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Health Informatics

Health Informatics Author Ramona Nelson
ISBN-10 9780323402255
Release 2016-12-08
Pages 678
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See how information technology intersects with health care! Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach, 2nd Edition prepares you for success in today’s technology-filled healthcare practice. Concise coverage includes information systems and applications such as electronic health records, clinical decision support, telehealth, ePatients, and social media tools, as well as system implementation. New to this edition are topics including data science and analytics, mHealth, principles of project management, and contract negotiations. Written by expert informatics educators Ramona Nelson and Nancy Staggers, this edition enhances the book that won a 2013 American Journal of Nursing Book of the Year award! Experts from a wide range of health disciplines cover the latest on the interprofessional aspects of informatics - a key Quality and Safety Education for Nurses (QSEN) initiative and a growing specialty area in nursing. Case studies encourage higher-level thinking about how concepts apply to real-world nursing practice. Discussion questions challenge you to think critically and to visualize the future of health informatics. Objectives, key terms and an abstract at the beginning of each chapter provide an overview of what you will learn. Conclusion and Future Directions section at the end of each chapter describes how informatics will continue to evolve as healthcare moves to an interprofessional foundation. NEW! Updated chapters reflect the current and evolving practice of health informatics, using real-life healthcare examples to show how informatics applies to a wide range of topics and issues. NEW mHealth chapter discusses the use of mobile technology, a new method of health delivery - especially for urban or under-served populations - and describes the changing levels of responsibility for both patients and providers. NEW Data Science and Analytics in Healthcare chapter shows how Big Data - as well as analytics using data mining and knowledge discovery techniques - applies to healthcare. NEW Project Management Principles chapter discusses proven project management tools and techniques for coordinating all types of health informatics-related projects. NEW Contract Negotiations chapter describes strategic methods and tips for negotiating a contract with a healthcare IT vendor. NEW Legal Issues chapter explains how federal regulations and accreditation processes may impact the practice of health informatics. NEW HITECH Act chapter explains the regulations relating to health informatics in the Health Information Technology for Education and Clinical Health Act as well as the Meaningful Use and Medicare Access & CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015.

Health Informatics E Book

Health Informatics   E Book Author Ramona Nelson
ISBN-10 9780323293860
Release 2014-03-12
Pages 560
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Health Informatics: An Interprofessional Approach was awarded first place in the 2013 AJN Book of the Year Awards in the Information Technology/Informatics category. Get on the cutting edge of informatics with Health Informatics, An Interprofessional Approach. Covering a wide range of skills and systems, this unique title prepares you for work in today’s technology-filled clinical field. Topics include clinical decision support, clinical documentation, provider order entry systems, system implementation, adoption issues, and more. Case studies, abstracts, and discussion questions enhance your understanding of these crucial areas of the clinical space. 31 chapters written by field experts give you the most current and accurate information on continually evolving subjects like evidence-based practice, EHRs, PHRs, disaster recovery, and simulation. Case studies and attached discussion questions at the end of each chapter encourage higher level thinking that you can apply to real world experiences. Objectives, key terms and an abstract at the beginning of each chapter provide an overview of what each chapter will cover. Conclusion and Future Directions section at the end of each chapter reinforces topics and expands on how the topic will continue to evolve. Open-ended discussion questions at the end of each chapter enhance your understanding of the subject covered.

Health Informatics

Health Informatics Author Ramona Nelson
ISBN-10 9780323100953
Release 2013-06-14
Pages 535
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Covering a range of skills and systems, this title prepares you for work in technology-filled clinical field. It includes topics such as clinical decision support, clinical documentation, provider order entry systems, system implementation, adoption issues, and more.

Hodson and Geddes Cystic Fibrosis Fourth Edition

Hodson and Geddes  Cystic Fibrosis  Fourth Edition Author Andrew Bush
ISBN-10 9780340764251
Release 2015-07-02
Pages 699
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Hodson and Geddes' Cystic Fibrosis provides everything the respiratory clinician, pulmonologist or health professional treating patients needs in a single manageable volume. This international and authoritative work brings together current knowledge and has become established in previous editions as a leading reference in the field. This fourth edition includes a wealth of new information, figures, useful videos, and a companion eBook. The basic science that underlies the disease and its progression is outlined in detail and put into a clinical context. Diagnostic and clinical aspects are covered in depth, as well as promising advances such as gene therapies and other novel molecular based treatments. Patient monitoring and the importance of multidisciplinary care are also emphasized. This edition: Features accessible sections reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the cystic fibrosis care team Contains a chapter written by patients and families about their experiences with the disease Includes expanded coverage of clinical areas, including chapters covering sleep, lung mechanics and the work of breathing, upper airway disease, insulin deficiency and diabetes, bone disease, and sexual and reproductive issues Discusses management both in the hospital and at home Includes a new section on monitoring and discusses the use of databases to improve patient care Covers monitoring in different age groups, exercise testing and the outcomes of clinical trials in these areas Includes chapters devoted to nursing, physiotherapy, psychology, and palliative and spiritual care Throughout, the emphasis is on providing an up-to-date and balanced review of both the clinical and basic science aspects of the subject and reflecting the multidisciplinary nature of the cystic fibrosis care team.

Health Care Informatics

Health Care Informatics Author Sheila P. Englebardt
ISBN-10 UOM:39015053184514
Release 2002
Pages 576
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Informatics the study of the use of computer hardware, software, systematic languages, and data manipulation to collect and apply information is united with health care in this new interdisciplinary textbook. It focuses on topics in informatics relevant to all fields of health care, in a textbook format complete with chapter outlines, objectives, key terms, and discussion questions. A unique online supplement complements the book to offer complete, electronic support for both instructors and students. Written by experts in health care informatics, this text provides a comprehensive overview of all the major concepts in informatics, discussing trends and innovative strategies from a contemporary, mainstream perspective.

Population Based Public Health Nursing Clinical Manual The Henry Street Model for Nurses Second Edition 2014 AJN Award Recipient

Population Based Public Health Nursing Clinical Manual  The Henry Street Model for Nurses Second Edition  2014 AJN Award Recipient Author Carolyn Garcia
ISBN-10 9781938835346
Release 2014-03-14
Pages 496
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Focused on developing a competent public health nursing practice in diverse settings, this core text builds on the Henry Street Consortium’s framework of 11 competences for population-based, entry-level public health nursing. This second edition has fully revised and updated coverage, including implementation of Healthy People 2020, intensive, evidence-based home visiting models and cultural identity assessment tools, virtual tools and resources for e-collaboration strategies and health promotion, pathways to become a public health nurse.

Health Informatics Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals Fifth Edition

Health Informatics  Practical Guide for Healthcare and Information Technology Professionals  Fifth Edition Author Robert E Hoyt
ISBN-10 9781105437557
Release 2012
Pages 467
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Health Informatics (HI) focuses on the application of information technology (IT) to the field of medicine to improve individual and population healthcare delivery, education and research. This extensively updated fifth edition reflects the current knowledge in Health Informatics and provides learning objectives, key points, case studies and references. Topics include: HI Overview; Healthcare Data, Information, and Knowledge; Electronic Health Records, Practice Management Systems; Health Information Exchange; Data Standards; Architectures of Information Systems;Health Information Privacy and Security; HI Ethics; Consumer HI; Mobile Technology; Online Medical Resources; Search Engines; Evidence-Based Medicine and Clinical Practice Guidelines; Disease Management and Registries; Quality Improvement Strategies; Patient Safety; Electronic Prescribing; Telemedicine; Picture Archiving and Communication Systems; Bioinformatics; Public HI; E-Research. Available as a printed copy and E-book.

Introduction to Healthcare Informatics

Introduction to Healthcare Informatics Author Sue Biedermann
ISBN-10 1584265280
Release 2017
Pages 591
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Introduction to Healthcare Informatics has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Introduction to Healthcare Informatics also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Introduction to Healthcare Informatics book for free.

Essential Health Assessment

Essential Health Assessment Author Janice M Thompson
ISBN-10 9780803669871
Release 2017-09-19
Pages 686
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This practical, real-world approach provides all of the how-tos, what-tos, when-tos, and why-tos you need to master the art and science of assessment in a well-organized, well-illustrated text that makes the material easier to learn now and reference later. The book simplifies the approach to assessment in two ways. First, it focuses on the normal and the normal variants of the adult, child, elderly, and pregnant patients that you’ll see most frequently in practice. Then, when a finding falls outside of those parameters, you’ll be able to identify it as abnormal. Second, assessment is presented as a linear and consistent process; so you are able to undertake the same steps in the same order to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Population Health Informatics

Population Health Informatics Author Joshi
ISBN-10 9781284103960
Release 2017-09-26
Pages 426
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Population Health Informatics addresses the growing opportunity to utilize technology to put into practice evidence-based solutions to improve population health outcomes across diverse settings. The book focuses on how to operationalize population informatics solutions to address important public health challenges impacting individuals, families, communities, and the environment in which they live. The book uniquely uses a practical, step-by-step approach to implement evidence-based, data- driven population informatics solutions.

Building Core Competencies in Pharmacy Informatics

Building Core Competencies in Pharmacy Informatics Author Brent I. Fox
ISBN-10 1582121443
Release 2010
Pages 507
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Building Core Competencies in Pharmacy Informatics is designed to provide student pharmacists with the knowledge and competencies required to use informatics in the practice of pharmacy. The organization helps conceptualize and identify technologies as employed in the medication use processes. The book addresses the following informatics competencies required of PharmD graduates: Store, retrieve, and analyze health information. Optimize the medication prescribing and ordering process. Aid in clinical decision making. Automate the medication delivery processes. Facilitate pharmacy management.

Guide to Health Informatics Third Edition

Guide to Health Informatics  Third Edition Author Enrico Coiera
ISBN-10 9781444170504
Release 2015-03-06
Pages 710
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This essential text provides a readable yet sophisticated overview of the basic concepts of information technologies as they apply in healthcare. Spanning areas as diverse as the electronic medical record, searching, protocols, and communications as well as the Internet, Enrico Coiera has succeeded in making this vast and complex area accessible and understandable to the non-specialist, while providing everything that students of medical informatics need to know to accompany their course. Fully revised, the third edition of Guide to Health Informatics remains essential reading for all health science undergraduates, clinical health professionals, and health service managers who need to appreciate and understand the role of informatics and its associated technologies for optimal practice and service delivery.

Contemporary Health Informatics

Contemporary Health Informatics Author Mark L. Braunstein
ISBN-10 1584260319
Release 2014-04-01
Pages 253
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Health informatics-the application of information technology to healthcare delivery-is changing dramatically because of federal investment in adoption, new cloud-based technologies to encourage data sharing and patient participation, and new financial incentives to encourage coordinated care. The traditional provider- and hospital-centric view of care and health information technology is morphing into one which combines electronic records with the Internet for information exchange and data from low cost mobile- and home-based devices to create a comprehensive, more holistic electronic health record of each patient's care. This text emphasizes these contemporary approaches through a focus on ambulatory care for chronic disease, arguably the major challenge for US healthcare. Contemporary Health Informatics is divided into four sections: background on the US healthcare system and federal policies intended to re-engineer it; the core technologies of health information technology; the application of these technologies in state-of-the-art real-world products and solutions; and the mining, analysis, and visualization of the vast amounts of newly available digital health data to gain knowledge and improve care delivery. Key Features Up-to-date: written within the context of current health informatics Grounded in actual practice: numerous case studies illustrate the practical applications of the technologies discussed Forward facing: based on the evolution of the healthcare system away from hospitals and toward primary and community care Written for a broad audience: based on Dr. Braunstein's MOOC that has proven successful for learners from healthcare providers to information technologists to those with numerous other health- related backgrounds and skill sets

Health Informatics

Health Informatics Author Gordon D. Brown
ISBN-10 1567934358
Release 2013
Pages 390
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Historically, informatics was considered as a technology for automating clinical decision making and processes. This book views informatics as a transforming technology, one that alters the structure of clinical processes and broader health organizations. It explores the use of health information technology from a systems perspective. The traditional three-pronged informatics model- cellular, clinical, and population-is expanded to include dynamic systems, which adds to and alters previous conceptions. This text integrates the medical, nursing, and healthcare IT professions. Its primary audience is graduate and professional students. Fifteen evidenced-based cases are used through the text to illustrate each chapter's concepts. Each chapter includes learning objectives, presents key concepts, and discussion questions. Topics covered include: The application and function of electronic medical records The importance of concept-based controlled biomedical vocabularies How to identify different e-health platforms How to recognize the technical safeguards required by the HIPAA Security Rule How information technology can change the role of the patient

Practitioner s Guide to Health Informatics

Practitioner s Guide to Health Informatics Author Mark Braunstein
ISBN-10 9783319176628
Release 2015-04-13
Pages 162
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"This book will be a terrific introduction to the field of clinical IT and clinical informatics" -- Kevin Johnson "Dr. Braunstein has done a wonderful job of exploring a number of key trends in technology in the context of the transformations that are occurring in our health care system" -- Bob Greenes "This insightful book is a perfect primer for technologists entering the health tech field." -- Deb Estrin "This book should be read by everyone.​" -- David Kibbe This book provides care providers and other non-technical readers with a broad, practical overview of the changing US healthcare system and the contemporary health informatics systems and tools that are increasingly critical to its new financial and clinical care paradigms. US healthcare delivery is dramatically transforming and informatics is at the center of the changes. Increasingly care providers must be skilled users of informatics tools to meet federal mandates and succeed under value-based contracts that demand higher quality and increased patient satisfaction but at lower cost. Yet, most have little formal training in these systems and technologies. Providers face system selection issues with little unbiased and insightful information to guide them. Patient engagement to promote wellness, prevention and improved outcomes is a requirement of Meaningful Use Stage 2 and is increasingly supported by mobile devices, apps, sensors and other technologies. Care providers need to provide guidance and advice to their patients and know how to incorporated as they generate into their care. The one-patient-at-a-time care model is being rapidly supplemented by new team-, population- and public health-based models of care. As digital data becomes ubiquitous, medicine is changing as research based on that data reveals new methods for earlier diagnosis, improved treatment and disease management and prevention. This book is clearly written, up-to-date and uses real world examples extensively to explain the tools and technologies and illustrate their practical role and potential impact on providers, patients, researchers, and society as a whole.

Healthcare Informatics DeMYSTiFieD

Healthcare Informatics DeMYSTiFieD Author Jim Keogh
ISBN-10 9780071820547
Release 2014-09-26
Pages 384
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The quick and easy way to master healthcare technology and use your knowledge in real-world situations If you're looking for a fun, fast review that boils healthcare informatics down to its most essential, must-know points, your search ends here! Healthcare Informatics Demystified is a complete yet concise overview of today's healthcare information technology. This guide introduces you to topics such as computer physician order entry (CPOE), electronic medication administration records (eMARs), decision support systems, and more. You will learn how to maintain electronic medical records (EMRs), use telemedicine to coordinate healthcare management, and safeguard a patient's privacy during treatment. Studying is easy and effective with key objectives, important terms, brief overviews, tables and diagrams, and NCLEX-style questions throughout the book. At the end is a comprehensive final exam that covers all the content found in Healthcare Informatics Demystified. This fast and easy guide features: Clear learning objectives and key terms to keep you on track A time-saving approach to performing better on an exam or at work Chapter review questions and final exam at the end of the book Topics presented in a build-on-whatyou- learn approach Glossary of key terms Simple enough for a student but comprehensive enough for a professional, Healthcare Informatics DeMYSTiFieD is your shortcut to mastering the basics of today’s healthcare technology.

Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse

Nursing Informatics for the Advanced Practice Nurse Author Susan McBride, PhD, RN-BC, CPHIMS
ISBN-10 9780826124890
Release 2015-12-03
Pages 600
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Designed specifically for graduate-level nursing informatics courses, this is the first text to focus on using technology with an interprofessional team to improve patient care and safety. It delivers an expansive and innovative approach to devising practical methods of optimizing technology to foster quality of patient care and support population health initiatives. Based on the requirements of the DNP Essential IV Core Competency for Informatics and aligning with federal policy health initiatives, the book describes models of information technology the authors have successfully used in health IT, as well as data and analytics used in business, for-profit industry, and not-for-profit health care association settings, which they have adapted for nursing practice in order to foster optimal patient outcomes. The authors espouse a hybrid approach to teaching with a merged competency and concept-based curriculum. With an emphasis on the benefits of an interprofessional team, the book describes the most effective approaches to health care delivery using health information technology. It describes a nursing informatics model that is comprised of three core domains: point-of-care technology, data management and analytics, and patient safety and quality. The book also includes information on point-of-care applications, population health, data management and integrity, and privacy and security. New and emerging technologies explored include genomics, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, and data mining. Case studies and critical thinking exercises support the concept-based curriculum and facilitate out-of-the-box thinking. Supplemental materials for instructors include PowerPoint slides and a test bank. While targeted primarily for the nursing arena, the text is also of value in medicine, health information management, occupational therapy, and physical therapy. Key Features: Addresses DNP Essential IV Core Competency for Informatics Focuses specifically on using nursing informatics expertise to improve population health, quality, and safety Advocates an interprofessional team approach to optimizing health IT in all practice settings Stimulates critical thinking skills that can by applied to all aspects of IT health care delivery Discusses newest approaches to interprofessional education for IT health care delivery