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Human Nature and Conduct

Human Nature and Conduct Author John Dewey
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105031582526
Release 1922
Pages 336
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"The book ... sets forth a belief that an understanding of habit and of different types of habit is the key to social psychology."--Pref.

Creative evolution

Creative evolution Author Henri Bergson
ISBN-10 UOM:49015000800822
Release 1911
Pages 425
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Creative evolution has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Creative evolution also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Creative evolution book for free.

Democracy and Education

Democracy and Education Author John Dewey
ISBN-10 UOM:39015061013978
Release 1916
Pages 434
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Democracy and Education has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Democracy and Education also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Democracy and Education book for free.

The Good Life of Teaching

The Good Life of Teaching Author Chris Higgins
ISBN-10 9781444346510
Release 2011-09-19
Pages 304
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The Good Life of Teaching extends the recent revival of virtue ethics to professional ethics and the philosophy of teaching. It connects long-standing philosophical questions about work and human growth to questions about teacher motivation, identity, and development. Makes a significant contribution to the philosophy of teaching and also offers new insights into virtue theory and professional ethics Offers fresh and detailed readings of major figures in ethics, including Alasdair MacIntyre, Charles Taylor, and Bernard Williams and the practical philosophies of Hannah Arendt, John Dewey and Hans-Georg Gadamer Provides illustrations to assist the reader in visualizing major points, and integrates sources such as film, literature, and teaching memoirs to exemplify arguments in an engaging and accessible way Presents a compelling vision of teaching as a reflective practice showing how this requires us to prepare teachers differently

New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning

New Pedagogical Approaches in Game Enhanced Learning Author Sara de Freitas
ISBN-10 9781466639515
Release 2013
Pages 310
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"This book addresses the major challenges associated with adopting digital games into a standard curriculum, providing fresh perspectives from current practitioners in the education field"--Provided by publisher.

Darwinian Evolution and Classical Liberalism

Darwinian Evolution and Classical Liberalism Author Stephen C. Dilley
ISBN-10 9780739181072
Release 2013-05-02
Pages 374
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Darwinian Evolution and Classical Liberalism brings together a collection of new essays that examine the multifaceted ferment between Darwinian biology and classical liberalism.

Reconstruction in Philosophy

Reconstruction in Philosophy Author John Dewey
ISBN-10 UCAL:B3488344
Release 1920
Pages 224
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Reconstruction in Philosophy has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Reconstruction in Philosophy also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Reconstruction in Philosophy book for free.

Plato as Critical Theorist

Plato as Critical Theorist Author Jonny Thakkar
ISBN-10 9780674919600
Release 2018-05-14
Pages 350
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What is the best possible society? How would its rulers govern and its citizens behave? Such questions are sometimes dismissed as distractions from genuine political problems, but in an era when political idealism seems a relic of the past, says Jonny Thakkar, they are more urgent than ever. A daring experiment in using ancient philosophy to breathe life into our political present, Plato as Critical Theorist takes seriously one of Plato’s central claims: that philosophers should rule. What many accounts miss is the intimate connection between Plato’s politics and his metaphysics, Thakkar argues. Philosophy is the activity of articulating how parts and wholes best fit together, while ruling is the activity that shapes the parts of society into a coherent whole conducive to the good life. Plato’s ideal society is thus one in which ideal theory itself plays a leading role. Today’s liberal democracies require not philosopher-kings legislating from above but philosopher-citizens willing to work toward a vision of the best society in their daily lives. Against the claim that such idealism is inherently illiberal, Thakkar shows that it is fully compatible with the liberal theories of both Popper and Rawls while nevertheless pushing beyond them in providing a new vantage point for the Marxian critique of capitalism.

Innovative Pedagogy

Innovative Pedagogy Author Tatiana Chemi
ISBN-10 9789463009683
Release 2017-04-18
Pages 6
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The main purpose of this book is to take a closer look at how students and teachers in educational institutions apply the innovative, the playful and the emotional and creative dimensions of learning. With this contribution, the authors aim at reaching an international audience of educators at several levels, including primary and secondary schools, higher and adult education, university colleges, graduate, undergraduate and PhD schools. Driven by the common interest of the authors to reflect on emotions in education, the chapters in this book encompass multiple perspectives: the socio-cultural perspective that looks at interactions among individuals; the creation and recreation of the self and others; and the study of collaboration, change processes and aesthetic and creative learning. This anthology offers original empirical documentation and theoretical reflections on how pedagogical and educational changes might challenge or facilitate learning for students and educators. Besides its relevance within the education sector, the content presented here can be applied in non-formal learning environments, such as museums, cultural institutions, as well as other educational settings where emotions are largely stimulated and cultivated.

Ethics and the Environment

Ethics and the Environment Author Dale Jamieson
ISBN-10 9781139467889
Release 2008-01-24
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What is the environment, and how does it figure in an ethical life? This book is an introduction to the philosophical issues involved in this important question, focussing primarily on ethics but also encompassing questions in aesthetics and political philosophy. Topics discussed include the environment as an ethical question, human morality, meta-ethics, normative ethics, humans and other animals, the value of nature, and nature's future. The discussion is accessible and richly illustrated with examples. The book will be valuable for students taking courses in environmental philosophy, and also for a wider audience in courses in ethics, practical ethics, and environmental studies. It will also appeal to general readers who want a reliable and sophisticated introduction to the field.

Brokerage and Closure

Brokerage and Closure Author Ronald S. Burt
ISBN-10 9780191622854
Release 2007-09-06
Pages 296
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Social Capital, the advantage created by location in social structure, is a critical element in business strategy. Who has it, how it works, and how to develop it have become key questions as markets, organizations, and careers become more and more dependent on informal, discretionary relationships. The formal organization deals with accountability; Everything else flows through the informal: advice, coordination, cooperation friendship, gossip, knowledge, trust. Informal relations have always been with us, they have always mattered. What is new is the range of activities in which they now matter, and the emerging clarity we have about how they create advantage for certain people at the expense of others. This is done by brokerage and closure. Ronald S. Burt builds upon his celebrated work in this area to explore the nature of brokerage and closure. Brokerage is the activity of people who live at the intersection of social worlds, who have a vision advantage of seeing and developing good ideas, an advantage which can be seen in their compensation, recognition, and the responsibility they're entrusted with in comparison to their peers. Closure is the tightening of coordination in a closed network of people, and people who do this do well as a complement to brokers because of the trust and alignment they create. Brokerage and Closure explores how these elements work together to define social capital, showing how in the business world reputation has come to replace authority, pursued opportunity assignment, and reward has come to be associated with achieving competitive advantage in a social order of continuous disequilibrium.

Historical Ontology

Historical Ontology Author Ian Hacking
ISBN-10 0674016076
Release 2004
Pages 279
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With the unusual clarity, distinctive and engaging style, and penetrating insight that have drawn such a wide range of readers to his work, Ian Hacking here offers his reflections on the philosophical uses of history. The focus of this volume, which collects both recent and now-classic essays, is the historical emergence of concepts and objects, through new uses of words and sentences in specific settings, and new patterns or styles of reasoning within those sentences. In its lucid and thoroughgoing look at the historical dimension of concepts, the book is at once a systematic formulation of Hacking's approach and its relation to other types of intellectual history, and a valuable contribution to philosophical understanding. Hacking opens the volume with an extended meditation on the philosophical significance of history. The importance of Michel Foucault--for the development of this theme, and for Hacking's own work in intellectual history--emerges in the following chapters, which place Hacking's classic essays on Foucault within the wider context of general reflections on historical methodology. Against this background, Hacking then develops ideas about how language, styles of reasoning, and "psychological" phenomena figure in the articulation of concepts--and in the very prospect of doing philosophy as historical ontology.

Soul Dust

Soul Dust Author Nicholas Humphrey
ISBN-10 140083807X
Release 2011-01-31
Pages 256
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How is consciousness possible? What biological purpose does it serve? And why do we value it so highly? In Soul Dust, the psychologist Nicholas Humphrey, a leading figure in consciousness research, proposes a startling new theory. Consciousness, he argues, is nothing less than a magical-mystery show that we stage for ourselves inside our own heads. This self-made show lights up the world for us and makes us feel special and transcendent. Thus consciousness paves the way for spirituality, and allows us, as human beings, to reap the rewards, and anxieties, of living in what Humphrey calls the "soul niche.? Tightly argued, intellectually gripping, and a joy to read, Soul Dust provides answers to the deepest questions. It shows how the problem of consciousness merges with questions that obsess us all--how life should be lived and the fear of death. Resting firmly on neuroscience and evolutionary theory, and drawing a wealth of insights from philosophy and literature, Soul Dust is an uncompromising yet life-affirming work--one that never loses sight of the majesty and wonder of consciousness.

History of Concepts

History of Concepts Author Iain Hampsher-Monk
ISBN-10 9053563067
Release 1998
Pages 293
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Hoewel enorm invloedrijk in Duitstalig Europa, heeft de conceptuele geschiedschrijving (Begriffsgeschichte) tot nu toe weinig aandacht in het Engels gekregen. Dit genre van intellectuele geschiedschrijving verschilt van zowel de Franse geschiedschrijving van mentalités als de Engelstalige geschiedschrijving van verhandelingen door het concept. Aan de hand van practische voorbeelden in de geschiedschrijving wordt deze vorm toegelicht door Bram Kempers, Eddy de Jongh en Rolf Reichardt.

Risk Uncertainty and Profit

Risk  Uncertainty and Profit Author Frank H. Knight
ISBN-10 9780486147932
Release 2012-03-09
Pages 448
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DIVThis enduring economics text provided the theoretical basis of the entrepreneurial American economy during the post-industrial era. A revolutionary work, it taught the world how to systematically distinguish between risk and uncertainty. /div

The Architecture of Humanism A Study in the History of Taste

The Architecture of Humanism   A Study in the History of Taste Author Geoffrey Scott
ISBN-10 9781473389021
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 274
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The Architecture of Humanism offers a brilliant analysis of the theories and ideas behind much of nineteenth- and twentieth-century architecture. It discusses the classical tradition as reflected in the architecture of Renaissance and Baroque Italy and the role given the human body in that tradition. It is recommended reading for all architecture students, and essential for those interested in the revival of classical architecture.

Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos

Phenomenology and the Human Positioning in the Cosmos Author Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka
ISBN-10 9789400747951
Release 2012-10-24
Pages 406
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The classic conception of human transcendental consciousness assumes its self-supporting existential status within the horizon of life-world, nature and earth. Yet this assumed absoluteness does not entail the nature of its powers, neither their constitutive force. This latter call for an existential source reaching beyond the generative life-world network. Transcendental consciousness, having lost its absolute status (its point of reference) it is the role of the logos to lay down the harmonious positioning in the cosmic sphere of the all, establishing an original foundation of phenomenology in the primogenital ontopoiesis of life. ​