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Hornet 33

Hornet 33 Author Ed Denny
ISBN-10 9781476666099
Release 2016-10-07
Pages 296
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Combat helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War flew each mission facing the possibility of imminent death. Begun as a series of attempted letters to the Department of Veterans Affairs, this compelling memoir of an aircraft commander in the 116th Assault Helicopter Company--"The Hornets"--relates his experience of the war in frank detail. From supporting the 25th Infantry Division's invasion of Cambodia, to flying the lead aircraft in the 101st Airmobile Division's pivotal Operation Lam Son 719 invasion of Laos to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail at LZ Hope, the author recounts the traumatic events of his service from March 1970 to March 1971.

Hornet 33

Hornet 33 Author Ed Denny
ISBN-10 9781476625713
Release 2016-10-14
Pages 296
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Combat helicopter pilots in the Vietnam War flew each mission facing the possibility of imminent death. Begun as a series of attempted letters to the Department of Veterans Affairs, this compelling memoir of an aircraft commander in the 116th Assault Helicopter Company—“The Hornets”—relates his experience of the war in frank detail. From supporting the 25th Infantry Division’s invasion of Cambodia, to flying the lead aircraft in the 101st Airmobile Division’s pivotal Operation Lam Son 719 invasion of Laos to cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail at LZ Hope, the author recounts the traumatic events of his service from March 1970 to March 1971.

Pucker Factor 10

Pucker Factor 10 Author James Joyce
ISBN-10 0786454059
Release 2016-08-23
Pages 212
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“In 1963...there was no way I could have known, sitting in a classroom on that beautiful campus in Ohio, that by raising my hand I would be going to war in Vietnam and that I would see things, hear things and do things that most people cannot imagine.”—James Joyce. The author was drawn into the United States Army through ROTC, and went through training to fly helicopters in combat over Vietnam. His experiences are notable because he flew both Huey “Slicks” and Huey “Gunships”: the former on defense as he flew troops into battle, and the latter on offense as he took the battle to the enemy. Through this book, the author relives his experiences flying and fighting, with special attention given to his and other pilots’ day-to-day lives—such as the smoke bombing of Disneyland, the nickname given to a United States Army–sponsored compound for prostitution. Some of the pilots Joyce served with survived the war and went on to have careers with commercial airlines, and many were killed.

Taking Fire

Taking Fire Author Ron Alexander
ISBN-10 9781429970143
Release 2007-04-01
Pages 320
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Nicknamed "Mini-Man" for his diminutive stature, a mere five-foot-three and 125 pounds in his flight boots, chopper pilot Ron Alexander proved to be a giant in the eyes of the men he rescued from the jungles and paddies of Vietnam. With an unswerving concern for every American soldier trapped by enemy fire, and a fearlessness that became legendary, Ron Alexander earned enough official praise to become the second most decorated helicopter pilot of the Vietnam era. Yet, for Ron, the real reward came from plucking his fellow soldiers from harm's way, giving them another chance to get home alive. In Taking Fire, Alexander and acclaimed military writer Charles Sasser transport you right into the cramped cockpit of a Huey on patrol, offering a bird's eye view of the Vietnam conflict. Packed with riveting action and gritty "you-are-there" dialogue, this outstanding book celebrates the everyday heroism of the chopper pilots of Vietnam.

Snake Pilot

Snake Pilot Author Randy R. Zahn
ISBN-10 9781574885651
Release 2003
Pages 283
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Flies the reader into combat with the same elite air cavalry unit portrayed in the film "Apocalypse Now"

Rattler One Seven

Rattler One Seven Author Chuck Gross
ISBN-10 9781574412215
Release 2006-06-13
Pages 229
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Rattler One-Seven puts you in the helicopter seat, to see the war in Vietnam through the eyes of an inexperienced pilot as he transforms himself into a seasoned combat veteran. At the age of twenty, Chuck Gross spent his 1970?71 tour with the 71st Assault Helicopter Company flying UH-1 Huey helicopters. He inserted special operations teams into Laos and participated in Lam Son 719, a misbegotten attempt to assault and cut the Ho Chi Minh Trail, during which his helicopter was shot down and he was stranded in the field.

The Other Vietnam War

The Other Vietnam War Author Marc Cullison
ISBN-10 0990846539
Release 2015-05-11
Pages 290
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Each of us who served in Vietnam was the guy next door, the average Joe, not a hero. The boy who might date your daughter or sister. The young man who might mow your yard. In Vietnam, we weren't out to be heroes. We just did our jobs. For a helicopter pilot, each day was like all the others. You flew the mission and never stopped to think that it might be your last. You didn't think about the bullet holes in the helicopter, the cracks in the tail boom, or about any of it until night, lying in bed when you couldn't think of anything else. The Other Vietnam War is the story of the introduction to a new country, a backward culture, the perils of a combat zone, and the effects on a young lieutenant fresh out of flight school. It does not labor the reader with pages of white-knuckle adventures, as so many other fine books about the Vietnam War do. It instead focuses on the internal battle each soldier fought with himself to make sense of where he was, why he was there, and if he was good enough. The administrative duties of Commissioned officers, while tame compared to the exploits of valiant pilots who wrote about them, caused a deep introspection into life and its value in an enigmatic place like Vietnam. Aside from the fear, excitement, deliverance, and denial that each pilot faced, the inner battle he fought with himself took its toll. Some of us thought we'd find glory. But many of us discovered there is no glory in war.


Ace Author Rex Gooch
ISBN-10 150864246X
Release 2015-04-08
Pages 294
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Sweeping low and fast, U.S. Army pilot Ace Cozzalio flies his OH-6 helicopter as he follows a long canal across the Mekong Delta of South Vietnam. He is searching for his adversaries- the elusive Vietcong. Suddenly, he sees an enemy soldier dive into the water, seeking refuge from the heavily armed helicopter. A maverick by nature, Ace decides to do the unexpected- get out of his aircraft and take a prisoner. Swinging around, he lands next to the canal. After donning his white Stetson cavalry hat, he grabs his trusty cavalry saber and steps into the canal. After several minutes of poking the steely blade into the murky water, he finds the man and takes him prisoner- captured with a cavalry saber! This is only one of many stories of Ace's extraordinary deeds. In Cozzalio's eighteen-month overseas tour, he was shot down by enemy gunfire six times and received every medal of valor with the exception of the Medal of Honor- some multiple times. Ace is a high-speed, low-level flight through the fascinating life of Ace Cozzalio, focusing on his escapades, adventures, and mishaps in the Vietnam War.

War for the Hell of It a Fighter Pilot s View of Vietnam

War for the Hell of It  a Fighter Pilot s View of Vietnam Author Ed Cobleigh
ISBN-10 1523680725
Release 2016-01-22
Pages 274
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Ed, "Fast Eddie," Cobleigh served two tours of duty during the Vietnam air war, logging 375 combat sorties in the F-4 Phantom fighter/bomber. In War for the Hell of It, Cobleigh shares his perspectives in a deeply personal account of a fighter pilot's life, one filled with moral ambiguity and military absurdities offset by the undeniable thrill of flying a fighter aircraft. With well-crafted prose that puts you into the Phantom's cockpit, Cobleigh vividly recounts the unexplainable loss of his wingman, the useless missions he flew, the need to trust his reflexes, eyesight, and aggressiveness, and his survival instincts in the heat of combat. He discusses the deaths of his squadron mates and the contradictions of a dirty, semi-secret war fought from beautiful, exotic Thailand. This is an unprecedented look into the state of mind of a pilot as he experiences everything from the carnage of a crash to the joy of flying through a star-studded night sky, from the illogical political agendas of Washington to his own dangerous addiction to risk. Cobleigh gives a stirring and emotional description of one man's journey into airborne hell and back, recounting the pleasures and the pain. the wins and the losses. and ultimately, the return.

Okay Okay

Okay Okay Author Fred Krebsbach
ISBN-10 0989671011
Release 2013-09
Pages 194
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Before leaving for Vietnam, twenty-one year old Fred Krebsbach received a piece of advice from his uncle: carry something with you into combat that will give you comfort in a time of need. He figured it was worth a shot and chose his First Communion rosary. This turned out to be a life-changing, maybe even life-saving, decision. Sent into combat as an M-60 machine gunner, for almost seven months Fred faced danger from booby traps, enemy combatants, and the jungle itself. After becoming injured and returning from the hospital he gave up the M-60 to become a squad leader for Special Forces. He endured seven more months of constant change and surprise, but one companion was constant a voice inside his head that helped him find the right course of action to keep him alive. To this day Fred doesn't know what it was exactly, but it may have had something to do with that dang rosary! Though he survived Vietnam, Fred was changed in irrevocable ways. He hopes his story helps his grandchildren and other young people understand the cost of combat and the value of thinking it through before engaging in war.

Black Cat 2 1

Black Cat 2 1 Author Bob Ford
ISBN-10 1612542085
Release 2015-01-15
Pages 276
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Bob Ford recounts his service during the Vietnam War where he served as a helicopter pilot on a Black Cat.

A Cobra Pilot in Vietnam

A Cobra Pilot in Vietnam Author Ira McComic
ISBN-10 0988757443
Release 2015-05-09
Pages 298
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A Cobra Pilot in Vietnam: True Tales and Otherwise is a collection of narrative episodes from Ira McComic, an Army AH-1 Cobra helicopter gunship pilot and fire team leader who served with the 235th Aerial Weapons Company (the Delta Devils) in Vietnam. These firsthand accounts range from the tragically true to ones that reflect a tradition among those aviators whose philosophy is expressed as "Why bother to tell a story unless you can improve it?" A person who was curious once asked a Cobra pilot what it was like to fly these gunships in Vietnam, and he replied, "I got to fly around, shoot up things, and camp out a lot. What was there not to like?" It was another Cobra pilot who supplied the answer to that question: "All the other stuff." The reality of being a gunship pilot in Vietnam was contrary to a dime-novel notion of a shoot-em-up aerial gunslinger, and if you're curious about what it was like to fly Cobra helicopter gunships in Vietnam, ride along with A Cobra Pilot in Vietnam: True Tales and Otherwise.

Snake Driver

Snake Driver Author Bob Rosenburgh
ISBN-10 0804105383
Release 1993
Pages 202
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This is the saga of the Cobra--the attack helicopter--its development and introduction into Vietnam during the summer of '67, and the stories of the men who flew it. For a Cobra pilot--a Snake Driver--every launch meant he was going headlong into combat. As key providers of fire support, Snake Drivers always had missions, and every mission was real war--flying into hot LZs or kill zones that were literally walls of lead and high explosives. These are their tales of bravery and skill in the hellfire that was Vietnam.

The Adventures of a Helicopter Pilot

The Adventures of a Helicopter Pilot Author Bill Collier
ISBN-10 1500936138
Release 2014-09-08
Pages 234
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This is a spellbinding, firsthand account of what it was like to pilot a Marine Corps H-34 helicopter in combat during "The Helicopter War" in Vietnam. As a brand-new United States Naval Aviator with a mere 187.5 hours of helicopter flight experience, Second Lieutenant Bill Collier had many exciting adventures. Many were just a bit too exciting, some were horrific and a few were terrifying. This is the true story of his experiences during his 13 months in the war. Bill watched friends die violently and stood many times eye-to-eye and toe-to-toe with Death itself. Each time, Death flinched.

US Army AH 1 Cobra Units in Vietnam

US Army AH 1 Cobra Units in Vietnam Author Jonathan Bernstein
ISBN-10 9781782007449
Release 2012-11-20
Pages 96
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Bell's AH-1 Cobra was the first dedicated helicopter gunship to reach frontline service anywhere in the world. Developed as a private venture by the manufacturer, and based on the mechanics of the ubiquitous UH-1 Huey, the Cobra proved a huge success once introduced into combat with the US Army in 1966. Built as a key weapon in the Advanced Aerial Fire Support System concept of 1965, the AH-1 was one of the few aircraft to reach the combat zone after actual combat experience went into its design. The AH-1 helped reduce the losses being suffered by vulnerable troop transport helicopters by providing effective fire suppression during airmobile operations. This book explores its history, technology and crew.

Through the Valley

Through the Valley Author William Reeder
ISBN-10 9781682470596
Release 2016-04-15
Pages 256
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Through the Valley is the memoir of an American prisoner of war in Vietnam. It is the true story of courage, hope, and survival. The author faced combat in some of the biggest battles of the Vietnam War. After being shot down and captured, he mustered the will to survive an ordeal in jungle cages, a forced death march of several hundred miles, and months of anguish in the notorious prisons of Hanoi. His tenacity in the face of unimaginable hardship is not only a captivating story, but serves as an inspiration to us all. This is an account with lessons for those in service who continue to face the demands of combat. It is also a human story that appeals to a broad general readership across the United States and around the world, much as have other POW stories such as Undefeated and The Railway Man. William Reeder’s story is different than most published POW accounts. Unlike the majority of U.S. Air Force, Navy, and Marine pilots who were shot down and captured inside North Vietnam then moved quickly into established prison camps, Reeder was captured inside South Vietnam and held in jungle cages in Cambodia before enduring a grueling forced march of several hundred miles. That march took the lives of seven out of his small group of 27 POWs. He was the last U.S. Army prisoner taken in the war to have survived his captivity. The memoir begins with Reeder’s return to Vietnam on his second tour of duty. It carries through his missions as a Cobra attack helicopter pilot during the rapidly deteriorating military situation in early 1972. His writing puts the reader right in the cockpit in the churning cauldron of war. Reeder cuts to the fear and anxiety, the thrill and the horror of combat, friendships made and friends lost. The story continues through his shoot down, capture, and struggle to survive a long and arduous march up the Ho Chi Minh Trail. Reeder shares the torment and pain of his ordeal, but always in the light of the hope that he never lost. More than anything, this is a story of hope and renewal. His memoir reinforces the themes of courage and sacrifice, belief in self, undying faith, strength of family, love of country, loyalty among comrades, and how precious is this thing called freedom that we so often take for granted.

Guts n Gunships

Guts  n Gunships Author Mark Garrison
ISBN-10 1629670537
Release 2015-10-01
Pages 284
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Follows Mark Garrison through being on the short list for the draft during the Vietnam War, signing up to be a helicopter pilot, and his tour of duty with the Crocodiles and Alligators of the 119th Assault Helicopter Company.