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Heuristic Research

Heuristic Research Author Clark Moustakas
ISBN-10 9781506304984
Release 1990-07-01
Pages 136
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Well-organized and well-referenced, this book gives a clear presentation of heuristic methodology as a systematic form of qualitative research. Investigators of human experiences will find this book invaluable as a research guide. The author illustrates how heuristic concepts and processes form components of the research design and become the basis for a methodology. There is a clear explanation of how heuristic inquiry works in practice and the actual process of conducting a human science investigation is described in detail.

Bundle Marshall Designing Qualitative Research 5e Moustakas Heuristic Research

Bundle  Marshall  Designing Qualitative Research 5e   Moustakas  Heuristic Research Author Catherine Marshall
ISBN-10 1412991935
Release 2010-05
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Bundle Marshall Designing Qualitative Research 5e Moustakas Heuristic Research has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Bundle Marshall Designing Qualitative Research 5e Moustakas Heuristic Research also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Bundle Marshall Designing Qualitative Research 5e Moustakas Heuristic Research book for free.

Phenomenological Research Methods

Phenomenological Research Methods Author Clark Moustakas
ISBN-10 0803957998
Release 1994-07-27
Pages 192
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In this volume, Clark Moustakas clearly discusses the theoretical underpinnings of phenomenology, based on the work of Husserl and others, and takes the reader step-by-step through the process of conducting a phenomenological study. His concise guide provides numerous examples of successful phenomenological studies from a variety of fields including therapy, health care, victimology, psychology and gender studies. The book also includes form letters and other research tools to use in designing and conducting a study.

Management Research Methodology

Management Research Methodology Author K. N. Krishnaswamy
ISBN-10 8177585630
Release 2009
Pages 600
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Management Research Methodology has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Management Research Methodology also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Management Research Methodology book for free.

Heuristic Inquiry

Heuristic Inquiry Author Nevine Sultan
ISBN-10 9781506355474
Release 2018-07-10
Pages 320
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Focused on exploring human experience from an authentic researcher perspective, Heuristic Inquiry: Researching Human Experience Holistically presents heuristic inquiry as a unique phenomenological, experiential, and relational approach to qualitative research that is also rigorous and evidence-based. Nevine Sultan describes a distinguishing perspective of this research that treats participants not as subjects of research but rather as co-researchers in an exploratory process marked by genuineness and intersubjectivity. Through the use of real-life examples illustrating the various processes of heuristic research, the book offers an understanding of heuristic inquiry that is straightforward and informal yet honors its creative, intuitive, and poly-dimensional nature.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods Author Lisa M. Given
ISBN-10 9781452265896
Release 2008-08-19
Pages 1072
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Qualitative research is designed to explore the human elements of a given topic, while specific qualitative methods examine how individuals see and experience the world. Qualitative approaches are typically used to explore new phenomena and to capture individuals' thoughts, feelings, or interpretations of meaning and process. Such methods are central to research conducted in education, nursing, sociology, anthropology, information studies, and other disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, and health sciences. Qualitative research projects are informed by a wide range of methodologies and theoretical frameworks. The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods presents current and complete information as well as ready-to-use techniques, facts, and examples from the field of qualitative research in a very accessible style. In taking an interdisciplinary approach, these two volumes target a broad audience and fill a gap in the existing reference literature for a general guide to the core concepts that inform qualitative research practices. The entries cover every major facet of qualitative methods, including access to research participants, data coding, research ethics, the role of theory in qualitative research, and much more—all without overwhelming the informed reader. Key Features Defines and explains core concepts, describes the techniques involved in the implementation of qualitative methods, and presents an overview of qualitative approaches to research Offers many entries that point to substantive debates among qualitative researchers regarding how concepts are labeled and the implications of such labels for how qualitative research is valued Guides readers through the complex landscape of the language of qualitative inquiry Includes contributors from various countries and disciplines that reflect a diverse spectrum of research approaches from more traditional, positivist approaches, through postmodern, constructionist ones Presents some entries written in first-person voice and others in third-person voice to reflect the diversity of approaches that define qualitative work Key Themes Approaches and Methodologies Arts-Based Research, Ties to Computer Software Data Analysis Data Collection Data Types and Characteristics Dissemination History of Qualitative Research Participants Quantitative Research, Ties to Research Ethics Rigor Textual Analysis, Ties to Theoretical and Philosophical Frameworks The SAGE Encyclopedia of Qualitative Research Methods is designed to appeal to undergraduate and graduate students, practitioners, researchers, consultants, and consumers of information across the social sciences, humanities, and health sciences, making it a welcome addition to any academic or public library.

Tutorials on Emerging Methodologies and Applications in Operations Research

Tutorials on Emerging Methodologies and Applications in Operations Research Author Harvey J. Greenberg
ISBN-10 9780387228273
Release 2006-06-16
Pages 342
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This volume reflects the theme of the INFORMS 2004 Meeting in Denver: Back to OR Roots. Emerging as a quantitative approach to problem-solving in World War II, our founders were physicists, mathematicians, and engineers who quickly found peace-time uses. It is fair to say that Operations Research (OR) was born in the same incubator as computer science, and it has spawned many new disciplines, such as systems engineering, health care management, and transportation science. Although people from many disciplines routinely use OR methods, many scientific researchers, engineers, and others do not understand basic OR tools and how they can help them. Disciplines ranging from finance to bioengineering are the beneficiaries of what we do — we take an interdisciplinary approach to problem-solving. Our strengths are modeling, analysis, and algorithm design. We provide a quanti- tive foundation for a broad spectrum of problems, from economics to medicine, from environmental control to sports, from e-commerce to computational - ometry. We are both producers and consumers because the mainstream of OR is in the interfaces. As part of this effort to recognize and extend OR roots in future probl- solving, we organized a set of tutorials designed for people who heard of the topic and want to decide whether to learn it. The 90 minutes was spent addre- ing the questions: What is this about, in a nutshell? Why is it important? Where can I learn more? In total, we had 14 tutorials, and eight of them are published here.


FormaMente Author Aa.Vv.
ISBN-10 9788849279184
Release 2014-09-09T00:00:00+02:00
Pages 410
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RESEARCH - RICERCA Effectiveness of critical thinking instruction in higher education: a systematic review of intervention studies Dawit T. Tiruneh, An Verburgh, Jan Elen From research assistant to researcher: being wakeful in a mentorship journey about methodology, poverty, and deficit thinking Heather Grenville, Darlene Ciuffetelli Parker Adapting grounded theory in qualitative research: reflections from personal experience Philip Bulawa B-learning quality: dimensions, criteria and pedagogical approach Paula Peres, Luís Lima, Vanda Lima The system learning. Rethinking structures, role and functions of the virtual communities of knowledge and learning Pierfranco Malizia APPLICATIONS - APPLICAZIONI Stability of Russian banking sector: the results of adaptation international standards of banking regulation Svetlana Khasyanova Development of technologies of application of Islamic financial products in the Russian federation Simone La Bella, Vladimir Malyaev Data display in qualitative research Susana Verdinelli, Norma I. Scagnoli The competencies required for effective performance in a University e-learning environment Mitchell Parkes, Christine Reading, Sarah Stein Future direction for next generation Web Young B. Choi, Young Han Choe, Tae H Oh Tablets (iPad) for M-learning in the context of social constructivism to institute an effective learning environment Palmo Thinley, Shlomo Geva, James Reye PowerPoint: IT’s not yes or no, it’s when and how Lois A. Jordan, Raymond Papp Is Finnish higher education a model or a myth? The case study of Erasmus mobility from Italy to Finland Chiara Biasin HIGHLIGHT - PROSPETTIVE A brief outline about FADRIVE. A pattern to improve e-learning Danilo Ceccarelli Morolli PBL Working environment: an expert system for teachers, trainers and headmasters who want to understand and apply the Problem-Based Learning (PBL) pedagogy in their own classroom Susanna Correnti, Luca Angelo Galassi tuBEMATES project: towards a competitive European Higher Education Ilaria Reggiani Simulations and serious games for company businesses Paolo Francescone Learning: the way out Review of OECD (2013), Education at a Glance 2013: OECD Indicators, OECD Publishing. Lisa Reggiani Methodologies for Research-Creation Valentina Cisbani GUIDE Association: Conclusions from the VII International Conference, Guatemala Laura Ricci Upcoming Conferences: VIII GUIDE conference and V Seminar on Education and Communication, Aracaju, Brazil, 19-21 November 2014 New GUIDE Journal: Digital Universities. International best practices and applications CONTRIBUTORS GENERAL INDICATIONS FOR THE AUTHORS

Art Based Research

Art Based Research Author Shaun McNiff
ISBN-10 9781846428951
Release 1998-06-01
Pages 224
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Art therapy and all of the other creative arts therapies have promoted themselves as ways of expressing what cannot be conveyed in conventional language. Why is it that creative arts therapists fail to apply this line of thinking to research? In this exciting and innovative book, Shaun McNiff, one of the field's pioneering educators and authors, breaks new ground in defining and inspiring art-based research. He illustrates how practitioner-researchers can become involved in art-based inquiries during their educational studies and throughout their careers, and shows how new types of research can be created that resonate with the artistic process. Clearly and cogently expressed, the theoretical arguments are illustrated by numerous case examples, and the final part of the book provides a wealth of ideas and thought provoking questions for research. This challenging book will prove invaluable to creative art therapy educators, students, and clinicians who wish to approach artistic inquiry as a way of conducting research. It will also find a receptive audience within the larger research community where there is a rising commitment to expanding the theory and practice of research. Integrating artistic and scientific procedures in many novel ways, this book offers fresh and productive visions of what research can be.


Freedom Author Dr. Angela Celeste May
ISBN-10 9781469105475
Release 2009-06-25
Pages 136
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There is no available information at this time.

Design and Systems

Design and Systems Author Arne Collen
ISBN-10 1412821630
Pages 463
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Praxiology starts from the point of view of effectiveness. It has three components: analysis of concepts involving purposive actions; critique of modes of action from the viewpoint of efficiency; and normative advisory aspects in recommendations for increasing human efficiency. The third volume of this series aims to make more visible to the English readership the importance of design throughout the many disciplines, professions, and arenas of human endeavor. Design is a pervasive part of our daily lives to such an extent that it goes largely unnoticed. It has become a near invisible aspect of our civilized existence. But when we stop for a moment to study an artifact, activity, group, and institution, or any entity or life process, we can begin to see and imagine the design, the designing, and the human designers who contributed to it. Design and Systems represents a set of contributions made to the methodological study of design. Chapters and contributors include: "Toward Metamedicine" by Kazem Sadegh-Zadeh; "Design Engineering Methodologies in English and German Language Regions and Influences of Culture" by Wolfgang E. Eder; "Systems Methodology and Design" by Gerald Nadler; "Problem Forming, Problem Finding, and Problem Solving in Design" by Herbert A. Simon; and "Design: A Journey to the Future" by Bela H. Banathy, Design and Systems continues the trend of original research done in a little-known, but important area. It will be an enlightening read for sociologists, philosophers, and scholars interested in the study of design.

small group research

small group research Author
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small group research has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from small group research also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full small group research book for free.

The Experience of Being Ethical

The Experience of Being Ethical Author Patricia Kathryn Cretilli
ISBN-10 MINN:31951D01086831Y
Release 1994
Pages 372
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The Experience of Being Ethical has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Experience of Being Ethical also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Experience of Being Ethical book for free.

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods

The SAGE Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods Author Michael Lewis-Beck
ISBN-10 0761923632
Release 2003-12-15
Pages 1528
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"This defining work will be valuable to readers and researchers in social sciences and humanities at all academic levels. As a teaching resource it will be useful to instructors and students alike and will become a standard reference source. Essential for general and academic collections." --CHOICE This Encyclopedia provides readers with authoritative essays on virtually all social science methods topics, quantitative and qualitative, by an international collection of experts. Organized alphabetically, the Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods covers research terms ranging from different methodological approaches to epistemological issues and specific statistical techniques. Written to be accessible to general readers, the Encyclopedia entries do not require advanced knowledge of mathematics or statistics to understand the purposes or basic principles of any of the methods. To accomplish this goal, there are two major types of entries: definitions consisting of a paragraph or two to provide a quick explanation of a methodological term; and topical treatments or essays that discuss the nature, history, applications, and implications of using a certain method, including suggested readings and references. Readers are directed to related topics via cross-referenced terms that appear in small capital letters. By assembling entries of varied origins and serving different research purposes, readers will be able to benefit from this immense source of methodological expertise in advancing their understanding of research. With three volumes and more than 900 signed entries, the Encyclopedia of Social Science Research Methods will be a critical addition to any social science library.

Being in Being for Being with

Being in  Being for  Being with Author Clark E. Moustakas
ISBN-10 UOM:39015037789487
Release 1995-01-01
Pages 250
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Being-In, Being-For, Being-With contemplates the coexistence of being and relating. Dr. Moustakas explores the balancing fulcrum of being-with and being-with-oneself essential to success in everyday challenges and in finding creativity. But there is a paradox to communion and loneliness: while solitude inspires intimate contacts with others, it also increases one's need for privacy and aloneness. Freedom releases. When others are free to be themselves, we are free to be who we are. This authentic freedom enhances self and others because in every relationship, mutuality sustains and encourages expressions of freedom. In freedom, we are attuned to inner states, pursuing a life of creative ideas and meanings, seeking a purity of self-presence that is simultaneously open and receptive to others and the requirements of daily life.

The Humanistic Movement

The Humanistic Movement Author Frederick Joseph Wertz
ISBN-10 UOM:39015032840236
Release 1994
Pages 380
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The Humanistic Movement has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Humanistic Movement also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Humanistic Movement book for free.

A Theory of an Aesthetic of Disability

A Theory of an Aesthetic of Disability Author Susan Lynn Gabel
ISBN-10 MSU:31293017828983
Release 1997
Pages 322
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A Theory of an Aesthetic of Disability has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from A Theory of an Aesthetic of Disability also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full A Theory of an Aesthetic of Disability book for free.