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My Big Gay Weekend Gay MMM Taboo Erotic Menage

My Big Gay Weekend  Gay MMM Taboo Erotic Menage Author J.D. Hardwick
Release 2015-07-14
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Josh and Dylan are planning to waste the day playing video games. Tyler, however, has other things in mind. First, things get weird, then they get hot, and the trio brings a new meaning to "high score"! This 4,600 word story features a hot threesome and first-time gay sex.

Middle Men

Middle Men Author Shane Allison
ISBN-10 9781573447935
Release 2012
Pages 200
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In the world where there are nearly no taboos, one of the few fantasies left unrealised for most is that of group sex. Shane Allison's Middle Men will inspire many readers to make sure they have at least two friends with benefits in this erotic anthology simply bursting with threesomes, foursomes and moresomes! This collection of gay group sex stories will grab the reader's senses and fire the imagination - Middle Men is bound to rise to the top in homoerotica.

Taboo Tales 1 Stories of Stepcest Family Sex and Gay Taboo Sex

Taboo Tales 1  Stories of Stepcest  Family Sex and Gay Taboo Sex Author Donovan Starr
ISBN-10 1491009098
Release 2013-07-16
Pages 88
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What could be hotter than getting hot and friendly with your stepbrother or your stepdad? There's nothing more satisfying than enjoying a forbidden encounter. These stories collect five stories of gay taboo sex.Stories include:BAREBACKING DADDYJon's life changes when the ultra hot older man marries his Mom and moves in. Yes, Jon wants a piece of him badly, but he cannot cope with the new rules Kevin has established, especially as an adult. But, when he catches Kevin breaking the most important rule, he decides to punish him and to show him in his own special way who the man of the house is.MY HOT STEPSONPaul doesn't know he's going to have a stepson until right before the wedding. He also doesn't know he's unbelievably hot. On the night before the wedding, Drew makes a comment to him that convinces him that his hot stepson wants his body, but he doesn't know how to make his move. But the first time they're alone together, he simply must - or he'll explode with desire.SEDUCING STEPDADLifelong best friends, Chris and Aaron, have become lovers in their college sophomore year, but sex with only each other has grown stale. They moon over all the hot campus guys, but that just isn't enough-until talk of Chris' new stepdad Mike is introduced. They both fiend over his youthful and sexy body, but can they lure him into a threesome to save their sex life?BAREBACKING WITH MY BROTHERMark realized he had the hots for his sexy bad boy stepbrother Ryan when they were young, but he ran off soon after. Now that Ryan is spending house arrest at their house, things are really ready to steam up in ways Mark never could have imagined. Includes bareback sex, rough sex, stepcest, come swallowing and more!DOMINATING MY UNCLE DAVELucas adored his Uncle Dave (not by blood) from childhood and thought of him as being part of the family. Now that he's grown up, he realizes how hot Dave is and some time spent naked in the hot tub causes them both to give in to their long-held desires.

Your Boyfriend Is Hot

Your Boyfriend Is Hot Author Barry Lowe
ISBN-10 190993402X
Release 2013
Pages 245
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Is it cheating if it excites your boyfriend? In this collection of gay cuckold erotica you'll meet men who are complicit in their own 'betrayal' and those to whom it is a wake-up call. Whatever your taste you'll find a story here, from a man at a college reunion who watches as his boyfriend cuckolds him with the bully from his former frat house; a young toy boy whose sexual favors are part of a takeover bid for his lover's company, a callous actor who will hawk his virginal ass to his boyfriend's employer for a chance at the big time, a young man who resorts to tarot in order to experience a threesome, a world famous television chef who enjoys watching his lover put out for fans, and a boyfriend who loves to secretly watch the humiliation of his lover at the hands of his friends and enemies alike. Your Boyfriend is Hot includes: From Here to Fraternity, Stripping His Assets, Indecent Exposure, Middle Man for Madame Blavatsky, A Cook's Tour, and Topping the Pizza Delivery Boy (originally titled Christmas on the Rocks) - all previously published as individual eBooks by loveyoudivine Alterotica. Excerpt This whole affair had been a mistake. A disaster waiting to happen. But how can you turn down your hot-as-a-pizza oven blond boyfriend with a body straight out of Men's Health when he comes in waving an invitation to your college fraternity's golden anniversary? I'd relegated it to the bin where it should have stayed but where Cory found it. That's why he was waving it in my face excitedly. I wished now that I'd burned the bloody thing. "This would be so cool, Otis," he was jumping up and down with excitement. "I've never met any of your buddies from college." There was a good reason for that. Even though I was a bona fide boxing champion, I was one of the un-cool guys albeit I belonged to the top cock frat house. I scraped in on my ability to win medals at boxing, something the brothers had never been good at. They were better than good in a brawl but the 'real' jocks, as they liked to think of themselves, played team sports: football, hockey, basketball, gay bashing. Most of the campus thought they were homophobic assholes, though few had the guts to say it out loud. Except Bobby, and they beat him up for it. Well, to be precise, Brick and his two best mates roughed him up. Just enough that he needed stitches but not enough for the college authorities to become involved. They didn't want to rock the boat. Brick was a top athlete and he brought prestige to the campus. Still did. What with his Used Car lot sponsoring one of the top sporting prizes. "It's not like it's a school reunion," Cory sulked when I told him there was no way I was going. "It's even worse than a high school reunion." It would be all the people I most detested about college life. Sure, I'd been a member of the frat house but most of the time I'd avoided the jocks socially. It'd been a different matter when it came to sporting events. I was expected to attend their games and they, of course, turned out for mine, particularly when it looked as if the frat would finally get its elusive boxing trophy, thus completing a full set of the sports in which it participated. When Cory doesn't get his own way it's painful, he sulks for days on end. He even went as far as dragging out my old yearbook which had embarrassingly youthful photos of us all sprouting platitudes about the future which most of us would now disown. The photos were taken less than a decade ago but it seemed a lifetime away. Except... "Who's that?" Cory pointed at Brick. Shane Butler. Football. Frat brother. Nick Name: Brick. Reason: Thick as a...although he thought it was because he was built like a brick shithouse. No one was game enough to contradict him, so the name stuck. "He's the reason for not revisiting the past," Cory looked at me for clarification. I sighed. "We have history." Cory was gob smacked. "He's gay?" "Anything but. Homophobe of the highest order. Fag basher.

Gay Erotica

Gay Erotica Author James Hunt
ISBN-10 9781780334806
Release 2011-10-06
Pages 160
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FUMBLER ON THE ROOF by Landon Dixon He was a one-man wrecking crew, an occupational hazard to his workmates on the roofing crew. But his ultra-understanding boss saw something in the error-prone, unco-ordinated man, and was determined to make him safe . . . BOB & CAROL & TED (BUT NOT ALICE) by M. Christian Bob's sexy wife encourages him to talk about his gay affair with a college friend, knowing it's going to make him rock hard for her. Just as she's about to get her reward, their friend Ted turns up at the house. What a perfect opportunity to put fantasy into practice! DISCIPLINARY LOVE by P. J. Rosier There's the right husband for every naturally inclined 'wife' as our young man discovered. It's just a matter of finding him. And then accepting that a 'wife' must sometimes be taken in hand - for his own good. RIDING THE RANGER by Julian Benedict A beautiful young man who happens to be a double amputee is accustomed to attracting a significant number of men who are sexually aroused by the combination of his beauty and his handicap. Yet it is not until he has an incomparable sexual experience with a forest ranger on an evening flight in a Boeing 777 that he discovers what it's like to be royally fucked.

Punished By Coach

Punished By Coach Author Randy Manners
ISBN-10 9781365213908
Release 2016-06-23
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Scott’s flagrant foul just lost the big game. He’s used to hitting it fast and hard, but is he ready for Coach’s down and dirty discipline in the locker room? Scott is sure his hunky Coach will have some hard and rough words for him. Scott is ready and eager to please his coach. Can he make up for his error, or will Coach show Scott just how hard it is to play for his team?

Hot Gay Erotica

Hot Gay Erotica Author Richard Labonté
ISBN-10 9781573444798
Release 2006-05-01
Pages 216
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Lambda Award–winning editor Richard Labonté leaves no fetish unfulfilled in this new collection of gay erotica. This steamy collection contains a wide range of erotic short stories for readers with a taste for sizzling storylines and uninhibited, unrepentant mansex. Scott Promfret, coauthor of the Romentics series of gay romance novels, contributes “The Competitor,” in which a hunky athlete unexpectedly meets his match at the gym. Cat Tailor’s rollicking “Delta Boys” finds four randy soldier boys, back from the frontlines, living out their fantasies in a sleazy motel room.

The Chateau

The Chateau Author Tiffany Reisz
ISBN-10 1548681954
Release 2018-05-09
Pages 284
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In his three years working as a Jack-of-All-Wicked-Trades for an unnamed underground network, Kingsley Boissonneault has done it all-spied, lied, and killed under orders. But his latest assignment is quite out of the ordinary. His commanding officer's nephew has disappeared inside a sex cult, and Kingsley has been tasked with bringing him home to safety. They call themselves the Daughters of Roissy, and their holy book is "The Story of O," the infamous French novel of extreme sado-masochism. Inside their secret chateau is a looking-glass world where women reign and men are their willing slaves. Or are they willing? It's Kingsley's job to find out. Once inside the Chateau, however, Kingsley quickly falls under the spell cast by the enigmatic Madame, a woman of wisdom, power, and beauty. She offers Kingsley the one thing he's always wanted. But the price? Giving up forever the only person he's ever loved.

The Advocate

The Advocate Author
Release 2003-08-19
Pages 104
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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

The Accidental

The Accidental Author Ali Smith
ISBN-10 9780307279750
Release 2007-04-10
Pages 320
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Filled with Ali Smith's trademark wordplay and inventive storytelling, here is the dizzyingly entertaining, wickedly humorous story of a mysterious stranger whose sudden appearance during a family’s summer holiday transforms four variously unhappy people. Each of the Smarts—parents Eve and Michael, son Magnus, and the youngest, daughter Astrid—encounter Amber in his or her own solipsistic way, but somehow her presence allows them to see their lives (and their life together) in a new light. Smith’s narrative freedom and exhilarating facility with language propel the novel to its startling, wonderfully enigmatic conclusion.

Three If by Sea

Three If by Sea Author Nicole Stewart
ISBN-10 1980753121
Release 2018-04-05
Pages 178
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AmeliaAmelia has been with David forever, or at least it seems like forever. While their relationship was great for the first few years, everything is beginning to crumble. When things finally blow up, she's totally crushed.Now she has a job opportunity in Scotland, just the journey she needs to get away from the Midwestern US and lick her wounds. Little does she know, she's about to meet not one, but two gorgeous European guys who know just how to get David out of her mind. But first, she's going to need to untangle one hell of a lot of drama between these fascinating men.AdamAdam is a man of few words, a dark past, and endless emotional depth, not to mention a body to die for. After setting down his roots in small-town Scotland, he's content to work at his small pub and try to forget the past. He's been perfectly happy keeping it simple, but when Amelia enters his pub one fateful night, he knows in his bones that things are about to change for good.CallumAfter leaving his hometown where he attended school with Adam, Callum moved to Edinburgh for college. But the siren song of his friend Adam continues to gnaw at him, reminding him of what could have been despite their drama. When he comes back to visit, he gets a double dose of hotness: Adam is still there in all of his sensitive, muscular brooding, but now there's a new woman in town and she's impossible to ignore with her gorgeous face and beautiful mind.These three people have played the game of love and paid dearly for it. Now they're inextricably drawn together, but they're playing with emotional fire. Will they be consumed by the flames or will they find just the healing they need to patch up their broken hearts?Three if by Sea is a scorching hot Bisexual / Menage MMF standalone romance with VERY steamy scenes, a beautiful small European town, and a HEA ending with no cliffhangers!

The Advocate

The Advocate Author
Release 1995-11-28
Pages 88
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The Advocate is a lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) monthly newsmagazine. Established in 1967, it is the oldest continuing LGBT publication in the United States.

Best Bisexual Erotica

Best Bisexual Erotica Author Bill Brent
ISBN-10 1885865473
Release 2003-08-01
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Best Bisexual Erotica has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Best Bisexual Erotica also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Best Bisexual Erotica book for free.

Not Gay

Not Gay Author Jane Ward
ISBN-10 9781479825172
Release 2015-07-31
Pages 240
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A straight white girl can kiss a girl, like it, and still call herself straight—her boyfriend may even encourage her. But can straight white guys experience the same easy sexual fluidity, or would kissing a guy just mean that they are really gay? Not Gay thrusts deep into a world where straight guy-on-guy action is not a myth but a reality: there’s fraternity and military hazing rituals, where new recruits are made to grab each other’s penises and stick fingers up their fellow members’ anuses; online personal ads, where straight men seek other straight men to masturbate with; and, last but not least, the long and clandestine history of straight men frequenting public restrooms for sexual encounters with other men. For Jane Ward, these sexual practices reveal a unique social space where straight white men can—and do—have sex with other straight white men; in fact, she argues, to do so reaffirms rather than challenges their gender and racial identity. Ward illustrates that sex between straight white men allows them to leverage whiteness and masculinity to authenticate their heterosexuality in the context of sex with men. By understanding their same-sex sexual practice as meaningless, accidental, or even necessary, straight white men can perform homosexual contact in heterosexual ways. These sex acts are not slippages into a queer way of being or expressions of a desired but unarticulated gay identity. Instead, Ward argues, they reveal the fluidity and complexity that characterizes all human sexual desire. In the end, Ward’s analysis offers a new way to think about heterosexuality—not as the opposite or absence of homosexuality, but as its own unique mode of engaging in homosexual sex, a mode characterized by pretense, dis-identification and racial and heterosexual privilege. Daring, insightful, and brimming with wit, Not Gay is a fascinating new take on the complexities of heterosexuality in the modern era.

Thaw In Winter

Thaw In Winter Author Kate Steele
ISBN-10 9781596324893
Release 2007-06-26
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Spending his vacation in a remote cabin in the woods, Mark Bartel expected to see nothing more exciting than some local wildlife. He got more than he bargained for. While on a hike, Mark comes across a campsite where the camper puts to shame anything nature has to offer. Joe Moning is tall, blond, built and utterly gorgeous. One look from those vivid blue eyes has Mark's heart racing. Invited to share a cup of coffee with the man, Mark is at once captivated and disappointed. The gold wedding band Joe wears puts to rest any notions Mark could entertain about something more happening between them. Until Joe kisses him. Aroused and confused, Mark retreats but not before Joe extracts a promise from him. He's leaving the next day but wants to meet again when Mark returns to the city. Mark agrees but what of Joe's spouse? Does he really want to be the one who comes between Joe and his unknown lover? Sooner than Mark anticipates, an unexpected snowstorm brings them together again. After rescuing an injured Joe and returning to the cabin, the two of them discover Joe has partial amnesia. Joe hasn't forgotten his attraction to Mark but he can't remember the answer to the biggest stumbling block between them. Who wears the mate to the ring he so openly sports? Is he or is he not free to act on the escalating desire that's ready to boil over between them? While the storm rages outside, tempers flare, need grows and temptation becomes a living, breathing entity. It may be winter but inside this cozy cabin, the thaw has already begun.


Brorotica Author Guy New York
ISBN-10 9781537881348
Release 2017-06-17
Pages 41
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Sometimes being super straight is a little gay. Brorotica is a collection of five short stories about straight men who find themselves drawn to each other in unexpected ways. From a football game to the boardroom, each story explores what often goes on in typically masculine spaces. In the story Brotastic a friend asks his buddy a simple question: what's it like to be with a dude? Luckily it doesn't take much for him to find out. In Branding 101 we follow a marketing director who is frustrated with his company's inability to present themselves professionally. When he gets called into his bosses office for a scolding, he turns the tables around and shows him what it really takes to succeed. In Beer Pong, two young men find themselves in Hoboken with a couple of girls who know how to push their boundaries. As they try to impress their new friends, the boys get closer and closer until they pass everyone's expectations. Football brings two buddies together for some afternoon fun in the park. But when they head back home for some beers, it turns out that one of them has a bit of a crush on the other's wife. To complicated matters, they throw on a porn movie and discover that jealousy and desire make good bedfellows. And finally, A Letter finds our narrator writing to an old friend about an afternoon they shared years ago. A hot shower, a cold rain, and unspoken desires lead to something neither of them can forget. Each story contains explicit sex and intended for an adult audience. The book is 10,000 words long.

Baby Boy 1 Sacrificed

Baby Boy 1  Sacrificed Author Alex Anders
ISBN-10 9781465784001
Release 2011-10-04
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Baby Boy, a Nebraska farmhand, moves to Hollywood in search of a place where he can belong. Scared by the big city he falls in love with Rex, his ruggedly gorgeous, and savvy next door neighbor who works as a male escort to escape his twisted past. Baby Boy, with his corn fed 10-inch tool, follows Rex into his dark underworld of sex; and even if they can both survive the ravenous desires of the men around them, neither one will ever be the same again. ‘Baby Boy’ is a hot erotic romance series. 13,000 words *Please note that this story contains very explicit descriptions of erotic and sexual situations written in part for extreme genital arousal which will lead to self-pleasure. Mature readers only.