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Evermore Author Alyson Noël
ISBN-10 1429918683
Release 2009-02-03
Pages 320
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Don't miss Evermore, the first book in Alyson Noël's #1 New York Times bestselling The Immortals series. Enter an enchanting new world where true love never dies. . . After a horrible accident claimed the lives of her family, sixteen-year-old Ever Bloom can see people's auras, hear their thoughts, and know someone's entire life story by touching them. Going out of her way to avoid human contact and suppress her abilities, she has been branded a freak at her new high school—but everything changes when she meets Damen Auguste. Damen is gorgeous, exotic and wealthy. He's the only one who can silence the noise and random energy in her head—wielding a magic so intense, it's as though he can peer straight into her soul. As Ever is drawn deeper into his enticing world of secrets and mystery, she's left with more questions than answers. And she has no idea just who he really is—or what he is. The only thing she knows to be true is that she's falling deeply and helplessly in love with him.

Immortal Flame

Immortal Flame Author Brenda Gartin
ISBN-10 9780988747135
Release 2014-07-21
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In an old southern small-town neighborhood, near a cypress forest that eases into a brackish inlet… Ember is taking a break from her nursing career to get her nightmares under control when she learns that Genesis, the dark and dreamy man that has just moved into the big old house next door, is an ancient Immortal. He seriously wants her--but there are other Immortals and they all seem to want her. One of them even believes he has a legitimate claim. When the monster from her nightmares finds her and plans to claim her for himself, she wishes it was just a dream. Fate may have decreed that he could not be eternally bound to Ember, but Genesis can’t help loving her and he won’t give up until he saves her from his ancient Immortal enemy, Beokahn.

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Author Alyson Noël
ISBN-10 1429984368
Release 2009-08-04
Pages 304
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Alyson's Noël's bestsselling Immortals series has been hailed as "addictive" "beautiful" "haunting" and "mesmerizing." In the second installment, Blue Moon, Ever can bring her family back from the dead—but only if she's willing to sacrifice the guy she loves more than life itself. Just as Ever is learning everything she can about her new abilities as an immortal, initiated into the dark, seductive world by her beloved Damen, something terrible is happening to him. As Ever's powers are increasing, Damen's are fading—stricken by a mysterious illness that threatens his memory, his identity, his life. Desperate to save him, Ever travels to the mystical dimension of Summerland, uncovering not only the secrets of Damen's past—the brutal, tortured history he hoped to keep hidden—but also an ancient text revealing the workings of time. With the approaching blue moon heralding her only window for travel, Ever is forced to decide between turning back the clock and saving her family from the accident that claimed them—or staying in the present and saving Damen, who grows weaker each day...

Hip Hop Immortals

Hip Hop Immortals Author Bonz Malone
ISBN-10 1844498425
Release 2005
Pages 370
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From street shots of Kool Herc and Kurtis Blow to elaborate stage shoots of Lil' Kim and Eminem, hip-hop photography has been the foundation for some of the most stylish photographs of the past two decades. Iconic images like Ice T's menacing affront to the camera while donning a full LAPD uniform, Flava Flav of Public Enemy sporting his trademark alarm clock around his neck and flashing his personalised gold teeth, and Notorious B.I.G. counting his loot, are placed side-by-side with lesser-known and previously unpublished photographs of hip-hop's biggest figures. Text by hip-hop historian Bonz Malone is laid out between lavish spreads of photographs from forty celebrated photographers, including David LaChapelle, Mark Seliger, Nitin Vadukul, Jesse Frohman, Christian Witkin, and Michel Comte. Nearly 200 colour and black-and-white photographs are featured throughout.


Shadowland Author Alyson Noël
ISBN-10 1429987952
Release 2009-11-17
Pages 368
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Enter the realm of the Immortals—the #1 New York Times bestselling series from Alyson Noël that's been acclaimed as breathtaking, mesmerizing, flawless and extraordinary. Ever and Damen have traveled through countless past lives—and fought off the world's darkest enemies—so they could be together forever. But just when their long-awaited destiny is finally within reach, a powerful curse falls upon that could destroy everything. Now a single touch of their hands or a soft brush of their lips could mean sudden death—plunging Damen into the Shadowland. Desperate to break the curse and save Damen, Ever immerses herself in magick—and gets help from an unexpected source...a surfer named Jude. Although she and Jude have only just met, he feels startlingly familiar. Despite her fierce loyalty to Damen, Ever is drawn to Jude, a green-eyed golden boy with magical talents and a mysterious past. She's always believed Damen to be her soulmate and one true love—and she still believes it to be true. But as Damen pulls away to save them, Ever's connection with Jude grows stronger—and tests her love for Damen like never before...


Immortal Author Gillian Shields
ISBN-10 9780061859168
Release 2009-08-04
Pages 384
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Wyldcliffe Abbey School for Young Ladies, housed in a Gothic mansion on the bleak northern moors, is elite, expensive, and unwelcoming. When Evie Johnson is torn away from her home by the sea to become the newest scholarship student, she is more isolated than she could have dreamed. Strict teachers, snobbish students, and the oppressive atmosphere of Wyldcliffe leave Evie drowning in loneliness. Evie's only lifeline is Sebastian, a rebellious, mocking, dangerously attractive young man she meets by chance. As Evie's feelings for Sebastian grow with each secret meeting, she starts to fear that he is hiding something about his past. And she is haunted by glimpses of a strange, ghostly girl—a girl who is so eerily like Evie, she could be a sister. Evie is slowly drawn into a tangled web of past and present that she cannot control. And as the extraordinary, elemental forces of Wyldcliffe rise up like the mighty sea, Evie is faced with an astounding truth about Sebastian, and her own incredible fate. Gillian Shields's electrifying tale will dazzle readers with suspense, mysticism, and romance.

Night Star

Night Star Author Alyson Noël
ISBN-10 142994546X
Release 2010-11-16
Pages 320
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After fighting for centuries to be together, Immortals Ever and Damen's future hinges on one final showdown that will leave readers gasping for breath. Don't miss Night Star-- the explosive new installment of Alyson Noel's #1 bestselling Immortals series that's enchanted millions across the world! Haven still blames Ever for the death of her boyfriend Roman, no matter how hard Ever's tried to convince her it was an accident. Now she's determined to take Ever down...and destroy Damen and Jude along the way. Her first step is to tear Ever and Damen apart—and she has just the ammunition to do it. Hidden in one of Ever's past lives is a terrible secret about Damen—a secret that illuminates new facts about her relationship with Jude, but that's so dark and brutal it might be enough to drive her and Damen apart once and for all. As Ever faces her greatest fears about the guy she wants to spend eternity with, she's thrust into a deadly clash with Haven that could destroy them all. Now it'll take everything she's got—and bring out powers she never knew she had—to face down her most formidable enemy. But in order to win, she must first ask herself: is her own survival worth dooming Haven to an eternity of darkness in the Shadowland? And will learning the truth about Damen's past hold the key to their future?

Blade of the Immortal Volume 1 Blood of a Thousand

Blade of the Immortal Volume 1  Blood of a Thousand Author Hiroaki Samura
ISBN-10 9781621157526
Release 1997-03-04
Pages 192
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To end his eternal suffering, he must slay one thousand enemies! Manji, a ronin warrior of feudal Japan, has been cursed with immortality. To rid himself of this curse and end his life of misery, he must slay one thousand evil men! His quest begins when a young girl seeks his help in taking revenge on her parents' killers . . . and his quest won't end until the blood of a thousand has spilled!

The French Immortals Series Complete

The French Immortals Series  Complete Author Various
ISBN-10 9781465562692
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The French Immortals Series Complete has been writing in one form or another for most of life. You can find so many inspiration from The French Immortals Series Complete also informative, and entertaining. Click DOWNLOAD or Read Online button to get full The French Immortals Series Complete book for free.

Immortal City

Immortal City Author Scott Speer
ISBN-10 9781407135236
Release 2012-04-05
Pages 416
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What if angels not only walked among us - but were our celebrities? What if they saved people for money? That's the reality in Angel City, where hot young Jackson Godspeed is the angel everyone's dying to date. Everyone except for Madison Montgomery, that is. She's too busy studying and waitressing to pay attention to the gossip blogs. Then Jackson tumbles into the diner where she works, and they forge an instant, unforgettable connection. But as Maddy is reluctantly drawn into Jackson's glamorous world, Jackson fears he's exposing her to more than just the paparazzi. A serial killer is murdering one angel at a time. Not only could Jackson be next - but it seems the killer's got sights set on Maddy...

Dark Flame

Dark Flame Author Alyson Noël
ISBN-10 142990237X
Release 2010-06-22
Pages 336
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In Dark Flame, Alyson Noël's most darkly seductive Immortals novel yet, Ever fights for control of her body, her soul—and the timeless true love she's been chasing for centuries. Ever is trying to help Haven transition into life as an immortal. But with Haven drunk on her new powers and acting recklessly, she poses the ultimate threat—exposing their secret world to the outside. As Ever struggles to keep the Immortals hidden, it only propels Haven closer to the enemy—Roman and his evil companions At the same time, Ever delves deeper into dark magick to free Damen from Roman's power. But when her spell backfires, it binds her to the one guy who's hell-bent on her destruction. Now there's a strange, foreign pulse coursing through her, and no matter what she does, she can't stop thinking about Roman—and longing for his touch. As she struggles to resist the fiery attraction threatening to consume her, Roman is more than willing to take advantage of her weakened state...and Ever edges closer and closer to surrender. Frantic to break the spell before its too late, Ever turns to Jude for help, risking everything she knows and loves to save herself—and her future with Damen ...

Immortal Beloved Book One

Immortal Beloved  Book One Author Cate Tiernan
ISBN-10 9781848949904
Release 2011-01-06
Pages 400
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‘After some of the events I’ve witnessed I felt like I was a shell with nothing alive left in me. I hadn’t been going around killing people, but people were hurt – the memories just kept trickling in like rivulets of fresh acid dripping into my brain until I wanted to scream. It was in my blood, I knew. A darkness. The darkness. I had inherited it, along with my immortality and my black eyes.’ New name, new town, new life. Nastasya has done it too often to count. And there’s no end in sight. Nothing ever really ends . . . when you’re immortal. Captivating, intense and with an incredible and original voice, IMMORTAL BELOVED is a haunting story of friendship, love and secrets, tragedy and loss.

Blade of the Immortal

Blade of the Immortal Author Hiroaki Samura
ISBN-10 9781595828835
Release 2012
Pages 232
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Manji, a ronin warrior of feudal Japan, has been cursed with immortality and to rid his eternal suffering and lift the curse, he must slay one thousand enemies, and his quest begins with a young girl who seeks revenge on her parents' killers.

Lust Immortal Desires Vol 1

Lust  Immortal Desires Vol  1 Author Mindy Wilde
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After being attacked and turned into a vampire millennia ago, Alexa has scoured the earth unsuccessfully looking for others of her kind. Then a mysterious angel named Adam appears in her life. He has been sent to protect her but when immortal desires are stirred will he be able to resist her... Lust (Immortal Desires Vol. 1) is the first volume in the Immortal Desires series. This volume is approximately 6400 words in length. The bonus story Paranormal Pleasure (A Vampire's Tale Vol. 1) has also been included. (bonus content not yet available on audiobook) ***Obviously this title contains explicit sexual content and is meant for adventurous ADULT EYES ONLY!*** Titles in this series: Lust (Immortal Desires Vol. 1) Lost (Immortal Desires Vol. 2) Light (Immortal Desires Vol. 3) Omnibus (Immortal Desires Vol. 1-3) Keywords: Paranormal romance, vampire romance, vampire series, sexy vampire, paranormal series, urban fantasy, free paranormal, angels, demons, immortals

Immortal Ops

Immortal Ops Author Mandy M. Roth
Release 2016-09-21
Pages 260
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From NY Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Mandy M. Roth comes the much anticipated New & Lengthened Anniversary Edition of Immortal Ops* Paranormal Shifter Military Special Ops Romance Immortal Ops Team Captain Lukian Vlakhusha is having issues with his newest target, Peren Matthews. His higher ups want her eliminated. He simply wants her. The alpha side of him demands he claim her--that is, if she'll have him. After all, he's what she fears most--a wolf shifter. But there is more to Peren than even she's aware of and the enemy is closer than anyone imagined. Suggested Reading Order of Immortal Ops Series World Books Immortal Ops Critical Intelligence Radar Deception Strategic Vulnerability Tactical Magik Act of Mercy Administrative Control Act of Surrender Broken Communication Separation Zone Act of Submission Damage Report Act of Command Wolf's Surrender The Dragon Shifter's Duty Midnight Echoes Isolated Maneuver Expecting Darkness Area of Influence Act of Passion Act of Brotherhood Healing the Wolf Wrecked Intel And more... p.p1 {margin: 12.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: center; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'} p.p2 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; text-align: center; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'} p.p3 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 12.0px 0.0px; text-align: center; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'}

Midnight Echoes

Midnight Echoes Author Mandy M. Roth
Release 2018-03-21
Pages 136
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Paranormal Vampire Military Special Ops Romance Novella He’s a bad-boy vampire feared the world over… She’s off limits… Vampire and Crimson Operative Bhaltair hasn’t always played for the side of good. He’s walked a fine line throughout his immortally long life and has very few regrets. He’s always had everything he’s ever wanted—that is until Meena. As a human descendant to the master vampire he serves, Meena isn’t on the menu. That is until he learns he’s in danger of losing her to another supernatural male.

My Immortal

My Immortal Author Erin McCarthy
ISBN-10 1101158182
Release 2007-08-28
Pages 320
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In the late eighteenth century, plantation owner Damien du Bourg struck an unholy bargain with a fallen angel: an eternity of inspiring lust in others for the gift of immortality. But when Marley Turner stumbles upon Damien's plantation searching for her missing sister, for the first time in two hundred years it's Damien who can't resist the lure of a woman. But his past sins aren't so easily forgotten-or forgiven.