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Haynes Horse Manual

Haynes Horse Manual Author Carolyn Henderson
ISBN-10 0857334891
Release 2013
Pages 176
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Whether you are learning to ride, are a novice horse owner or a parent with a pony-mad child, this manual provides practical guidance on all aspects of horse care. It covers the different breeds and their characteristics as well as general care, including field and stable management, equipment, feeding, grooming, and horse psychology.

Complete Horse Care Manual

Complete Horse Care Manual Author Colin Vogel
ISBN-10 9780756676933
Release 2011-01-17
Pages 216
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Illustrated in full color throughout, with more than 650 specially commissioned color photographs and diagrams, Complete Horse Care Manual is almost a Vet-in-Your-Pocket for horse owners, telling you how to provide regular care and attention for your horse, how to guard against health problems, and when the problem is serious enough to need professional attention. Providing the enthusiast with a sound understanding of how a horse functions, this manual clearly explains in non-technical terms the key elements of the horse's make-up, from legs and joints to teeth and jaws, from body systems to body language. Topics covered include the all-important but routine procedures such as clipping, trimming, and shoeing, to more vital subjects such as grazing requirements and nutritional needs. There are extremely useful 'Disorders' Fact Finder sections, there is advice on horse transport takes into account new research, and the latest information on equine passports and microchipping.

Complete Horse Riding Manual

Complete Horse Riding Manual Author William Micklem
ISBN-10 9780756699871
Release 2012-03-05
Pages 400
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Horses allow ordinary people to do extraordinary things, and this extraordinary book shows you how. Now revised and updated, the Complete Horse Riding Manual covers dressage, show jumping, and cross-country riding, detailing everything you need to know to compete in these events, whether you are a beginner or more experienced rider. Complete Horse Riding Manual is brimming with advice on finding the best horse for you, training a young horse, forming the ultimate horse-and-rider team, boosting and maintaining your own physical fitness and suppleness, and building the fitness and stamina of your horse.

The Everything Horse Book

The Everything Horse Book Author Karen Leigh Davis
ISBN-10 9781605507781
Release 2008-10-17
Pages 304
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The horse is a majestic animal that needs the utmost in care and love. Luckily for horse owners and appreciators, this fully revised and updated second edition is a detailed introduction to horse companionship and care. This handy guide features all you need to know about horses, including information on: Anatomy and physiology; Feeding and grooming; Traditional and alternative treatments for health problems; Dressage, jumping, and other types of horsemanship; Careers with horses; And more! This edition also includes completely new material on horse colors and markings, parasite control, training philosophies, entering horse shows, and more! The Everything Horse Book is an ideal gift for anyone who has ever been interested in our equestrian friends!

The Horse Encyclopedia

The Horse Encyclopedia Author Elwyn Hartley Edwards
ISBN-10 9781465456106
Release 2016-11-29
Pages 360
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The Horse Encyclopedia is a comprehensive, lavishly illustrated guide to more than 150 horse and pony breeds and types from around the world. Browse through the catalog of gorgeous photographs and learn about the characteristics and origins of each breed, from Friesians to Thoroughbreds, and some of the most famous horses that left a mark on equine history. A fascinating introduction takes you through the evolution of the horse, horse disciplines like polo and show jumping, the animal's place in history, art, culture, and much more. With expert advice on horse health and care, including feeding, grooming, and conditioning, The Horse Encyclopedia can even guide you through the experience of becoming a first-time owner. The Horse Encyclopedia is a visually stunning celebration of all things equine and a must-have for every horse lover.

Horse and Pony Care

Horse and Pony Care Author Carolyn Henderson
ISBN-10 0613172876
Release 1999-01-01
Pages 48
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An illustrated introduction for young riders to caring for a horse or pony.

My First Horse and Pony Book

My First Horse and Pony Book Author Judith Draper
ISBN-10 0753458780
Release 2005-07-04
Pages 48
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Covers in detail all aspects of horse and pony facts, care, and riding, providing a foundation in the first principles of horse and pony management and an introduction to the world of riding.

The BHS Complete Manual of Horse and Stable Management

The BHS Complete Manual of Horse and Stable Management Author Josephine Batty-Smith
ISBN-10 1905693184
Release 2008
Pages 504
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The British Horse Society’s comprehensive guide to the care and management of horses and ponies. The aim of this volume is to provide a reliable source of information and advice on all practical aspects of horse and stable management. The manual has been compiled by a panel of experts each drawing on considerable experience and contributing specialized knowledge on his or her chosen subject. Filled with reliable information and advice on modern stable management practices, the book provides a sound foundation for Horse Knowledge and Care Stages 1 to 4 and the BHS Stable Manager’s Certificate. Throughout, the emphasis is on the adoption of correct and safe procedures for the welfare of all who come into contact with horses, as well as for the animals themselves.

The USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse

The USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse Author Susan E. Harris
ISBN-10 0876056389
Release 1997-09-17
Pages 80
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The USPC Guide to Bandaging Your Horse provides the kind of information all riders and horse owners need about leg care, bandaging, and keeping your horse's legs sound. It explains the many kinds of bandages and bandage materials, their purposes, and when to use them. Detailed drawings and step-by-step instructions teach you how to apply bandages for shipping, stable, exercise, and various treatment bandages safely and correctly. It also provides tips on the best types of bandage materials to use and making your own leg pads. This guide will be helpful to Pony Clubbers and other horse owners and riders as well as instructors, trainers, and grooms who are interested in learning or teaching their students about bandaging and taking care of their horses' legs.

The Riding Handbook

The Riding Handbook Author Zoe St. Aubyn
ISBN-10 1554072794
Release 2007
Pages 192
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A well-illustrated comprehensive guide to both English and Western horseback riding that stresses an understanding of the horse and developing a solid relationship between horse and rider, and organized to follow the natural progression of a new rider.

Storey s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care First Aid

Storey s Barn Guide to Horse Health Care   First Aid Author Robin Catalano
ISBN-10 9781580176392
Release 2007
Pages 123
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With a nail-hole at the top of each page spread, this book can hang on a barn wall as a hands-free visual guide to every health situation likely to occur. Graphic step-by-step presentations guide farmers through daily health checks, basic dental and hoof care, preventive procedures, emergency first aid care, and wound treatment.

Horse Training For Beginners

Horse Training For Beginners Author Dave Wyatt
ISBN-10 9781634282055
Release 2014-06-23
Pages 49
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Horse Training 101 Welcome to the wonderful world of horse training. It's a challenging, serious task that is not to be taken lightly. Dave Wyatt cautions readers that you are safer on the back of a motorcycle than you are when you are riding horseback. That is exactly why it's vital to identify and purchase a good-natured, trainable, horse and then properly train your new horse to obey and respect you. Author Dave Wyatt kicks off with a detailed breakdown on the cost of caring for a horse and the potential hazards involved in training and interacting with your newly purchased horse. Because horses are so large and independent-minded they can be hard to control. To start off on the right foot, Wyatt provides specific suggestions to help you select the best horse. Once you begin training, it's important to avoid making common newbie mistakes that are dangerous or that can interfere with progress so Wyatt includes an entire chapter focusing on that issue. Throughout this guide, vital training issues are discussed, such as: o establishing a respectful and trusting bond with your horse o using voice commands o lead rope training o handling behavioral issues o teaching longer slides Since there are times when you might have to transport your horse using a trailer, Wyatt also provides detailed information on how to load your horse safely into a trailer while avoiding the 5 common errors that can quickly turn the entire loading experience into a dangerous, stressful nightmare. Take a giant step towards responsible horse ownership and training by tapping into the expert training advice provided in this enlightening beginners' guide.

The book of horses and horse care

The book of horses and horse care Author Judith Draper
ISBN-10 0760707146
Release 1998
Pages 256
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The book of horses and horse care has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The book of horses and horse care also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The book of horses and horse care book for free.

Book of Miniature Horses

Book of Miniature Horses Author Donna Campbell Smith
ISBN-10 9781493018307
Release 2016-04-01
Pages 160
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As pets or show horses, for driving, therapy, or guide animals, Minis are ideal whether you have limited space or a larger property. The Book of Miniature Horses is full of information on finding and selecting Minis; their care, exercise, training, showing, and breeding; their use as therapy animals; and more.

The Complete Horse Rider

The Complete Horse   Rider Author Sarah Muir
ISBN-10 1844768767
Release 2009
Pages 256
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This guide to horsemanship covers all aspects of the subject, from the diverse and specialist equipment for both horse and rider to learning to ride and competing in riding competitions. It includes straightforward riding instruction for novice riders and detailed advice for experienced riders.

Emotional Healing For Horses Ponies

Emotional Healing For Horses   Ponies Author Heather Simpson
ISBN-10 9781446490723
Release 2011-08-31
Pages 224
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Over the last few years there has been a revolution in the way we think about horses. At last we have clear ideas about how horses see the world, and about how they feel about themselves and the things we ask them to do. This book helps us to put these insights to work. Emotional Healing for Horses and Ponies brings together the skills of expert horsewoman and animal behaviourist Heather Simpson and those of leading Bach flower remedy experts Stefan Ball and Judy Howard. Together they describe how complementary medicine and simple changes in handling and housing routines can immeasurably improve the lives of our horses. Anybody who has been inspired by the tales of horse whisperers will find in this book practical steps that we can all take to give our horses happier and more joyful lives.

The Horse Agility Handbook

The Horse Agility Handbook Author Vanessa Bee
ISBN-10 1570764883
Release 2012-01-01
Pages 180
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Offers advice and instructions for training horses to compete and engage in the non-riding sport of horse agility, in which handlers lead their horses through obstacles from the ground.