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Homeostasis Tumor Metastasis

Homeostasis   Tumor   Metastasis Author Gaspar Banfalvi
ISBN-10 9789400773356
Release 2013-10-16
Pages 279
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Homeostasis. The health of an organism is influenced by external and internal changes that may lead to the loss of homeostasis. Under healthy conditions organisms compensate these changes. If compensation fails disease ensues. Attention will be paid to lifestyle, environmental changes, genetic makeup and health system. It will be answered how lifestyle, environment, genetic makeup and social conditions help to maintain or upset the biological balance and lead to cancer. Tumor formation. To understand this process the transfer of intracellular and the pathways of extracellular information (signal transduction) will be reviewed briefly. Loss of cellular balance may lead to cell death (.e.g. apoptosis) or to rapid cell growth of cells leading to tumor formation. Metastasis. Animal tumor models serve to understand the spread of the primary tumor cells to distant locations of the organism. Different types of tumors and metastases will be reviewed.​

Molecular Genetics of Dysregulated pH Homeostasis

Molecular Genetics of Dysregulated pH Homeostasis Author Jen-Tsan Chi
ISBN-10 9781493916832
Release 2014-10-20
Pages 160
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Most biological reactions and functions occur within a narrow range of pH. Any changes in the pH have great impacts on the biological functional at every level, including protein folding, enzymatic activities and proliferation and cell death. Therefore, maintain the pH homeostasis at the local or systemic level is one of the highest priorities for all multicellular organisms. Many redundant mechanisms are in place to maintain the pH homeostasis, a topic that is well covered in the scientific literature and medical textbooks. However, when the pH homeostasis is disrupted in various physiological adaptations and pathological situations, resulting acidity may trigger significant pathophysiological events and modulate disease outcomes. Therefore, understanding how various cells sense and react to acidity have broad impact in a wide variety of human diseases, including cancer, stroke, myocardial infarction and diabetes, renal and infectious diseases. In this book, many investigators have summarized the molecular genetics on the detailed mechanisms by which different mammalian cells sense and response acidity. These chapters cover the acidity with broad impact in biological understanding and human diseases and review various sensing mechanism and cellular responses to pH alterations in both physiological (taste, pain) and pathological settings (ischemia and cancers). Furthermore, these authors present a broad spectrum of investigative approaches to cellular response to acidosis in a in wide variety of human diseases.

From Local Invasion to Metastatic Cancer

From Local Invasion to Metastatic Cancer Author Stanley P. L. Leong
ISBN-10 1603270876
Release 2009-10-09
Pages 666
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In human solid tumors, nodal status is the most important prognostic indicator for patient outcome. Recent developments in the sentinel lymph node concept have resulted in new procedures to define the first draining node as the primary gateway through which the cancer will spread. In From Local Invasion to Metastatic Cancer: Involvement of Distant Sites Through the Lymphovascular System, a panel of international authorities takes an in-depth look at the role of the lymphovascular system in the spread of cancer. The authors summarize the findings of the Second International Symposium on Cancer Metastasis: Basis for Rational Therapy summit. Specifically, the book presents important developments in the biology and clinical understanding of cancer metastasis, describes the relationship between tumor microenvironment and proliferation, and defines the process of lymphangiogenesis and angiogenesis with special reference to cancer metastasis. From Local Invasion to Metastatic Cancer: Involvement of Distant Sites Through the Lymphovascular System provides oncologists, radiologists, and cancer researchers the necessary information to study and develop new strategies to curb the process of metastasis.

MIF Family Cytokines in Innate Immunity and Homeostasis

MIF Family Cytokines in Innate Immunity and Homeostasis Author Richard Bucala
ISBN-10 9783319523545
Release 2017-05-31
Pages 246
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The role of the cytokine macrophage migration inhibitory factor (MIF) in the immune response and in the immunopathogenesis of different inflammatory, autoimmune, and infectious disorders is now well-established. Recent studies continue to broaden considerably the role of MIF in both normal physiology and pathology, which range from such diverse areas as oncogenesis, metabolism, and cellular stress responses. MIF’s molecular mechanism of action in these contexts is becoming increasingly understood and the role of variant MIF alleles in different conditions continues to be defined. New family members, such as D-dopachrome tautomerase, or MIF-2, and the closely homologous genes encoding by parasites have been defined and are being functionally characterized. MIF directed therapies also are entering clinical testing and ultimately may be applied in a pharmacogenomics manner. This book provides a comprehensive synthesis of the state-of-the-art of MIF science. The intended audience are post-graduate students and researchers in inflammation, innate immunity, immunology, and immunopathology.

Transforming Growth Factor Beta in Cancer Therapy Volume II

Transforming Growth Factor Beta in Cancer Therapy  Volume II Author Sonia B. Jakowlew
ISBN-10 9781597452939
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 786
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Transforming Growth Factor- ß in Cancer Therapy, Vols. 1 and 2, provides a compendium of findings about the role of transforming growth factor- ß (TGF- ß) in cancer treatment and therapy. The second volume, Cancer Treatment in Therapy, is divided into three parts. The companion volume details the role of TGF- ß on basic and clinical biology.

Calcium homeostasis

Calcium homeostasis Author Gregory R. Mundy
ISBN-10 UOM:39015014483021
Release 1989
Pages 248
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Calcium homeostasis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Calcium homeostasis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Calcium homeostasis book for free.

Multidisciplinary Management of Liver Metastases in Colorectal Cancer

Multidisciplinary Management of Liver Metastases in Colorectal Cancer Author Xinyu Qin
ISBN-10 9789401777551
Release 2016-12-12
Pages 288
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This book focuses on early diagnosis and multidisciplinary treatment, which is the key to preventing the occurrence of the liver metastases in colorectal cancer, and to increasing the resection rate of the liver metastasis foci and the 5-year survival after surgery. This book is divided into five parts: the introduction, basics, diagnosis, treatment and prevention. It has 20 chapters in total, covering the latest advances in colorectal cancer liver metastases epidemiology, pathogenesis, molecular diagnostics, marker screening, imaging technology, surgery, chemotherapy and prevention, etc. It provides professionals with up-to-date and comprehensive information on colorectal liver metastases. This book is relevant for senior surgeons and physicians working in oncology, general surgery, chemotherapy, digestive medicine, liver medicine and hepatic surgery.

Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics

Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics Author Dominique G. Poitout
ISBN-10 1852334819
Release 2004-07-02
Pages 654
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Current clinical orthopedic practice requires practitioners to have extensive knowledge of a wide range of disciplines from molecular biology to bioengineering and from the application of new methods to the evaluation of outcome. The biomechanics of and biomaterials used in orthopedics have become increasingly important as the possibilities have increased to treat patients with foreign material introduced both as optimized osteosynthesis after trauma and as arthroplasties for joint diseases, sequelae of trauma or for tumor treatment. Furthermore, biomaterial substitutes are constantly being developed to replace missing tissue. Biomechanics and Biomaterials in Orthopedics provides an important update within this highly important field. Professor Dominique Poitout has collected a series of high-quality chapters by globally renowned researchers and clinicians. Under the auspices of the International Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology (SICOT) and International Society of Orthopaedic and Traumatology Research (SIROT), this book now provides permanent and specific access to the considerable international knowledge in the field of locomotor system trauma and disease treatment using the novel bioengineering solutions. This book covers both basic concepts concerning biomaterials and biomechanics as well as their clinical application and the experience from everyday practical use. This book will be of great value to specialists in orthopedics and traumatology, while also provide an important basis for graduate and postgraduate learning.

Metastatic Bone Disease

Metastatic Bone Disease Author R. Lor Randall
ISBN-10 9781461456629
Release 2015-12-01
Pages 368
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Providing an integrated approach to the diagnosis and management of patients with metastatic bone disease (MBD), this comprehensive text combines discussion of the pathobiology of the disease with the latest oncological and orthopedic treatment modalities. After opening with an examination of the epidemiology and impact of MBD, the biology of bone metastases are discussed, along with considerations of the tissue of origin. Evaluation, biopsy and medical therapy, including metabolic agents and bio targeting. The heart of the book presents oncological approaches (supportive, radiation and interventional) and principles of orthopedic surgical oncology, with subsequent chapters covering specific anatomy, from the pelvis to the lower extremity and the spine. Chapters on emerging surgical technology and future directions conclude the text and redefine an integrated approach to patient care. Taken together, Metastatic Bone Disease is an excellent resource for orthopedic surgeons and cancer specialists alike.

The Inflammatory Milieu of Tumors

The Inflammatory Milieu of Tumors Author Adit Ben-Baruch
ISBN-10 9781608052561
Release 2012-06-29
Pages 173
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"Tumor development and progression are multi-factorial processes, in which genomic alterations and modifications in gene expression in pre-malignant cells are joined by deleterious micro-environmental factors. The tumor microenvironment contains stroma cel"

Angiogenesis and Therapeutic Targets in Cancer

Angiogenesis and Therapeutic Targets in Cancer Author Malay Chatterjee
ISBN-10 9781608050079
Release 2010-01-01
Pages 225
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Angiogenesis plays rate limiting roles in tumor growth and invasion. Angiogenesis inhibition has been proposed as a general strategy to fight against cancers. This book covers different therapeutic targets for angiogenesis interventions with emphasis on clinical development of antiangiogenic drugs that target antiangiogenic cascade in different forms of cancers like breast cancer, multiple myeloma, renal carcinoma, gastrointestinal, prostate and lung cancer. Surrogate predictive markers of antiangiogenic therapy in novel preclinical models recapitulating tumor microenvironment together with genomic studies are special features of this book. Gene therapy approaches with emphasis on viral vectors have been explored in preclinical model with direct and indirect angiogenesis inhibitors. Recent advances in clinical application with antiangiogenic therapy resulted in encouraging clinical results are also detailed. It includes chapters that bridge the gap between basic science and clinical application of current knowledge of cancer. Different chapters are contributed by distinguished scientists and clinicians around the world making it an important addition to the bookshelves of clinicians, academics, researchers, students and institutions.

Cancer Metastases Research

Cancer Metastases Research Author Akira Watanabe
ISBN-10 1604561300
Release 2008
Pages 301
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Metastasis is the spread of a disease from one organ or part to another non-contiguous organ or part. Only malignant tumour cells and infections have the capacity to metastasise. Cancer cells can "break away" from a primary tumour, penetrate into lymphatic and blood vessels, circulate through the bloodstream, and grow in a distant focus (metastasise) in normal tissues elsewhere in the body. Metastasis is considered a hallmark of malignancy. All tumours can metastasise albeit to varying degrees, barring a few exceptions (eg. Glioma and Basal cell carcinoma never metastasize). When cancer cells spread to form a new tumour, it is called a secondary, or metastatic tumour, and its cells are like those in the original tumour. This means, for example, that if breast cancer spreads (metastasizes) to the lung, the secondary tumour is made up of abnormal breast cells (not abnormal lung cells). The disease in the lung is then called metastatic breast cancer (not lung cancer). Only malignant tumour cells and infections have the capacity to metastasize. This book presents the latest research in the field from around the world.

Oral Cancer Metastasis

Oral Cancer Metastasis Author Jeffrey Myers
ISBN-10 1441907750
Release 2009-11-11
Pages 346
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Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity (SCCOC) is one of the most prevalent tumors of the head and neck region. Despite improvements in treatment, the survival of patients with SCCOC has not significantly improved over the past several decades. Most frequently, treatment failure takes the form of local and regional recurrences, but as disease control in these areas improves, SCCOC treatment failures more commonly occur as distant metastasis. The presence of cervical lymph node metastasis is the most reliable adverse prognostic factor in patients with SCCOC, and extracapsular spread (ECS) of cervical lymph nodes metastasis is a particularly reliable predictor of regional and distant recurrence and death from disease. Decisions regarding elective and therapeutic management of cervical lymph node metastases are made mainly on clinical grounds as we cannot always predict cervical lymph node metastasis from the size and extent of invasion of the primary tumors. Therefore the treatment of the neck disease in the management of SCCOC remains controversial. The promise of using biomarker-based treatment decisions has yet to be fully realized due to our poor understanding of the mechanisms of regional and distant metastases of SCCOC. We will summarize the current status of investigations into SCCOC metastases and potential of these studies to impact basic research investigators and clinicians confronting SCCOC in the future.

Role of osteopontin in skeletal metastasis

Role of osteopontin in skeletal metastasis Author Thomas Gregory Hullinger
ISBN-10 UOM:39015042603319
Release 2000
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Role of osteopontin in skeletal metastasis has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Role of osteopontin in skeletal metastasis also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Role of osteopontin in skeletal metastasis book for free.

Ecology and Evolution of Cancer

Ecology and Evolution of Cancer Author Beata Ujvari
ISBN-10 9780128043806
Release 2017-02-08
Pages 290
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Ecology and Evolution of Cancer is a timely work outlining ideas that not only represent a substantial and original contribution to the fields of evolution, ecology, and cancer, but also goes beyond by connecting the interfaces of these disciplines. This work engages the expertise of a multidisciplinary research team to collate and review the latest knowledge and developments in this exciting research field. The evolutionary perspective of cancer has gained significant international recognition and interest, which is fully understandable given that somatic cellular selection and evolution are elegant explanations for carcinogenesis. Cancer is now generally accepted to be an evolutionary and ecological process with complex interactions between tumor cells and their environment sharing many similarities with organismal evolution. As a critical contribution to this field of research the book is important and relevant for the applications of evolutionary biology to understand the origin of cancers, to control neoplastic progression, and to prevent therapeutic failures. Covers all aspects of the evolution of cancer, appealing to researchers seeking to understand its origins and effects of treatments on its progression, as well as to lecturers in evolutionary medicine Functions as both an introduction to cancer and evolution and a review of the current research on this burgeoning, exciting field, presented by an international group of leading editors and contributors Improves understanding of the origin and the evolution of cancer, aiding efforts to determine how this disease interferes with biotic interactions that govern ecosystems Highlights research that intends to apply evolutionary principles to help predict emergence and metastatic progression with the aim of improving therapies

Renal Cell Carcinoma

Renal Cell Carcinoma Author Brian I. Rini
ISBN-10 1607950030
Release 2009
Pages 313
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Edited and written by medical oncologists and surgeons, this new reference covers all aspects of renal cell cancer from pathology and molecular genetics onto diagnosis, screening and imaging. Includes all the latest on management and treatment from medical and immunotherapy through to surgical procedures. Covers future therapeutics and supportive care. The bulk of the chapters deal with practical management of the continuum of kidney cancer ranging from the small renal mass to the metastatic patient. Different treatment approaches are discussed within the context of each of these clinical scenarios and surgical and therapeutic advances are highlighted. In addition, special populations such as patients requiring palliative care, those with brain or bone metastasis and those with inherited renal cell carcinoma are discussed.

Vegf and Cancer

Vegf and Cancer Author Judith H. Harmey
ISBN-10 0306479885
Release 2004
Pages 167
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VEGF and Canceris a comprehensive and up to date review of current knowledge on the role of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) in cancer. Key Features: -Discussion of VEGF as potent angiogenic factor and its role in tumor angiogenesis, -Review of the biology, molecular properties and regulation of VEGF, -Discussion of the role of VEGF in a range of different tumor types, both solid tumors and haematological cancers, -Review of the therapeutic potential of different approaches to block VEGF, -Review of recent evidence that in addition to its role as an endothelial cell mitogen, VEGF may also be an autocrine growth factor for tumor cells, regulating survival and invasion. This book is aimed at scientists new to angiogenesis and VEGF biology and provides new information for established researchers and scientists. It will also be a useful text for clinicians interested in anti-angiogenic therapy for treatment of human cancers.