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Handbook Of Traditional Chinese Medicine In 3 Volumes

Handbook Of Traditional Chinese Medicine  In 3 Volumes Author Xutian Stevenson
ISBN-10 9789814571340
Release 2014-09-19
Pages 1492
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For over two thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made many significant contributions to China's growth and prosperity. This textbook, based on the unique characteristics of TCM, discusses its principle theories and presents a comprehensive daily practice guide for health maintenance and disease treatment. The book provides clinical practitioners with a fundamental understanding of the essence of TCM.We highly recommend this book for students interested in TCM, Chinese medicine doctors and other healthcare professionals, biomedical researchers, and interested individuals. Readers will benefit from the inspirational viewpoints discussed in the book.

Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Handbook of Traditional Chinese Medicine Author Stevenson Xutian
ISBN-10 9814293814
Release 2014-08-04
Pages 1492
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For over two thousand years, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has made many significant contributions to China's growth and prosperity. This textbook, based on the unique characteristics of TCM, discusses its principle theories and presents a comprehensive daily practice guide for health maintenance and disease treatment. The book provides clinical practitioners with a fundamental understanding of the essence of TCM. The principle theories inherent within thousands of years of classical TCM are expounded upon Provides a newer understanding of TCM by relying on evidence acquired from advanced research Corrects mistakes or omissions inherent within existing TCM by discussing true TCM fundamentals independent of cultural or historical reasons Recovers important concepts of TCM rarely acknowledged in current TCM practices Facilitates modern medical practices with roots in TCM for better therapeutic efficacy Provides a comprehensive understanding of TCM by relying on the latest scientific achievements. We highly recommend this book for students, TCM doctors, other practicing physicians, and healthcare professionals, researchers, and interested individuals in general. Readers will benefit from the inspirational viewpoints discussed in the book.

Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine

Clinical Handbook of Internal Medicine Author William MacLean
ISBN-10 0957972016
Release 2009
Pages 1100
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The third volume of the Clinical Handbook series examines disorders of the qi, blood, fluids and channels, that is to say the matrix that forms the communication network between the organ systems and their associated tissues. Included within each chapter are concise analyses of various patterns, their etiology, differentiation and diagnosis, suggested treatments including time tested herbal prescriptions, prepared medicines produced by GMP compliant manufacturers, acupuncture protocols and clinical advice from experienced practitioners.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine Author Chun-Su Yuan
ISBN-10 9781841848433
Release 2011-03-04
Pages 318
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The authors of the Textbook of Complementary and Alternative Medicine present practitioners, physicians, and allied health workers with detailed material for a wide ranging understanding of what Traditional Chinese Medicine can offer.

Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Practical Therapeutics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Author Yan Wu
ISBN-10 0912111399
Release 1997-01-01
Pages 716
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The authors look at TCM treatments for a wide range of common & more difficult problems, such as: eczema; gangrene; depressions; palpitations; & many more. Material is structured in such a way as to be easily accessed in clinical situations

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Study Guide

Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnosis Study Guide Author Yi Qiao
ISBN-10 0939616645
Release 2008-01-01
Pages 437
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This book is organized around the 'four pillars' of TCM diagnosis: inspection, inquiry, listening and smelling, and palpation. In this text, each aspect is explained in a clear and systematic manner, with generous use of tables and illustrations. This is followed by a series of review questions for deeper understanding. A comprehensive self-examination consisting of 200 multiple choice questions, with a separate key to the answers, tests the reader's understanding of the important points of each aspect of diagnosis. These questions, many of which are presented in case study format, will help students prepare for the board exams.

Western Herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine

Western Herbs according to Traditional Chinese Medicine Author Thomas Avery Garran
ISBN-10 9781594777417
Release 2008-01-22
Pages 272
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The first book to exclusively use Chinese medical theories and terminology to guide practitioners of Chinese medicine in the use of Western herbs • Written entirely according to the theory, diagnosis, and treatment paradigm of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) • Explains how to combine and modify the standard TCM formulas to non-Chinese herbs suitable for Western practitioners • Includes 58 monographs of common Western healing herbs, detailing how each plant is used clinically The ever-growing number of Chinese medicine practitioners in the West has brought about an amalgamation of many styles of Chinese medicine and various other forms of medicine from around the world. This book addresses the increasing demand for knowledge of how to integrate plants from outside the standard Chinese materia medica into the fold of Chinese medical practices in the West. It is the first in-depth guide to using Western herbs exclusively according to the theories, diagnoses, and treatments of traditional Chinese medicine that harmonizes the unique terminology and theories of TCM with other botanical medicines. The book contains 58 monographs, illustrated with full-color photographs, of herbs commonly used by Western herbalists. Each herb is grouped by the basic categorization for medicinals in Chinese medicine, such as Herbs that Resolve the Exterior and Herbs that Regulate Blood. The monographs detail the energetics, function and indication, channels entered, dosage and preparation, and contraindications of each plant. The author also explains how to use the herbs to modify standard formulas used in everyday Chinese herbal medicine, based on his own clinical experience. An appendix of Western Analogs for Chinese Herbs further highlights 40 Chinese medicinals that have related species growing in the West.

Clinical practice

Clinical practice Author
ISBN-10 023110359X
Release 1988
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Clinical practice has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Clinical practice also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Clinical practice book for free.

Current Review of Chinese Medicine

Current Review of Chinese Medicine Author Ping-Chung Leung
ISBN-10 9789812567079
Release 2006
Pages 288
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Annotation The second volume of this book series on the modern practice of Chinese medicine continues with the focus on evidence-based TCM research. It is even more focused than the preceding one ? providing detailed information about the best sources of herbal supply required for research and drug development purposes. Herbal supply has always been a major concern for TCM researchers because it is difficult to ensure that the supply is of the best quality. Another highlight of the book are the special reviews on the state of Good Agricultural Practice

Healing Stones for the Vital Organs

Healing Stones for the Vital Organs Author Michael Gienger
ISBN-10 9781620554920
Release 2009-05-26
Pages 192
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Combines healing crystal therapy with the “organ clock” circadian rhythm of each organ system, based on traditional Chinese medicine • Examines 12 organ systems and the gemstones best suited for addressing their health • Provides the key to understanding the organ clock’s function and its ability to enhance both diagnosis and treatment One of the chief tools in the traditional Chinese doctor’s toolbox is an understanding of the circadian rhythms that govern all the organ systems of the body. In addition to facilitating early and accurate diagnosis, this “organ clock” lets the practitioner apply therapies to the organ’s meridians when they are at their peak functioning point, thereby eliciting the greatest benefit. In this book authors Michael Gienger and Wolfgang Maier have created a simple, yet highly effective self-care treatment system for addressing common health ailments using gemstones and the organ clock. They detail the healing benefits of 83 crystals, indicating the physical as well as emotional, psychic, and spiritual aspects they support in each of 12 major organ systems. For example, the stomach not only receives nourishment for the body, it also fosters the ability to engage in new things in life. Agate and calcite assist this function by giving confidence for new experiences, while aiding in digestion (and processing hard to digest thoughts). Treatments for the stomach should be done between 7:00 and 9:00 a.m., the time we typically take in new nourishment after a night of sleep, to receive maximum results. With each body system in turn, the authors explain how to select the stones best suited to address your current health concerns, the times of day they should be used, and how long treatment should last in order to restore optimum health and prevent the onset of future illness.

Evidence based Clinical Chinese Medicine Volume 2 Psoriasis Vulgaris

Evidence based Clinical Chinese Medicine   Volume 2  Psoriasis Vulgaris Author Zhang Claire Shuiqing
ISBN-10 9789814723152
Release 2016-04-20
Pages 180
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Evidence-based Clinical Chinese Medicine: Volume 2: Psoriasis Vulgaris provides a "whole evidence" analysis of the Chinese medicine management of psoriasis vulgaris. Evidence from the classical Chinese medicine literature, contemporary clinical literature, and the outcomes of clinical trials and experimental studies are reviewed, analysed and synthesised. The data from all these sources are condensed to provide evidence-based statements which will inform clinical practice and guide future research. This book has been designed to be an easy reference at the point of care. During a patient consultation, Chinese medicine practitioners can refer to this book for guidance on which Chinese herbal medicine formulas, specific herbs, or acupuncture points, can best treat their patient, and be confident there is evidence which supports its use. Currently, Chinese medicine practitioners who develop a special interest in a particular health condition such as psoriasis have to consult a variety of sources to further their knowledge. Typically, they use the contemporary clinical literature to understand the theory, aetiology, pathogenesis and obtain expert opinions on the Chinese medicine management of psoriasis. They search the electronic literature to identify systematic reviews of clinical trials, if any exist, to obtain assessments of the current state of the clinical evidence for particular interventions. If they have the skills and resources, they may search the classical Chinese medicine literature for an historical perspective on treatments that have stood the test of time. This book provides all of this information for practitioners in one handy, easy to use reference. This allows practitioners to focus on their job of providing high quality health care, with the knowledge it is based on the best available evidence.

Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine Author Xiangcai Xu
ISBN-10 188696999X
Release 2001
Pages 201
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Discover the foundation behind this fascinating system of holistic health based on several thousand years of real clinical experience.

Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs

Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs Author Will Maclean
ISBN-10 9780857012982
Release 2017-02-21
Pages 160
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This revised edition of Maclean's classic Clinical Handbook of Chinese Herbs is an extensive and detailed guide to the medicinal properties of traditional Chinese herbs, and how they should be prescribed in today's medical practice. The handbook employs comparative charts to help clinicians to select the optimal medicinals for their patients. Each table outlines the characteristics of a group of herbs, including extensive indications with relative strengths of action and function, the domain, flavour, nature, and dosage guidelines. The book also caters for special circumstances in health that may alter a patient's requirements, with appendices giving need-to-know instructions for a number of specific cases. Easy-to-use and comprehensive, the handbook will facilitate efficient comparative reference, as well as detailing the fine points of discrimination.

Cancer Management With Chinese Medicine Prevention And Complementary Treatments Revised Edition

Cancer Management With Chinese Medicine  Prevention And Complementary Treatments  Revised Edition Author Yu Rencun
ISBN-10 9789813203907
Release 2017-08-16
Pages 260
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Significant advances made by Western medicine in the treatment of cancer are well-documented, but there has been much less written in English on complementary holistic treatment with Chinese medical methods that manage its symptoms and ameliorate the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy or radiotherapy. This book explains the complementary approach using cases from the medical files of Professor Rencun Yu, who was trained in Western medical oncology but also practices Chinese medicine. In addition, introductory chapters explain the basic principles of Chinese medicine, while other chapters cover the prevention of cancers through appropriate nutrition and living habits. The book should command the attention of medical professionals as well as the layperson interested in preventing and understanding the illness. The book has been well received by the general public and healthcare professionals, and in this revised edition we have added coverage of more forms of cancer, and information on herbs used in cancer therapy has also been expanded. There are few books in English that so skilfully provides an introduction to Chinese medical principles for the general reader, then leads the reader to understand cancer management with Chinese medicine. The book is rich in both principles and details of clinical studies of the important complementary role played by Chinese medicine in Western treatments for cancer. In the latest edition of this popular text, new sections have been added on prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, lymphoma and leukaemia, completing the list of the most common cancers encountered today that are treatable with Chinese medicine. Contents: Introduction: The TCM Approach to Cancer Management (Hong Hai)Principles of Diagnosis and Therapy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (Hong Hai)Herbs and Prescriptions for Therapy (Hong Hai)Cancer Prevention and Treatment Using TCM (Yu Rencun)Major Forms of Cancer and Case Studies (I) (Yu Rencun)Major Forms of Cancer (II) (Yu Rencun)Diet, Exercise and Health Cultivation (Hong Hai & Yu Rencun) Readership: (i) Medical professionals, both Western medical doctors and TCM practitioners, particularly those practicing in Australia, Europe and America and (ii) the lay reader who either wants general knowledge on how to prevent cancer or wishes to understand how TCM can help a friend, relative or loved one who suffers from the disease. (iii) Also, libraries of TCM professional associations and teaching institutes. Keywords: Cancer;Chinese MedicineReview: Review of the First Edition: "The book gives a breath of fresh air to an ocean of defensive summaries about TCM and its oncological practice. Geared towards medical professionals and their patients and relatives, it does an excellent job of presenting concepts in an easy-to-understand manner ... Overall, it is a great presentation for those interested in having an introduction to Chinese medicine as well as reading up on some common cases and treatments used for various types of cancers. The book is definitely a useful reference for TCM practitioners and researchers but also appeals to a wide readership, particularly Western medical practitioners interested in the benefits of TCM and its methods." American Journal of Chinese Medicine 0

Clinical Handbook of Chinese Medicine

Clinical Handbook of Chinese Medicine Author Bob Xu
ISBN-10 9789814579889
Release 2013-10-31
Pages 520
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This is a concise handbook providing a quick clinical reference on Chinese medicinal treatments for many diseases, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine theory and practice. Organized by different clinical conditions and diseases, it provides clinicians and healthcare professionals with definitions and recommended treatment methods, especially herbal medicine formulae. In addition to being a comprehensive quick reference source, this handbook also conveys a generalized understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Contents:Overview:IntroductionChinese History vs. Chinese MedicineMisunderstandings of Chinese Medical HistoryObstacles in Chinese Medical HistoryMilestones in Chinese Medical HistoryPre-scientific, Qualitative, and Philosophical MedicineComplexity of Chinese MedicineMethodology of Chinese MedicineChinese Medicine vs. Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM)Fundamental Characteristics of Chinese MedicineResearch and Regulation on Chinese MedicineNomenclature of Chinese MedicinePractice:General PrinciplesInternal MedicinePediatricsObstetrics and GynecologySurgeryAnorectal DiseasesAndriatricsDermatologyOphthalmologyOtologyRhinologyLaryngologyStomatologyPreventive Medicine Readership: All TCM clinicians, health professionals, and practitioners. Individuals in the following fields: medicine, psychology, psychopathology, life and health sciences, philosophy, humanities, sociology, education, and anthropology. Members of the laypublic. Keywords:Chinese Medicine (CM);Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM);Chinese Herbal Medicine;Herbal Formulation

Comprehensive Guide To Chinese Medicine A Second Edition

Comprehensive Guide To Chinese Medicine  A  Second Edition Author Leung Ping-chung
ISBN-10 9789814667098
Release 2015-09-07
Pages 392
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The Second Edition of this book is a rearranged and enriched version of the previous edition, composed of feedback and constructive comments from readers. Acupuncture is the most popular form of treatment in Chinese medicine. The theories and practice of acupuncture have been revised and rewritten to give readers a clear idea of how it works and when it is to be utilized. Botanicals, i.e. herbal medicine, form the major core of Chinese medicine practice. The potential of botanicals development is wide: from casting specific biological activities to preventive uses. Three new chapters are offered: (i) for the understanding of the biological activities of herbal medicine, (ii) the products produced from herbs for specific needs, and (iii) the individual's choice for what may suit him/her best. In this present era of information technology, readers should be guided on the use of the Internet and related areas in order to independently secure information for personal use and research needs. The last chapter is provided for this practical purpose.Since the publication of the First Edition, much development has occurred in the field of Chinese medicine. All the chapters have been updated and revised accordingly so that general readers, those looking for effective treatment, as well as those who want to serve their patients better, can have a reliable comprehensive reference.

Evidence based Acupuncture

Evidence based Acupuncture Author Tang-Yi Liu
ISBN-10 9789814324175
Release 2013-01
Pages 182
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The technique of acupuncture is easily acquired although the evidence of efficacy remains subjective. Before the evidence can be sorted out through scientific explorations, confidence on efficacy can rely only on literature search and sharing of expert experiences.