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How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Harley Davidson Big Twins 1936 1964

How to Rebuild and Restore Classic Harley Davidson Big Twins 1936 1964 Author Rick Schunk
ISBN-10 9780760343401
Release 2012-10-21
Pages 272
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DIVWhen it comes to collector motorcycles, none hold the allure of the classic Harley-Davidson Big Twins built from 1936 to 1964. But owning and maintaining these tempermental machines provides endless challenges. Even the most pristine, restored example needs a tremendous amount of care, maintenance, and repair. The rebuilding and restoring of these machines is not so much a defined task as a never-ending process. This book serves to guide owners through that process./div Beginning with a practical section on understanding, choosing, and purchasing a classic Harley, this book focuses on the nuts and bolts of classic Harley ownership. Through step-by-step photography and thoughtful, informative instruction, the reader will learn how to disassemble a chassis, rebuild a fork, lace a wheel, and paint the major parts for any restoration. It also provides thorough instruction on repairing, overhauling, and restoring all major components, such as the engine, transmission, and electrical system.

How to Restore Your Harley Davidson

How to Restore Your Harley Davidson Author Bruce Palmer III
ISBN-10 0879389346
Release 1994-11-13
Pages 640
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Harley-Davidson Knucklehead and Panhead motorcycles are among the most collectable American motorcycles. How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson is a complete guide to correctly restoring these models to factory-original specification. Author and Harley-Davidson expert Bruce Palmer has packed 640 pages with more than 600 photographs, detailed descriptions, specification charts, and tables covering: VIN, motor, and frame numbers Frame, chassis, and bodywork restoration Motor, transmission, and clutch restoration Paint color codes and plating finish for every nut and bolt Electrical ignition and lighting components Period-correct accessories and options How to Restore Your Harley-Davidson is the essential reference for restoring these classic machines, an encyclopedia telling you which parts are correct and which are not.

Harley Davidson Panhead Restoration

Harley Davidson Panhead Restoration Author Rick Schunk
ISBN-10 1929133812
Release 2009
Pages 176
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Among all the older Harley-Davidson models, none holds the allure of the Panhead. Manufactured from 1948 to 1965, the Panhead might be called the first modern Harley. Rick Schunk starts the discussion of Panhead restoration with a brief history lesson, followed by a list of things to look for, and avoid, when shopping for a Panhead. Before starting on a restoration, you have to assess both the machine's needs and your own abilities. The next section is dedicated to the bike's chassis, like the rest of the book, this part is made up of photo sequences that explain exactly how to disassemble the chassis, repair the fork, and lace the wire wheels. Other chapters cover paint, engines and transmissions including the overhaul of both an engine and a transmission. Related components like the carburetor, primary drive, clutch and electrical components are covered as well. While there are other restoration guides, there are no how-to restoration books that provide extensive, start-to-finish photo sequences explaining each major operation necessary to the restoration of a Harley-Davidson Panhead.

Harley Davidson Panheads

Harley Davidson Panheads Author Greg Field
ISBN-10 0879389982
Release 1995
Pages 128
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Harley-Davidson Panheads Greg Field. The first color history devoted exclusively to Harley-Davidson Panhead motorcycles built from 1948 through 1964. This detailed history profiles all Harley-Davidson big twins including Hydraglides, DuoGlides, and Electra Glides. Harley-Davidson Panheads is both a celebration of one of Harley-Davidso nÆs most-beloved motorcycles and a thorough technical analysis of the many changes made throughout the PanheadÆs production life. Sftbd., 8 1/4"x 1 1/2", 128 pgs., 12 b&w ill., 11 color.

Classic Harley Davidson

Classic Harley Davidson Author Herbert Wagner
ISBN-10 0760327114
Release 2006-06
Pages 191
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Almost everyone knows the name and the product, but not as many know the history of Harley-Davidson, a company that started with just four men and a bevy of American spirit. Stocked with archival images and full-color photographs, Classic Harley-Davidson provides a comprehensive history of America’s favorite motorcycle. Every era is featured, from 1903’s motorized bicycle to the roadburners we know and love today. Combines Wagner’s Classic Harley-Davidson 1903-1941 and Girdler’s Harley Davidson Motorcycles from MBI's best-selling paperback Enthusiast Color Series into one value-priced hardcover book that makes a great gift and introduction to this legendary company and motorcycle.

How to Paint Your Car

How to Paint Your Car Author Dennis W. Parks
ISBN-10 9781610587570
Release 2013-06-15
Pages 192
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How to Paint Your Car reveals the techniques, tricks, and technology behind automotive painting through 400 color photos, clear captions, detailed text, and step-by-step how-to sequences. You’ll learn the latest information about paint chemistry, waterborne paints, spray guns, body fillers, surface prep, site prep, as well as respirators and other safety gear that every automotive painter must know. With step-by-step detail, you’ll learn how to properly prepare your car for paint work, including minor bodywork, surface preparation, rust removal, masking, priming and final coating. How to Paint Your Car also includes information about custom touches and effects as well as how to care for your paint after application, including information on buffing compounds, waxes, and other care products. Everything you need to know to feel comfortable and confident in undertaking your own paint project, whether a touch-up job or a complete respray, is covered in How to Paint Your Car.

Motorcycle Solo Harley Davidson Model Wla Technical Manual

Motorcycle  Solo Harley Davidson Model Wla Technical Manual Author War Department
ISBN-10 1937684911
Release 2011-12
Pages 218
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Based on the civilian WL model, Harley-Davidson's WLA ("A" for "Army") motorcycle was first produced in 1940. It would remain in production through 1945, and eventually over 90,000 were delivered for use in all theaters of WWII. Like the WL, the WLA was equipped with a 45 cubic inch (740 cc) flathead high compression engine and a rugged frame. Military modifications included blackout lights, fenders without traditional sides (to reduce mud clogging), an air cleaner to facilitate off-road use and easy maintenance, and a crankcase breather that enabled the fording of water obstacles. The motorcycle typically was also equipped with leg protectors, a skid plate, leather rifle or machine gun scabbard, an ammunition box, radio or luggage rack, and a windscreen. This U.S. Army technical manual TM 9-879 was created in 1943 for the men who operated and serviced the WLA in the field. In its pages you will find a description of the motorcycle, and information regarding its use and care.Originally classified "restricted," this manual was declassified long ago and is reprinted here in its entirety. Legal disclaimer: The name "Harley-Davidson" is a trademark of H-D Michigan, LLC and the Harley Davidson Motor Co., which reserves all rights to it.

Harley Davidson Knucklehead

Harley Davidson Knucklehead Author Greg Field
ISBN-10 9780760350430
Release 2016-11-21
Pages 200
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Celebrate the 80th anniversary of the engine that changed the motorcycle world. Motorcycle technology lagged far behind automotive technology since the earliest days of the internal-combustion engine. All that changed in 1936 when Harley-Davidson introduced the Model EL. For the first time ever, a company was manufacturing a high-performance overhead-valve engine for the masses. And what an engine it was -- in addition to bringing state-of-the-art technology to the motorcycling world -- a work of art. Because of the shape of its rocker covers, the engine was given a nickname to match its looks: the Knucklehead. The technology used in this engine was so advanced that it laid the foundation for every future Harley-Davidson motorcycle, including the current models built in the 21st century. To this day every cruiser style motorcycle still adheres to the shape of that original Knucklehead. Harley-Davidson Knucklehead: Eighty Years tells the entire Knucklehead story, from the very first overhead-valve V-twin Harley produced for the public through the post-war models, continuing right up until today, when aftermarket manufacturers reproduce complete Knucklehead crate engines because of its continuing popularity.

How to Restore and Maintain Your Vespa Motorscooter

How to Restore and Maintain Your Vespa Motorscooter Author Bob Darnell
ISBN-10 0760306230
Release 1999-12-27
Pages 160
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Your number one Vespa restoration resource! With plants in 15 different countries and sales numbering well into the millions worldwide, Vespa is the make among scooter marques. Return your Vespa to its original glory with this complete guide to restoring your prized scooter to 100% original. This information-packed, authentic restoration guide covers both the mechanical and cosmetic restoration of all Vespa motorscooters from 1946-1996.

Harley Davidson Buyer s Guide

Harley Davidson Buyer s Guide Author Peter Gantriis
ISBN-10 0760338590
Release 2011-09-10
Pages 176
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Perhaps the greatest appeal of the motorcycles that Harley-Davidson manufactures is that they are not throwaway machines. With proper care and maintenance, a modern Harley can outlive its owner. Most of the Harley-Davidson motorcycles built over the past 25 years are still on the road, which means there are many, many used Harleys bought and sold every day. This book provides a practical guide to purchasing the most common Harleys on the used-bike market: the aluminum-engine machines built since 1984, the Evolutions (Sportsters and Big Twins), Twin Cams, and liquid-cooled Revolution bikes (the V-Rod models). These are the bikes being bought and sold, and these are the motorcycles most widely used as daily riders. Harley-Davidson Buyer’s Guide provides everything a reader needs to know to purchase a sound, reliable, enjoyable Harley-Davidson Big Twin motorcycle.

How to Restore Your Military Harley Davidson 1932 1952 Second Edition

How to Restore Your Military Harley Davidson 1932 1952 Second Edition Author Bruce Palmer, 3rd
ISBN-10 0990620611
Release 2015-09-01
Pages 464
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In the decade preceding World War II and into the 1950s, Harley-Davidson was the United States Military's battle bike of choice. Employed by the U.S. Army, Navy, and Marines, as well as several allied forces, it saw service in World War II arenas from Normandy to China. Loved for its toughness and versatility by the men it carried into conflict, Harley's military models are highly prized by today's motorcycle collectors and military enthusiasts.How to Restore Your Military Harley-Davidson 1932-1952 Second Edition is the ultimate reference for correctly restoring these rare and historically significant machines. Author Bruce Palmer III is one of the top experts on Harley-Davidson military motorcycles bringing years of research to this work. Through extensive research, the book details the different models, parts, finishes, equipment, and markings necessary to restore or preserve these motorcycles. More than 250 archival and detail photos cover every facet of these unique motorcycles.

NASCAR Sturgis and the New Economy of Spectacle

NASCAR  Sturgis  and the New Economy of Spectacle Author Daniel Krier
ISBN-10 9789004300613
Release 2016-10-07
Pages 240
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NASCAR, Sturgis, and the New Economy of Spectacle vividly illustrates how legendary spectacles, such as those in NASCAR racing and the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, generate a triple-circuit of profit.

Art of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle Deluxe Edition

Art of the Harley Davidson Motorcycle   Deluxe Edition Author Dain Gingerelli
ISBN-10 9780760346891
Release 2014-10-10
Pages 216
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A handsome, informative overview of Harley Davidson's 100 plus years of style and innovation.

Contemporary Theory of Conservation

Contemporary Theory of Conservation Author Salvador Munoz-Vinas
ISBN-10 9781136414534
Release 2012-05-23
Pages 256
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Classical theories of conservation are well known in the heritage community, but in the last two decades thinking has shifted, and classical theory has faced increasing criticism. Contemporary Theory of Conservation brings together current ideas in conservation theory, presenting a structured, coherent analysis of the subject for the first time. This engaging and readable text is split into 3 parts. The first, Fundamentals of conservation, addresses the identity of conservation itself, and problems arising when classical conservation theories are applied. The second part, Questioning classical theories, delves deeper into the criticism of classical ideas such as reversibility. This leads on to the creation of new paradigms such as sustainability, which are covered in the final part of the book, Conservation ethics.

Indian Motorcycle Restoration Guide

Indian Motorcycle Restoration Guide Author Jerry Hatfield
ISBN-10 0760300577
Release 1995
Pages 256
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Indian Motorcycle Restoration Guide 1932-53 Jerry Hatfield. Years of meticulous research by noted Indian guru Jerry Hatfield provide all the information youÆll ever need to authentically restore your Indian to prize-winning perfection. This incredibly detailedguide contains full coverage of all civilian Indian models from 1932-53. Model by model and year by year charts and tables cross-reference all the proper parts for ultimate restoration results. Sftbd ., 8 1/4"x 1 5/8", 256 pgs., 441 b&w ill.

How to Restore Your Motorcycle Second Edition

How to Restore Your Motorcycle  Second Edition Author Mark Zimmerman
ISBN-10 9781610590310
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How to Restore Your Motorcycle Second Edition has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from How to Restore Your Motorcycle Second Edition also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full How to Restore Your Motorcycle Second Edition book for free.

Junkyards Gearheads and Rust

Junkyards  Gearheads  and Rust Author David N. Lucsko
ISBN-10 9781421419428
Release 2016-05-22
Pages 280
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What happens to automobiles after they are retired but before they are processed as scrap? In this fascinating history, David N. Lucsko takes readers on a tour of salvage yards and wrecked or otherwise out-of-service cars in the United States from the point of view of gearheads—the hot rodders, restoration hobbyists, street rodders, and classic car devotees who reuse, repurpose, and restore junked cars. Junkyards, Gearheads, and Rust is a nuanced exploration of the business of dismantling wrecks and selling second-hand parts. It examines the reinterpretation of these cars and parts by artists as well as their restoration by enthusiasts. It also surveys the origin and evolution of gearhead-oriented yards that specialize in specific types of automobiles; dissects the material and emotional appeal of the salvage yard and its contents among enthusiasts; and examines how zoning and nuisance ordinances have affected both salvage businesses and hobbyists. Lucsko concludes with an analysis of efforts during the last twenty-five years to hasten vehicular obsolescence at the expense of salvage yards, mechanics, and enthusiasts. By examining how cars are salvaged, repurposed, and restored, this book demonstrates that the history of the automobile is much more than a running catalog of showroom novelties.