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The ideology of Max Weber

The ideology of Max Weber Author E. B. F. Midgley
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105039984229
Release 1983-11-01
Pages 166
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This book offers a critical evaluation of Weber's ideology of value-choice. The author establishes Weber's ideology and then considers it in light of his sociological methodology. He also weighs the critical assessments of Weber made by Vogelin, Strauss, Aron, Gouldner, Rex, and Mommsen and examines Weber's misperceptions concerning natural law and moral and political philosophy.

Max Weber

Max Weber Author Alan Sica
ISBN-10 9781351506557
Release 2017-09-08
Pages 334
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The most profound and enduring social theorist of sociology's classical period, Max Weber speaks as cogently to concerns of the new century as he did to those of the past. In Max Weber and the New Century, Alan Sica demonstrated Weber's preeminent position and lasting vitality within social theory by applying his ideas to a broad range of topics of contemporary concern. Max Weber: A Comprehensive Bibliography is a companion volume that offers some 4,600 bibliographic listings of work on Weber, making it the most complete guide to the literature in English and a testament to the continued vitality of Weber's thought. Sica's work supersedes all previous bibliographical efforts covering the Weber literature, both in the quantity and accuracy of its references, and the clarity and convenience of its format. In order to demonstrate the enormous variety of Weberiana in English, Sica has adopted a liberal criterion for inclusion, rather than a critical one, choosing to mix the best with what may be more routine work. Following a preface in which previous bibliographies and bibliographic problems are discussed, the volume opens with a series of five specialized bibliographies. The first lists Weber's works in English translation. The second lists reviews of Weber's major works including those translated into English, while the third covers reviews of recent books and other work on Weber. The fourth section contains a selection of dissertations and theses relating to Weber or his ideas. The fifth includes primary and secondary sources treating Weber on rationality and rationalization processes. The last and largest section offers a comprehensive Weber bibliography of works in English. This large-scale endeavor attempts to identify with accuracy and completeness the entire universe of Weber scholarship in English. It will be an essential scholarly tool for sociologists, historians, economists, and students of cultural and intellectual history.

The Postmodern Significance of Max Weber s Legacy Disenchanting Disenchantment

The Postmodern Significance of Max Weber   s Legacy  Disenchanting Disenchantment Author B. Koshul
ISBN-10 9781403978875
Release 2005-03-01
Pages 176
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One of Max Weber's contemporaries described him as 'a child of the Enlightenment born too late' whose work is a 'vitriolic attack on religion'. Subsequent Weber scholarship has largely affirmed this valuation of Weber and characterized his scholarship as a manifestation of the very disenchantment that Weber describes. In The Postmodern Significance of Max Weber's Legacy , Basit Koshul challenges this idea by showing Weber to be a postmodern thinker far ahead of his time.

In the Grip of Freedom

In the Grip of Freedom Author Cary Boucock
ISBN-10 0802083420
Release 2000
Pages 230
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Examining the relationship between Weber's Sociology of Law and his interpretation of the structure and meaning of modern society, Boucock looks at Weber's thought in the context of developments in Canada since 1982.

Culture and the Thomist Tradition

Culture and the Thomist Tradition Author Tracey Rowland
ISBN-10 9781134405824
Release 2003-09-02
Pages 208
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Thomism's influence upon the development of Catholicism is difficult to overestimate - but how secure is its grip on the challenges that face contemporary society? Culture and the Thomist Tradition examines the crisis of Thomism today as thrown into relief by Vatican II, the twenty-first ecumenical council of the Roman Catholic Church. Following the Church's declarations on culture in the document Gaudium et spes - the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World - it was widely presumed that a mandate had been given for transposing ecclesiastical culture into the idioms of modernity. But, says Tracey Rowland, such an understanding is not only based on a facile reading of the Conciliar documents, but was made possible by Thomism's own failure to demonstrate a workable theology of culture that might guide the Church through such transpositions. A Thomism that fails to specify the precise rôle of culture in moral fomration is problematice in a multicultural age, where Christians are exposed to a complex matrix of institutions and traditions both theistic and secular. The ambivalence of the Thomist tradition to modernity, and modern conceptions of rationality, also impedes its ability to successfully engage with the arguments of rivial traditions. Must a genuinely progressive Thomism learn to accomodate modernity? In opposition to such a stance, and in support of those who have resisted the trend in post-Conciliarliturgy to mimic the modernistic forms of mass culture, Culture and the Thomist Tradition musters a synthesis of the theological critiques of modernity to be found in the works of Alasdair MacIntyre, scholars of the international 'Communio' project and the Radical Orthodoxy circle. This synthesis, intended as a post-modern Augustinian Thomism, provides an account of the rôle of culture, memory and narrative tradition in the formation of intellectual and moral character. Re-evaluating the outcome of Vatican II, and forming the basis of a much-needed Thomist theology of culture, the book argues that the anti-beauty orientation of mass culture acts as a barrier to the theological virtue of hope, and ultimately fosters despair and atheism.

Alasdair MacIntyre

Alasdair MacIntyre Author Peter McMylor
ISBN-10 9781134950157
Release 2005-08-18
Pages 240
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This book is the first full length account of the significance of MacIntyre's work for the social sciences. MacIntyre's moral philosophy is shown to provide the resources for a powerful crititque of liberalism. His dicussion of the managerist and emotivist roots of modern culture is seen as the inspiration for a critical social science of Modernity

The Month

The Month Author
ISBN-10 STANFORD:36105010638711
Release 1984
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The Month has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Month also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Month book for free.

Philosophy Science and Ideology in Political Thought

Philosophy  Science and Ideology in Political Thought Author D. Morrice
ISBN-10 9780230378223
Release 1996-11-04
Pages 310
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This book examines the nature and relationship of philosophy, science and ideology as modes of political thought. Through a survey of various important conceptions, the problem of ideology is identified as moral relativism. The inability of various inadequate contemporary accounts of political science and political philosophy to provide a solution to the problem of ideology is established. It is argued that the solution to the problem of ideology is provided only by rational political philosophy, founded on a conception of objective human nature.

Critical Theory

Critical Theory Author Max Horkheimer
ISBN-10 9780826400833
Release 1972
Pages 290
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These essays, written in the 1930s and 1940s, represent a first selection in English from the major work of the founder of the famous Institute for Social Research in Frankfurt. Horkheimer's writings are essential to an understanding of the intellectual background of the New Left and the to much current social-philosophical thought, including the work of Herbert Marcuse. Apart from their historical significance and even from their scholarly eminence, these essays contain an immediate relevance only now becoming fully recognized.

The Sacred Project of American Sociology

The Sacred Project of American Sociology Author Christian Smith
ISBN-10 9780199377145
Release 2014-07-03
Pages 176
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Counter to popular perceptions, contemporary American sociology is and promotes a profoundly sacred project at heart. Sociology today is in fact animated by sacred impulses, driven by sacred commitments, and serves a sacred project. Sociology appears on the surface to be a secular, scientific enterprise--its founding fathers were mostly atheists. Its basic operating premises are secular and naturalistic. Sociologists today are disproportionately not religious, compared to all Americans, and often irreligious. The Sacred Project of American Sociology shows, counter-intuitively, that the secular enterprise that everyday sociology appears to be pursuing is actually not what is really going on at sociology's deepest level. Christian Smith conducts a self-reflexive, tables-turning, cultural and institutional sociology of the profession of American sociology itself, showing that this allegedly secular discipline ironically expresses Emile Durkheim's inescapable sacred, exemplifies its own versions of Marxist false consciousness, and generates a spirited reaction against Max Weber's melancholically observed disenchantment of the world. American sociology does not escape the analytical net that it casts over the rest of the ordinary world. Sociology itself is a part of that very human, very social, often very sacred and spiritual world. And sociology's ironic mis-recognition of its own sacred project leads to a variety of arguably self-destructive and distorting tendencies. This book re-asserts a vision for what sociology is most important for, in contrast with its current commitments, and calls sociologists back to a more honest, fair, and healthy vision of its purpose.

Eclipse of Reason

Eclipse of Reason Author Max Horkheimer
ISBN-10 9781472504586
Release 2013-05-08
Pages 144
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In his most important work, Max Horkheimer surveys and demonstrates the gradual ascendancy of Reason in Western philosophy, its eventual total application to all spheres of life, and what he considers its present reified domination. First published in 1947, Horkheimer here explores the ways in Nazism - that most irrational of political movements - had co-opted ideas of rationality for its own ends. Ultimately, the book is a warning of the ways this might happen again and, as such, this is a book that has never appeared more timely.

The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism

The Spirit of Democratic Capitalism Author Michael Novak
ISBN-10 9780819178237
Release 1991
Pages 459
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...a major work for our times. --Irving Kristol, The Public Interest

Social Theories of History and Histories of Social Theory

Social Theories of History and Histories of Social Theory Author Harry F. Dahms
ISBN-10 9781783502196
Release 2013-12-11
Pages 352
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Representing a range of approaches and emphases, the chapters in this volume address and illustrate linkages between social theory and history; social theory and historical analysis as mutually supportive frames of analysis, and affinities between the history of social thought and the history of modern societies.


Ideology Author Terry Eagleton
ISBN-10 9781317891949
Release 2014-07-21
Pages 328
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This collection of readings on the concept of ideology is brought together by the Marxist critic, Terry Eagleton. His introduction traces the historical evolution of ideology and examines in a more theoretical style the various meanings of the word and their significance. The readings begin with the first English translations of some of the writing of the French founder of the concept in the eighteenth century. They then move from the enlightenment to Hegel and Marxism, with particular emphasis on Marx and Engels themselves. They also look at other eighteenth-century traditions of thought such as Nietzche and Freud. All the readings are theoretical rather than examples of `ideology at work' and will be of interest to undergraduate students of cultural, political and historical studies concerned with ideology, as well as students of English literature.

The Premodern Condition

The Premodern Condition Author Bruce Holsinger
ISBN-10 0226349748
Release 2005-12-01
Pages 276
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Bruce Holsinger identifies and explains an affinity for medievalism and medieval studies among the leading figures of critical theory. His book contains original essays by Bataille and Bourdieu - translated into English - that testify to the strange persistence of medievalisms in French postwar writings.

The Market Economy and Christian Ethics

The Market Economy and Christian Ethics Author Peter H. Sedgwick
ISBN-10 1139425145
Release 1999-10-07
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Peter Sedgwick explores the relation of a theology of justice to that of human identity in the context of the market economy, and engages with critics of capitalism and the market. He examines three aspects of the market economy: first, how does it shape personal identity, through consumption and the experience of paid employment in relation to the work ethic? Second, what impact does the global economy have on local cultures? Finally, as manufacturing changes out of all recognition through the impact of technology and global competition, what is the effect in terms of poverty? Drawing on the response of the Catholic Church, both in the United States and in papal encyclicals, to the market economy from 1985–1991, Sedgwick argues that its involvement deserves to be better known. Moreover, he recommends that the Churches remain part of the debate in reforming and humanizing the market economy.

The Sin of the Angel

The Sin of the Angel Author Jacques Maritain
ISBN-10 UOM:39015008822358
Release 1959
Pages 106
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The Sin of the Angel has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The Sin of the Angel also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The Sin of the Angel book for free.