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Haunted Dalton Georgia

Haunted Dalton  Georgia Author Connie Hall-Scott
ISBN-10 9781625846556
Release 2013-08-13
Pages 128
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Nestled in the foothills of the picturesque North Georgia mountains, Dalton is a city steeped in history and legend. The Cherokees called it their "Enchanted Land" before they were driven out through an American tragedy remembered as the Trail of Tears. As the gateway to the Civil War, Whitfield County hosted bloody battles and sacrificed many of its own. It is home to an array of spirits that, for reasons of their own, refuse to leave. The laughter of ghost children still echoes through the halls of the historic Wink Theatre. From the weeping girl of the former Hotel Dalton to long-dead marching ghost soldiers and beyond, Dalton abounds in paranormal activity. Join author Connie Hall-Scott on a journey through a host of spectral things that go bump in the night.

Haunted America

Haunted America Author Beth Scott
ISBN-10 0765319675
Release 2007-09-18
Pages 416
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A collection of ghost stories from across the United States and Canada includes spine-tingling tales of many different spectres, from battlefield apparitions to the haunting of the White House in Washington, D.C. Reprint.

Haunted South Georgia

Haunted South Georgia Author Jim Miles
ISBN-10 9781439662809
Release 2017-10-02
Pages 160
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Each county in the vast territory of southern Georgia has a haunted history. The old Barber-Tucker Inn in Colquitt County and the renovated former Scottish Inn in Bryan County host ghostly guests. A profane spirit disturbed a houses former residents with vile language. The Hairy Man still searches a swamp for his long-lost son. A Dodge County ghost twice saved the lives of a familys children, while one in Liberty County mysteriously extinguished a fire that would have destroyed a historic house. Ghosts in Randolph County and Echols County provided the living with evidence sufficient to convict their murderers. Join author Jim Miles as he recounts stories from the fifty-seven counties of the region.

Haunted Columbus Georgia

Haunted Columbus  Georgia Author Faith Serafin
ISBN-10 9781614236726
Release 2012-09-04
Pages 128
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Located on the banks of the Chattahoochee, Columbus boasts a historic past that runs as deep as the river itself. But peer closely into the murkier parts of Columbus's history, and frightening stories begin to emerge. Join author and ghost hunter Faith Serafin for a chilling look into Columbus's haunted past. There's the regal Springer Opera House, where ghosts creep in the shadows of elaborate balconies. Visit the historic home of Columbus native and blues legend Ma Rainey, where some say the songstress can still be seen playing her original piano. Then there's the Phantom of Eubanks Field, whose ghastly apparition tries to frighten soldiers at Fort Benning. These terrifying tales, and more, await in this collection of haunting stories.

Haunted Montgomery Alabama

Haunted Montgomery  Alabama Author Faith Serafin
ISBN-10 9781614239918
Release 2013-08-20
Pages 112
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In Montgomery--cradle of the Confederacy and capital city of Alabama--lost highways bring visitors to the grave of legendary country singer Hank Williams and the home of the jazz-era princess Zelda Fitzgerald. Dig up the bones on the feather duster murder from the Garden District, and find out which spirits at Huntingdon College make this campus their eternal home. Take a stroll through the Old Alabama Town, and listen for the ghost of the Lucas Tavern. Join ghost hunter and folklorist Faith Serafin for a trip through the Heart of Dixie and Montgomery's most haunted history.

The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia

The Corpsewood Manor Murders in North Georgia Author Amy Petulla
ISBN-10 9781625856456
Release 2016-08-08
Pages 144
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In 1982, Tony West and Avery Brock made a visit to notorious Corpsewood Manor under the pretense of a celebration. They brutally murdered their hosts. Dr. Charles Scudder and companion Joey Odom built the “castle in the woods” in the Trion forest after Scudder left his position as professor at Loyola. He brought with him twelve thousand doses of LSD. Rumors of drug use and Satanism swirled around the two men. Scudder even claimed to have summoned a demon to protect the estate. The murders set the stage for a trial vibrant with local lore. Author Amy Petulla uncovers the curious case that left two men dead and the incredible story still surrounded by controversy, speculation and myth.

The Spirit of Cattail County

The Spirit of Cattail County Author Victoria Piontek
ISBN-10 9781338167078
Release 2018-05-29
Pages 288
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A heart-expanding, magical debut from one of the most exciting new voices in the grand tradition of southern literature.

Sixteenth Summer

Sixteenth Summer Author Michelle Dalton
ISBN-10 9781442423459
Release 2011-05-03
Pages 304
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Anna is dreading another tourist-filled summer on Dune Island that follows the same routine: beach, ice cream, friends, repeat. That is, until she locks eyes with Will, the gorgeous and sweet guy visiting from New York. Soon, her summer is filled with flirtatious fun as Anna falls head over heels in love. But with every perfect afternoon, sweet kiss, and walk on the beach, Anna can’t ignore that the days are quickly growing shorter, and Will has to leave at the end of August. Anna’s never felt anything like this before, but when forever isn’t even a possibility, one summer doesn’t feel worth the promise of her heart breaking….

Weird Georgia

Weird Georgia Author Jim Miles
ISBN-10 9781402733888
Release 2006-04-24
Pages 272
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We don't want to argue with all of our state's motto ('wisdom, justice, moderation'), only with that 'moderation' part. Who are we kidding? This is a state where a guy's home is a tree house with an airplane stuck through it for his bedroom. We've got a twenty-foot-tall rabbit sculpture holding an Olympic torch and a tombstone that's a seven-foot-long marble elephant. And there's a flower garden in Toccoa, where a forty-pound iceberg somehow landed. This is great stuff, and nothing moderate about any of it. A better word than moderation? That would be 'weirdness.' And who better to chronicle the enormous amount of weirdness in Georgia than Jim Miles, a man whose fascination with the bizarre - and with Georgia - is anything but moderate. So with the three P's for sustenance - pecans, peanuts and peaches, of course - and camera and notepad in hand, Jim set out on an extensive tour in search of the odd and the offbeat. He tracked down impossible-to-believe tales, only to discover odd grains of truth that give the stories just enough credibility to make one feel . . .slightly uneasy. So turn the pages and check out Atlanta's own White House; look for the mutant turtle of Berkeley Lake; stroll by the Tomb of the Unknown Shopper; gaze at Georgia's very own Statue of Liberty; Remember Elvis; warts, toenail, and all; hunt down, if you're feeling energetic, the Beast of Pond Road; watch your car roll UP Booger Hill; terrify yourself at abandoned Hawkinsville Hospital; have a chat with the Moon-eyed people; hear the cries for help in Ebenezer's Swamp, and take care not to fall into the Devil's Hopper near Quitman.

Haunted Chattanooga

Haunted Chattanooga Author Jessica Penot
ISBN-10 9781625841537
Release 2011-08-16
Pages 112
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It is the home of one of the most famous railways in American history, the site of a historically vital trade route along the Tennessee River and the gateway to the Deep South. Chattanooga has a storied past, a past that still lives through the spirits that haunt the city. Whether it is the ghost of the Delta Queen still lingering from the days of the river trade, the porter who forever roams the grounds of the historic Terminal Station or the restless souls that haunt from beneath the city in its elaborate underground tunnel system, the specter of Chattanooga's past is everywhere. Join authors Jessica Penot and Amy Petulla as they survey the most historically haunted places in and around the Scenic City.

Haunted North Georgia

Haunted North Georgia Author Jim Miles
ISBN-10 9781439662816
Release 2017-10-02
Pages 160
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North Georgia is home to more than its fair share of ghosts, from scenic antebellum mansions to restaurants, mills and even an outhouse. Reverend Robert William Bigham of Coweta County received a supernatural visit from his wife after her untimely death. The night watchman at an Elberton cotton mill became acquainted with three haunting visitors in his four decades at the mill. Hikers on Lookout Mountain were surprised to discover a mysterious house eerily decorated with magical symbols and bones. Author Jim Miles reveals the most terrifying ghost stories from each county in the region.

Darkest Journey

Darkest Journey Author Heather Graham
ISBN-10 9781460395929
Release 2016-10-01
Pages 400
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They say it's about the journey, not the destination… Charlene "Charlie" Moreau is back in St. Francisville, Louisiana, to work on a movie. One night, she stumbles across the body of a Civil War reenactor, the second murdered in two days. Charlie is shocked to learn that her father—a guide on the Journey, a historic paddle wheeler that's sponsoring the reenactment—is a suspect. Meanwhile, Ethan Delaney, new to the FBI's Krewe of Hunters, is brought in on the case. He and Charlie have a history of their own, dating back to when he rescued her from a graveyard—led there by a Confederate ghost! Charlie arranges a Mississippi River cruise so she and Ethan can get close to the reenactors, find out who knows what, who has a motive. They discover a lot more as they resume the relationship that ended ten years ago…but might die, along with them, on the Journey.

American Drifter

American Drifter Author Heather Graham
ISBN-10 9780765374875
Release 2017-11-14
Pages 320
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A young veteran of the US Army, River Roulet is struggling to shake the horrors of his past. War is behind him, but the memories remain. Desperate to distract himself from the images haunting him daily, River abandons the world he knows and flees to the country he's always dreamed of visiting: Brazil. Rio de Janeiro is everything he hoped for and more. In the lead-up to Carnaval, the city is alight with music, energy, and life. With a few friends at his side, River seems to be pulling his life together at last. Then he meets the enchanting Natal, an impassioned journalist and free spirit - who lives with the gangster that rules much of Rio. As their romance blossoms, River and Natal flee together into the interior of Brazil, where they are pursued by the sadistic drug lord, Tio Amato, and his men. When River is forced to kill one of those men, the chase becomes even deadlier. Not only is the powerful drug boss after them, the Brazilian government is on their trail as well.

Deadly Night

Deadly Night Author Heather Graham
ISBN-10 9781460326428
Release 2013-10-15
Pages 400
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The Flynn brothers have inherited more than a New Orleans plantation. They've inherited a ghostly presence…and a long-kept secret. Aidan Flynn, a private investigator and eldest of the Flynn brothers, scoffs at the haunted-house rumors—especially since Kendall Montgomery, a tarot card reader who has been living in the mansion, is the one to tell him the tale of a woman in white. But when he finds a human bone on the grounds and another by the river, Aidan delves into the dark history of the Flynn plantation. Forced together to uncover the truth, Aidan and Kendall realize that a serial killer whose victims seem to vanish into thin air has long been at work…and that their own fates are about to be sealed forever unless they believe in the unbelievable.

Haunted Old Forge

Haunted Old Forge Author Dennis Webster
ISBN-10 9781625857163
Release 2016-08-01
Pages 128
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Spirits linger on the pine-covered slopes of the Adirondack Mountains that surround Old Forge. Books fly off the shelves at the Maxson House, and something—or someone—spies on the living from the attic window of the Goodsell Museum. The spirit of Mohawk Peter Waters is said to linger along the shores of First Lake, where an assassin killed him in 1833. The scent of a phantom cigar hints at the presence of the former owner of the Strand Theatre. Authors Dennis Webster and Bernadette Peck and the Ghost Seekers of Central New York take a chilling journey into the paranormal history of what may be the most haunted town in the nation.

Framingham Legends Lore

Framingham Legends   Lore Author James L. Parr
ISBN-10 9781625842633
Release 2009-02-01
Pages 128
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Just hours after the "shot heard 'round the world" marked the start of the American Revolution, the news from Lexington set alarm bells ringing in Framingham. Minutemen from the town rushed along the road to Concord to help cut off the retreat of British troops. In Salem, where dozens of women were accused of witchcraft, Framingham's founder, Thomas Danforth, helped to end the hysteria and afterward provided sanctuary in Framingham for the families of the wrongfully accused. Staring down the barrels of British guns in Boston, Framingham native Crispus Attucks was one of the first to die for American independence. Though rarely in the foreground of history, Framingham pops up again and again as a backdrop to our nation's great historic episodes. With tales of pirate gold, hypnotized evangelists, blundering spies and bravery in battle, this captivating collection of historical episodes sets Framingham squarely in the spotlight.

Victorian Cottage Residences

Victorian Cottage Residences Author Andrew Jackson Downing
ISBN-10 9780486142821
Release 2013-01-17
Pages 352
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This incredibly rich, firsthand source for the most popular styles of 19th-century Victorian architecture presents 26 cottage designs — including Gothic, bracketed, Italianate, "rustic," more — and 155 illustrations (includes floor plans).