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Equine Herbs and Healing An Earth Lodge Pocket Guide to Holistic Horse Wellness

Equine Herbs and Healing   An Earth Lodge Pocket Guide to Holistic Horse Wellness Author Maya Cointreau
ISBN-10 9781944396107
Release 2016-02-05
Pages 160
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This informative and beautifully illustrated barn companion teaches you how to combine and use herbs most effectively for your horse’s benefit. Learn what herbs have been used traditionally for which ailments and how to make your own salves, tinctures, braces, and sprays. Praise for Equine Herbs & Healing: “Equine Herbs & Healing is a must-have resource.” – Equine Wellness Magazine “A great gift.” – Natural Horse Magazine Horses of the past were free to roam on large acreages and commonly sought out the wild herbs and other native medicinal plants they needed to stay properly conditioned. Modern horses rely on their human owners to supply the herbs they need to keep their bodies strong and healthy. The herbalists at Earth Lodge Herbals have brought together years of herbal experience to bring you this Earth Lodge Guide to Horse Wellness: Equine Herbs & Healing, giving you all the tools you need to maintain your horse the natural way.

A Modern Horse Herbal

A Modern Horse Herbal Author Hilary Page Self
ISBN-10 1872119816
Release 2006
Pages 176
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This detailed guide to medicinal herbs for horses shows how they can help in the treatment of a wide range of common ailments, written for the new generation of horse owners seeking a more natural approach to their horse's health. Providing an A-Z of common ailments and conditions, from allergies to wounds, as well as depicting how one can safely and effectively treat these ailments with herbal medicine. In doing so, it draws on the latest research in herbal medicine as well as traditional plant-based remedies; it is full of tried and tested advice. Throughout, the author underlines the importance of veterinary consultation, and explains how certain herbs can be used to complement and support conventional treatments.

The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Care for Horses

The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Care for Horses Author
ISBN-10 9781616735289
Release 2009
Pages 224
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The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Care for Horses has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Care for Horses also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Illustrated Guide to Holistic Care for Horses book for free.

A Healthy Horse the Natural Way

A Healthy Horse the Natural Way Author Catherine Bird
ISBN-10 1592289282
Release 2006-04-01
Pages 240
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Just as more and more people are embracing a natural approach to their health and well-being, many horse owners are turning to ways they can use natural therapies with their horses. This book discusses a complete approach and how to use a combination of the therapies in conjunction with veterinary treatment.

Functional Anatomy

Functional Anatomy Author Chris Colles
ISBN-10 1872119190
Release 2000-01
Pages 24
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A guide to the horse's anatomy and basic physiology, with clear descriptions of how it works. Written for horse owners and students by a leading equine veterinary surgeon. Chapters include points of the horse and anatomical directions, the skeleton, tendons and ligaments, respiratory and digestive system and teeth and ageing.

The Practical Horse Herbal

The Practical Horse Herbal Author Victoria Ferguson
ISBN-10 0646518070
Release 2002
Pages 184
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The Practical Horse Herbal has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Practical Horse Herbal also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Practical Horse Herbal book for free.

Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses

Complete Holistic Care and Healing for Horses Author Mary L. Brennan
ISBN-10 1570762791
Release 2001
Pages 374
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The most comprehensive alternative horse care manual ever published for the horse owner.

Aromatherapy for Horses

Aromatherapy for Horses Author Caroline Ingraham
ISBN-10 187208298X
Release 1997
Pages 24
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A detailed and authoritative guide to using essential oils for common ailments and management problems in horses and ponies by a leading practitioner. Chapters include how to select oils for a particular condition, doses and dilutions, external, internal and topical applications and quick reference charts and tables.

A Guide to Herbs for Horses

A Guide to Herbs for Horses Author Keith Allison
ISBN-10 0851316468
Release 1995
Pages 48
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The use of herbs and other plant material in the horse's diet has grown in popularity, largely because of perceived inadequacies in modern compound-feeds, pastures and forage, but many horse feeds and feed additives containing herbs carry no statement of their exact content or formulations. Also, they are often put together by people with either no proper training or inappropriate qualifications, using information gleaned from human herbals. Aimed at horse-owners and those who keep and care for horses in every sphere of equestrian activity, this book provides information on the traditional use of a wide spectrum of herbs and other plant material. This material ranges from plants which may be oversown into pastures, to others which may be used regularly as feed supplements or used as medicines in skilled hands.

Essential Oils for Animals

Essential Oils for Animals Author Nayana Morag
ISBN-10 0984198253
Release 2011-07-01
Pages 236
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"Essential Oils for Animals" is the complete guide to using aromatherapy for natural animal health and management. Morag explains how to use essential oils in an animal's care regime to increase health, reduce stress, and increase the bond of trust between pet and owner.

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals

Holistic Aromatherapy for Animals Author Kristen Leigh Bell
ISBN-10 9781844099603
Release 2012-06-01
Pages 228
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It is only in recent years that aromatherapy, or essential oil therapy, has gained substantial acceptance; this is primarily due to French veterinarians who have begun using essential oils and hydrosols in their practices. Laypeople, of course, have been enjoying great success treating animals with the very same substances for many years; for it is not just the medical professionals who can safely and effectively administer these aromatic oils. Anyone enabled with quality essential oils or hydrosols and adequate knowledge can use a plant's most concentrated and energetic byproducts to improve the health of their animals, and treat and prevent various illnesses and common ailments. Aromatherapy is actually a science that has a much larger archive of supported scientific data than most other holistic care methods. However, most of these studies were originally published in French or German. Aromatherapy was the first natural, holistic therapy the author began using, and she relies on it as my primary form of healthcare to treat and balance all sorts of minor ailments and discomforts in the lives of her family and their pets. She has rarely needed to use any other sort of remedy to achieve the desired result. These powerful substances are the most fascinating, sensual and complex of all natural therapies -- a combination that proves to be so enthralling it eventually develops into a grand passion for many.

Homeopathy for Horses

Homeopathy for Horses Author Tim Couzens
ISBN-10 190569346X
Release 2011
Pages 512
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With careful selection of the right remedy, homeopathy will often succeed where conventional equine medicine has failed. This book provides practical and systematic insights, enabling treatment to be specifically tailored and thus ensuring the best chance of success.

Equine Herbal and Energetics

Equine Herbal and Energetics Author Small Stacey
ISBN-10 1495809846
Release 2016-03-01
Pages 326
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While the number of books published on the use of herbs for human healthcare has skyrocketed, information on their use for animals has lagged behind. This is especially true for our larger companion animals such as horses. Two of my former students, Stacey Small and Andrea Baldwin have teamed up to create an Equine Herbal, that gives veterinarians, herbalists, horse owners and trainers the needed knowledge to help prevent and treat the ills common to these amazing animals. I am proud of their effort to bring healing and good health to this neglected area of herbal medicine. David Winston, RH (AHG) Stacey and Andrea have done a great job of putting together a book that will be a mainstay of equine literature for a long time. Thank you both for doing this. Joyce Harman DVM, MRCVS This is the book I have been waiting for. Finally, someone has put all the known information on our favorite herbs in one convenient place. In this comprehensive text you can find the physical action of an herb as well as how it is used in homeopathy, flower essences, and aromatherapy with specifics on use in horses. Most importantly, is the focus on the energetics of herbs. The energy of an herb affects how it interacts in the body and with other herbs. In my opinion, using an herb without understanding its energetic nature is like trying to play a game without a rulebook. Considering the energetics of an herb, like rules in a playbook, facilitates harmony towards a common goal rather than individual forces acting randomly or against each other. Congratulations to the authors for a job well done. Madalyn Ward, DVM and author of Holistic Horsekeeping and Horse Harmony If you want to use nature's medicines to keep your horse healthy, buy this book! Stacey and Andrea have created a much needed reference work complete with herbal safety, methods of use, dosage, and the most importantly the essential energetics of each herb according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. As a doctor of oriental medicine, this is my go-to book for working with my two mares.... a great addition to the library of anyone interested in holistic equine healthcare. Barbara Thurman, DOM, AP, CCT Truly a holistic approach - encouraging the reader to learn and understand the actions and interactions of herbal use with horses. Mary Ann Simonds, MA - Author, Educator, Equine Ecologist Through much of my career as an integrative veterinary medicine practitioner, Stacey Small has been my "go to" for really practical, accurate, understandable information about herbal remedies. Her passion for learning and research, and her talent for education have made her knowledge base something we all want more of! And here it is, in a beautifully written and organized book that everyone can own! Thank you Stacey and Andrea; the horse's thank you! Judith Shoemaker, DVM

Equine Acupressure

Equine Acupressure Author Nancy A. Zidonis
ISBN-10 096459823X
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 164
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Equine Acupressure has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Equine Acupressure also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Equine Acupressure book for free.

Herbal Horsekeeping

Herbal Horsekeeping Author Robert McDowell
ISBN-10 1570762678
Release 2003
Pages 288
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One of the oldest and most effective medical methods is that of the herbalist. This book introduces the reader to the ins and outs of this alternative therapy.

The Complete Horse Herbal

The Complete Horse Herbal Author Victoria Ferguson
ISBN-10 0975780271
Release 2010
Pages 380
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Complete with accessible yet detailed information about natural diets and herbal remedies for horses, inspirational case studies, Equine Materia Medica, glossary and index, The Complete Horse Herbal is the absolute guide to natural nutrition and herbal remedies for every horse. The Complete Horse Herbal was written to share, with new and old readers alike, the substantial extra knowledge that Victoria has gained in her years of practising equine herbal medicine.

Fools Crow

Fools Crow Author James Welch
ISBN-10 0140089373
Release 1987
Pages 391
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In the Two Medicine territory of Montana, the Pikuni Indians are forced to choose between fighting a futile war or accepting a humiliating surrender, as the encroaching numbers of whites threaten their very existence