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Harnessing Foreign Investment to Promote Environmental Protection

Harnessing Foreign Investment to Promote Environmental Protection Author Pierre-Marie Dupuy
ISBN-10 9781107030770
Release 2013-03-14
Pages 470
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This volume provides cutting-edge interdisciplinary analysis of the synergies between foreign investment and environmental protection by leading scholars and practitioners.

Foreign Investment and the Environment in International Law

Foreign Investment and the Environment in International Law Author Jorge E. Viñuales
ISBN-10 9781107006386
Release 2012-09-13
Pages 423
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Provides academics and practitioners with a detailed analysis of the interface between foreign investment and environmental law.

International Environmental Law

International Environmental Law Author Pierre-Marie Dupuy
ISBN-10 9781108423601
Release 2018-05-31
Pages 578
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A concise, clear, and legally rigorous introduction to international environmental law and practice covering the very latest developments.

Fiduciary Law and Responsible Investing

Fiduciary Law and Responsible Investing Author Benjamin J. Richardson
ISBN-10 9781135941062
Release 2013-08-21
Pages 340
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This book is about fiduciary law’s influence on the financial economy’s environmental performance, focusing on how the law affects responsible investing and considering possible legal reforms to shift financial markets closer towards sustainability. Fiduciary law governs how trustees, fund managers or other custodians administer the investment portfolios owned by beneficiaries. Written for a diverse audience, not just legal scholars, the book examines in a multi-jurisdictional context an array of philosophical, institutional and economic issues that have shaped the movement for responsible investing and its legal framework. Fiduciary law has acquired greater influence in the financial economy in tandem with the extraordinary recent growth of institutional funds such as pension plans and insurance company portfolios. While the fiduciary prejudice against responsible investing has somewhat waned in recent years, owing mainly to reinterpretations of fiduciary and trust law, significant barriers remain. This book advances the notion of ‘nature’s trust’ to metaphorically signal how fiduciary responsibility should accommodate society’s dependence on long-term environmental well-being. Financial institutions, managing vast investment portfolios on behalf of millions of beneficiaries, should manage those investments with regard to the broader social interest in sustaining ecological health. Even for their own financial self-interest, investors over the long-term should benefit from maintaining nature’s capital. We should expect everyone to act in nature’s trust, from individual funds to market regulators. The ancient public trust doctrine could be refashioned for stimulating this change, and sovereign wealth funds should take the lead in pioneering best practices for environmentally responsible investing.

Harnessing Globalization

Harnessing Globalization Author Roy C. Nelson
ISBN-10 0271047011
Release 2010-11-01
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Harnessing Globalization has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Harnessing Globalization also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Harnessing Globalization book for free.

The Expropriation of Environmental Governance

The Expropriation of Environmental Governance Author Kyla Tienhaara
ISBN-10 052111487X
Release 2009-11-12
Pages 340
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Recent years have seen an explosive increase in investor-state disputes resolved in international arbitration. This is significant not only in terms of the number of disputes that have arisen and the number of states that have been involved, but also in terms of the novel types of dispute that have emerged. Traditionally, investor-state disputes resulted from straightforward incidences of nationalisation or breach of contract. In contrast, modern disputes frequently revolve around government measures taken to further public policy goals, such as the protection of the environment. This book explores the outcomes of several investor-state disputes over environmental policy. In addition to examining the pleadings of parties and decisions of arbitral tribunals in disputes that have been resolved in arbitration, the influence that investment arbitration has had in negotiated outcomes to conflicts is also explored.

Trends and Impacts of Foreign Investment in Developing Country Agriculture

Trends and Impacts of Foreign Investment in Developing Country Agriculture Author Pascal Liu
ISBN-10 UCSD:31822040867111
Release 2013
Pages 342
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Substantial increases in agricultural investments in developing countries are needed to combat poverty and realize food security and nutrition goals. There is evidence that agricultural investments can generate a wide range of developmental benefits, but these benefits cannot be expected to arise automatically and some forms of large-scale investment carry risks for host countries. Although there has been much debate about the potential benefits and risks of international investment, there is no systematic evidence on the actual impacts on the host country and their determinants. In order to acquire an in-depth understanding of potential benefits, constraints and costs of foreign investment in agriculture and of the business models that are more conducive to development, FAO has undertaken research in developing countries.This publication summarizes the results of this research, in particular through the presentation of the main findings of case studies in nine developing countries. It presents case studies on policies to attract foreign investment in agriculture and their impacts on national economic development in selected countries in Africa, Asian and Latin America.

NAFTA and Sustainable Development

NAFTA and Sustainable Development Author Hoi Kong
ISBN-10 9781107097223
Release 2015-08-07
Pages 432
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This book assesses the current state of environmental protection under NAFTA, twenty years after ratification.

Yearbook of International Environmental Law

Yearbook of International Environmental Law Author Ole Kristian Fauchald
ISBN-10 9780199539642
Release 2008-01
Pages 870
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The Yearbook provides a comprehensive review of internationally significant environmental legal developments. A `Year-In-Review' section summarizes year-by-year trends organized by subject-matter, key countries or regions, and international governmental as well as non-governmental organizations. Each volume also features topical articles and book reviews.

Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment for Development

Harnessing Foreign Direct Investment for Development Author Theodore H. Moran
ISBN-10 9781933286099
Release 2006
Pages 173
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Is foreign direct investment good for development? Moving beyond the findings of his previous book Does Foreign Direct Investment Promote Development? (CGD and IIE, 2005), Theodore H. Moran presents surprisingly good--and startlingly bad--news. The good news highlights how foreign direct investment can make a contribution to development significantly more powerful and more varied than conventional measurements indicate. The bad news reveals that foreign direct investment can also distort host economies and polities with consequences substantially more adverse than critics and cynics have imagined. This book rigorously examines the principal controversies and debates about FDI in manufacturing and assembly, extractive industries, and infrastructure, in light of new evidence and analysis. Written in engaging prose, it identifies how developed and developing countries, multilateral lending agencies, and civil society can work in concert to harness foreign direct investment to promote the growth and welfare of developing countries.

International Investment Law and Development

International Investment Law and Development Author Stephan W. Schill
ISBN-10 9781784711351
Release 2015-12-18
Pages 488
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International investment law has often been seen as an obstacle to sustainable development. While the connections between investment and development are plain, for a long time there has been relatively little scholarship exploring them. Combining critical reflection and detailed analysis, this book addresses the relationship between contemporary investment law and development. The book is organized around two competing visions of investment and development - as working either harmoniously or in conflict with one another. The expert contributors reflect on both of these views and analyse the social dimensions of development and its impact on investment law. Coverage includes in-depth discussion on such issues as human rights, poverty reduction, labor standards, and indigenous peoples. Students and scholars of international investment law will benefit from the informed analysis of the links between investment and development. This book will also be of use to practitioners and experts of development law who are looking for an up-to-date perspective of the field.

The Foundations of International Investment Law

The Foundations of International Investment Law Author Zachary Douglas
ISBN-10 9780199685387
Release 2014-02
Pages 541
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Bringing together conceptual theories of international investment law with the practical application of the law in treaty arbitration, this book investigates the key controversies in the field. It provides a detailed examination of how a different theoretical approach would have led to a different outcome in a number of important arbitral awards.

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development

The Rio Declaration on Environment and Development Author Jorge E. Vinuales
ISBN-10 9780199686773
Release 2014-10-10
Pages 665
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The international community has long grappled with the issue of safeguarding the environment and encouraging sustainable development, often with little result. The 1992 Rio Declaration on Environment and Development was an emphatic attempt to address this issue, setting down 27 key principles for the international community to follow. These principles define the rights of people to sustainable development, and the responsibilities of states to safeguard the common environment. The Rio Declaration established that long term economic progress required a connection to environmental protection. It was designed as an authoritative and comprehensive statement of the principles of sustainable development law, an instrument to take stock of the past international and domestic practice, a guide for the design of new multilateral environmental regimes, and as a reference for litigation. This commentary provides an authoritative and comprehensive overview of the principles of the Declaration, written by over twenty inter-disciplinary contributors, including both leading practitioners and academics. Each principle is analysed in light of its origins and rationale. The book investigates each principle's travaux preparatoires setting out the main points of controversy and the position of different countries or groups. It analyses the scope and dimensions of each principle, providing an in-depth understanding of its legal effects, including whether it can be relied before a domestic or international court. It also assesses the impact of the principles on subsequent soft law and treaty development, as well as domestic and international jurisprudence. The authors demonstrate the ways in which the principles interact with each other, and finally provide a detailed analysis of the shortcomings and future potential of each principle. This book will be of vital importance to practitioners, scholars, and students of international environomental law and sustainable development.

Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy

Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy Author Renato Gavasci
ISBN-10 9780080983912
Release 2012-12-02
Pages 430
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This book contains the papers presented at the First International Conference on Environmental Engineering and Renewable Energy held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in September 1998. The main aim of the conference was to give an opportunity to scientists, experts and researchers from different fields to convene and discuss environmental and energy problems and also be informed about the state of the art. Today, environmental protection is increasingly becoming a matter of global priority now that the tendency towards sustainable development is growing. The main concept of sustainable development is to fulfill both the demand of today's generation and cater for the requirements of future generations. Hence, sustainable development requires sound management of those environmental and research and development technologies which have low environmental impact and which promote the use of renewable sources. Renewable energies are the only environmentally benign sources of energy and are available at any site and any time of the year. Moreover, the utilization of renewable sources of energy can contribute to the increasing energy demand and also advance the improvement of life standards in rural areas, where it is difficult to establish a permanent connection with central electricity systems. Application and adoption of emerging renewable energy technologies in rural and remote areas cannot be successful without transfer of knowledge, information and know-how. Environmental engineering involves research and application of technologies to minimize the undesirable impact on the environment. In recent years, there has been a growing interest in environmental engineering problems in order to focus on theoretical and experimental studies on atmospheric pollution, water management and treatment, waste treatment, disposal and management.

The International Law of Investment Claims

The International Law of Investment Claims Author Zachary Douglas
ISBN-10 9780521855679
Release 2009-06-11
Pages 616
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This book is a codification of the principles and rules relating to the prosecution of investment claims.

The International Law on Foreign Investment

The International Law on Foreign Investment Author M. Sornarajah
ISBN-10 9780521763271
Release 2010-05-06
Pages 524
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This book is a thought-provoking and authoritative text on this fast moving field of international law.

Diaspora for Development in Africa

Diaspora for Development in Africa Author Sonia Plaza
ISBN-10 9780821382585
Release 2011
Pages 328
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The diaspora of developing countries can be a potent force for development, through remittances, but more importantly, through promotion of trade, investment, knowledge and technology transfers. The book aims to consolidate research and evidence on these issues with a view to formulating policies in both sending and receiving countries.