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Hunting Eve

Hunting Eve Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250020000
Release 2013-07-16
Pages 400
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen brings us book two in a heart-stopping new Eve Duncan trilogy The stakes are raised even higher in Hunting Eve as Eve battles the man who is holding her prisoner. Secrets about why Eve has been targeted come into the light, bringing Eve even closer to danger. With its cliffhanger ending, Hunting Eve sets up perfectly for the finale, Silencing Eve.

Hunting Eve 17

Hunting Eve  17 Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 OCLC:1006505574
Release 2013
Pages 285
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Hunting Eve 17 has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Hunting Eve 17 also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Hunting Eve 17 book for free.

The Face of Deception

The Face of Deception Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 055389823X
Release 2003-08-26
Pages 480
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An unidentified skull... A trail of terrifying secrets... And a woman whose talented hands could reveal the shocking truth... As a forensic sculptor, Eve Duncan helps identify the dead from their skulls. Her own daughter murdered and her body never found, the job is Eve's way of coming to terms with her personal nightmare. But more terror lies ahead when she accepts work from billionaire John Logan. Beneath her gifted hands a face emerges from the skull he has given her to reconstruct—a face no one was ever meant to see. Now Eve is trapped in a frightening web of murder and deceit. Powerful enemies are determined to cover up the truth, and they will make certain that truth goes to the grave...even if Eve gets buried with it. From the Paperback edition.

Night and Day

Night and Day Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781466887213
Release 2016-07-19
Pages 352
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Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan risked it all to protect Cara Delaney from the enemies who want her dead. The journey has led them from California to a remote mountain in the Scottish highlands--and earned Eve the distinction of becoming their next target. When, despite all precautions, Cara is taken, Eve must hunt down the very people who want to kill her in order to save the young girl. At a time in her life when she has more at stake than ever before, she unhesitatingly puts it all on the line in a pulse-pounding mission of rescue and survival. Full of danger, intrigue and heart, Iris Johansen's Night and Day is a breathtaking, high-energy adventure that’s sure to keep readers riveted from the first page to the last.


Stalemate Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9780553903331
Release 2006-12-26
Pages 352
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Eve Duncan has turned down the job twice already. Her skill and devotion in identifying murder victims and helping bring their killers to justice may be world-renowned. But Eve works exclusively for law enforcement and the families of the innocent, and the man on the other end of the phone is many things—none of them law-abiding or innocent. One of the world’s most wanted men, little is really known about Luis Montalvo except that he is extraordinarily dangerous and that he never takes no for an answer. Now he wants Eve’s help in the worst way. For he believes they have something in common—and he’s about to prove it with a grisly warning. Eve will leave everything and everyone behind, even the man she trusts and loves the most, Atlanta detective Joe Quinn, to travel to Montalvo’s luxurious armed compound in the Colombian jungle to identify the skull he has recovered. She has agreed to this devil’s bargain to save an innocent family, but also for a reason she can’t admit to Joe, to the CIA, to anyone. For the man in the jungle has promised to be able to give Eve what she wants most of all—the key to unlocking the darkest and most painful mystery of her past. But Eve is in more danger than she can imagine. As she gets closer to identifying the skull, she finds herself caught between two ruthless killers with no way out. Now, with everything on the line, Eve Duncan must make the most chilling choice of all. And if she’s wrong…she’s dead.


Countdown Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9780553586510
Release 2006
Pages 499
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Jane MacGuire has survived an encounter with a serial killer to pursue her interest in archaeology, but when her friend Mike is shot during a kidnapping attempt, she discovers that the past could have a deadly influence on her future.

Shadow Play

Shadow Play Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250020093
Release 2015-09-29
Pages 352
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Eve Duncan is the most sought-after artist in the field of forensic sculpting. Dedicated to her work ever since her daughter Bonnie was taken and killed at the age of seven, Eve feels a sense of duty to those whose lives were lost and whose bones are now in her hands. When a sheriff in California contacts her with a request for help on the reconstruction of the skull of a nine-year-old girl whose body has been buried for eight years, his intensity and investment in the case puzzle her. But when the ghost of the girl begins communicating with her, Eve finds herself wrapped up in the case more intensely than she could have ever imagined. Not since Bonnie has Eve had such an experience, and suddenly she finds herself determined to solve the murder and help the little girl find peace. Except that the killer is still out there, and he knows Eve is on the case. And he won't rest until anything and anyone that could reveal his identity is eliminated...

Hide Away

Hide Away Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250075826
Release 2016-04-26
Pages 336
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"Iris Johansen's beloved forensic sculptor Eve Duncan is back and now the stakes are higher than ever. Dramatic changes are on the horizon for Eve and Joe Quinn and their relationship may never be the same. Faced with the task of protecting Cara Delaney, a young girl with ruthless enemies who want to see her dead, Eve takes her away to the remote Scottish Highlands where they join Jane MacGuire in search of a hidden treasure. But nowhere is far enough away to protect Cara from danger. With enemies closing in from all sides, Hide Away is a high-octane thriller that fans will not want to miss"--


Quinn Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 1429987537
Release 2011-07-12
Pages 384
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen explores the darkest corners of the human heart as forensic sculptor Eve Duncan closes in on the killer who stole her daughter so many years ago. As a former Navy SEAL turned cop, Joe Quinn has seen the face of evil and knows just how deadly it can be. When he first met Eve Duncan, he never expected to fall in love with a woman whose life would be defined by her dual desires to bring home her missing daughter and discover the truth behind her disappearance---no matter how devastating. With the help of CIA agent Catherine Ling, they make a shocking discovery that sheds new light on young Bonnie's abduction and puts Quinn squarely in the crosshairs of danger. Eve's first love, John Gallo, a soldier supposedly killed in the line of duty, is very much alive---and very much a threat. Emotionally charged, with one shock after another, Quinn reveals the electricity of Joe and Eve's first connection, and how they fell in love in the midst of haunting tragedy. As their search takes them deeper and deeper into a web of murder and madness, Joe and Eve must confront their most primal fears . . . and test their resolve to uncover the ultimate bone-chilling truth.

Hunting Eve An Eve Duncan Novel 17

Hunting Eve  An Eve Duncan Novel 17 Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781743514399
Release 2013-08-01
Pages 400
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She's broken free. But danger is in hot pursuit. And rescue is nowhere in sight... Eve Duncan is on the run. She has no time to savour the victory of escaping from Jim Doane. He's back on her trail and closing in fast. At the mercy of the Colorado wilderness, she struggles to outwit him, but the odds are stacked high in his favour. Doane desperately needs Eve's skill to reconstruct the skull of his son - a sick and twisted killer who still holds Doane in thrall from beyond the grave - and like a man possessed, he refuses to let anything stand in his way. The CIA has its own reasons for tracking Eve's nemesis. And those closest to Eve - Joe Quinn and Jane MacGuire - are doing everything in their power to rescue her, while a hired gun named Lee Zander is on a personal mission to eliminate Doane. But with Zander's checkered history, can he be trusted to save Eve? Using everything from cutting-edge technology to animal whisperers, the hunt for Eve is on. And the hourglass is almost empty.

Shattered Mirror

Shattered Mirror Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250075864
Release 2018-04-24
Pages 352
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After receiving a skull and instructions for its reconstruction, Eve Duncan discovers that the dead woman's twin's life is in danger.

Silencing Eve

Silencing Eve Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250020024
Release 2013-10-01
Pages 416
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In this thrilling - and shocking - conclusion to the latest Eve Duncan trilogy, the prey is cornered and the secrets of Eve's past might ultimately become her undoing. 250,000 first printing.

Taking Eve

Taking Eve Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250019974
Release 2013-04-16
Pages 352
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#1 New York Times bestselling author Iris Johansen is back with the first book in a chilling new Eve Duncan trilogy that asks the question: will Eve survive what lies ahead? Forensic sculptor Eve Duncan's mission is to bring closure to the families whose loved ones have vanished. She knows their anguish—her own beloved daughter, Bonnie, was taken from her when Bonnie was just seven years old. It is only recently that this mystery was resolved and Eve could begin her journey to peace. Now, Jim Doane wants the same kind of answers that Eve always longed for. His twenty-five-year old son may or may not be dead and he has only burned skull fragments as possible evidence. But he cannot go to the police for answers without risking his own secrets and dark past, so instead he chooses a bold step to find the truth—a truth that takes Eve down a twisted path of madness and evil and into the darkest heart of her own history. Doane needs Eve Duncan's skills and he'll do anything to get them. Even if it means taking Eve.

Blind Alley

Blind Alley Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 0330421611
Release 2005
Pages 397
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Eve is asked to reconstruct the identity of a young Jane Doe, her face left unrecognisable. But who ever killed her wasn't just trying to hide her identity.


Quicksand Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 0312368062
Release 2008-04-22
Pages 340
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Obsessed with finding her daughter, Bonnie, forensic sculptor Eve Duncan enlists the aid of Dr. Megan Blair to help bring Bonnie's killer to justice, embarking on a quest that will either bring her closure and revenge or destroy everything she cares about

Blood Game

Blood Game Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 0312368135
Release 2010-04-20
Pages 352
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In the aftermath of the murder of a senator's daughter, Eve Duncan is horrified by the killer's tactic of draining the victim's blood, as the case draws her into the web of a serial killer who taunts her with hints about her missing daughter.

Mind Game

Mind Game Author Iris Johansen
ISBN-10 9781250075857
Release 2017-10-24
Pages 384
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"Mind Game takes Jane MacGuire back to Scotland where she continues her search for the treasure she’s been chasing for years. But now she’s being plagued by dreams of a girl in danger. Who is this girl, and what is she trying to tell Jane? And will Jane figure it out before it’s too late -- for her and the mysterious young woman? Things are further complicated when Seth Caleb comes back into Jane’s life. This time he’s the one in trouble, and Jane will find herself pulled unexpectedly into his world as she fights to save him. With the adventure, intrigue, and explosive energy that Iris Johansen fans love, Mind Game is a high-octane thriller that readers won’t be able to put down." -- From