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Handbook of Human Oocyte Cryopreservation

Handbook of Human Oocyte Cryopreservation Author Eleonora Porcu
ISBN-10 9780521192392
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 158
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An indispensable practical tool for embryologists and reproductive medicine specialists seeking to offer their patients this revolutionary treatment option.

Handbook on Managing Infertility

Handbook on Managing Infertility Author Jaideep Malhotra
ISBN-10 9789350255957
Release 2012-04-01
Pages 248
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Handbook on Managing Infertility has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Handbook on Managing Infertility also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Handbook on Managing Infertility book for free.

Handbook of in vitro fertilization

Handbook of in vitro fertilization Author Alan Trounson
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032974670
Release 1993
Pages 324
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This handbook provides both a theoretical and practical guide to techniques currently used in assisted reproduction. The emphasis has been placed on the practical application of technologies. Each chapter provides precise background information and a detailed account of procedures employed. Handbook of InVitro Fertilization, Second Edition, brings together for the first time, leaders in every field of clinical in vitro fertilization (IVF), with contributors from America, Australia, and Europe. Topics covered include: endocrinology, oocyte retrieval and maturation, IVF, ICSI, embryo culture, assisted hatching, embryo biopsy and preimplantation diagnosis, assessment of viability, cryopreservation, gamete and embryo ultrastructure, and uterine receptivity. This book is valuable to clinicians, scientists, IVF technicians, researchers, and all students of life sciences.

Handbook of the Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility

Handbook of the Laboratory Diagnosis and Treatment of Infertility Author Brooks A. Keel
ISBN-10 0849335493
Release 1990-06-22
Pages 448
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This book provides comprehensive, detailed, and step-by-step descriptions of materials and methods currently used in laboratory procedures within the infertility clinic. It addresses the numerous highly sophisticated procedures resulting from research in the area of laboratory diagnosis and treatment of infertility. Among those procedures covered are:

Handbook of in Vitro Fertilization

Handbook of in Vitro Fertilization Author David K. Gardner
ISBN-10 1498729398
Release 2017
Pages 371
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The new edition of this text admirably fills the need for a primer on the central topics involved in Human In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). Supplying a comprehensive and hands-on approach to IVF, this source presents established state-of-the-art procedures and techniques, as well as the most current research in the field. Expert contributors also discuss the history of IVF and the potential of future research. Offering essential information for reproductive endocrinologists, IVF practitioners and embryologists, this book guides readers though every step of human assisted conception, from patient pre-treatment to monitoring of outcomes.

Preservation of Cells

Preservation of Cells Author Allison Hubel
ISBN-10 9781118989845
Release 2018-02-13
Pages 208
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Pre-freeze processing and characterization -- Formulation and introduction of cryopreservation solutions -- Freezing protocols -- Storage and shipping of frozen cells -- Thawing and post thaw processing -- Post-thaw assessment -- Algorithm-driven protocol optimization -- Protocols

Fertility Cryopreservation

Fertility Cryopreservation Author Ri-Cheng Chian
ISBN-10 9780521517782
Release 2010-05-13
Pages 271
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Protecting the reproductive potential of young patients undergoing cancer therapy is increasingly important. With modern treatment protocols, 80% of patients can be expected to survive. It has been estimated that up to one in 250 young adults will be a survivor of childhood cancer in the future; infertility, however, may be a consequence. As a wide range of fertility preservation methods are increasingly offered by clinicians, this systematic and comprehensive textbook dealing with the cryobiology, technology and clinical approach to this therapy will be essential reading to infertility specialists, embryologists, oncologists, cryobiologists, ObGyns, andrologists, and urologists with an interest in fertility preservation. Fertility Cryopreservation reviews all the techniques of this increasingly important field within reproductive medicine. It covers the basic principles of pertinent cryobiology, and contains major sections on the different therapies available, written by international specialists combining experience from both academic centers and commercial industries.

Manual of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Clinical Embryology

Manual of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Clinical Embryology Author Pankaj Talwar
ISBN-10 9789350255063
Release 2012-05-01
Pages 280
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Comprehensive guide to Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and embryology with step by step descriptions of different types of ART. Includes DVD.

Gonadal Tissue Cryopreservation in Fertility Preservation

Gonadal Tissue Cryopreservation in Fertility Preservation Author Nao Suzuki
ISBN-10 9784431559634
Release 2016-06-21
Pages 192
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This book is a practical guide to the cryopreservation and transplantation of oocytes, embryos, and ovarian and testicular tissue for fertility preservation. Illustrated with a wealth of figures and photos, it provides updated techniques for clinicians, technicians, and researchers. This book also gives insights into in vitro activation (IVA), in vitro growing (IVG), and in vitro maturation (IVM), with both basic research and future directions. These techniques combined with cryopreservation will improve the chances of reproduction. Cryopreservation is essential to protect fertility in cancer patients who undergo treatment with radioiodine or chemotherapy, which may cause damage to their reproductive organs, and also for primary ovarian insufficiency patients. The book also includes a chapter on the risk of the presence of malignant cells in ovarian tissue. Both editors are pioneering researchers in this field.

Textbook of Clinical Embryology

Textbook of Clinical Embryology Author Kevin Coward
ISBN-10 9781107276253
Release 2013-10-31
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The success of Assisted Reproductive Technology is critically dependent upon the use of well optimized protocols, based upon sound scientific reasoning, empirical observations and evidence of clinical efficacy. Recently, the treatment of infertility has experienced a revolution, with the routine adoption of increasingly specialized molecular biological techniques and advanced methods for the manipulation of gametes and embryos. This textbook – inspired by the postgraduate degree program at the University of Oxford – guides students through the multidisciplinary syllabus essential to ART laboratory practice, from basic culture techniques and micromanipulation to laboratory management and quality assurance, and from endocrinology to molecular biology and research methods. Written for all levels of IVF practitioners, reproductive biologists and technologists involved in human reproductive science, it can be used as a reference manual for all IVF labs and as a textbook by undergraduates, advanced students, scientists and professionals involved in gamete, embryo or stem cell biology.

Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques

Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Techniques Author David K. Gardner
ISBN-10 1853178705
Release 2001-02-15
Pages 1004
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Textbook of Assisted Reproductive Technologies is a truly comprehensive manual for the whole team at the IVF clinic. Information is presented in a highly visual manner, allowing both methods and protocols to be consulted easily. The text provides clinical and scientific teams with the A to Zs of setting up an embryology laboratory, gives research fellows insight into technical developments, and supplies seasoned professionals with a review of the latest techniques and advances. New to the Third Edition: fully revised and expanded chapters, with new information on: single embryo transfer artificial gametes pharmacogenetics

Transgenic Animal Technology

Transgenic Animal Technology Author Carl A. Pinkert
ISBN-10 9780124095366
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 714
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Transgenic animal technologies and the ability to introduce functional genes into animals have revolutionized our ability to address complex biomedical and biological questions. This well-illustrated handbook covers the technical aspects of gene transfer — from molecular methods to whole animal considerations — for important laboratory and domestic animal species. It describes methodologies as employed by leading laboratories and is a key resource for researchers, as well as a tool for training technicians and students. This second edition incorporates updates on a variety of genetic engineering technologies ranging from microinjection and ES cell transfer to nuclear transfer in a broad range of animal modeling systems. Contains a comprehensive collection of transgenic animal and gene transfer methods Discusses background and introduction to techniques and animal systems Teaches practical step-by-step protocols Fully revised with updates to reflect state-of-the-art technology and associated changes to date

Human Stem Cell Manual

Human Stem Cell Manual Author Suzanne Peterson
ISBN-10 9780123854742
Release 2012-10-22
Pages 656
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This manual is a comprehensive compilation of "methods that work" for deriving, characterizing, and differentiating hPSCs, written by the researchers who developed and tested the methods and use them every day in their laboratories. The manual is much more than a collection of recipes; it is intended to spark the interest of scientists in areas of stem cell biology that they may not have considered to be important to their work. The second edition of the Human Stem Cell Manual is an extraordinary laboratory guide for both experienced stem cell researchers and those just beginning to use stem cells in their work. Offers a comprehensive guide for medical and biology researchers who want to use stem cells for basic research, disease modeling, drug development, and cell therapy applications. Provides a cohesive global view of the current state of stem cell research, with chapters written by pioneering stem cell researchers in Asia, Europe, and North America. Includes new chapters devoted to recently developed methods, such as iPSC technology, written by the scientists who made these breakthroughs.

The Infertility Manual

The Infertility Manual Author Kamini A Rao
ISBN-10 9352701577
Release 2018-04-30
Pages 520
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The new edition of this infertility manual has been fully revised to provide clinicians with the latest advances in the diagnosis and management of infertility. Divided into seven sections, the book provides step by step guidance on each stage of the process, from initial examination and identifying the causes of infertility in both females and males, to ovarian stimulation and assisted reproduction techniques. The final section is dedicated to laboratory management covering topics such as follicular fluid screening and oocyte assessment, culture systems, and cryopreservation. The fourth edition includes new chapters on molecular mechanisms such as endometrial receptivity, and implantation; and current trends such as the embryoscope and assisted hatching. The comprehensive text is further enhanced by case studies, clinical photographs, diagrams, flowcharts and tables. Key points Fully revised, new edition providing latest advances in diagnosis and management of infertility Fourth edition features new chapters on molecular mechanisms and current trends Highly illustrated with clinical images, flowcharts and tables Previous edition (9788184486179) published in 2009

Atlas of Oocytes Zygotes and Embryos in Reproductive Medicine

Atlas of Oocytes  Zygotes and Embryos in Reproductive Medicine Author Marc Van den Bergh
ISBN-10 9781139510493
Release 2012-07-05
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The assessment and selection of oocytes and embryos is fundamental to the live birth rate data of all IVF units, the parameter that is used to gauge a clinic's success and credibility. This new atlas contains over 1000 high-quality images of oocytes, zygotes and embryos, presented with accompanying data on indications for treatment, stimulation type and duration, as well as short medical histories of each couple and final outcome of treatment. All images in the book can be downloaded from the accompanying CD-ROM. Structured on a patient-by-patient basis, the atlas describes 100 clinically documented case studies that follow the evolution of oocytes and zygotes between day two and day five. Pronuclear morphology and synchrony as well as embryo morphology are reported and described for each case. Written and produced by experienced embryologists, this practical atlas is an important resource for clinical embryologists and physicians in reproductive medicine.

In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer

In Vitro Fertilization and Embryo Transfer Author Don P. Wolf
ISBN-10 9781461310051
Release 2012-12-06
Pages 408
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The use of human in vitro fertilization in the management of infertility is the outgrowth of years of laboratory observations on in vitro sperm-egg interaction. "The editors of this work have themselves contributed significantly to basic knowledge of the mammalian fertilization process. The observations of Don Wolf on sperm penetration, the block to polyspermy and, most recently, sperm hyperactivation in the monkey and human, Gregory Kopf's elucidation of the mechanisms of sperm activation during penetration and the reciprocal dialogue between sperm and egg, and Barry Bavister's definition of culture conditions and requirements necessary for in vitro oocyte maturation, fertilization and development in model mammalian systems including nonhuman primates have contributed greatly to our understanding of the mammalian fertilization process. Wolf, Kopf and Gerrity have enjoyed substantial interaction with clinicians in Departments of Obstetrics and Gynecology and have been directly involved with successful IVF programs. Both Wolf and Kopf have served as research scientists in the Division of Reproductive Biology at the University of Pennsylvania, which, for more than 22 years, has fostered co-mingling of clinically oriented and basic science faculty. It is through such interaction, which clearly exists at many institutions including the University of Wisconsin, that the process of technology transfer is best served. Without an exquisitely coordinated laboratory, there can be no consistent success in human in vitro fertilization. Quality control is pivotal, but close collaboration between the laboratory and the clinic is also essential as information is shared and correlated.

The Subfertility Handbook

The Subfertility Handbook Author Gab Kovacs
ISBN-10 9781139491990
Release 2010-11-11
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The fully revised and updated second edition of this practical handbook provides comprehensive coverage of all aspects of subfertility, including treatment and diagnosis. Each chapter is written by a recognized world expert in the field and, together, they aim to provide state of the art answers to all the problems of subfertility in a single volume. The introductory chapter provides a flow-chart approach to systematic diagnosis and treatment. Clearly written and easy to read, the subsequent chapters describe what questions to ask, how to investigate, and what each treatment requires. With an expanded international team of authors, this new edition also offers new chapters devoted to third party reproduction and in vitro maturation of oocytes. From medical students studying for examinations to consultant physicians, this volume is a 'must-have' reference for anyone dealing with couples who have fertility problems.