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Helping Foster Children In School

Helping Foster Children In School Author John DeGarmo
ISBN-10 9781784501624
Release 2015-07-21
Pages 160
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Helping Foster Children In School explores the challenges that foster children face in schools and offers positive and practical guidance tailored to help the parents, teachers and social workers supporting them. Children in care often perform poorly at school both in terms of their behavior and their academic performance, with many failing to complete their education. They will have often experienced trauma or neglect which can result in a number of developmental delays. By looking at why children in foster care do not perform as well as their counterparts, John DeGarmo, who has fostered more than 40 children, provides easy-to-use strategies to target the problems commonly faced. He emphasizes the importance of an open dialogue between teacher, parent and social worker, to ensure that everyone is working jointly to achieve the best outcome for the child. An invaluable resource for foster parents, social workers and educators alike, this book encourages a unified response to ensure foster children are given the best chance to succeed at school.

A Different Home

A Different Home Author Kelly DeGarmo
ISBN-10 9780857008978
Release 2014-01-21
Pages 48
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A sensitive picture book to help ease the anxieties of foster children aged 4 to 10 entering placement. In A Different Home, Jessie tells us her story of being placed in foster care. At first she is worried and has lots of questions. The new home is not like her old home -- she has a different bedroom, different clothes, and there's different food for breakfast. She also misses her family. When Jim and Debbie, her foster parents, answer her questions she begins to feel better and see that this different home is kind of nice. Written in simple language and fully illustrated in color, this storybook is designed to help children in care, or moving into care, to settle in and answer some of the questions they may have. Accompanied by notes for adults on how to use the story with children, it will be a useful book for foster parents and caseworkers, as well as social workers, teachers and anyone else working with children in foster care.

Children in Foster Care and Adoption

Children in Foster Care and Adoption Author John T. Pardeck
ISBN-10 031330775X
Release 1998-01-01
Pages 103
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Bibliotherapy, which literally means treatment through books, is an approach that helps children through reading, to more clearly understand the problems facing them and to develop solutions for solving problems. It is an approach for professionals helping children deal with foster care placement and adoption. This book will be a useful resource for foster and adoptive parents, clergy, and librarians.

The School Services Sourcebook Second Edition

The School Services Sourcebook  Second Edition Author Cynthia Franklin
ISBN-10 9780199861750
Release 2013-01-31
Pages 987
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"A guide for school-based professionals"--cover.

A Practical Guide to Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma

A Practical Guide to Helping Children and Young People Who Experience Trauma Author Panos Vostanis
ISBN-10 9781351699952
Release 2017-07-05
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This will be a concise and practical resource for a range of carers and practitioners working with children who experienced trauma. It will highlight their characteristics in contrast with those for children living in stability, and will describe specific techniques and strategies to help them in different environments and situations. The aim will be to equip practitioners with a range of approaches for these groups of vulnerable children, which are appropriate to sensitively meet their needs and make a difference to their emotional well-being. Key features: case studies; work-sheets; and, evidence-based interventions. It is authored by Dr Panos Vostanis, Professor of Child Psychiatry, University of Leicester; Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Leicestershire Child Mental Health Service.

Advocating for Children in Foster and Kinship Care

Advocating for Children in Foster and Kinship Care Author Mitchell Rosenwald
ISBN-10 9780231519359
Release 2010-06-01
Pages 272
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This book is the first to provide strategies for effective advocacy and placement within the foster care and kinship care systems. It also takes a rare look at the dynamics of the foster and kinship relationship, not just among children and the agency workers and service providers who intervene on their behalf, but also between children and those who take in and care for them as permanency develops. Drawing on their experience interacting with and writing about the institution of foster care, Mitchell Rosenwald and Beth N. Riley have composed a unique text that helps practitioners, foster parents, and relative caregivers realize successful transitions for youth, especially considering the traumas these children may suffer both before and after placement. Advocating for a child's best interests must begin early and remain consistent throughout assignment and adjustment. For practitioners, Rosenwald and Riley emphasize the best techniques for assessing a family's capabilities and for guiding families through the challenges of foster care. Part one details the steps potential foster parents and kinship caregivers must take, with the assistance of practitioners, to prepare themselves for placement. Part two describes tactics for successful advocacy within the court system, social service agencies, schools, and the medical and mental health establishments. Part three describes how to lobby for change at the agency and legislative levels, as well as within a given community. The authors illustrate recommendations through real-life scenarios and devote an entire chapter to brokering positive partnerships among practitioners, families, and other teams working to protect and transition children.

Understanding Looked After Children

Understanding Looked After Children Author Jeune Guishard-Pine
ISBN-10 1846426847
Release 2007-09-15
Pages 176
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Understanding Looked After Children is an accessible guide to understanding the mental health needs of children in foster care and the role of foster carers and support networks in helping these children. The authors provide foster carers with an insight into the psychological issues experienced by children in the care system, and the impact of these issues on the foster family. Chapters cover cultural, social and legal structures associated with foster care and both the relevant child psychology theory and examples drawn from real-life situations. The authors give advice on how to address common psychological issues in collaboration with multi-agency professionals, as well as how to access to statutory services. They also explain the possible impact of assessments on foster children and the causes and management of foster carers' own feelings of frustration, anger or disappointment with social and mental health services or the placement itself. Chapters are complemented by case studies, and the book includes a helpful glossary to common terminology. Understanding Looked After Children is essential reading for registered foster carers and those considering fostering, as well as adoptive parents, and a useful reference for trainee and experienced practitioners in the care system, including social workers, psychologists, counsellors, teachers and others looking after vulnerable children.

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

Walk a Mile in My Shoes Author Judith A. B. Lee
ISBN-10 0878683496
Release 1989-01-01
Pages 87
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This book can help foster parents and caseworkers get into the shoes of birthparents. Foster parents may use it as a self-help guide. Case workers will find it helps attune them to the tasks both foster parents and birthparents face. Agencies will find it especially effective for use in the separate and joint training of caseworkers and foster parents and for use by teachers and students in learning about birthfamilies.

Families Change

Families Change Author Julie Nelson
ISBN-10 9781575427423
Release 2006-11-15
Pages 32
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All families change over time. Sometimes a baby is born, or a grown-up gets married. And sometimes a child gets a new foster parent or a new adopted mom or dad. Children need to know that when this happens, it’s not their fault. They need to understand that they can remember and value their birth family and love their new family, too. Straightforward words and full-color illustrations offer hope and support for children facing or experiencing change. Includes resources and information for birth parents, foster parents, social workers, counselors, and teachers.

Managing Children s Disruptive Behaviour

Managing Children s Disruptive Behaviour Author Martin Herbert
ISBN-10 9780470020067
Release 2004-04-21
Pages 206
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Managing Children's Disruptive Behavior is a comprehensive guide designed for professionals and parents who care for children whose behavior problems are beyond those encountered normally. Arranged in three parts, the book opens by setting out the theoretical background to conduct disorders in a range of settings. Part Two discusses issues in assessment and treatment and explains the background to the 'Child-Wise' programs devised by the authors. Four versions of the Child-Wise program follow, complete with useful materials for evaluation and homework purposes. This flexible set of resources has been designed for use with children aged between 2 and 10 years and includes versions for use: in group settings; at home; in the classroom; with typical and special needs children. Devised for use by a wide range of professionals, the programmes reduce fraught interactions and restore mutually enjoyable relationships between the carer/parent and the child. There are also further resources available to download from a supporting website. Managing Children's Disruptive Behaviour is an invaluab le tool for psychologists, health visitors, social workers, teachers, and all those whose work involves children and their carers.

The Foster Parenting Manual

The Foster Parenting Manual Author John DeGarmo
ISBN-10 9780857007957
Release 2013-06-28
Pages 160
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The Foster Parenting Manual is a comprehensive guide offering proven, friendly advice for novice and experienced parents alike. Distilling many years' experience into one book, John DeGarmo combines his own wisdom with that of fellow foster parents. He describes what to expect from the process, how to access help and how to ensure the best care for your child. He tackles thorny issues such as children's use of the Internet and social media, managing contact with birth parents and how to support your child at school. Most importantly, he provides advice designed to help your child feel safe, secure and loved. The Foster Parenting Manual offers seasoned, sympathetic advice that will be valued by foster parents and the professionals who support them.

Social Work Practice with Families and Children

Social Work Practice with Families and Children Author Anthony Maluccio
ISBN-10 0231505655
Release 2002-09-04
Pages 351
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This book emphasizes family-centered, social network, and school-based interventions in the preparation of social workers for direct and indirect practice with clients from vulnerable populations, especially the poor, people of color, and recent immigrant groups. With an eye to recent changes in social work practice and service delivery, including the impact of welfare reform and managed care on vulnerable families and children, Social Work Practice with Families and Children helps social work students and practitioners understand the increasingly complex needs of their clients. Three valuable appendixes include information about tools and instruments to support practice, child welfare resource centers, and electronic resources pertaining to the field.

Learn the Child

Learn the Child Author Kate Cairns
ISBN-10 190369938X
Release 2004
Pages 88
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Includes a CD ROM PowerPoint presentation. At all stages of education, children and young people in public care do less well than their peers. They achieve fewer passes, they are nine times more likely to have a statement of educational need and are 13 times more likely to be permanently excluded from school. How can we help to address this persistent problem? This guide will help address the greatest difficulty identified by teachers in the education of looked after children - the behaviour of the children themselves.

Supporting Traumatized Children and Teenagers

Supporting Traumatized Children and Teenagers Author Atle Dyregrov
ISBN-10 0857003917
Release 2011-01-15
Pages 240
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Supporting Traumatized Children and Teenagers is an accessible, comprehensive book providing an overview of the impact of trauma on children and adolescents and how they can be supported following trauma. Trauma can result from a range of experiences from bullying to witnessing violence to living through war. This book explores the different reactions children may experience, and the impact trauma can have. Variables affecting the impact of trauma are explored such as different developmental stages, gender, the reactions of friends and parents, the child's personality, and their caring environment. Appropriate and effective ways of helping children after a traumatic event are outlined, and different types of therapy, such as group therapy and cognitive behavioural therapy, are discussed. The book offers case examples and practical tips throughout, and includes a chapter on how someone working with a traumatized child can help and look after themselves. This book will be invaluable to a range of professionals working with traumatized children including counsellors, child and family social workers and therapists, as well as others involved with traumatized children such as foster carers and teachers.

Social Work with Children Young People and Their Families in Scotland

Social Work with Children  Young People and Their Families in Scotland Author Steve Hothersall
ISBN-10 9780857257956
Release 2013-03-01
Pages 240
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This fully-updated and revised third edition addresses the changes to law and practice in relation to adoption and permanency, the children's hearing system and the implications of the provisions of the Children and Young People (S) Act 2014 and other related matters, including the National Practice Model of GIRFEC. This is the only text to provide coverage of the new legal, policy and practice landscape of social work with children and families in Scotland, and as such, it is an indispensable guide for students, newly-qualified social workers, managers and practice teachers and a range of other professionals in health, education, the police and others in cognate disciplines.

Everyday Goodbyes

Everyday Goodbyes Author Nancy Balaban
ISBN-10 0807746398
Release 2006-01
Pages 153
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Separation often evokes feelings of fear and anxiety in all of us, children, parents, and teachers alike. Because the success or failure of early separation experiences can affect a child's movement toward independence, teachers and parents must know how to help young children cope with the unpleasant feelings sometimes associated with separation. In Everyday Goodbyes (her follow-up to Starting School: From Separation to Independence), Nancy Balaban once again addresses this critical aspect of child development. Emphasizing the need for parents and teachers to work together in phasing children into a child-care, preschool, or kindergarten program, she offers many sensitive, practical suggestions to ease the separation process for all involved. Positioning separation as the underlying curriculum for all early childhood programs, this wonderful book helps teachers and parents to understand why children take time to adjust. Photographs and real-life anecdotes of children, teachers, and parents illustrate all aspects of the adjustment process, and activities for the classroom that support children''s movement toward independence and self-confidence are included.

Real Essays for College Grad School

Real Essays for College   Grad School Author Anne McKinney
ISBN-10 1885288204
Release 2000
Pages 179
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Colleges and universities place great emphasis on essays written as part of the process for admission and scholarships. This guide to constructing essays includes essays that have worked for real people, plus dozens of other actual samples.