary of Modern China 1800 1949

Historical Dictionary of Modern China  1800 1949 Author James Z. Gao
ISBN-10 0810863081
Release 2009-06-16
Pages 584
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The Historical Dictionary of Modern China (1800-1949) offers a concise but comprehensive examination of the political, military, economic, social, and cultural development of modern China. Instead of focusing merely on the political elites of China, this reference covers a variety of significant persons, including women and ethnic minorities; new historical concepts; cultural and educational institutions; and economic activities. Drawing on newly-available records, including a large mass of governmental and family archives, the narratives presented reveal new facts, offer a new interpretation in accordance with China's modernization process during the late Qing period, and a revisionist perspective on the Republican history. The chronology records not only political and military events but also other experiences of the Chinese people. The bibliography gives prominence to current literature on China's drive towards modernization and appendixes provide the reader with detailed information on China's cultural and economic transformation.

A History of Japan 1582 1941

A History of Japan  1582 1941 Author L. M. Cullen
ISBN-10 0521529182
Release 2003-05-15
Pages 357
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Distinctive overview of the internal and external pressures responsible for the emergence of modern Japan.

Murder on the Bluff

Murder on the Bluff Author Molly Whittington-Egan
ISBN-10 9781906000431
Release 2012-12-25
Pages 208
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In a small white house by a remote Welsh cove, a 90-year-old woman died, full of secrets, on June 27, 1968. What no-one ever guessed was that the dignified and distant old lady, who kept a liveried chauffeur and bred Bedlington terriers, was a convicted murderess. More than half a century before, in Yokohama, Japan, she had been sentenced to death by hanging for the murder of her husband. Daughter of the Mayor of Glastonbury, and a relative of Winston Churchill, Edith Carew had married unwisely, and, reaching the end of her tether, the 28-year-old wife and mother of two rid herself of her swarthy diplomat husband -- the "dirty dog"Walter -- by poisoning him with arsenic. She was sentenced to death, but escaped the hangman. She was brought back to England and imprisoned alongside the celebrated Victorian murderess, Florence Maybrick. The Carew case has never been properly investigated before and Molly Whittington-Egan now reveals the answers to such puzzles as the identity of the 'woman in black' who bought arsenic from the Japanese chemist; the 'mysterious visitor', who stood crying at the door of the House on the Bluff, and would not give her name; of who wrote the strangely- anonymous letters which said that 'dead men tell no tales, nor dead women either'. Few such notable crimes remain untouched, and, until now it has been one about which no real information was available, and no book about it has been written. The author has succeeded not only in obtaining rare documentation from Japan, providing full data about the arrest and trial in Yokohama, but has also done a massive research job in tracing the hitherto hidden aftermath history of the murderess. She has, too, most unusually found Edith Carew's diary for 1896, the year of the murder. It is miraculously intact.

A Guide to the Naval Records in the National Archives of the UK

A Guide to the Naval Records in the National Archives of the UK Author Randolph Cock
ISBN-10 1905165390
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 383
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A Guide to the Naval Records in the National Archives of the UK has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Guide to the Naval Records in the National Archives of the UK also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Guide to the Naval Records in the National Archives of the UK book for free.

A New Modern History of East Asia

A New Modern History of East Asia Author Eckhardt Fuchs
ISBN-10 9783737007085
Release 2017-12-04
Pages 840
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For decades, historians and societal forces have campaigned for rapprochement, reconciliation and dialogue between East Asian nations. This book is a result of these efforts. Debates regarding the interpretation of the modern history of East Asia continue to affect bilateral relations between the states of the region. History education has become a particularly controversial issue in this context. This book’s main message is that a common understanding regarding the history of East Asia is possible, even though some differences remain. It is not only a major contribution to reconciliation in the region, but as the first textbook on the history of East Asia written collaboratively by scholars from three East Asian countries, it is also highly recommended for use in an anglophone teaching environment. The authors are a group of historians, teachers and concerned citizens from China, Japan and South Korea.

Bargaining with the State from Afar

Bargaining with the State from Afar Author Eileen P. Scully
ISBN-10 9780231506311
Release 2001-03-29
Pages 304
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In the early 1990s, when organizations representing the 2.6 million U.S. nationals living abroad appealed to Congress for their own non-voting representative, the response of one Senator was to dismiss these "moans of the mink-swathed Americans abroad." However, the image of a life of luxury abroad is usually a harsher reality complicated by income taxes, military duty, and legal jurisdiction. What exactly is the obligation of a state toward citizens who live outside its borders? Bargaining with the State from Afar traces the relationship between the United States federal government and sojourning Americans living in the colonial enclaves of pre-World War II China. This group of Americans was not subject to Chinese law, but rather to an amalgam of laws borrowed from the District of Columbia and other territorial codes, as well as to local ordinances enacted by foreigners themselves. Scully explores U.S. government efforts to police this anomalous zone in the American policy and places the struggle between federal officials and sojourning U.S. nationals in the larger context of changing international law and modern citizenship regimes. She argues that the American experience with extraterritorial justice in China offers an important new vantage point from which to examine a singular area in the history of modern states. This case study of U.S. consular jurisdiction reveals the legal, political, and cultural process through which modern states have struggled to govern citizens outside their borders. Scully's examination of the U. S. Court for China is one of the first serious analysis of this anomalous institution.


Marihuana Author E.L. Abel
ISBN-10 9781489921895
Release 2013-06-29
Pages 289
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Of all the plants men have ever grown, none has been praised and denounced as often as marihuana (Cannabis sativa). Throughout the ages, marihuana has been extolled as one of man's greatest benefactors and cursed as one of his greatest scourges. Marihuana is undoubtedly a herb that has been many things to many people. Armies and navies have used it to make war, men and women to make love. Hunters and fishermen have snared the most ferocious creatures, from the tiger to the shark, in its herculean weave. Fashion designers have dressed the most elegant women in its supple knit. Hangmen have snapped the necks of thieves and murderers with its fiber. Obstetricians have eased the pain of childbirth with its leaves. Farmers have crushed its seeds and used the oil within to light their lamps. Mourners have thrown its seeds into blazing fires and have had their sorrow transformed into blissful ecstasy by the fumes that filled the air. Marihuana has been known by many names: hemp, hashish, dagga, bhang, loco weed, grass-the list is endless. Formally christened Cannabis sativa in 1753 by Carl Linnaeus, marihuana is one of nature's hardiest specimens. It needs little care to thrive. One need not talk to it, sing to it, or play soothing tranquil Brahms lullabies to coax it to grow. It is as vigorous as a weed. It is ubiquitous. It fluorishes under nearly every possible climatic condition.

Empire Made Me

Empire Made Me Author Robert A. Bickers
ISBN-10 0231131321
Release 2003
Pages 409
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This riveting "biography of a nobody" offers a rare view of empire from the bottom up and a glimpse of the making of modern China. Robert Bickers mines the letters of Richard Tinkler along with archival files to create a fascinating and much-needed narrative of everyday life in the colonial world and an unvarnished portrait of the colonial experience that will permanently affect our view of it.