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Handbook of Contemporary Research on Emerging Markets

Handbook of Contemporary Research on Emerging Markets Author Hemant Merchant
ISBN-10 9781782546368
Release 2016-03-25
Pages 416
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The Handbook brings together leading scholars in international business as well as other disciplines to contribute state-of-the-art thinking on emerging markets. The volume extends theoretical and conceptual thinking, looks at operational practices and their implications and provides a research agenda to move the field forward. Contributors include a mix of new and established authors from around the world, for a diverse and current set of scholarly perspectives on emerging markets. Combining academic and operationally focused chapters, they offer a multifaceted, in-depth look at specific geographies and functional areas to enrich our understanding of emerging markets. This energetic and varied look at a burgeoning field will be an invaluable resource for academics and for students at the post-doctoral, PhD and MBA levels.

Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets

Handbook of Human Resource Management in Emerging Markets Author Frank Horwitz
ISBN-10 9781781955017
Release 2015-02-27
Pages 528
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The economic growth of emerging markets has been unparalleled in recent history, accounting for 50 per cent of global economic output. Despite this reality, this much-needed Handbook is the first contemporary book on human resource management (HRM) res

Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing

Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing Author Russell W. Belk
ISBN-10 9781847204127
Release 2007
Pages 608
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A rare and much needed compilation of some thought-provoking papers in the area of qualitative research in marketing, this book is a must have for anyone pursuing the discipline of marketing research, scholars intent on the pursuit of qualitative inquiry as well as practising professionals looking for innovative approaches to research. Global Business Review Belk has compiled an exhaustive collection of contributions from scholars and practitioners throughout North America and Europe. . . . This extremely informative volume spans the full array of qualitative research areas. . . . Highly recommended. S.D. Clark, Choice The Handbook of Qualitative Research Methods in Marketing offers both basic and advanced treatments intended to serve academics, students, and marketing research professionals. The 42 chapters begin with a history of qualitative methods in marketing by Sidney Levy and continue with detailed discussions of current thought and practice in: research paradigms such as grounded theory and semiotics research contexts such as advertising and brands data collection methods such as projectives and netnography data analysis methods such as metaphoric and visual analyses presentation topics such as videography and reflexivity applications such as ZMET applied to Broadway plays and depth interviews with executives special issues such as multi-sited ethnography and research on sensitive topics. Authors include leading scholars and practitioners from North America and Europe. They draw on a wealth of experience using well-established as well as emerging qualitative research methods. The result is a thorough, timely, and useful Handbook that will educate, inspire, and serve as standard reference for marketing academics and practitioners alike.

Handbook of Research on Franchising

Handbook of Research on Franchising Author Frank Hoy
ISBN-10 9781785364181
Release 2017-10-27
Pages 656
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Franchising is one of the major engines of business expansion and job creation globally. The Handbook of Research on Franchising offers new insights into entrepreneurial behavior, organizational forms, regulation, internationalization, and other contemporary issues relating to this dynamic business strategy. The Handbook challenges both practitioners and scholars to give attention to the conclusions of scholarly research on this business model. Practitioners can benefit from the results of high quality scientific research, and scholars can find exciting opportunities for contributing to the body of knowledge of a subject that has not received sufficient attention in educational institutions.

Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business

Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business Author Joseph Mark S. Munoz
ISBN-10 0857939742
Release 2013
Pages 311
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'Global economic challenges and political upheavals underscore the importance of geopolitical understanding in the management of the contemporary corporation. Handbook on the Geopolitics of Business assembles a global cast of thought leaders in the geopolitical arena. the insights offered are highly valuable to students, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, government officials, and policy makers. This serves as a compass that would help you find your bearings in the complex world of international business.' - Ilan Alon, Rollins College, US

Handbook on Place Branding and Marketing

Handbook on Place Branding and Marketing Author Adriana Campelo
ISBN-10 9781784718602
Release 2017-06-30
Pages 272
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Place branding as an academic field is both challenging and under explored. In the face of an ever-expanding urban population, this Handbook addresses this knowledge deficit in order to illustrate how place branding can contribute to transforming urban agglomeration into sustainable and healthy areas.

Research Handbook of Expatriates

Research Handbook of Expatriates Author Yvonne McNulty
ISBN-10 9781784718183
Release 2017-05-26
Pages 576
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Research Handbook of Expatriates has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Research Handbook of Expatriates also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Research Handbook of Expatriates book for free.

Handbook of Islamic Marketing

Handbook of Islamic Marketing Author Özlem Sandıkcı
ISBN-10 9780857936028
Release 2011-01-01
Pages 544
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ÔThis is an especially timely publication, given the current metamorphosis of politics in the Middle East and North Africa. ...zlem Sandõkcõ and Gillian Rice are to be congratulated for having sensed the need for a Handbook that will alert marketers to the vast market opportunities offered by Muslim consumers. It is essential to become attuned to the values and principles of Islamic cultures that will drive consumption, product and service choices, brand preference, and brand loyalty in coming years. The scholars who have contributed to this Handbook come from many different backgrounds to offer a kaleidoscope of research and recommendations on how best to serve this previously overlooked segment of consumers who make up a quarter of world markets.Õ Ð Lyn S. Amine, Saint Louis University, US ÔThis ambitious and timely collection will be enormously valuable to readers in the practice and study of the growing field of Muslim marketing and branding. Essays range expertly across key sectors (notably finance, food, and fashion) and territories (of Muslim majority and minority population). Contributors elaborate the diversity of Muslim experiences, beliefs, and practices that must be taken into account by marketing professionals seeking to exploit this newly recognized market. Academic authors provide helpful postscripts for marketers, making clear the links between their nuanced historicized understanding of contemporary transnational, global, and local forms of Muslim identity and practice. This book provides an essential guide to those who study and those who participate in Muslim branding and marketing.Õ Ð Reina Lewis, London College of Fashion, UK The Handbook of Islamic Marketing provides state-of-the-art scholarship on the intersection of Islam, consumption and marketing and lays out an agenda for future research. The topics covered by eminent contributors from around the world range from fashion and food consumption practices of Muslims to retailing, digital marketing, advertising, corporate social responsibility and nation branding in the context of Muslim marketplaces. The essays offer new insights into the relationship between morality, consumption and marketing practices and discuss the implications of politics and globalization for Islamic markets. This comprehensive Handbook provides an essential introduction to the newly emerging field of Islamic marketing. It is invaluable for researchers and students in international marketing who are interested in the intersection of Islam and marketing as well as those from anthropology and sociology studying Muslim consumers and businesses. The book also supplies vital knowledge for Muslim and non-Muslim business leaders generating commerce in Islamic communities.

Handbook of Emerging Economies

Handbook of Emerging Economies Author Robert E. Looney
ISBN-10 9781136267239
Release 2014-03-21
Pages 626
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A major new volume in the Routledge International Handbooks series analysing emerging and newly emerged economies, including the BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) and other likely (Turkey, Indonesia, Mexico, and South Korea) as well as possible (Vietnam, The Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, Egypt, Colombia and Argentina) candidates for emerging economy status. Chapters on theories surrounding emerging markets (including the Beijing/Washington Consensus debate) offer an overview of current issues in development economics, in addition to providing an integrated framework for the country case studies. Written by experts, this handbook will be invaluable to academics and students of economics and emerging economies, as well as to business people and researchers seeking information on economic development and the accelerating pace of globalization.

Handbook of Research on Employee Voice

Handbook of Research on Employee Voice Author Adrian Wilkinson
ISBN-10 9780857939272
Release 2014-04-25
Pages 520
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The contributors are all expert in their field. The book examines the theory and history of employee voice and what voice means to various actors, including employers, middle managers, employees, unions and policy-makers. The authors observe how these

Handbook of Research Methodologies and Design in Neuroentrepreneurship

Handbook of Research Methodologies and Design in Neuroentrepreneurship Author Mellani Day
ISBN-10 9781785365041
Release 2017-09-29
Pages 328
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This Handbook provides an overview of neuroscience-driven research methodologies and how those methodologies might be applied to theory-based research in the nascent field of neuroentrepreneurship. It presents the current thinking and examples of pioneering work, serves as a reference for those wishing to incorporate these methods into their own research, and provides several helpful discussions on the nature of an answerable question using neuroscience techniques. It includes concrete examples of new ways to conduct research that can shed light onto such areas as decision-making and opportunity recognition, allowing us to ask different, perhaps better, questions than ever before.

Handbook of Conflict Management Research

Handbook of Conflict Management Research Author Oluremi B. Ayoko
ISBN-10 9781781006948
Release 2014-07-31
Pages 576
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This unique book draws together current thoughts and research in conflict management. Specifically, it brings a wealth of knowledge from authorities in the field on emerging issues such as power in conflict, cognition and emotions in conflict, leading

Handbook of Manufacturing Industries in the World Economy

Handbook of Manufacturing Industries in the World Economy Author John R. Bryson
ISBN-10 9781781003930
Release 2015-04-30
Pages 528
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This interdisciplinary volume provides a critical and multi-disciplinary review of current manufacturing processes, practices, and policies, and broadens our understanding of production and innovation in the world economy. Chapters highlight how firms

Handbook of Welfare in China

Handbook of Welfare in China Author B. Carrillo
ISBN-10 9781783472741
Release 2017-07-28
Pages 464
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The Handbook is a timely compilation dedicated to exploring a rare diversity of perspectives and content on the development, successes, reforms and challenges within China’s contemporary welfare system. It showcases an extensive introduction and 20 original chapters by leading and emerging area specialists who explore a century of welfare provision from the Nationalist era, up to and concentrating on economic reform and marketisation (1978 to the present). Organised around five key concerns (social security and welfare; emerging issues and actors; gaps; future challenges) chapters draw on original case-based research from diverse disciplines and perspectives, engage existing literature and further key debates.

Research Handbook on Political Economy and Law

Research Handbook on Political Economy and Law Author Ugo Mattei
ISBN-10 9781781005354
Release 2015-11-27
Pages 608
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Events such as the global financial crisis have helped reveal that the drivers and contours of governance on a national and international level remain a mystery in many respects. This is so despite the ever-increasing complexity and sophistication in the management and understanding of economic, legal and political spheres of global society. Set in this context, this timely Research Handbook is the first to explicitly address the constitutive relationship between law and political economy. With scholarly contributions from diverse disciplinary and geographic backgrounds, this authoritative book provides an expansive overview of the legal architecture of the global political economy. It covers, in three parts, topics surrounding money and markets, the relations of organization, and commodities, land and resources. Scholars and policymakers as well as undergraduate and postgraduate law students interested in the intersection of socio-political, economic, and legal dynamics of governance will find this book a thought-provoking and insightful resource.

Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management

Handbook of Research on International Strategic Management Author Alain Verbeke
ISBN-10 9781781009147
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 560
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ïVerbeke and Merchant have assembled a remarkable collection of brand new essays by the whoÍs-who of international business. It will become a standard reference for both junior and senior scholars working in this increasingly important area.Í _ Ravi Ramamurti, Northeastern University, US ïLeading thinkers about the multinational enterprise offer both concise syntheses and critical reflections of the state of the art on international strategic management research. They in particular highlight the potential of internalization theory as a central paradigm for the field, and critically examine pertinent issues such as the complex notion of distance in international business. Refreshingly, they do not shy away from naming flaws in recent work, while offering avenues to improve the quality and impact of future research.Í _ Klaus Meyer, University of Bath, UK The Handbook provides an impressive state-of-the-art overview of the international strategic management field as an area of scholarly inquiry. The great strength of the work is the thoughtfulness of the messages conveyed by the expert team of authors. The implications for future international strategy research and for international management practice are profound and will influence the next generation of scholars in international strategy as well as senior level managers. Corporate executives will continue to operate in a world that is far from flat and will use this volume as a reliable compass, in the form of powerful conceptual frameworks, to navigate uncharted territory in the global economy. The Handbook presents a collection of 24 original research papers that should serve international strategy scholars and reflective MNE managers alike.

Handbook of Research on Gender and Leadership

Handbook of Research on Gender and Leadership Author Susan R. Madsen
ISBN-10 9781785363863
Release 2017-05-26
Pages 496
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Although some progress has been made in recent decades in getting women into top positions in government, business and education, there are on-going, persisting challenges with efforts to improve the opportunities for women in leadership. The Handbook of Research on Gender and Leadership comprises the latest research from the world’s foremost scholars on women and leadership, exposing problems and offering both theoretical and practical solutions on how to best strengthen the impact of women around the world.