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I Saw Heaven

I Saw Heaven Author Roberts Liardon
ISBN-10 0948985100
Release 2010
Pages 143
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Roberts Liardon was 8 years old when Jesus took him through heaven and ordained him to the ministry. In this book, Roberts recounts the details of his miraculous heavenly encounter, sharing what he saw, what he heard and what he felt. In the years since then, this remarkable young man has been faithful to his heavenly calling, studying the lives of God's great generals of faith as well as teaching, preaching, and ministering healing across North America, eventually turning his sights toward an international ministry. Roberts Liardon is truly a devoted servant of God who, as a young man, matured spiritually far beyond his years.

I Saw Heaven

I Saw Heaven Author Lawrence E. Tooley
ISBN-10 0882905996
Release 1997-03-01
Pages 160
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On September 19, 1972, when Larry Tooley's scaffold fell and he plunged to the concrete floor below, one of the most remarkable near-death experiences ever recorded began. I Saw Heaven! is the complete account of his accident and his extensive tour beyond the veil. As Larry's spirit left his body and journeyed upward, he passed through a foreboding fog and witnessed agonized souls in outer darkness. Then, drawn to a brilliant light and greeted by a being who emanated overwhelming love, he underwent a life review and experienced the stripping away of earthly impurities. He entered a receiving station through a suspended arched doorway. His name was recorded, he was dressed in a white robe and was greeted by a deceased former acquaintance who was to be his guide on an extensive reacquaintance tour of the spirit world. They communicated through telepathisc speech and flew by thought projection from place to place together. He was re-taught concerning the powers he enjoyed before birth: of projecting thoughts, levitation, unassisted flight, and that all matter exists at varying levels of vibrational frequencies. Larry was shown through a kingdom of beauty and order. He saw communities with buildings made from a marble-like material, surrounded by beautiful trees and landscaping. They visited a learning center where he was shown advanced ways of obtaining knowledge. They toured a genealogical research center where people were working to establish their relationships with their forefathers, and he was taught the importance of linking families together. a family reunion was held for him to acquaint himself with many of his relatives, ad he found that he could learn all about them by embracing them. He met his sister, Wendy, who had died shortly after her birth, and found her adorned in a brilliant white robe which reflected her advanced level of progression. His guide led him to the outskirts of the heavenly city where God dwells, nestled at the base of a mountain. He saw from afar the immensity of the city with its beautiful domed spires. He felt the city's divinity and was told of the restrictions concerning who may enter it. Larry was also shown other worlds and traveled among them. He was able to re-experience his conversation with his pre-mortal sweetheart just before their birth into mortality. One of his most intriguing encounters was with the council which eventually gave him permission to return to earth and resume his mortal life. I Saw Heaven! is the true acocunt of one of the most imformative near-death experiences ever recorded. All who want to learn more of the next stage of their existence will be fascinated by the many insights and details it contains. It's a must-read book!

My Journey to Heaven

My Journey to Heaven Author Marvin J. Besteman
ISBN-10 9781441240101
Release 2012-09-01
Pages 208
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On April 28, 2006, as he lay in his hospital bed in Ann Arbor, Michigan, visions of celestial beauty were the last thing on Marv Besteman's mind. He had just had surgery to remove a rare pancreatic tumor. It was after visiting hours and his family had left for the day. Alone and racked with pain, Marv tossed and turned, wanting more than anything else to simply sleep and escape the misery and discomfort for a while. The retired banker, father, and grandfather had no idea he was about to get a short reprieve in the form of an experience he never could have imagined. In My Journey to Heaven, Marv Bestman shares the story of his experience of heaven with astounding detail. Readers will hear of his encounters with angels who accompanied him to the gate, his conversation (argument, really) with St. Peter, and his recognition of friends and family members who touched his life. His story offers peace, comfort, and encouragement to those who have lost loved ones and gives security and solace to those who are grieving, dying, or wonder about the afterlife. Marv believed God sent him back to earth to fulfill this mission of comfort and reminds readers that God has work for each of us to do before he calls us to be with him in heaven. Secure in his belief that his book was the fulfillment of his own mission, Marv returned to heaven in January 2012.

I Saw Heaven

I Saw Heaven Author Patti Miller Dunham
ISBN-10 9781609577063
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I Saw Heaven is a story of how one life was changed.

When I Saw Heaven

When I Saw Heaven Author Aubrie Mindock
ISBN-10 1478753021
Release 2016-03-16
Pages 154
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Ski racer and Olympic hopeful Aubrie Mindock violently slammed her head into the hard, icy snow at Winter Park Ski Resort in Colorado during a giant slalom competition. The impact of her crash caused her skull to fracture and her neck to snap back. Her arm and knee shattered as she went head over heels, tearing down race gates. Her accident was one of the worst anyone has ever seen. The ski patrol rushed to Aubrie's side but it was too late. Aubrie was unresponsive and not breathing. She had died. While the ski patrol did everything they could to save this racer's life, Aubrie found herself in a beautiful place called Heaven. This book explains Aubrie's journey to Heaven and what happened when she returned to her shattered body.

The Message of Revelation

The Message of Revelation Author Michael Wilcock
ISBN-10 9781783590827
Release 2014-04-04
Pages 240
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What is the book of Revelation? Does it describe in veiled language events of its writer's own day, or is it largely a prophecy of events still to come? Is it a chart of the whole of history from Christ's first coming to his second? Or does it deal chiefly with principles which are always valid in Christian experience? And what is a twenty-first century reader to do with living creatures, locusts like horses, seven bowls of wrath, war in heaven, various beasts and a dragon? Michael Wilcock maintains that when God's words, declarations, arguments and reasonings had all been spoken, God gave the church a 'gorgeous picture book'. He lifts the curtain on Revelation's drama in eight scenes, helping our imaginations as well as our minds grasp the key concepts of this fascinating and enigmatic New Testament book.

Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide

Heaven Is For Real Conversation Guide Author Todd Burpo
ISBN-10 9781418550691
Release 2011-11-07
Pages 128
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The best-selling book about heaven that has changed the world is now a DVD-based conversation kit for churches and small groups. In addition to learning more about what the Bible teaches about heaven, groups will hear first-hand from the Burpo family about Colton's experience in heaven and the way it has changed their lives. Each video session features Todd, Sonja, and Colton, and is filmed interview-style with Natalie Tysdal, the Denver FOX/CW News reporter whose initial interview with the family has gone viral on the internet. The Conversation Guide will take group members through key Bible passages about heaven, helping them understand more about who goes to heaven, when they go there, and what heaven is like. Features include: 5 sessions of study for group members For use with DVD sessions (ISBN 9781418550660) Conversation Guide written for both believers and non-believers in accessible language to help group members discover what the Bible teaches about heaven

Heaven is for Real

Heaven is for Real Author Todd Burpo
ISBN-10 9781418550684
Release 2011
Pages 119
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Why should we care about heaven? -- What is heaven like? -- When does a person go to heaven? -- Where is heaven? -- Who goes to heaven?

I Saw Heaven and Hell

I Saw Heaven and Hell Author Sedarrius Wright
ISBN-10 1627721088
Release 2013-12
Pages 36
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On Tuesday morning, January 24, 2012 at 5:00 a.m., Sedarrius affectingly known as "Moo") came into the room of my husband and I and got into bed with us. It was then that I recognized that his body was trembling, and his voice was crackling in fear. I asked Sedarrius, what was wrong, and he replied, "Mom, I had a bad dream! I had a dream mom! I had a dream!" I cradled Moo tightly in my arms and he drifted back to sleep. Once Moo was awake, I asked him about his dream because I wanted to know what made him fearful. Inside the pages of this book holds an accurate account of the dream that Sedarrius shared with my husband and me. We admonish you to read this book with your spirit open and receptive to receive a Divine Revelation from God in the eyes of a child. We were amazed and retentive as he so passionately told this dream to us and wanted to share the dream with you.

I Saw the Glories of Heaven

I Saw the Glories of Heaven Author Gary Wood
ISBN-10 9781629119939
Release 2018-04-03
Pages 96
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On December 23, 1966, eighteen-year-old Gary Wood was driving with his younger sister Sue along a dark street in their hometown. They were heading home singing Christmas songs when Sue spotted an illegally-parked tow truck sticking out into their lane of traffic. Her scream pierced the night only a moment before the car crashed headlong into the obstruction. In the accident, Gary suffered a mid-face injury with laryngeal fractures—his vocal cords and voice box were completely shattered. Doctors offered no hope that Gary would ever talk again. What the doctors didn't realize, however, was that in the aftermath of the accident, Gary was given the miraculous experience of spending twenty minutes in heaven. While there, Gary witnessed sights such as the city of heaven; the grand auditorium; the spare parts room; and the Throne Room, as well as his very own personal mansion. He was also given ten amazing signs regarding Christ's ultimate return. At the end of his time in heaven, Gary was commissioned to spend the rest of his time on earth telling his story and making Jesus real for people. God miraculously healed Gary and promised him that wherever he told his story, people would be saved, healed, and delivered. In the years that followed, Gary became a world-renowned evangelist, all while thanking God for his inspired life.

And I Saw Heaven

And I Saw Heaven Author Antoinette Archer
ISBN-10 9781600347092
Release 2006-11-01
Pages 128
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And I Saw Heaven has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from And I Saw Heaven also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full And I Saw Heaven book for free.

I Saw Heaven

I Saw Heaven Author Jessie Morris
ISBN-10 1497344743
Release 2016-02-13
Pages 26
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I saw Heaven ... is a true life story of a young woman who was taken to Heaven on two different occasions and for hours was shown many mysterious things about Heaven. What you are about to read is REAL. Whether you believe it or not, I want you to know that Heaven is for real. There have been many stories in the past of people who had a near death experience or fell into a trance but this will will truly thrill you. Just get a copy and also you may get a copy for someone whom you love and will like to see in the world hereafter. Heaven is real as described by this young girl who saw heaven..

We Saw Heaven

We Saw Heaven Author Roberts Liardon
ISBN-10 9780768491890
Release 2011-07-28
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Have you ever wondered what heaven will be like? Join Roberts Liardon as he recounts his story along with three others who have taken the breathtaking journey to heaven and back. Let the mysteries of heaven unfold as you take an extraordinary journey to heaven and back.

To Heaven and Back

To Heaven and Back Author Mary C Neal
ISBN-10 9781780780542
Release 2012-10-01
Pages 116
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A doctor's account of her own experience of death, heaven and return to life with a new realization of her purpose on earth. Dr Mary Neal, an orthopaedic surgeon, was on a kayaking holiday in Chile. Sceptical of near death experiences, she was to have her life transformed when her kayak became wedged in rocks at the bottom of a waterfall and was underwater for so long that her heart stopped.To Heaven And Back is Mary's faith-enriching story of her spiritual journey, her first-hand experience of heaven and its continuing life-enhancing effects.

I Saw Heaven

I Saw Heaven Author Arthur E. Yensen
ISBN-10 OCLC:41690400
Release 1972
Pages 32
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I Saw Heaven has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from I Saw Heaven also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full I Saw Heaven book for free.

My Time in Heaven

My Time in Heaven Author Richard Sigmund
ISBN-10 9781603743501
Release 2009-12-14
Pages 192
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Is there life after death? After a tragic accident, doctors pronounced Richard Sigmund legally dead. Eight hours later, God miraculously brought him back to life on the way to the morgue. During those hours, God allowed him to experience the glorious beauty, heavenly sounds, sweet aromas, and boundless joys of heaven that await every believer. God then returned him back to earth with a mission to tell the world what he saw.You will thrill to Sigmund’s eyewitness accounts of strolling down heaven’s streets of gold, seeing angels playing with children, talking with Jesus, meeting with people from the Bible, as well as departed family and friends, seeing the mansions, and much more! Through Sigmund’s testimony, God restored sight to the blind, hearing to the deaf, and even raised several people from the dead.Also, glimpse into the horrifying reality of “the other place”—a place where no one wants to go.

And I Saw Heaven Opened

And I Saw Heaven Opened Author Pum Rice
ISBN-10 9781257108831
Release 2011-02
Pages 90
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An expanded edition of the same title now on the market. More pages, more detail of where it all started, where we are, the rapture, the mark of the beast, the battle of Armageddon and where it will all end. Look at all the terrible things that are happening all over the world. Compare this book with todays headlines and see where we are at in the timeline. Then prepare your self for what is coming next.