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I want you

I want you Author Bernard Rostker
ISBN-10 UOM:39015064714598
Release 2006
Pages 800
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Should the U.S. reinstate the draft? With this inside look at the Pentagon and the White House, the author reviews the American military's transformation over the past thirty years into the world's finest fighting force, and describes why the volunteer force is still the best strategy for our national security. A vast archive of government documents on DVD allows readers to view exchanges between government officials at the highest level-including formally classified memorandum between Presidents and Secretaries of Defense-revealing for the first time the inner story of the All-Volunteer Force.

I Want You

I Want You Author Bernard D. Rostker
ISBN-10 0833040685
Release 2006-09-08
Pages 832
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As U.S. military forces appear overcommitted and some ponder a possible return to the draft, the timing is ideal for a review of how the American military transformed itself over the past five decades, from a poorly disciplined force of conscripts and draft-motivated "volunteers" to a force of professionals revered throughout the world. Starting in the early 1960s, this account runs through the current war in Iraq, with alternating chapters on the history of the all-volunteer force and the analytic background that supported decisionmaking. The author participated as an analyst and government policymaker in many of the events covered in this book. His insider status and access offer a behind-the-scenes look at decisionmaking within the Pentagon and White House. The book includes a foreword by former Secretary of Defense Melvin R. Laird. The accompanying DVD contains more than 1,700 primary-source documents-government memoranda, Presidential memos and letters, staff papers, and reports-linked directly from citations in the electronic version of the book. This unique technology presents a treasure trove of materials for specialists, researchers, and students of military history, public administration, and government affairs to draw upon.

Implications of Integrating Women Into the Marine Corps Infantry

Implications of Integrating Women Into the Marine Corps Infantry Author Agnes Gereben Schaefer
ISBN-10 9780833092038
Release 2016-01-22
Pages 214
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This study for the U.S. Marine Corps reviews the history of the integration of women into the U.S. military and explores the role of cohesion, the gender integration of foreign militaries and domestic police and fire departments, and potential costs.

Commission on the National Guard and Reserves Transforming the National Guard and Reserves Into a 21st Century Operational Force

Commission on the National Guard and Reserves  Transforming the National Guard and Reserves Into a 21st Century Operational Force Author Arnold L. Punaro
ISBN-10 9781437901177
Release 2008-10
Pages 432
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The Commission was chartered by Congress to assess the reserve component of the U.S. military and to recommend changes to ensure that the National Guard and other reserve components are organized, trained, equipped, compensated, and supported to best meet the needs of U.S. nat. security. Contents: Creating a Sustainable Operational Reserve; Enhancing the DoD¿s Role in the Homeland; Creating a Continuum of Service: Personnel Mgmt. for an Integrated Total Force; Developing a Ready, Capable, and Available Operational Reserve; Supporting Service Members, Families, and Employers; Reforming the Organizations and Institutions That Support an Operational Reserve; and Commission for the Total Operational Force. Illus.

Total Volunteer Force

Total Volunteer Force Author Tim Kane
ISBN-10 9780817920760
Release 2017-06-01
Pages 240
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Tim Kane analyzes the strengths and weaknesses of the US armed forces leadership culture and personnel management. He proposes a blueprint for reform that empowers troops as well as local commanders. Kane's proposals extend the All-Volunteer Force reforms of 1973 further along the spectrum of volunteerism, emphasize greater individual agency during all stages of a US military career, and restore diversity among the services.

Strategic Advantage

Strategic Advantage Author Bruce Berkowitz
ISBN-10 9781589016545
Release 2008-08-15
Pages 304
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By almost any measure, the United States is the most powerful nation in the history of civilization. Our resources are immense. But they are not limitless. Today national security requires agility to stay a step ahead of threats that can rapidly appear and change, and endurance to deal with challengers that are unlikely to disappear anytime soon. The central question for U.S. leaders today is how can we retain our strategic advantage and continue to set the agenda for world affairs? All our other goals—promoting freedom, prosperity, human rights, and ensuring the security of Americans—depend on getting the fundamentals right. Strategic Advantage: Challengers, Competitors, and Threats to America's Future is a concise and provocative analysis of national security policy today—and tomorrow. Drawing on history and contemporary examples, Bruce Berkowitz deftly identifies those countries, groups, and movements that pose the greatest challenges to the United States and suggests ways to deal with them. He lucidly analyzes the components of national power—economic clout, military capability, and cultural influence—that America must sustain if it hopes to maintain its position in the world in the decades ahead. Strategic Advantage outlines how the United States can stay ahead of potential threats by drawing on the distinctively American culture that rewards entrepreneurship and supports a strong military; by promoting economic growth at home and competing for talent and capital from abroad; by fixing the national security command structure; and by adopting a national strategy that balances goals, costs, and risks. With pacing, foresight, and planning, Berkowitz says, the United States can sustain its global leadership for the long haul.


AMERICA S ARMY Author Beth L Bailey
ISBN-10 9780674053526
Release 2009-11-01
Pages 352
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America's Army is the story of the all-volunteer force, from the draft protests and policy proposals of the 1960s through the Iraq War. Based on exhaustive archival research, as well as interviews with Army officers and recruiters, advertising executives, and policy makers, America's Army confronts the political, moral, and social issues a volunteer force raises for a democratic society as well as for the defense of our nation.

The Routledge Handbook of War and Society

The Routledge Handbook of War and Society Author Steven Carlton-Ford
ISBN-10 9781136919398
Release 2010-10-06
Pages 320
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This new handbook provides an introduction to current sociological and behavioral research on the effects of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan represent two of the most interesting and potentially troubling events of recent decades. These two wars-so similar in their beginnings-generated different responses from various publics and the mass media; they have had profound effects on the members of the armed services, on their families and relatives, and on the people of Iraq and Afghanistan. Analyzing the effect of the two wars on military personnel and civilians, this volume is divided into four main parts: Part I: War on the Ground: Combat and Its Aftermath Part II: War on the Ground: Non-Combat Operations, Noncombatants, and Operators Part III: The War Back Home: The Social Construction of War, Its Heroes, And Its Enemies Part IV: The War Back Home: Families and Youth on the Home Front With contributions from leading academic sociologists, anthropologists, psychologists, military researchers, and researchers affiliated with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), this Handbook will be of interest to students of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, military sociology and psychology, war studies, anthropology, US politics, and of youth. Steven Carlton-Ford is associate professor of Sociology at the University of Cincinnati. He recently served for five years as the editor of Sociological Focus. Morten G. Ender is professor of sociology and Sociology Program Director at West Point, the United States Military Academy. He is the author of American Soldiers in Iraq (Routledge 2009).

Lewis B Hershey Mr Selective Service

Lewis B  Hershey  Mr  Selective Service Author George Q. Flynn
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4231401
Release 1985
Pages 386
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Lewis B Hershey Mr Selective Service has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from Lewis B Hershey Mr Selective Service also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full Lewis B Hershey Mr Selective Service book for free.

A Look at Cash Compensation for Active Duty Military Personnel

A Look at Cash Compensation for Active Duty Military Personnel Author Beth J. Asch
ISBN-10 0833031740
Release 2002
Pages 49
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Exactly how much money do the average officers and enlisted personnel make every month? Retaining high-quality personnel is a priority for the U.S. armed forces. To do so, the military must compensate its servicemembers adequately. The Quadrennial Review of Military Compensation looks at cash pay to enable each armed service to meet its manpower requirements. The authors here examine all forms of cash pay, with attention to special and incentive pays. They found rates of compensation across the services remarkably similar, regardless of skill area. The services should seek greater differentiation if they want to vary the experience mix of their personnel.

The Rise of the Military Welfare State

The Rise of the Military Welfare State Author Jennifer Mittelstadt
ISBN-10 9780674915398
Release 2015-10-12
Pages 342
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After Vietnam the army promised its all-volunteer force a safety net long reserved for career soldiers: medical and dental care, education, child care, financial counseling, housing assistance, legal services. Jennifer Mittelstadt shows how this unprecedented military welfare system expanded at a time when civilian programs were being dismantled.

Reforming the Military Retirement System

Reforming the Military Retirement System Author Beth J. Asch
ISBN-10 9780833024633
Release 1998
Pages 81
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The current military retirement system dates back to 1947, when Congress implemented a common system for the military services and for officers and enlisted personnel alike.

Every Citizen a Soldier

Every Citizen a Soldier Author William A. Taylor
ISBN-10 9781623491697
Release 2014-08-01
Pages 256
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Beginning in 1943, US Army leaders such as John M. Palmer, Walter L. Weible, George C. Marshall, and John J. McCloy mounted a sustained and vigorous campaign to establish a system of universal military training (UMT) in America. Fearful of repeating the rapid demobilization and severe budget cuts that had accompanied peace following World War I, these leaders saw UMT as the basis for their postwar plans. As a result, they promoted UMT extensively and aggressively. In Every Citizen a Soldier: The Campaign for Universal Military Training after World War II, William A. Taylor illustrates how army leaders failed to adapt their strategy to the political realities of the day and underscores the delicate balance in American democracy between civilian and military control of strategy. This story is vital because of the ultimate outcome of the failure of the UMT initiative: the birth of the Cold War draft.

The Congressional Globe

The Congressional Globe Author United States. Congress
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105009899092
Release 1862
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The Congressional Globe has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Congressional Globe also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Congressional Globe book for free.

The Rise of the National Guard

The Rise of the National Guard Author Jerry Cooper
ISBN-10 0803264283
Release 2002-12-01
Pages 246
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From the beginning of our republic the concept of a citizen soldiery, organized throughømilitias, has undergirded American military philosophy. This nation fought the Revolution, the War of 1812, and the Mexican War, and began the Civil War, relying on volunteer militias and only a skeletal professional military force. The Civil War demonstrated the need to adapt state militias to the requirements of modern war, yet the United States retained its original philosophy in what became the National Guard. The Rise of the National Guard describes in thorough detail the evolution of the state militia system to a more federally controlled National Guard during the crucial years of development. The subject is important because the "citizen soldier" and "militia-national guard" traditions form one of the two pillars on which American military policy is built; a professional, regular military force is the other. Jerry Cooper's detailed research, unique examination of the experience of individual states, and careful analysis make this work the standard treatment of the subject.

Navy Recruiter Productivity and the Freeman Plan

Navy Recruiter Productivity and the Freeman Plan Author Beth J. Asch
ISBN-10 UCAL:B4256725
Release 1990-01-01
Pages 57
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The Navy's pool of potential 17- to 21-year-old recruits is expected to diminish. A strategy for aiding the Navy's future recruiting effort is to alter its recruiter management techniques, particularly its incentive program, the Freeman Plan. Data from Chicago in 1986 were examined to analyze the Freeman Plan's effects on productivity. The study found that recruiting behavior is consistent with the Plan's incentives but may not be consistent with the Navy's goals. The author suggests several ways to change recruiter behavior, including increasing the point differential between high- and low-quality recruits, thereby motivating recruiters to enlist more of them; and shortening the production cycle, thereby giving recruiters less time between cycles.

The all volunteer force

The all volunteer force Author Barbara A. Bicksler
ISBN-10 UOM:39015060607812
Release 2004-11-23
Pages 384
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Can America continue to maintain its military commitments without conscription?