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Health and the Rhetoric of Medicine

Health and the Rhetoric of Medicine Author Judy Z. Segal
ISBN-10 0809328666
Release 2008-06-30
Pages 232
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Persuasion is a key to understanding some of the most difficult-to-solve problems in health and health care--problems like illness anxiety, "contested illnesses," patient noncompliance, and end-of-life decision making. In each case, maintains rhetorical theorist Judy Z. Segal, a revealing question to ask is, "Who is persuading whom of what--and what are the means of persuasion?" Health and the Rhetoric of Medicine explores problems in health and health care that resist conventional medical solutions. Segal analyzes, for example, the reciprocal persuasions in the physician/patient relationship. Patients persuade physicians that they are ill and in need of care; physicians, for their part, seek to persuade patients to adhere to treatments. The intractable problem of a patient's rejection of a doctor's advice, says Segal, can be considered, in part, a rhetorical failure: a failure of persuasion. The first comprehensive study of contemporary health issues grounded in rhetorical principles, [this book] offers critical analysis for scholarly, professional, and lay audiences.

Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health Medicine

Methodologies for the Rhetoric of Health   Medicine Author Lisa Meloncon
ISBN-10 9781315303734
Release 2017-07-06
Pages 314
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This volume charts new methodological territories for rhetorical studies and the emerging field of the rhetoric of health and medicine. In offering an expanded, behind-the-scenes view of rhetorical methodologies, it advances the larger goal of differentiating the rhetoric of health and medicine as a distinct but pragmatically diverse area of study, while providing rhetoricians and allied scholars new ways to approach and explain their research. Collectively, the volume’s 16 chapters: Develop, through extended examples of research, creative theories and methodologies for studying and engaging medicine’s high-stakes practices. Provide thick descriptions of and heuristics for methodological invention and adaptation that meet the needs of needs of new and established researchers. Discuss approaches to researching health and medical rhetorics across a range of contexts (e.g., historical, transnational, socio-cultural, institutional) and about a range of ethical issues (e.g., agency, social justice, responsiveness).

Galen and the Rhetoric of Healing

Galen and the Rhetoric of Healing Author Susan P. Mattern
ISBN-10 9780801896347
Release 2008-07-18
Pages 300
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Galen is the most important physician of the Roman imperial era. Many of his theories and practices were the basis for medical knowledge for centuries after his death and some practices—like checking a patient’s pulse—are still used today. He also left a vast corpus of writings which makes up a full one-eighth of all surviving ancient Greek literature. Through her readings of hundreds of Galen’s case histories, Susan P. Mattern presents the first systematic investigation of Galen’s clinical practice. Galen’s patient narratives illuminate fascinating interplay among the craft of healing, social class, professional competition, ethnicity, and gender. Mattern describes the public, competitive, and masculine nature of medicine among the urban elite and analyzes the relationship between clinical practice and power in the Roman household. She also finds that although Galen is usually perceived as self-absorbed and self-promoting, his writings reveal him as sensitive to the patient’s history, symptoms, perceptions, and even words. Examining his professional interactions in the context of the world in which he lived and practiced, Galen and the Rhetoric of Healing provides a fresh perspective on a foundational figure in medicine and valuable insight into how doctors thought about their patients and their practice in the ancient world. -- Tana Allen

The Rhetoric of Pregnancy

The Rhetoric of Pregnancy Author Marika Seigel
ISBN-10 9780226072074
Release 2013-12-09
Pages 192
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It is a truth widely acknowledged that if you’re pregnant and can afford one, you’re going to pick up a pregnancy manual. From What to Expect When You’re Expecting to Pregnancy for Dummies, these guides act as portable mentors for women who want advice on how to navigate each stage of pregnancy. Yet few women consider the effect of these manuals—how they propel their readers into a particular system of care or whether the manual they choose reflects or contradicts current medical thinking. Using a sophisticated rhetorical analysis, Marika Seigel works to deconstruct pregnancy manuals while also identifying ways to improve communication about pregnancy and healthcare. She traces the manuals’ evolution from early twentieth-century tomes that instructed readers to unquestioningly turn their pregnancy management over to doctors, to those of the women’s health movement that encouraged readers to engage more critically with their care, to modern online sources that sometimes serve commercial interests as much as the mother’s. The first book-length study of its kind, The Rhetoric of Pregnancy is a must-read for both users and designers of our prenatal systems—doctors and doulas, scholars and activists, and anyone interested in encouraging active, effective engagement.

Risky Rhetoric

Risky Rhetoric Author J. Blake Scott
ISBN-10 0809324946
Release 2003
Pages 281
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"The ultimate goal of Risky Rhetoric: AIDS and the Cultural Practices of HIV Testing is to develop better forms of testing and prevention, to offer policymakers, HIV educators and test counselors, and other rhetors strategies for developing more responsive and egalitarian testing-related rhetorics and practices."--BOOK JACKET.

Rhetoric and Medicine in Early Modern Europe

Rhetoric and Medicine in Early Modern Europe Author Nancy S. Struever
ISBN-10 9781317063278
Release 2016-04-08
Pages 310
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Through close analysis of texts, cultural and civic communities, and intellectual history, the papers in this collection, for the first time, propose a dynamic relationship between rhetoric and medicine as discourses and disciplines of cure in early modern Europe. Although the range of theoretical approaches and methodologies represented here is diverse, the essays collectively explore the theories and practices, innovations and interventions, that underwrite the shared concerns of medicine, moral philosophy, and rhetoric: care and consolation, reading, policy, and rectitude, signinference, selfhood, and autonomy-all developed and refined at the intersection of areas of inquiry usually thought distinct. From Italy to England, from the sixteenth through to the mid-eighteenth century, early modern moral philosophers and essayists, rhetoricians and physicians investigated the passions and persuasion, vulnerability and volubility, theoretical intervention and practical therapy in the dramas, narratives, and disciplines of public and private cure. The essays are relevant to a wide range of readers, including cultural, literary, and intellectual historians, historians of medicine and philosophy, and scholars of rhetoric.

Sign of Pathology

Sign of Pathology Author Nathan Stormer
ISBN-10 9780271066905
Release 2015-04-08
Pages 272
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Much of the political polarization that grips the United States is rooted in the so-called culture wars, and no topic defines this conflict better than the often contentious and sometimes violent debate over abortion rights. In Sign of Pathology, Nathan Stormer reframes our understanding of this conflict by examining the medical literature on abortion from the 1800s to the 1960s. Often framed as an argument over a right to choose versus a right to life, our current understanding of this conflict is as a contest over who has the better position on reproductive biology. Against this view, Sign of Pathology argues that, as it became a medical problem, abortion also became a template, more generally, for struggling with how to live—far exceeding discussions of the merits of providing abortions or how to care for patients. Abortion practices (and all the legal, moral, and ideological entanglements thereof) have rested firmly at the center of debate over many fundamental institutions and concepts—namely, the individual, the family, the state, human rights, and, indeed, the human. Medical rhetoric, then, was decisive in cultivating abortion as a mode of cultural critique, even weaponizing it for discursive conflict on these important subjects, although the goal of the medical practice of abortion has never been to establish this kind of struggle. Stormer argues that the medical discourse of abortion physicians transformed the state of abortion into an indicator that the culture was ill, attacking itself during and through pregnancy in a wrongheaded attempt to cope with reproduction.

Rhetoric of Healthcare

Rhetoric of Healthcare Author Barbara Heifferon
ISBN-10 1572737905
Release 2008
Pages 290
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This volume, the first in medical rhetoric as such, brings rhetorical inquiry to the fields of medicine, health, and disease, as well as the discursive and writing modes within and about them. The chapters illustrate the wide range of topics and analytic strategies rhetoricians bring to a complex social problem. They also offer valuable new insights into several medical disciplines and the languages essential to them.

Body Talk

Body Talk Author Mary M. Lay
ISBN-10 0299167941
Release 2000
Pages 308
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This text explores the rhetoric of reproductive technology throughout the 20th century, examining the ways discourse about these technologies has shaped thinking about reproduction and women's bodies, framed public policy and empowered or marginalized points of view.

Patient Tales

Patient Tales Author Carol Berkenkotter
ISBN-10 1570037612
Release 2008
Pages 201
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This text looks into communicating psychiatric patient histories, from the asylum years to the clinics of modern day. In this study of tales of mental illness, Carol Berkenkotter examines the evolving role of case history narratives in the growth of psychiatry as a medical profession.

Sourcebook on Rhetoric

Sourcebook on Rhetoric Author James Jasinski
ISBN-10 0761905049
Release 2001-07-19
Pages 641
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This book is designed to introduce readers to the language of contemporary rhetorical studies. The book format is an alphabetized glossary (with appropriate cross listings) of key terms and concepts in contemporary rhetorical studies. An introductory chapter outlines the definitional ambiguities of the central concept of rhetoric itself. The primary emphasis is on the contemporary tradition of rhetorical studies as it has emerged in the discipline of speech communication. Each entry in the glossary ranges in length from a few paragraphs to a short essay of a few pages. Where appropriate, examples are provided to further illustrate the term or concept. Each entry will be accompanied by a list of references and additional readings to direct the reader to other materials of possible interest.

Health Promotion in Medical Education

Health Promotion in Medical Education Author Ann Wylie
ISBN-10 9781138031104
Release 2018-05-08
Pages 314
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Health promotion has been a relatively overlooked area in modern medical and health professional vocational curricula. This practical and informative book aims to redress the balance towards health promotion being a visible, integrated curricular component, with agreed principles on quality in health promotion teaching across various faculties. Experienced and enthusiastic writers with expertise in health promotion, public health and medical education explore how curricular structures can accommodate the discipline, providing examples of teaching sessions and methods of teaching health promotion within integrated curricula. 'Do not fear another dry discussion of how to stop patients smoking! This book takes a stimulatingly lateral view of the scope of the subject, goes a very long way to showing why it is essential to medical education, and gives good advice on how to support and develop both the subject and its tutors in today's medical schools.' From the Foreword by Amanda Howe.

Rhetorical Questions of Health and Medicine

Rhetorical Questions of Health and Medicine Author Joan Leach
ISBN-10 0739143328
Release 2011
Pages 201
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Rhetorical Questions of Health and Medicine illustrates how rhetorical theory and analysis contribute to our understanding of the ways in which pressing questions are posed, debated, and answered in the context of contemporary medicine.

Breast Or Bottle

Breast Or Bottle Author Amy Lunn Koerber
ISBN-10 UCLA:L0104393855
Release 2013
Pages 190
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Epidemiologic evidence demonstrating the health benefits of human milk has grown in recent years, but the story of why these forms of evidence have dramatically increased in recent decades, Koerber reveals, is a tale of the dedicated individuals, coalitions, and organizations engaged in relentless rhetorical efforts to improve our scientific explanations and cultural appreciation of human milk, lactation, and breastfeeding in the context of a historical tendency to devalue these distinctly female aspects of the human body. Koerber demonstrates that the rhetoric used to promote breastfeeding at a given time and cultural moment not only reflects a preexisting reality but also shapes the infant-feeding experience for new mothers. Koerber's claims are grounded in extensive rhetorical research including textual analysis, archival research, and interviews with key stakeholders in the breastfeeding controversy.

Rhetorical Accessability

Rhetorical Accessability Author Lisa Meloncon
ISBN-10 9781351865265
Release 2014-11-30
Pages 622
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Veterinary medicine has long been recognized as one of the more neglected areas of medical history. One of the main stumbling blocks to research is the lack of comprehensive information regarding the survival and availability of primary source material. Veterinary Medicine: A Guide to Historical Sources redresses these issues for the first time, offering researchers an unparalleled tool with which to approach the subject. The book opens with a brief history of veterinary medicine and the veterinary profession from the fourteenth to the beginning of the twenty first centuries, identifying the key dates and events that shaped their development. There then follows a chapter on the nature and uses of the records covered by the book, outlining the types of records found, the type of information they contain and their likely uses by different types of researcher. A brief user's guide then explains how to use the book. After these preliminary sections, comes the main body of the book, the lists of records. It is here that the various practices and institutions covered by the book are listed, together with the types of records they hold, the dates they cover and where they are kept. A short biographical history is also included with each entry where appropriate. Taken as a whole this volume will prove to be an invaluable aid for any scholar, researching the history of veterinary medicine in Britain.

Bounding Biomedicine

Bounding Biomedicine Author Colleen Derkatch
ISBN-10 9780226345840
Release 2016-04-21
Pages 238
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During the 1990s, unprecedented numbers of Americans turned to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), an umbrella term encompassing health practices such as chiropractic, energy healing, herbal medicine, homeopathy, meditation, naturopathy, and traditional Chinese medicine. By 1997, nearly half the US population was seeking CAM in one form or another, spending at least $27 billion out-of-pocket annually on related products and services. As CAM rose in popularity over the decade, so did mainstream medicine's interest in understanding whether those practices actually worked, and how. Medical researchers devoted considerable effort to testing CAM interventions in clinical trials, and medical educators scrambled to assist physicians in advising patients about CAM. In Bounding Biomedicine, Colleen Derkatch examines how the rhetorical discourse around the published research on this issue allowed the medical profession to maintain its position of privilege and prestige throughout this process, even as its place at the top of the healthcare hierarchy appeared to be weakening. Her research focuses on the ground-breaking and somewhat controversial CAM-themed issues of The Journal of the American Medical Association and its nine specialized Archives journals from 1998, demonstrating how these texts performed rhetorical boundary work for the medical profession. As Derkatch reveals, the question of how to test healthcare practices that don't fit easily (or at all) within mainstream Western medical frameworks sweeps us into the realm of medical knowledge-making--the research teams, clinical trials, and medical journals that determine which treatments are safe and effective--and also out into the world where doctors meet patients, illnesses find treatment, and values, practices, policies, and priorities intersect. Through Bounding Biomedicine, Derkatch shows exactly how narratives of medicine's entanglements with competing models of healthcare shape not only the historical episodes they narrate but also the very fabric of medical knowledge itself and how the medical profession is made and remade through its own discursive activity.

The Call of Conscience

The Call of Conscience Author Michael J. Hyde
ISBN-10 1570033889
Release 2001
Pages 300
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This study considers the relationship between the phenomenon of conscience and the practice of rhetoric as it relates to one of the most controversial issues of our time - euthanasia. The author offers an extensive treatment of Heidegger's and Levinas' philosophical investigations of conscience.