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Handbook of Diversity in Parent Education

Handbook of Diversity in Parent Education Author Marvin J. Fine
ISBN-10 9780080533582
Release 2000-10-09
Pages 385
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Traditionally, books on parent education have focused on techniques from a certain tradition, either behavioral or humanistic, that could be applied to any problem of parenting or child behavior change. These books have used a "cook-book" approach that is frequently oblivious to environmental conditions that influence behavior or take into account the individual differences of the children or families involved. This book highlights the complexity of our society and times by exploring the problems faced by diverse types of parents, children, and parenting situations. Moreover, the sensitive issues of parenting in unique populations are handled in a caring, straight-forward way with an emphasis on research-based parent education programs along with tips and strategies for everyday use. Premier text on parent education in diverse populations Features tips, strategies, websites and support for parents Based upon "cutting edge" research in parent education Models for developing problem-specific parenting programs Step-by-step parent education programs for low-incidence problems Features violence and crisis prevention and intervention skills for families

Group Parent Education

Group Parent Education Author Deborah Campbell
ISBN-10 0761927670
Release 2004
Pages 250
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`For those working in group parent education I am sure it will a valuable resource and make its way onto the essential reading list of many courses' - Journal In-Service Education This book is devoted to training parent educators and family counsellors and represents a unique and important contribution to the growing field of parent education and support programmes. The authors build upon the rich traditions of group parent education while incorporating contemporary theory and practice.

Encyclopedia of Human Ecology

Encyclopedia of Human Ecology Author Julia R. Miller
ISBN-10 9781576078525
Release 2003
Pages 760
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Encyclopedia of Human Ecology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Encyclopedia of Human Ecology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Encyclopedia of Human Ecology book for free.


Consultation Author Don Dinkmeyer, Jr.
ISBN-10 9781317436546
Release 2015-12-22
Pages 208
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The methods presented by Don Dinkmeyer, Jr., Jon Carlson, and Rebecca Michel in Consultation are based on the assumption that problems in the home and classroom result not only from the direct actions of disruptive students, but also from the expectations of teachers and parents. This newly expanded fourth edition continues the tradition of encouraging change in supposed 'problem' children by helping authority figures recognize and alter the part they may play in exacerbating negative behavior. New additions include: two all new chapters on assessment and mindfulness, multicultural and diverse case examples, as well as access to online video sessions that accompany the text.

Contemporary Issues in Parenting

Contemporary Issues in Parenting Author Melissa J. Kane
ISBN-10 1594543445
Release 2005-01-01
Pages 186
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Contributors including Adam C. Carle, Elena Marta, and Tak Yan Lee discuss such issues as parenting after thirty, the importance of music before birth, and the impact of marital dissolution on mothering and fathering.

Death and the Classroom

Death and the Classroom Author Kathleen K. Cassini
ISBN-10 0962700215
Release 1989-01-01
Pages 108
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Death and the Classroom has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Death and the Classroom also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Death and the Classroom book for free.

Families Schools and Communities

Families  Schools  and Communities Author Chandler Barbour
ISBN-10 0132392828
Release 2008
Pages 412
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A basic tenet ofFamilies, Schools, & Communities: Building Partnerships for Educating Children, fourth edition, is that schools will always be a primary venue for educating the young child, and educators must be in the forefront of any endeavor to bring about change. However, the authors stress that to accomplish the tasks at hand, all school districts must develop vibrant partnerships--uniting parents and community members with teachers in educating tomorrow's citizens. Schools are where the action will bloom, but respectful collaboration is the key to success.

Preschool Children with Special Needs

Preschool Children with Special Needs Author Janet W. Lerner
ISBN-10 OSU:32435070199799
Release 2003
Pages 367
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This textbook for individuals in teaching training programs presents recent research and practical strategies for addressing the educational opportunities of children with special needs, aged three to six. The authors advocate a family-centered approach throughout chapters discussing assessment, le

Books in Print

Books in Print Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105025888475
Release 2002
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Books in Print has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Books in Print also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Books in Print book for free.

Family Outing

Family Outing Author Chastity Bono
ISBN-10 0316102334
Release 1998-10-01
Pages 259
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The author interweaves her own personal story with those of other gays and lesbians of various backgrounds to detail the stages, difficulties, and rewards of coming out

Preventing Youth Suicide

Preventing Youth Suicide Author Marcia Louise McEvoy
ISBN-10 1556911874
Release 2000
Pages 285
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Preventing Youth Suicide has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Preventing Youth Suicide also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Preventing Youth Suicide book for free.

The Second Handbook on Parent Education

The Second Handbook on Parent Education Author Marvin J. Fine
ISBN-10 9780080918204
Release 2014-06-28
Pages 390
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This book should enhance the reader's understanding of the contemporary scene in parenting education, including effective programming, important issues, and future trends.

Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities

Parenting Children with Learning Disabilities Author Jane Utley Adelizzi
ISBN-10 0897897722
Release 2001
Pages 240
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Offers advice to parents of children with learning disabilities to help them provide the personal and academic support their children need to learn and thrive.

Parenting Matters

Parenting Matters Author National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine
ISBN-10 9780309388573
Release 2016-11-21
Pages 524
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Decades of research have demonstrated that the parent-child dyad and the environment of the familyâ€"which includes all primary caregiversâ€"are at the foundation of children’s well- being and healthy development. From birth, children are learning and rely on parents and the other caregivers in their lives to protect and care for them. The impact of parents may never be greater than during the earliest years of life, when a child’s brain is rapidly developing and when nearly all of her or his experiences are created and shaped by parents and the family environment. Parents help children build and refine their knowledge and skills, charting a trajectory for their health and well-being during childhood and beyond. The experience of parenting also impacts parents themselves. For instance, parenting can enrich and give focus to parents’ lives; generate stress or calm; and create any number of emotions, including feelings of happiness, sadness, fulfillment, and anger. Parenting of young children today takes place in the context of significant ongoing developments. These include: a rapidly growing body of science on early childhood, increases in funding for programs and services for families, changing demographics of the U.S. population, and greater diversity of family structure. Additionally, parenting is increasingly being shaped by technology and increased access to information about parenting. Parenting Matters identifies parenting knowledge, attitudes, and practices associated with positive developmental outcomes in children ages 0-8; universal/preventive and targeted strategies used in a variety of settings that have been effective with parents of young children and that support the identified knowledge, attitudes, and practices; and barriers to and facilitators for parents’ use of practices that lead to healthy child outcomes as well as their participation in effective programs and services. This report makes recommendations directed at an array of stakeholders, for promoting the wide-scale adoption of effective programs and services for parents and on areas that warrant further research to inform policy and practice. It is meant to serve as a roadmap for the future of parenting policy, research, and practice in the United States.

Intervention with Hyperactive Children

Intervention with Hyperactive Children Author Marvin J. Fine
ISBN-10 9789401162845
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 247
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Hyperactivity has historically been a major concern of parents and teachers. Over the years, the term has come to mean many things to different persons. For some, the term is synonymous with "brain damage," and the prescribed course of treatment is medical. For others, the term is a catch all, covering almost any behaviors that are found to be obtrusive or disrup tive by the child's caretakers. In recent years, there has been a great outcry by some over the use and abuse of the term as a justification for controlling the child. Others have expressed great concern over the excessive, inappro priate, or poorly monitored use of drug therapy with regard to hyperactivity. The current interest in hyperactive children is reflected in several major books (Cantwell, 1975; Feingold, 1975; Fine, 1977; Ross and Ross, 1976; Wender, 1973; Safer and Allen, 1976; Stewart and Olds, 1973). The num ber of published papers and symposia over the last several years is also voluminous. The main questions posed by practitioners revolve around intervention with the hyperactive child. The growing literature on intervention has identified a variety of approaches with demonstrated utility; including drug therapy, behavior modification, biofeedback, sensory-motor training, cog nitive training, environmental manipulations, and family therapy.

Just Tell the Truth

Just Tell the Truth Author Terry L. Norman
ISBN-10 0966479602
Release 1998
Pages 171
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Just Tell the Truth has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Just Tell the Truth also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Just Tell the Truth book for free.

The Changing Faces of Ireland

The Changing Faces of Ireland Author Merike Darmody
ISBN-10 9789460914751
Release 2011-10-22
Pages 265
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Before the economic boom of the 1990s, Ireland was known as a nation of emigrants. The past fifteen years, however, have seen the transformation of Ireland from a country of net emigration to one of net immigration, on a scale and at a pace unprecedented in comparative context. As a result, Irish society has become more diverse in terms of nationality, language, ethnicity and religious affiliation; and these changes are now clearly reflected in the composition of both primary and secondary schools, presenting these with challenges as well as opportunities. Despite the increased number of ethnically-diverse immigrant children and young people in the Ireland, currently there is a paucity of information about aspects of their lives in Ireland. This book is aimed at contributing to this gap in knowledge. This edited collection will be of interest to researchers in the fields of migration studies, childhood studies, education studies, human geography, sociology, applied social studies, social work, health studies and psychology. It will also be a useful resource to educators, social workers, youth workers and community members working with (or preparing to work with) children with immigrant and ethnic minority backgrounds in Ireland.