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Harlequin Superromance January 2014 Bundle 1 of 2

Harlequin Superromance January 2014   Bundle 1 of 2 Author Janice Kay Johnson
ISBN-10 9781460328422
Release 2014-01-01
Pages 304
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Harlequin Superromance brings you three new novels for one great price, available now! Experience powerful relationships that deliver a strong emotional punch and a guaranteed happily ever after. This Harlequin Superromance bundle includes Everywhere She Goes by Janice Kay Johnson, A Promise for the Baby by Jennifer Lohmann and That Summer at the Shore by Callie Endicott. Enjoy more story and more romance from Harlequin Superromance with 6 new novels every month!

English in Modern Times

English in Modern Times Author Joan C Beal
ISBN-10 9781444119138
Release 2014-02-24
Pages 280
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English in Modern Times describes the development of the English language from 1700 until 1945, and argues that it is in the course of this later modern English period that the characteristics of 'modern' English evolved. This is the first undergraduate text to cover the whole of this important period, which has been called the 'Cinderella' of English historical linguistics because of its lack of representation in scholarly literature. This book is sociohistorical in orientation, arguing that social changes in the Anglophone world need to be taken into account if we are to understand the linguistic changes that occurred during this period. Further chapters deal with changes in vocabulary, syntax and morphology and phonology and with the attempts of lexicographers, grammarians and elocutionists to arrest and control these changes by codifying the language. Unlike many earlier histories of English, 'English in Modern Times' does not define 'English' as confined to Standard (English) English, but also considers the development of extraterritorial Englishes and non-standard varieties of British English in the Later Modern period.

Precious Moments Caleb

Precious Moments Caleb Author Joanne E. De Jonge
ISBN-10 080104295X
Release 1997
Pages 128
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Caleb, the newest angel in heaven, finds that he has a lot to learn, but he is fortunate to get a little extra help from Jesus.

The Madwoman in the Attic

The Madwoman in the Attic Author Sandra M. Gilbert
ISBN-10 0300084587
Release 2000-07-11
Pages 719
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In this work of feminist literary criticism the authors explore the works of many major 19th-century women writers. They chart a tangible desire expressed for freedom from the restraints of a confining patriarchal society and trace a distinctive female literary tradition.


Platelets Author Steve P. Watson
ISBN-10 0199635374
Release 1996
Pages 370
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Platelets are small blood cells that play a vital role in blood clotting. They are essential for wound healing, but their unwanted action can lead to ailments such as stroke and heart attack. In seventeen chapters from leading experts in platelet research this book describes state-of-the-art techniques for the experienced researcher, both in academia and industry. Methodology is also included that will enable the newcomer to perform routine experiments. Techniques covered range from basic procedures such as platelet preparation to the latest techniques such as monitoring calcium levels in single cells, protein tyrosine phosphorylation, and PCR.

Museum Skepticism

Museum Skepticism Author David Carrier
ISBN-10 0822336944
Release 2006-05-31
Pages 313
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DIVProminent art historian looks at the birth of the art museum and contemplates its future as a public institution./div

The Complete Guide to Cardiac CT

The Complete Guide to Cardiac CT Author Simeon Abramson
ISBN-10 9780071794398
Release 2011-12-07
Pages 719
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Acquire a thorough understanding of cardiac imaging! "I believe radiologists, cardiologists, and clinicians, as well as trainees, will find The Complete Guide to Cardiac CT to be an indispensible tool for learning the subject matter....It is practical in approach, but is solidly grounded in evidence-based medicine with a comprehensive review of the literature and timely references. The textbook provides an ideal resource for the cardiac imager and serves as an exceptional reference tool for understanding the anatomy and disease processes of the heart and coronary circulatory systems."--Theresa C. McLoud, MD, Dept. of Radiology, Massachusetts General Hospital, and Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School (from the foreword) Based on the popular review courses of educator and radiologist Dr. Simeon Abramson, The Complete Guide to Cardiac CT is a timely, hands-on learning tool—one that will help you master every important aspect of cardiac CT, from acquisition to interpretation. This unique guide translates complex concepts and topics into understandable, relevant subject matter and includes contributions from international leaders in cardiac CT. Designed for the practical, day-to-day application of cardiac CT, the text also serves as a comprehensive visual resource more than 1000 laser-precise images and illustrations, all of which reflect the latest clinical acumen and cardiac imaging technology. FEATURES Focuses on the recognition, identification, and comprehension of heart and coronary circulatory pathology Valuable to clinicians at any experience level Logical 4-part organization consists of: Technology section that encompasses coronary CT angiography technique, radiation concepts, and successful application of radiation dose reduction tools—-plus a detailed review of strategies for overcoming suboptimal examinations, complete with case examples. Coronary Arteries section that thoroughly examines plaque detection and characterization, stenosis assessment, stents and bypass grafts, and assessment of coronary artery anomalies. Beyond the Coronary Arteries details cardiac CT anatomy; myocardial, pericardial and valvular pathology; electrophysiology applications; and congenital heart disease in both pediatric and adult populations. Controversial topics focuses on the utilization of cardiac CT in the acute setting, institution of the triple rule-out protocol, and anatomic versus physiologic imaging with Rubidium PET/CT/ Helpful pedagogy includes numerous tables, diagrams, figures, and illustrations

The Locksley Exploit

The Locksley Exploit Author Philip Purser-Hallard
ISBN-10 9781909679436
Release 2015-03-02
Pages 416
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It’s 2015, and Camelot and Sherwood are at war. The Circle, the UK paramilitary agency whose Knights carry the devices of the members of King Arthur’s Round Table, is hunting the Green Chapel, eco-activists allied to Robin Hood’s Merry Men. For the Knights, this quest is personal as well as political: the Chapel’s leader, Jory Taylor, is himself an errant Knight – and he has stolen the Holy Grail from the British Museum. But this war is fought with modern weapons, and nowhere – from the Circle’s Thameside fortress to a Bristol squat, from the oldest pub in England to a music festival in Cheshire – will remain untouched. Before long, the enmity between its greatest heroes will tear Britain apart. Philip Purser-Hallard is a master craftsman. His stories are both cleverly constructed and wrought in the sharpest prose, and he's always a joy to read. Not to be missed. -- George Mann Purser-Hallard takes urban fantasy back from fey vampires and rugged werewolves and puts it firmly back where it belongs, rooted deep in the myths and legends of old Britain. He combines a startlingly original premise with some bloody good story-telling. I'm in for the long run, and you should be too. -- Simon Morden (Philip K Dick Award winner, The Samuil Petrovich trilogy)

Pagan Christmas

Pagan Christmas Author Christian Rätsch
ISBN-10 9781594776601
Release 2006-10-24
Pages 224
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An examination of the sacred botany and the pagan origins and rituals of Christmas • Analyzes the symbolism of the many plants associated with Christmas • Reveals the shamanic rituals that are at the heart of the Christmas celebration The day on which many commemorate the birth of Christ has its origins in pagan rituals that center on tree worship, agriculture, magic, and social exchange. But Christmas is no ordinary folk observance. It is an evolving feast that over the centuries has absorbed elements from cultures all over the world--practices that give plants and plant spirits pride of place. In fact, the symbolic use of plants at Christmas effectively transforms the modern-day living room into a place of shamanic ritual. Christian Rätsch and Claudia Müller-Ebeling show how the ancient meaning of the botanical elements of Christmas provides a unique view of the religion that existed in Europe before the introduction of Christianity. The fir tree was originally revered as the sacred World Tree in northern Europe. When the church was unable to drive the tree cult out of people’s consciousness, it incorporated the fir tree by dedicating it to the Christ child. Father Christmas in his red-and-white suit, who flies through the sky in a sleigh drawn by reindeer, has his mythological roots in the shamanic reindeer-herding tribes of arctic Europe and Siberia. These northern shamans used the hallucinogenic fly agaric mushroom, which is red and white, to make their soul flights to the other world. Apples, which figure heavily in Christmas baking, are symbols of the sun god Apollo, so they find a natural place at winter solstice celebrations of the return of the sun. In fact, the authors contend that the emphasis of Christmas on green plants and the promise of the return of life in the dead of winter is just an adaptation of the pagan winter solstice celebration.

What the Nanny Saw

What the Nanny Saw Author Fiona Neill
ISBN-10 9781101596791
Release 2012-08-02
Pages 480
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It’s the summer of 2008. For the past decade Nick and Bryony Skinner and their four children have ridden high on the economic boom, but their luck is about to run out. Suddenly, the privileged family finds itself at the center of a financial scandal: their Central London house is besieged by the press, Nick disappears, and Bryony and the children become virtual prisoners in their own home. And Ali, their trusted nanny, watches it all. As the babysitter, she brings a unique insider-outsider perspective to the family, seeing far more than even the family itself is capable of. But when a reporter with a personal connection to the story comes asking her for the inside scoop, will Ali remain loyal to the family who never saw her as anything other than the help? Or will she tell her side? Written with Fiona Neill’s delicious humor and addictive style, What the Nanny Saw is a keenly observed, often comical chronicle of the urban wealthy elite, of parents who are often too busy to notice what is going on under their own noses, of children left to their own devices, and of a young nanny thrown into a role she doesn’t know how to play. It is a morality tale of our time, a tale of betrayal, the corrosive influence of too much money, and why good people sometimes do bad things.

India seen afar

India seen afar Author Kathleen Raine
ISBN-10 UOM:39015019633703
Release 1990
Pages 294
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India seen afar has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from India seen afar also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full India seen afar book for free.

Linux Phrasebook

Linux Phrasebook Author Scott Granneman
ISBN-10 9780133038590
Release 2015-12-09
Pages 512
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This is the eBook of the printed book and may not include any media, website access codes, or print supplements that may come packaged with the bound book. Get more done faster at the Linux command line! This best-selling Linux Phrasebook has been thoroughly updated in the second edition to reflect the newest distributions, incorporate feedback from hundreds of active Linux users, and cover today's newest tools and techniques -- including an entirely new chapter on text file manipulation. Linux Phrasebook, Second Edition offers a concise, handy reference to the Linux commands that, like a language phrasebook, can be used on the spot on moment's notice. Don't waste a minute on non-essentials: this straight-to-the-point reference delivers specific information and tested commands designed to work with any modern Linux distribution. Portable enough to take anywhere, it starts with a quick introduction to essential command line concepts, and then delivers all the modern Linux command examples, variations, and parameters you need to: View, manipulate, archive, and compress files Control file ownership and permissions Find anything on your systems Efficiently use the Linux shell Monitor system resources Install software Test, fix, and work with networks Linux Phrasebook, Second Edition is the perfect quick command line reference for millions of Linux users and administrators at all levels of experience: people who want to get reliable information they can use right now -- with no distractions and no diversions!

Milk It

Milk It Author Jim DeRogatis
ISBN-10 0306812711
Release 2003-10-02
Pages 432
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Taking its title with suitable slacker irony from a song on Nirvana's In Utero, Milk It! is an anthology of pieces written in the heat of the moment-an urgent and diverse overview that mirrors the chaotic rush of the postmodern sounds it covers. Headnotes and connective material-the "stories behind the stories"-provide running commentary on the music business, rock criticism, a troubled generation, and an attempt to put the fast-moving alternative-rock era in perspective from the safe distance of the comparatively bland new millennium. Compiled by a critic who shared the Generation X outlook, attitude, and biting sense of humor with the musicians that he covered-Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Hole, and many others-Milk It! is the first serious attempt to chart the alternative music scene. Compelling, amusing, and provocative, Milk It! captures the excitement of an era, and reckons with its enduring influence.

The Summer Without You

The Summer Without You Author Karen Swan
ISBN-10 9781447262183
Release 2014-05-22
Pages 352
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Rowena Tipton isn't looking for a new life, just a new adventure, something to while away the months as her long-term boyfriend presses pause on their relationship before they become engaged. But when a chance encounter at a New York wedding leads to an audition for a coveted houseshare in The Hamptons – Manhattan's elite beach scene – suddenly a new life is exactly what she's got. Stretching before her is a summer with three eclectic housemates, long days on white sandy beaches and parties on gilded tennis courts. But high rewards bring high stakes and Rowena soon finds herself caught in the crossfire of a vicious intimidation campaign. Alone for the first time in her adult life, she has no-one to turn to but a stranger who is everything she doesn't want – but possibly everything she needs. The Summer Without You is a gorgeously escapist summer read from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Christmas at Tiffany's, Karen Swan.

How to Be Successful in Present Day World

How to Be Successful in Present Day World Author Pradeep Chaswal
ISBN-10 1494255677
Release 2013-12-03
Pages 48
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'How to be Successful in the Present Day World' is motivational book. It is written after an in depth research to enlighten and help masses to achieve success in the present day world. Original ideas of Professor Pradeep Chaswal and Dr. Deepak Chaswal along with the references of modern and ancient scholars make this book unique. In the present day world when almost every individual is involved in a blind rat race and wants to be on the top by employing fair or foul means, this book strongly advocates ethical means and the ways which lead to the path of success. It presents the steps by following which you avoid both the simple and grave errors that are hindrances in the path of success. The book presents modern as well as ancient techniques and methods of self improvement and innovation in simplified and systematic way. Many references and instances have been taken from the real and present day world. Thousands of our students have got benefited through the ideas and methods contained in this book. Their successful careers are testimony to the UNIQUE VALUE AND MERIT OF THIS BOOK. If you think that YOU DESERVE TO BE A WINNER then this book is a must read for you.

The Captain s Witch

The Captain s Witch Author Rosemary Hawley Jarman
ISBN-10 1905016077
Release 2005-12-01
Pages 412
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Times are troubled in the lands of Taratamia and Karenia (the Opal Kingdom and the Pearl Realm). Old enmities surface and mighty battles are in the offing. Brave Captain Tallis escorts a royal bride to her wedding, but will the groom be present? Will he, too, find undying love along the way? And what of the feisty tomboy Barbel, who will stop at nothing to join the army and follow her Captain? All the while lustful young men meet their fates at the hands of the evil, power-hungry Queen Malkar, their life and youth stoking the very soul of evil... something dark, shape-shifting and drawn from the depths...

Philosophy of Mind

Philosophy of Mind Author Edward Feser
ISBN-10 9781780740416
Release 2006-10-27
Pages 280
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In this lively and entertaining introduction to the philospohy of the mind, Edward Feser explores the questions central to the discipline.