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Ham Radio For Dummies

Ham Radio For Dummies Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 9781119454861
Release 2018-03-02
Pages 432
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Your how-to guide to become a ham Ham radio, or amateur radio, is a way to talk with people around the world in real-time, or to send email without any sort of internet connection. It provides a way to keep in touch with friends and family, whether they are across town or across the country. It is also a very important emergency communication system. When cell phones, landlines, the internet, and other systems are down or overloaded, Amateur Radio still gets the message through. Radio amateurs, often called "hams," enjoy radio technology as a hobby, but are often called upon to provide vital service when regular communications systems fail. Ham Radio For Dummies is your guide to everything there is to know about ham radio. Plus, this updated edition provides new and additional information on digital mode operating, as well as use of amateur radio in student science and new operating events. • Set up your radio station • Design your ham shack • Provide support in emergencies and communicate with other hams • Study for the licensing exam and choose your call sign If you're looking to join a college radio club or just want to learn the latest tips and tricks, this book is a helpful reference guide to beginners, or those who have been "hams" for years.

Ham Radio For Dummies

Ham Radio For Dummies Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 9781118592205
Release 2013-08-14
Pages 384
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An ideal first step for learning about ham radio Beyond operating wirelessly, today's ham radio operators can transmit data and pictures; use the Internet, laser, and microwave transmitters; and travel to places high and low to make contact. This hands-on beginner guide reflects the operational and technical changes to amateur radio over the past decade and provides you with updated licensing requirements and information, changes in digital communication (such as the Internet, social media, and GPS), and how to use e-mail via radio. Addresses the critical use of ham radio for replacing downed traditional communications during emergencies or natural disasters Provides updates to all documentation of the American Radio Relay League Explains recent changes to picking your own call sign Places a special emphasis on the major reasons people get into amateur radio: emergency communication, digital communication, and do-it-yourself science Looks at online mapping and charting of websites Whether you're just getting turned on to ham radio or already have your license, Ham Radio for Dummies, 2nd Edition helps you with the terminology, the technology, and the talknology.

Ham Radio For Dummies

Ham Radio For Dummies Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 1118054199
Release 2011-02-25
Pages 384
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Ham Radio For Dummies has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Ham Radio For Dummies also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Ham Radio For Dummies book for free.

Two Way Radios and Scanners For Dummies

Two Way Radios and Scanners For Dummies Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 1118054601
Release 2011-03-01
Pages 384
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Discover a fun new hobby with helpful possibilities Get directions, talk to folks overseas, or find out whether the fish are biting Want to check out the morning news in London, help out in emergencies, or tune in to the big race? Two-way radios open up a world of possibilities - literally. This handy guide tells you about the equipment you need, fills you in on radio etiquette, shows you how to stay legal, and gives you lots of cool ideas for family-friendly radio activities. Discover how to * Use the right radio lingo * Choose and operate different types of radios * Get a license if you need one * Communicate in emergencies * Program a scanner * Tune in to sporting events

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual

The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 9780872599635
Release 2006
Pages 283
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The most popular introduction to amateur radio, this guide offers a unique mix of technology, public service, convenience, and fun. All levels of ham radio operators can brush up on their skills and use the book to study for their first license exam with the latest questions pool with answer key.

All about Ham Radio

All about Ham Radio Author Harry L. Helms
ISBN-10 PSU:000049325027
Release 1992
Pages 291
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Discusses the terminology, slang, and equipment involved in ham radio, and examines hamming as both a hobby and a profession

Ham Radio for Beginners

Ham Radio for Beginners Author Alex Snyder
ISBN-10 1537586742
Release 2016-09-10
Pages 32
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Ham Radio For Beginners The Ultimate Beginners Guide To Start Using Your Amateur Radio Today Did you know that about 6 million people in the world today are active radio amateurs? You can become one of them just by reading this book. It will teach you all you need to know about ham radio, from its history to how to use it easily. In fact, even if you are an absolute beginner, you will be able to use your ham radio after finishing reading this book! The book covers a range of topics, all related to radio amateurism. You will learn: How ham radio works and its history Which are the uses of amateur radio How to become a radio amateur This book will also show you practical guides on how to make a contact with another radio amateur, as well as how to operate a station.

Circuitbuilding Do It Yourself For Dummies

Circuitbuilding Do It Yourself For Dummies Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 9781118051825
Release 2011-07-28
Pages 412
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DO-IT-YOURSELF Here's the fun and easy way to start building circuits for your projects Have you ever wanted to build your own electronic device? Put together a thermostat or an in-line fuse, or repair a microphone cable? This is the book for you! Inside you'll find the tools and techniques you need to build circuits, with illustrated, step-by-step directions to help accomplish tasks and complete projects. As you accomplish the tasks throughout the book, you'll construct many projects while learning the key circuitbuilding principles and techniques. Find out about measuring and testing, maintenance and troubleshooting, cables, connectors, how to test your stuff, and more. Stuff You Need to Know * The tools you need and how to use them * How to make sense of schematics and printed circuit boards * Basic techniques for creating any circuit * How to make and repair cables and connectors * Testing and maintenance procedures

Stealth Amateur Radio

Stealth Amateur Radio Author Kirk A. Kleinschmidt
ISBN-10 0872597571
Release 1999-01-01
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Adventure into the world of hidden stations and invisible antennas! - Set up and operate a station without calling attention to yourself. - Successfully operate a low power (QRP) station. - Install safe antennas, including indoor antennas. - Build invisible antennas. - Install and operate a mobile station, to "get away" from radio-forbidden locations. - Operate a portable station from a campground, motel room, picnic area, mountaintop or other location. - Handle interference from your station to nearby consumer electronics devices as well as to your station from other nearby devices. - Enjoy operating from just about anywhere!

Circuit Analysis For Dummies

Circuit Analysis For Dummies Author John Santiago
ISBN-10 9781118590560
Release 2013-04-01
Pages 384
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Circuits overloaded from electric circuit analysis? Many universities require that students pursuing a degree in electrical or computer engineering take an Electric Circuit Analysis course to determine who will "make the cut" and continue in the degree program. Circuit Analysis For Dummies will help these students to better understand electric circuit analysis by presenting the information in an effective and straightforward manner. Circuit Analysis For Dummies gives you clear-cut information about the topics covered in an electric circuit analysis courses to help further your understanding of the subject. By covering topics such as resistive circuits, Kirchhoff's laws, equivalent sub-circuits, and energy storage, this book distinguishes itself as the perfect aid for any student taking a circuit analysis course. Tracks to a typical electric circuit analysis course Serves as an excellent supplement to your circuit analysis text Helps you score high on exam day Whether you're pursuing a degree in electrical or computer engineering or are simply interested in circuit analysis, you can enhance you knowledge of the subject with Circuit Analysis For Dummies.

Arduino For Dummies

Arduino For Dummies Author John Nussey
ISBN-10 9781118446430
Release 2013-04-29
Pages 456
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The quick, easy way to leap into the fascinating world of physical computing This is no ordinary circuit board. Arduino allows anyone, whether you're an artist, designer, programmer or hobbyist, to learn about and play with electronics. Through this book you learn how to build a variety of circuits that can sense or control things in the real world. Maybe you'll prototype your own product or create a piece of interactive artwork? This book equips you with everything you'll need to build your own Arduino project, but what you make is up to you! If you're ready to bring your ideas into the real world or are curious about the possibilities, this book is for you. ? Learn by doing ? start building circuits and programming your Arduino with a few easy to follow examples - right away! ? Easy does it ? work through Arduino sketches line by line in plain English, to learn of how a they work and how to write your own ? Solder on! ? Only ever used a breadboard in the kitchen? Don't know your soldering iron from a curling iron? No problem, you'll be prototyping in no time ? Kitted out ? discover new and interesting hardware to make your Arduino into anything from a mobile phone to a geiger counter! ? Become an Arduino savant ? learn all about functions, arrays, libraries, shields and other tools of the trade to take your Arduino project to the next level. ? Get social ? teach your Arduino to communicate with software running on a computer to link the physical world with the virtual world It's hardware, it's software, it's fun! Start building the next cool gizmo with Arduino and Arduino For Dummies.

ARRL s Tech QandA

ARRL s Tech QandA Author H. Ward Silver
ISBN-10 0872590844
Release 2010
Pages 189
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This fifth edition of ARRL's Tech Q & A is your authoritative guide to every question in the Technician (Element 2) question pool---everything you need to ace your first Amateur Radio license exam! Using ARRL's Tech Q & A is the best way to review for the exam with confidence For more detailed explanations, turn to The ARRL Ham Radio License Manual (2nd edition) Use this book to discover the excitement of ham radio. The Amateur Radio Service offers a unique mix of public service, technology and experimenting with electronics---all with an emphasis on fun. Some hams use their skills to provide communications during emergencies and disasters. Others enjoy talking to people across the country and around the globe, participating in local contests and building experiments, ARRL will guide you as you select your equipment set up your first station and make your first contact. Get started today!

Pass Your Amateur Radio Technician Class Test the Easy Way 2014 2018

Pass Your Amateur Radio Technician Class Test the Easy Way 2014 2018 Author Craig Buck
ISBN-10 150873822X
Release 2015-03-04
Pages 140
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Here's a new approach to passing the Technician Class test. The test is multiple choice and the other study guides take you through the 426 possible questions including all four answers for each question. But three out of the four answers are WRONG! You are reading 1,278 wrong answers and that is both confusing and frustrating. The Easy Way focuses only on the right answers. All Ham and no Spam. The first part is an narrative of the author's ham radio experience. Every question and answer is woven into the story and identified in bold print. The second part is a 40-page Quick Summary. It gives every question and answer, with hints and cheats to help you remember. Other study guides take over 200 pages. Which would you rather study: 40 pages of right answers or over 200 pages with three quarters of the answers wrong? Instructors: This book is perfect for review or weekend courses. Have the students read the narrative before class, then go over the concepts with them rather than slogging through all those wrong answers. You'll be done in no time and the students will be fully prepared to take their tests.

Ham Radio Study Guide

Ham Radio Study Guide Author Ham Radio Study Guide Team
ISBN-10 1941759211
Release 2015-01-02
Pages 192
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Think all Ham Radio study guides are the same? Think again! With easy to understand lessons and practice test questions designed to maximize your score, you'll be ready. You don't want to waste time - and money! - retaking an exam. You want to accelerate your education, not miss opportunities for starting your future career! Every year, thousands of people think that they are ready for the Ham Radio test but realize too late when they get their score back that they were not ready at all. They weren't incapable, and they certainly did their best, but they simply weren't studying the right way. There are a variety of methods to prepare for the Ham Radio test...and they get a variety of results. Trivium Test Prep's Ham Radio study guide provides the information, secrets, and confidence needed to get you the score you need - the first time around. Losing points on the Ham Radio exam can cost you precious time, money, and effort that you shouldn't have to spend. What is in the book? In our Ham Radio study guide, you get the most comprehensive review of all tested concepts. The subjects are easy to understand, and have fully-explained example questions to ensure that you master the material. Best of all, we show you how this information will be applied on the real exam; Three practice exams are included so that you can know, without a doubt, that you are prepared. Our study guide is streamlined and concept-driven so you get better results through more effective study time. Why spend days or even weeks reading through meaningless junk, trying to sort out the helpful information from the fluff? We give you everything you need to know in a concise, comprehensive, and effective package.

Ham Radio

Ham Radio Author Greg Molloy
ISBN-10 1979547637
Release 2017-11-07
Pages 76
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Do you want to discover everything there is to know about Ham Radio? Well, than this book is what you are looking for! In "Ham Radio: from Beginner to Badass", you will learn how to start your very own radio station, what licence you need and everything there is to know about ham radio. Ham radio is becoming more and more popular these days, since a lot of old Ham Enthusiasts are coming back to the hobby. Ham Radio is truly a unique passion, and with this guide it will not have secrets anymore Learn To Set Up Your Radio Station! When you buy this insightful Ham Radio manual, you'll discover: What ham radio is Common misconceptions about ham radio Radiofrequency technology for idiots How to get licensed All about your ham hobby How to build your station Solutions to common problems How to become and advanced ham Beginners and experts tips and many more useful tips to get better! Broken down into concise chapters with easy to follow step by step instruction guides there's plenty of reasons to buy this book and get started straight away. From the basics and getting to know the features of ham radio, this book has a great overview of the settings, devices, accessories, licenses and tips to start from zero and become a master of ham radio! Whether you are looking to build a radio station, share your passion with others, learn more about ham radio, or find out how to pass the ARRL exam, this guide will provide you all the information. Do not wait any longer, buy "Ham Radio: from Beginner to Badass" right away and start your journey from beginner to badass ham radio enthusiast!

Ham Radio Is Alive and Well

Ham Radio Is Alive and Well Author Gary L. Drasch
ISBN-10 1979050295
Release 2017-11-16
Pages 174
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Ham Radio is Alive and Well, is packed full of useful information for both new radio amateurs as well as members of the Quarter Century Club. Anyone interested in amateur radio who reads this book is guaranteed to learn something new. This read ranks right up there with so many of the ARRL (American Radio Relay League) books and publications. If you enjoyed reading 200 Meters & Down, or The World of Ham Radio, 1901-1950, you will be fascinated with this text. Gary writes as if he is having a conversation with you over a cup of coffee while he explains many lesser-understood topics in such a manner that anyone can understand them. He shares what he has learned in recent years, and explains how ham radio has evolved and lived on amidst smartphones, PCs, and the Internet. The hobby is not dying but instead thriving and actually GROWING! Gary talks about "traditional" ham radio; the stuff hams did and continue to do using HF radios, antenna tuners, wire and/or beam antennas, working DX, QSLing, and contesting. It is about what he remembers from the past, and what is currently happening in the field of ham radio today. You will find bits and pieces of history as well as a little humor blended among many of the various subjects. This transcript is a must read for any inactive radio amateur and the licensee who wants to learn a little bit more than he already knows about this magnificent hobby. As Tim Duffy, K3LR, COO of DX Engineering, wrote in his forward of the book, "Whether you are a long time Ham Radio enthusiast or just getting started, you will find this book hard to put down."

The Big Dummy s Guide to C B Radio

The Big Dummy s Guide to C B  Radio Author
ISBN-10 LCCN:76364546
Release 1976
Pages 126
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The Big Dummy s Guide to C B Radio has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Big Dummy s Guide to C B Radio also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Big Dummy s Guide to C B Radio book for free.