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Haunted Lake Tahoe

Haunted Lake Tahoe Author Janice Oberding
ISBN-10 9781626199460
Release 2015
Pages 128
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Lake Tahoe's natural splendor conceals its haunted history. Locals say the ghosts of the Donner Party haunt their doomed campsite in the Sierras. Wealthy recluse George Whittell is said to have never left his beloved Thunderbird Lodge, though he died in 1969. The ghosts of Frank Sinatra, Marilyn Monroe and members of the Rat Pack are thought to gallivant in the showroom and cabins of the Cal Neva Lodge, a popular celebrity retreat. Prisoners from the past may remain in the old Truckee Jail, and the restless spirit of a murdered showgirl might linger in the Tahoe Biltmore. Travel back to Tahoe's golden age and explore where glamour meets ghoul with the queen of haunted Nevada, Janice Oberding.

Haunted Reno

Haunted Reno Author Janice Oberding
ISBN-10 9781625854759
Release 2015-09-28
Pages 128
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The flashing neon lights of Reno harbor a ghastly past. With its wide-open gambling, divorce laws and around-the-clock casinos and bars, the Biggest Little City in the World was a rough and wild town with a turbulent history. Victims of Priscilla Ford's Thanksgiving Day massacre haunt a downtown street. After a disappearance and death shrouded in mystery, the spirit of Roy Frisch still lingers near the location of George Wingfield's home. Lynched by a mob for a death that never happened, the angry ghost of Luis Ortiz still walks the bridge at night. The queen of haunted Nevada, Janice Oberding, unearths the goulish history that put the "sin" in Nevada's original Sin City.

Haunted Nevada

Haunted Nevada Author Janice Oberding
ISBN-10 9780811712385
Release 2013-08-11
Pages 128
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The Silver State's most bizarre and creepy stories of paranormal activity, including . . . The Lost City outside Las Vegas Lynching apparitions on downtown Reno's Wedding Ring Bridge The haunted Goldfield Hotel The cursed airbase in Tonopah Apparitions of celebrities at Cal Neva Resort in Lake Tahoe, including Marilyn Monroe, Frank Sinatra, and gangster Sam Giancana

The Ghosts of Lake Tahoe the Stuff of Legends

The Ghosts of Lake Tahoe  the Stuff of Legends Author Patrick Betson
ISBN-10 0615653219
Release 2013-08-15
Pages 264
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"If you love folklore you will find Betson's stories riveting. Author Patrick Betson is a storyteller make no mistake about it." Tahoe Daily Tribune/Tahoe World. "Legends, tall tales and true accounts blend into a delightful read in Patrick Betson's "The Ghosts of Lake Tahoe: The Stuff of Legends." The Tahoe Weekly. "It's a great read for any history buff or Lake Tahoe fan, a great vacation book." The Nevada Magazine "A colorful and rumbustious saga, Patrick's enthusiasm for Lake Tahoe is infectious" Southend Evening Echo In a timeline of 150 years, here Patrick Betson brings together twelve stories, some remembered and some long forgotten, of some of the most colorful characters whoever crossed the western mountains reflected in the history of America's most glorious lake. The bravest of all the Pony Express riders, the ex-riverboat pilot who became a reporter and a giant of American literature, a Chinese migrant who risked life and limb to build a railroad, a tale of stock manipulation and murder that stemmed from a discovery of a Tahoe whirlpool, a salty seafarer who battled the worst of Tahoe's weather and gangrene, the silent terror that caused fear to the local lumber-jacks, the incorrigible stagecoach driver that gave a nineteenth-century icon a ride he wanted to forget, a refugee from the San Francisco earthquake who became an aquatic marvel, the famous of Hollywood's Golden Age that came to play, the overly optimistic New York lawyer who had an impossible dream that came true, and the unpaid Norwegian who flew down mountains delivering the US Mail. Tahoe is a meeting place, where the mountains meet the sky, where the snow meets the clear blue waters and where Nevada meets California. This book humbly brings you the stories of the men Sam Walter Foss might have alluded to when he said, "Bring me men to match my mountains." Well here they are Sam, some of Tahoe's finest, The Ghosts of Lake Tahoe (The Stuff of Legends.) Patrick Betson

Ghosts of Goldfield and Tonopah

Ghosts of Goldfield and Tonopah Author Janice Oberding
ISBN-10 9781626199453
Release 2015-06-08
Pages 128
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Echoes of prospectors, forlorn widows and politicians linger in the streets and historic remnants of Nevada's former boomtowns. In the throes of early financial disaster, the Silver State had little to entice newcomers or discourage residents from leaving. Jim Butler's silver discovery at Tonopah changed everything. With a subsequent gold discovery near Goldfield, the rush was on, and from these burgeoning mines, Nevada's early leaders amassed their wealth and power. Paranormal historian Janice Oberding shares firsthand accounts of ghostly encounters in the Goldfield and Mizpah Hotels and uncovers the history behind the mysterious cowboy ghost, the haggard hitchhiker and other eerie local tales.

Haunted Virginia City

Haunted Virginia City Author Janice Oberding
ISBN-10 9781625854766
Release 2015-09-28
Pages 144
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Unlike any city in America, Virginia City epitomizes the notion of a western boom-and-bust ghost town. The Comstock Silver Rush lured wealth seekers from around the world, including a young Samuel Clemens. Despite the fortune some found, not all of the town's earliest settlers rest easy. Shops, hotels, boardwalks and cemeteries are said to be filled with the supernatural remnants of Virginia City's hardscrabble characters and their violent propensities. The queen of haunted Nevada, Janice Oberding, mines Virginia City's spectral history, from the ghost of Henry Comstock to the ghostly Rosie and William of the Gold Hill Hotel.

Haunted Highways

Haunted Highways Author Tom Ogden
ISBN-10 076275172X
Release 2008-08-13
Pages 240
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For most of us, most of the time, the roads we travel are largely forgotten once we get to where we're going. By day, they usually reveal a familiar, real—living—world. But then darkness comes. Haunted Highways brings together more than twenty of the spookiest stories ever of ghosts, hauntings, and supernatural events on or near America's highways and byways. There are the usual suspects—the creepy hitchhiker, the eerie lights along a lonely stretch of road—as well as many you never dared to imagine. Each of the book's twenty-five chapters ratchets up the suspense, from an introduction that sets the scene and draws you in, to a haunting climax. Whether the actor Telly Savalas's haunting encounter with a long-dead good Samaritan on a rural Long Island road, or the Ghost Riders in the Sky who appear over the plains of Texas, these stories will bring delightful fright to readers young and old.

Haunted Greenwich Village

Haunted Greenwich Village Author Tom Ogden
ISBN-10 9780762789085
Release 2012-08-21
Pages 296
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Tales of ghostly goings-on and otherworldly encounters in Greenwich Village Among New York City’s many treasures is Greenwich Village, a bohemian area filled with creativity and rebellion. Haunted Greenwich Village—a collection of stories of ghosts, mysteries, and paranormal happenings in Greenwich Village—will leave readers delightfully frightened. Meet a colorful cast of spirits and spectres, visit haunted hotels and houses, and experience the eerie and supernatural. Many of the locations are accessible to the public—and some are even open for overnight stays for the truly daring—including: Washington Square: This upper-class neighborhood is haunted bycelebrity apparitions, the spirits of those buried there, the ghosts of those executed at Hangman’s Elm—and even a phantom dog. Third Street: The spirit that haunts a block here sometimes parks his horse and carriage directly in front of NYU’s D’Agostino Residence Hall. This famous early American politician and his daughter, who disappeared at sea, have even disrupted a restaurant about four blocks away in the West Village.

Haunted New Braunfels

Haunted New Braunfels Author Erin O. Wallace
ISBN-10 9781614239116
Release 2013-04-09
Pages 112
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Visitors claim to hear the clinking of tinsmith tools and the ring of an unattended antique cash register at all hours at Kickin' K, which formerly housed Henne's Hardware and tinsmith shop. In Landa Park, passersby have reported hearing phantom footsteps follow behind them in the evening. Strange and spooky stories like these abound in New Braunfels. From the city's rough-and-tumble beginnings to its vibrant present, haunted tales can be found all over town. Author Erin O. Wallace delves into the ghost stories and histories of New Braunfels and tries to find the source of the paranormal phenomena.

Werewolves of Wisconsin and Other American Myths Monsters and Ghosts

Werewolves of Wisconsin and Other American Myths  Monsters and Ghosts Author Andy Fish
ISBN-10 9780786467983
Release 2011-11-08
Pages 124
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The United States has a rich haunted history not often recounted in school. Beyond the Liberty Bell and right under the presidential noses on Mount Rushmore exists a dark and sinister world, which harbors secret creatures, beings both malevolent and benevolent, that inhabit the nation--ghosts and monsters unwilling or unable to abandon the American landscape. Hitchhike along on this transnational road trip with excursions to the most haunted American locations, including the home of Lizzie Borden, the Waverly Hills Sanatorium, and the Winchester Mystery House. Close your eyes through Ohio, purported to be the most haunted state in the nation. Watch out for the Frozen Bodies in Lake Tahoe, the Werewolves rumored to roam a lone stretch of road in Wisconsin, and the Bell Witch of Tennessee. And don't venture too close to the colonial era cemetery in Leicester, Massachusetts, for as the story goes, the only way out is through Hell. Graphic Novels by McFarland: McFarland has brought its 34 years of publishing experience to the graphic format. To browse them all, both nonfiction and fiction, see the McFarland Graphic Novels webpage. If you are an author or artist interested in submitting a book proposal, guidelines are offered on the McFarland Graphic Novels webpage.

Stop It You re Scaring Me

Stop It  You re Scaring Me Author Jonathan Mumm
ISBN-10 1481224689
Release 2013-10
Pages 304
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Kathleen Evans is well now. She is free to leave the psychiatric institute in San Francisco anytime she wants. Still, the doctors want to ease her transition back to every day life so they decide to send her first to one of the most beautiful spots on earth, a placed called Vikingsholm on the shore of Lake Tahoe's Emerald Bay. Here is where she will acclimate herself to the outside world once again. But something is not right. Strange phone calls filled with static and a distant voice she almost can't hear begin to frighten her. And, if she is alone in her part of the mansion, what is the whispering she hears in the walls, the crying at night, the footsteps in the empty room a floor above? There is one thing, though, that bothers her more than all of that. If she is really cured, why can't she remember anything about her past?

Haunted America

Haunted America Author Beth Scott
ISBN-10 0765319675
Release 2007-09-18
Pages 416
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A collection of ghost stories from across the United States and Canada includes spine-tingling tales of many different spectres, from battlefield apparitions to the haunting of the White House in Washington, D.C. Reprint.

Haunted America FAQ

Haunted America FAQ Author Dave Thompson
ISBN-10 9781495046001
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 400
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(FAQ Pop Culture). Take a fast-paced survey of the ghosties, ghouls, and associated denizens of the country's haunted history with Haunted America FAQ . Tracing local ghost stories back to Native American legends and then forward through horror tales both ancient and modern, the book revisits some of the best known haunted locales, as well as some of the most obscure creepy places, in America. Delving deep into the cultural history of American hauntings, Haunted America FAQ includes chapters on ghostly books, movies, and television. Also included is an A-Z of reality-TV ghost hunts and a state-by-state gazetteer of haunted spots.

A Wall of White

A Wall of White Author Jennifer Woodlief
ISBN-10 9781439156582
Release 2009-02-17
Pages 256
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One of the most amazing survival stories ever told -- journalist Jennifer Woodlief's gripping account of the deadliest ski-area avalanche in North American history and the woman who survived in the face of incalculable odds. On the morning of March 31, 1982, the snow had already been falling at a record rate for four days at Alpine Meadows ski resort near Lake Tahoe, California. For the vacationers and employees at the resort, this day would change their lives forever. The unprecedented avalanche that day at Alpine Meadows was a once-in-a-lifetime catastrophe. Much like the nor'easter that bedeviled the fishermen in Sebastian Junger's The Perfect Storm, an unforeseeable confluence of natural events created the conditions for an unimaginable disaster -- and, in one woman's case, an astonishing ordeal of survival. Jennifer Woodlief movingly tells the story of the massive slab avalanche that killed seven and left one victim buried alive under the snow. In this freak event, millions of tons of snow roared into the ski area and beyond, engulfing unsuspecting vacationers as well as resort employees working in spite of the danger. At the center of this wrenching tale of nature's fury are ski patrolman Larry Heywood and his team, who heroically fought with the help of a search-and-rescue dog to save a twenty-two-year-old woman trapped for five days underneath the suffocating snow -- a tale of survival that is itself an exploration of the capacity of courage. Written with all the suspense of a thriller, A Wall of White is an inspiring story of a group of strangers brought together by an inconceivable calamity -- a testament to the unwavering dedication of a band of rebel rescuers, driven only by a commitment to saving lives, battling not just extreme conditions but seemingly impossible odds.


Elsewhere Author William Peter Blatty
ISBN-10 9781466834781
Release 2015-04-07
Pages 222
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Realtor Joan Freeboard, trying to dispel the title mansion's creepy reputation, arranges for a psychic, a parapsychologist and a noted author to move into Elsewhere with her and declare it ghost-free. Isolated by a storm from civilization, they become absorbed by the house and its growing sense of strangeness; exploring its secrets exposes their own. Includes otherworldly b&w illus by Alex McVey. (From review by Publishers Weekly) At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Gold Rush Ghosts of Placerville Coloma Georgetown

Gold Rush Ghosts of Placerville  Coloma   Georgetown Author Linda J. Bottjer
ISBN-10 9781625849946
Release 2014-06-17
Pages 176
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Fueled by the dream to strike it rich, prospectors flocked to California during the gold rush. Yet the harsh lifestyle and backbreaking work led many to early graves. Join author Linda Bottjer on a tour through Gold Country's most chilling--and true--haunted tales. Tales such as the hangman of Placerville, whose distinctive wheeze is a sign of his continued presence. Or the Georgetown miner whose unrequited love for a much younger lady of the night finds him still pining for her in death as he did in life. And in Coloma, the ghost of James Marshall is said to dwell on the lonely hilltop where his cabin and monument now stand. These stories, and many others, capture the ghostly spirit of Gold Country.

The Truth Behind Ghosts Mediums and Psychic Phenomena

The Truth Behind Ghosts  Mediums  and Psychic Phenomena Author Ron Rhodes
ISBN-10 9780736936651
Release 2006-09-01
Pages 160
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Psychics, mediums, and ghosts have become a sensation in our culture today. As a result, there are many confusing and deceptive beliefs presented. Ron Rhodes, respected and popular biblical scholar, tackles the truth about ghosts and those who say they communicate with them and answers the questions: Do ghosts in any shape or form exist? Why is there a rise in psychic phenomena today? What do psychics believe about God, Jesus, and salvation? What is Satan’s role with the paranormal? How can parents protect their family from the psychic trend? This reader-friendly presentation of intriguing facts and biblical insights will help Christians know how to respond to this fascination with the ultimate truth.